Love is, A Song!

Fellows, this world is going crazy, don’t let your love, become ragged in the rat race. Tell, the special love in your heart; her love is always on your mind, and how it takes your breath, it’s resting deep in your soul. Let her heart know, her love strolls through your soul. Every day, every night, every minute of every hour. Your love is daydreaming, about the moments your heart gets to spend, loving you. How the fragrance in your love, is lavished with the scent of her. Tell her, your heart will never give up on her, for her love, never gives up on you. Show her, you will forever cherish her love. Don’t, wish you tried, show her how much you dare, to be a love that cares. And when, your soul begins to rumble. Ask her, if she feels it too, how her love makes your heart thunder? Men, you don’t need a special day, whenever you’re at work, or just because. Call her, tell her; put your sweet lips, a little closer to the phone, let’s pretend we’re together, all alone. Love dreaming, the soul beaming; heart to heart. Real love doesn’t pontificate, it reciprocates. Love doesn’t let words, tell what needs to be heard. Love communicates with words, what a heart needs to know. Love fights, love argues, but love says sorry; love doesn’t close doors. Love, doesn’t let anger grow, love makes beauty glow. A woman of mystery, never allows her heart and love, to be the shrouded secret!

Bro, with a fro, let the love flow, not be just a show. Don’t spend all your time, chasing dreams. Make time, to let your Nubian know, she’s the queen of your heart. Cherish the love you have, cherish the love she gives. Guys, women; don’t care about your money. What a woman truly needs, all your love. She wants to spend their time, getting to know your heart. And if, your heart isn’t in it; don’t keep her hanging on, for dear life. And if, she walks away; man, don’t be a fool, trying to play it cool. Tell her, baby come back, you can blame it all on me. Any kind of fool can see, there’s something, in everything about you. I was wrong, I can’t live without you. ” A sweet lady, has a love so tasty, your heart calls it candy. Men, every day, kiss your angel good morning; your love gives her heart wings. True love, never lets a woman wake, and wonder; he love’s me, he love’s me not? Between every breadth, the soul finds the place, where love transcends time, a heart in the right space. A woman needs to know, when her love makes the tears become, the raindrops on roses. A heart in love, doesn’t become weak, in adversity. Love is profoundest, in its vulnerability. In the soul of a man, when love becomes a song, his heart serenades, lyrically. Lady, let me be your knight in shining armor, let me love you. I’m going to save up my time, so I can spend it, with you. I’m saving all my love, for you. To all the ladies, around the world. May the love given, be returned in kind. May your heart, know a tender love. A love so tender, it pulls you close, holds you forever; slow dancing with your soul!


12 thoughts on “Love is, A Song!

  1. Oh you said it!!!!!! No special day needed. Say that again. Say it louder til bros with fros flow in the right love direction so love grows. Love it Warren 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾

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  2. ‘Love’ in your words,
    take us in another world..
    Where there’s nothing..
    But Love and Love all around,
    Your verses make ‘Love’
    Seem so alive..!!

    Bravo..!! 👍🏼😊👌🏼👌🏼…..

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