Words Becoming, Love!

In the silence, love is like a deep river flowing, the breadth becomes. In the quietness, less becomes more. For in the stillness, love spoken moves profoundly. Limited words, will never limit love’s infinite ability to speak, when no words are needed. It’s not the words, coming out of the mouth, that makes love expressive. The quiet beauty, in love’s intrinsic nature. Eloquent words, may have standing, but love reflects meaning. Words can be frivolous, true love will never be meaningless. Meaningful love ensures, words never miss spoken. Words makes conversation, love creates the revelation. Words, wants to be understood, love needs to understand. Wants, never replaces the need. Words will edify, love will clarify. Words participates, love anticipates. Words will speak, love will listen. Words provoke thought, love inspires truth. Words validate, love elevates. Words, can become a moving soliloquy, but love solidifies the experience, to be truly unforgettable… words!

“May the words of my mouth, and the meditation of my heart be acceptable, and pleasing…” Psalms 19:14


26 thoughts on “Words Becoming, Love!

  1. Hi Warren, in many cases men don’t seem to want to, or have to, or need to hold conversation with women whereas women want to have that communication and deeper connection for intimacy. A man who doesn’t want to hold a conversation or explore ideas doesn’t sound very bright or attractive. Women like a man with a sense of humor, so whaddya gonna do? Be a mime? Falling in love and real love is personal. And it seems like you don’t know what it is yet.


    1. Hi Georgie,

      I appreciate, the time you took to comment. From reading one post, you extrapolated I don’t know, what real love is? My wife and I, will celebrate 35 years married this May. We have meaningful conversations, I keep her laughing, and are still very much in love. That doesn’t happen, without real love, being the center of both our hearts. She’s been sick many years, and in January 2021, almost died. After three weeks in the hospital, she said to me, I feel I’m dying. With tears I said, my heart, is not ready to let you go!

      At no point in the post, was the intention to mean, words are NOT needed. The love shown, and the words expressed, go hand in hand. The premise behind this post, is to convey words say, but love does. I don’t desire, to write cute love stories. I’m here on this platform, to provoke the deeper understanding. Beyond words, more than feelings. The heart in a profound place, can fathom the depth, love’s true breadth!

      You’re invited, to get to know my heart. Here’s a link to another post, that speaks to, the love I know. https://wcr281.com/2022/12/16/you-are-a-flower/ Have a blessed day!


      1. I did generalize you. That wasn’t necessary for me or fair to you. I think your comment to me, explaining the context of your poem and intention and love is very beautiful. Blessings to you and your wife, Warren. May you both be in good health. ❤︎

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  2. Wowww again Warren. You are intimately connected to love. You express it/love so lovingly. I like the way you started this piece —a nod to the adage “silent river runs deep”. Another great love ode.

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  3. This is absolutely divine, Warren! You have such a way with words, truly gifted my friend. The flow and the love beaming throughout was so comforting to read. Amazingly done 🤍🤍

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  4. Love, the potent oil 🛢 which lubricates the wheel of all relationships, friendships and connections. Those who find live fulfilled lives.
    Thanks for sharing. 🙏🏾🌹

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