In the Reign!

In the storm, love’s reign finds you, in the hurricane. A heart deeply touched, builds up mist, moisture falling from the soul. In the most trying times, drops of love rest unadulterated, the reign cascading beautifully. When a soul is swayed, by an endearing reign. Your heart is exposed, a soul drenched by love. Living in the reign, heartfelt precipitation, brings anticipation. A heart soaked, in love’s profound gratification. Love, the breadth in the lungs. In the reign, hope is not lost, for peace is discovered; pour out the praise. Though nightfalls, in the twilight the rainfalls, sorrow making the heart cry. Be encouraged, in the dawn, let the raindrops fall on roses. A heart, wisked like a kitten. The love holding you, like a warm woolen mitten. In love’s reign, there will be rainstorms, tears bursting through the cloudy… moments. But even though, let your soul be, thunder roaring. A heart swept away, by love’s torrential reign. Though your soul is bombarded, with relentless grief. Though the heart feels heavy, overwhelmed by an unrestrained flood. In the midst, in every season, love reigns true. Pouring, to wash away heartache. When the tears fall, don’t despair. Open up your heart, lift up your hope. Let your soul slow dance with love, in the Reign!


Real Love, More than Scraps!

In a fragmented world, love is the glue, to mend broken-hearted. A little bit of love, scribbled on even a scrap of love’s endearing fabric. Remnants will be love’s scented fragrance, lingering on the breadth of the heart. Every snippets of time, you’re held in love’s embrace, it’s healing for the soul. Even, the smallest amount of love shown, remains a part of a longing heart. No heart, is a throw away, no soul should be discarded. Not even a scrap of love, should be something you throw out, or simply dispose of. For every heart, for love there will be a need. Love, not something you eliminate, but elevate. Love is restoration, true love refreshing; profound love restores. Heart and soul, to its rightful place, love becoming!

What do you do, when love won’t let your heart, be restrained? When love makes your soul pant, groan; shout the battle cry; to fight for what you believe in. Your love, no longer willing to be silent. What do you do, when a dry land, turns into a river? The heart cries, your love in a deeper place. What are you going to do, when life wants to plundered your heart, rob your soul of peace? What are you going to do, when the walls close in? Trying to trap you, imprison your faith, in unhealthy emotions? Hope held captive, the mind shackled by depression? What are you going to do, when the world says; your heart is fair game? That it’s okay, pretending your soul is deaf, acting like your heart is blind, to all the atrocities? What are you going to do, when darkness ties, to snuff out your light, take your breath? Yes, tell me? What do you do, when your heart and soul, will no longer be a slave, to fear of the unknown? What are you going to do, when you know your heart; is no longer tattered, but tethered? You, Raise a Hallelujah!


Fun Friday; Glide!

When, you’re feeling super fly, no one, has to ask your heart why? They will surely see, love makes your soul soar. In love, a different kind of living. The heart humming, a soul that won’t stop dancing, even when no music is playing. Love is the song, keeping the heart in tune, swaying your beliefs. Love bubbling, spilling when the heart is full. A heart, doesn’t have to know how to dance. For the blood to be pumping, the beat jamming. A soul freestyling, knows how to glide, to every heartbeat. When, your heart knows how to glide, your soul will certainly smile, doing the electric slide, feeling energized. When, one step forward, two steps back won’t do? Bust a smooth move, get your heart in the groove, glide on the dance floor. Grin, laugh out loud; like you got away with something. Your soul, avoided singing the blues. Instead, you’re dancing to a love song. Not getting down, to a brand new funk. You don’t need a crowd, be your own captivated audience. Dance your heart out, like there’s no one watching. Uncontrollable, feelings incredible; love in the flow, the joy overflows. Celebrate, you are; what love says you are. Whenever, you’re feeling the strain, outside the pouring rain. Tears, don’t mean you’re losing, the groove. Just say, heart, drop the beat; the rhythm, the rhyme, the harmony, will free your soul. When, the melody move you, the love will hold you. Keep you dancing, all night long. Until all the blues, drift away. When, pacing back and forth won’t do? When, the day wants you to get down? Roll with it, tell it to bounce, and skate. Don’t let the mood, break your stride. Glide forever, on the wings of love!


Consuming Fire!

