Love’s Perception!

What heart, could resist being in awe, of love’s endearing wit? When you think, you have love figured out, it does the unthinkable, it changes your perception. Love will never be, not one-dimensional. Many facets, what love brings to the table, bring to the conversation. Bring to the door, when it knocks at your heart. Love, will never fit in a box, with a cute little bow. It can be wrapped up, but never tied down, to one perspective. Love, can never be marginalized, but can be personalized. A blurred perception, will never change love’s dedication. Love’s true perspective, gives the clearest representation. Love, doesn’t need psychic powers, to see a need. Heart to heart, how love sees with clarity. Love doesn’t highlight the flaws, but the beauty, within, love’s perfect imperfections. The perception never tainted, by an introverted lens. Crooked paths are made straight, winding roads a journey, through a positive outlook!

The perception is, love can’t survive, from the weight of expectation. The truth is, love thrives, regardless of a shortsighted perception. True love, is sometimes hard pressed, but won’t be crushed; sometimes perplexed, but won’t despair. If time stood still, the heart would learn, how to live in the moment, one day at a time. Love is an encounter, with the perception never being, just in time, out of time, buying time, killing time, wasting time, this time, but not next time. Never letting the story be, once upon a time. When the heart perceives, the soul concedes; love is the counterbalance, for what time allows. Love, isn’t always on time, but when it’s needed, true love will show up. You can’t hurry love, but a heart can count on real love, time after time. Love’s perception, has the ability to understand, become, act. Time, brings about change, love brings about healing. A heart, seeking after a belief, misses love’s quintessential essence. Knowing love’s beautiful exchange, not just the perception!


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