Don’t Quit your Daydream!

Not successful in love, your soul not a natural born singer, not a poet a heart? Every heart, can be profoundly inspired. Sing your heart out, share what’s in depth of being. When, your stomach starts hatching butterflies. On the wings of grace, be a pursuer of hopes and dreams. Let love, take you by the heart. Don’t chase fairytales, chase the butterflies, don’t give up your daydream. Don’t get lost in thought, wishing for a Cinderella. Don’t dream to the end of time, for your own Prince Charming. Search your heart, there you will surely find; you’re worth having, your dreams come true. Don’t dream in fantasies, live the reality; a vision of love, enlightens the imagination. Pleasant thoughts, a distraction to indifference. Your ambitions, your muse, every desire. Impressions, figments of a reflective soul. When life takes a turn, the day reflecting on what’s in your heart. Though, someone else can’t see into another heart’s potential. I’m here to tell you, don’t Quit your Daydream. It’s not your Job, to convince you have many dreams!


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