It’s You!

Love, how old is your soul, how deep your breadth, how profound your essence. Looking into your depth, breathtaking becomes. My heart, waiting to exhale. It’s You, the sparkle in the night, the beauty in the sunrise. The love in my gaze, the gravity in my soul, the poetry in my eMotion, my daily inspiration; the love in my devotion, it’s you. When my mind, struggles to win the battle. My heart, hears the chains breaking. In you, I find my strength. Winning wouldn’t be winning, if I didn’t have you. Hovering in my soul, helping to fight the shadows. Love, you’re my hero. The love I run to, the arms I fall into. When my heart needs to be held, in your embrace. When times are hard, when my heart needs another vivid picture of love; I look to you. You’re the artist, my soul the canvas. When the ink bleeds, the pen reveals, words in a love story. Breathless love, takes hold of your heart, breathes into your being. You’re the reason, there’s scent within my bloom, fragrance within my soul, texture within my love. You are, my crimson hue, my butterflies, my air, my breath. I have worth, I have a reflection; Love, it’s You!


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