Fresh wind, blow; ignite an endless passion, burn it away. Light it up, let my soul, burn out of control. Every heart that gets too close, let them feel. Love is, the flame upon my heart. Burn it away, any doubt; my heart won’t be consumed, by love forever. When love is blazing, love is amazing. Deep love, burn like a consuming fire. Love is, the flame upon my heart, burning night and day. Love is the light, the lamp for my soul, letting my heart shine. Love burns, to enlighten my soul, illuminated my heart; the darkness gives way. A soul, baptized in consuming fire. A heart like a phoenix, rises from the ashes, again and again. Love is the spark, that lights the fire. Love is like gasoline, profound love seeps through your pores, moves you like high octane fuel. Strike a match, let the fire within burn. Love, was never meant be a flicker, but a consuming fire. Love, I see clearly now, the haze is gone. A soul on fire, a heart consumed by love, burns constantly throughout. Consuming fire, consuming fire; burn it away, burn it away… any doubt!


Dancing Queen!

Her heart is free, her sweet love, such a treat. How can it be, my heart is never tired, dancing to the rhythm of her love. Whenever my heart beat, needs to slow dance. I hold out my soul, and ask love, if I can have this dance. Love, extends the request, takes me by the heart. And, with no hesitation, her love touches me deeply. My dancing Queen, her love is resting, gently on my heart. I swear, don’t dare, interrupt this love affair. Don’t come between, my heart, and my dancing Queen. All the passion, all the anticipation; truly nothing without it being a heart, moved by love’s graceful embrace. No one, knows what tomorrow holds, but this one thing I surely know. Love will forever, lead my heart and soul, to the middle of the dance floor. My dancing Queen, we have fun, find pleasure in each other. Letting our hearts, dancing; into the wee, hours of forever!

My Queen and I, two hearts, one heartbeat; rhythmically incline. But even so, between our forevermore, and our in-depth slow Waltz. The dance, becomes a sassy Tango; my mind, and her thinking, will love become a break dance? My soul said no, we will Tango, and my heart will take the lead; show you how I bust a move. My Rumba, not about the being “hip,” movement. My heart, plays it cool, phrasing my love passionately; in a tasteful rhythmic flow. My soul, knows the gravity; endearing love floats, on the clouds of heaven. It’s knowing how to Tango, without stepping on the love, between two hearts. In my dancing Queen’s world, orbits her view point; the preferred dance style, the Salsa. A love language, expressed in spicy connotations. But don’t get it twisted, she’s no latin momma; she’s my Caribbean Queen, and I love her. She’s doesn’t desire a throne, but every day; I Do, crown her heart, with my love. When love collides, some might think it a bit dramatic. But love tells me, she’s expressing, the passion, deep in her heart. My beloved, my Nubian Queen; her love dances, with my soul. Yes, my dancing Queen, her heart is free. Her sweet love, such a treat!


Quote Me; A Loyal Love!

Her love showed, the beauty in her heart!

When love rings true, the soul melts, within a heart of gold!

A simple touch, of lasting love. A gentle embrace, of love’s profound expression. Moves the heart, takes the breath, and leaves the soul, with wonder!

Groom your heart, beautify your soul, but don’t forget, to manicure your thoughts!

People sometimes think, you can misplace loyalty. But, how can they truly know, you’re loyalty is misplaced? Maybe they just can’t see, your loyalty lies, exactly where you’ve chosen, to place it? Let your heart, leave a lasting mark, and your love, will never be misplaced!

Everything, is Right in the World, when Love is the Answer!


The Innocence!

The innocence, who, can truly see the tears? Who, will protect hearts, from the deafening silence? Who, is willing to rescue the innocence, before doubts fall pray, to fear of the unknown? Who, will be a shield, for innocent souls, vulnerable to indifference? Who is truly ready, to sacrifice wants, for virtuous needs? Can every heart hear the outcry, know this is the time. To feel love, tugging on heartstrings. Can anyone, imagine the outpour, from love’s overwhelming reign? Hearts would cry out, asking love; to help preserve the innocence. Reckless, should never be the abandonment, of love’s innocence. Love, what let’s our humanity, make sense, in spite of the madness. Through, the prism of love, innocence will wholeheartedly be defended, this side of time. Love’s true portrayal, wouldn’t need clarity. Innocence, would never become tainted, by an eMotionless, painted smile. Love, elevates the innocence, to let the soul reach. Love, gives innocent wings the confidence, to soar to infinity. Innocence taken, profound becomes the gravity. Love, invites the innocence heart. To rest their being, against a heart of love, and breathe. If walls could talk, voices of innocent souls would ask; what, did I do, to deserve indifference? If only, love could see through walls? Love would see, the pure in heart, beseeching; I’m innocent! An innocent love, bares a pristine soul. That touches you deeply, and takes you by the heart. Who, is truly willing to fight, to protect the innocence… of a children?

