Spoken Words; The Day I.

Up front, my heart needs to warn you, my love is unfiltered, my words unapologetic. Words, my heart form words. Syllables, my love language not words, captured in syllables. In building, the heart frames, the soul forges, time carves, love produces; by design. Verbs state, verses enlighten, synonyms, add texture, to love. Words spoken materialize, but broken text destabilize. Words debate, heart relates, love elevates. You see, my love is alive. Together, words in love, accompany my soul. The day I, love spoke profoundly. The day you, the day we, the day our. Love says you do, words say you will, but the heart reveals. Love, will always be, not because we keep it alive, but when we allow love to breathe. Love gives, a gentle nudge, never a forceful push. A heart leans in, love presses in. The heart makes known, words intent, love’s meaning. Words, on the tip of the tongue, have no significance. Words inform, love imparts. My heart, once a silent river, but love, made it an ocean; the day I.

When love speaks, the heart shows up, the soul represents, what words present, love taking shape. Always, and forever, comes into view; if heart and soul, will serve as? In love, feelings emerge, emotions develop. Will words be bold, will, heart break the mold, will love hold, will the story be told? Words don’t exist, if love doesn’t make visible, breadth within the heart. Every day, wear it well; the love you fashion, in a heart fashioned. Will never let words reveal itself, being just fashionable. Make up, words is meant be worn, natural. So, when the soul blushes, love uncovers, the true complexion of the heart. It doesn’t matter, how far words can take you. Love, makes the heart believe; “ain’t no mountain high enough, ain’t no valley low enough, ain’t no river wide enough.” To keep love, from reaching you, becoming more than words, spoken. Poetic love, peels back the layers. Reveals the heart, bares the soul, texturally. A poet is, what poetry becomes, textured love. My heart was exposed, the day I, said I do, to Love!


7 thoughts on “Spoken Words; The Day I.

  1. Yes, I agree, everyday wear love well. 💖💐💞 I love the way you splash the words that define love throughout your prose Warren. I agree with Dawn, what an explosion of imagery my friend. 😍✍🏼🥰

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