Love; The Journey!

The more my heart seeks You; the more my love wants to find You. The moment my love found You; was the moment my heart forever loved You. I want to rest at the foot of Your love, to gaze forever into Your heart; my love is on a journey.

Let me rest my heart against Your gentle love; until my love can know Your every heartbeat. Your love is deeper than I ever imagined, my heart can’t even fathom the depth; my love is on a journey.

Sometimes I just can’t breathe; my heart is still trying to give Your love my every breath. My heart will forever thirst, so let my heart drink endlessly from the cup of Your love. The more my heart gets to taste Your love, is the more my heart needs to have Your love; my love is on a journey.

Your love has shown me Your heart, but Your heart is what lead me to Your love. Learning to love is a journey, staying in love was the path my heart wanted to take. My love is on a journey, but Your love is what has my heart!


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