“Blessed are the poor in spirit, for theirs is the kingdom of heaven. Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted. Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth. Blessed are those who hunger, thirst for righteousness; they shall be satisfied. Blessed are the merciful, for they shall receive mercy. Blessed are the pure in heart, for they shall see God!”


Hearts in Bloom!

When, love speaks with tulips, the heart, dances through meadows. The soul, speaks for it needs to, the love, reciprocated because it needs to. My May flower, her love, lavished within the reign. Love’s passion, the fruits of our labor, cherished in every season. The changes, the beauty, hearts in bloom. Rose petals, in the shape of love. Violets hue, cascading the breadth therein. Love expressed, being naturally expressive. A true display, love’s deepest expression. The richest of love, blooms the most vibrant colors. The soul, feeling the sun rise. The heart, knowing the sun shines on love, on the cloudiest day. Love in bloom, emanates the fragrant affection, of love’s aroma. Love, at the heart of feeling, in an ever changing world. Forever in love, at the deepest roots. Love is the reason, hearts see a faithful bloom. When, the heart chases the butterflies, love attain wings, to fly. Love gazes at the sunflower, bask in subtlety, love’s perpetual afterglow. Love, will never be a bed of roses. But yet, the heart can be profoundly moved, by love’s endearing scent. Love is my baby, love is my wife, love is my forevermore. Hearts in bloom, will never be more loved, than in the moments, loving the essence!

Happy Anniversary, you are, my perennial love! May 28th, will be 34 years married, for my bride and I. When God’s love, is truly at the center, forever is attainable!



Love’s intrinsic nature, the art of cultivating. Heart and soul thrives, when love is attentive. It’s elevated, weeding out the unnecessary. The emergence, love to a higher plain. In essence, the heart sows, the soul reaps. Planting good seeds, with love being the soil; hearts in bloom. The perseverance, love for humanity. Love is the gentle flower, when given abundant sunlight, and watered intentionally; perpetual love, blossoms profoundly. Fertilized unconditional, cultivated deeply, the root will go deeper. Love becomes fertile, removing the unwanted shrubs. Whenever the season, seems overwhelming, dig deep. And, when growth becomes a little stagnant, dig a little deeper. A heart divinely rooted, grounded in depth, so faith can grow… sublimely!

Parched encounters, don’t stick a fork, or uproot. Sometimes, the love just needs to be transplanted. Don’t shovel dirt, when you should apply a rack, to gather up your heart. A spade, by any other name, is still a spade. On your knees, sweat equity; in gardening, prune the unbecoming, root out the envy. Love, not about getting it done, going through the motions. Love is, about becoming; from the ground up, the beauty comes alive. The more, the heart leans in. How the soul, gets a profound glimpse, into love’s divine nature. The true artistry, knowing there’s a Potter, and seeing what becomes, of clay. From ashes, hope rises. Love’s garden, faithfully attended, with the deepest sacrifice. A labor of love, yields a thriving heart, a soul baring, the sweetest fruits. Love, the breadth within increases. When the heart allows, the deepest love to reign… forevermore!



A problematic encounter, a heart at a crossroad, but not the final destination. Destiny, reached by the chosen path. When, breath becomes taxing, making it difficult, to get life off your chest. Love, never questions worth, it searches the heart. Circumstances, chooses winding roads. A Problematic, point in time, shouldn’t lead to the arrest, of every heartbeat. A heart with no beat, a soul with no feeling. It doesn’t matter, what’s seen on the outside, just who you are… on the inside. Problematic, sometimes a road called broken, a place known as lost, and empty. The journey, called life, how you find yourself, hopes, and dreams. A life, with no song to sing, a soul without a voice. A problematic heart, deafened by the silence. On the road, known as life. Colliding points of view, should never be unbecoming. What’s, a bleeding heart to do, keep walking, walking in freedom. When, you’ve come to the end… of yourself. That’s when, love takes you in, and holds you… forever. Letting go, of the heartaches, and the weight of life. How, love sets you free, indeed. So, whenever your heart, gets caught up in the moment. Your soul, knows love is enough, to heal a brokenness. Love’s redemption, what makes all things new. Love will engage, a problematic heart. After pain, lies the blessing; the song of triumph. A heart, believing things will get better. Problematic, excellence becomes, enlightenment begins!