Under the Hood!

Love, takes a peak under the hood, to see if the heart, is built for your comfort, or only races, without a purpose? The heart, at an elevated rate, feels the need for speed. But yet, if love is not the engine, with total control. A heart racing, still a soul without enough power, to overcome. So, step on the gas, but only when, love says it’s time, to revive up my engine. Vroom Vroom, the heart can never win, if your love has limits. When the time has come, let love take your heart, out of its comfort zone. Every heart, has a R.P.M (Reactive Pulse Meter), but love is the throttle, that sends it into overdrive. Love is the fuel, the spark, to supercharge heart and soul, to be at peak performance. And when, the heart is not racing, pop the trunk, and throw in all the baggage. The engine, needs love that’s 100% oil, not a diluted version, clogging up the engine. Love is the fix, to make repairs, adjust any misalignments. True love, purrs like a kitten, racing or not. Love is the key, to engage the heart, shift the soul. The heart, doesn’t have to be in top form, for love to excel. Love tells the heart when it’s time, to pump the brakes, where the rubber meets the road. If the heart, should ever come to, a proverbial fork in the road. Cool Runnings, an engine calibrated, to the right specs. Ensuring the love under the hood, never comes down to win or lose, but the heart, racing!


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