What Love Does!

Love heals, love soothes, love is the remedy. When the day, leaves you feeling broken hearted. Love cries with you, for you; love wipes your tears. Love remembers your name, love knows your worth; love is a friend, when your heart feels forgotten. Love shows grace, love gives hope; love strengthens, love empowers. For love is a rock, love is a tower, love is a hiding place. Love is a shelter, a covering when the heart is pouring. When the day collides, and fear says the sky is falling. Love is a builder, love is a restorer, love creates beauty, out of the ashes. When, you’re falling apart, love is the glue. Love fights for you, fights with you; love comes along side you. When the battles are fierce, love is a defender, of your peace. When your heart is drowning, when your faith is drifting; love is the life preserver, to rescue you. Love breathes with you, love is willing to breathe for you. Love will breathes into you, when breathing, isn’t so easy. Love pours into you, when the heart is thirsting. Love is an encourager, a mentor, a provider, a comforter. Love is caring, love is endearing, love is affirming. Love looks you in the heart, and tells it to your soul; hush, it will be alright. When you need something to hold to, something to hold you? Love will be there, to take you by the heart. When you’re at a loss, when you feel lost, love comes to find you. Love will be the forest, not swayed by the trees. In the middle of the season, love is the garden, filled with crimson hue. This is what love is, that’s; What Love Does!


11 thoughts on “What Love Does!

  1. So true, love is so powerful and its always present in our lives. Love is just as you eloquently described and we learn something new from it each and every day.

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