My heart wants to tell a thousand stories, of how Your love has been so precious; as precious as the air. Your love is my breath; life. Breathe a deeper understanding of Your love into my soul, until I have ten thousand stories. Your love is not just life, but everything. My heart will breathe deeply; overwhelmed would just be the start, amazing would still never be the end!

My soul just can’t seem to believe, that it’s playing second fiddle to my heart. Your love is that gentle feeling, that moves my heart in and out. The air my heart breathes, every breath within my lungs. Your love is the gentle whisper upon the wind, absolutely blowing my mind. To uncover the scars, You want my heart to be forever exposed; to show the beauty within Your love!

Your love flows gently within my heart, every breath of Your love moves my soul. Breathe, I need every breath within my heart to be just Your love. Every facet, gently moving, but mightily felt. Your love doesn’t just blow my mind, it has shifted my heart; but forever moves my soul. A love undeniable, truly unexplainable, but so unforgettable; Whispers!


19 thoughts on “Whispers!

  1. Well expressed !
    True love can tear down mountains and breakthrough any barrier. We truly need to love the way God loves us!

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