The Building!

At an early age, my faith was being built. I learned early, what he said, she said, what they say; can’t sway a made up heart. Somehow, even then I knew, I couldn’t stand by, wasting time. From, the time I could talk, the walk… it like I talk it. A heart learns a lot, living in a silent river. All my life, knowing what it is to be set apart; builds character. A calling is nothing, until the purpose, understands the reason. Well, I have to admit, truth tells stories; what a heart is built on. Imperfect flaws, don’t define the building up process. In the building, hearts will falter. Why, love works in tandem, with grace. To make it, you have to build it, but sometimes you need to change it; your posture. It doesn’t matter, what changes are in your life. When, love says you have a job to do. You don’t stop, until it’s through. I can’t, criticize another’s building up. All you can do, keep your own heart in line. Work while it’s day, so when the darkness comes, it doesn’t blind your soul. Night vision, helps the heart see, clearly. Hearts and minds are changed, when love becomes, the cornerstone!

A heart levels up, knowing when to refrain, by allowing love to reframe. Even if, even when, even now. From the ground up, how love builds a firm foundation. I know of a man named, Nehemiah, he had a made up mind. His heart wasn’t going to let anything, or anyone; upend his destiny. Every heart has the ability, to be an overcome. The building, not about building walls, but the building of the relationship. What’s building, if change is not evident? In love’s restoration, love smooth rough edges, covers the imperfections. So by design, love builds up the heart, to be a vivid portrait. In the building, love provides a hiding place, to be your refuge. Nothing missing, nothing broken. My mind is made up, my soul built upon, my heart built up to be. I’m determined, I’m intentional, I’m unapologetically; I’m building on the legacy. What love established, two thousand years ago!


9 thoughts on “The Building!

  1. Amen! Keep on building with Your Word in one hand, Warren and your weapons prepped against those who have the audacity to hinder and deter God’s Kingdom Construction 🚧 🏗️🦺

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  2. I agree with Michele, building on love, then blessed as an adult with a relationship. I’m grateful for redemption and I hang onto God’s dear promises. Excellent post.❤️


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