Beautiful King!

Beautiful King, how majestic is Your heart. You’re my daily inspiration, my poetic muse. My poetry, love’s ink written on my heart, poured out deep within my soul. Words into flesh, Your love wielded like a sword, piercing a heart of stone. Triumphant King, You fought for my soul, and won my heart. With just a whisper, Your love broke down my walls, my Jericho. A beautiful exchange, a predestined encounter. My heart undoubtedly will proclaim, Your love is King. Beautiful King, I give myself, in service of Your love. In my heart, Your desires are known, Your love is revealed. In my life, be glorified. Valiant love, You have vanquished my fears. Swept my heart away, to be Your faithful knight. I stand in awe, my heart is tethered, to strands of Your love. In the night, Your love is a song, my armor Your reflection, Your grace my shield. My silent river, fathoming the deep places of Your heart. King of glory, You alone, deserve it all; the highest praise. My love, will forever crown Your reign; beautiful King!


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