Like Incense!

True love is like incense, lingering profoundly. Breathless love is an aroma, poised to take your breath. Into the atmosphere, pure love releases its undeniable presence, earnestly, its existence is known. Every time, the fragrance brushes against your soul. Gently love, is a confident love. It moves the heart, touches the soul, with just the breadth. Like the first breath, in the next, even in the last breath. Love like perfume, the allure draws you in, but the essence what keeps you. Love, refined to become like incense, the essential defining perception. Love dipped in persuasion, becomes like incense, steeped in purity. Deep love is like a water lily, blossoming into a graceful flower, leaving no doubt. Growth makes love flourish, filling a heart with the scent of. Making the soul become, a beautiful display of love. Like fragrant incense, words can never deceive, the truth, what love makes the heart perceive. Love with real substance, strong enough, it will captivate, tangible becomes evident, powerful enough it provokes. Likened to sweetness, love’s kindness captures, with the sweet smell of. Just like balm, sage love is likened to incense, relinquishing profound healing!


5 thoughts on “Like Incense!

  1. Endearing sentiments Warren. I love the emphasis on this – “Love like perfume, the allure draws you in, but the essence is what keeps you.” True love indeed is like a balm to the heart and soul. 😍💖🥰

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