The Asset!

The Blessings that it affords, the richness that I have come to know. That grows more profitable, than my heart should ever deserve. I don’t look at it as being in possession, knows it as an Asset; wealth beyond measure. My heart has seen much, my soul… still experiencing amazing. The putting into place, the watching over; the building up. The connect, the never disengaged; to forever rely on. Not through ownership, through the relation. What gives true value, what accompanies. The ability to create, the power to do; through the indwelling. It’s not about the right marketing strategy, but the right type of Asset. A resource, to give aid; help in times of need. The love for becoming so attractive, a soul forever benefiting. Clarity, becomes the true advantage. Through the redeeming, the saving… grace!

Having the right Asset, will never be about talent; but a gift given, to help assess pitfalls. When faith wasn’t my strong suit, it was the most attractive feature. You can never build lasting, without having a strong foundation. You can’t build wealth of, without the right Asset in place. A strategic alliance, showing how to fight the good fight. Resist the enemy, trying to infiltrate the mind, with fear and unbelief. Equip your heart with strength, give your soul the ability to truly overcome. You can have the most amazing Asset, but without steady deposits of faith; growth becomes stagnant. Even if the struggle, is the unknown; take hold of the Greatness. Which can only be known, with the right Asset in place. The Spirit, that lives and moves; heart and soul.


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