The Message; Royalty!

Within the crushing, in the pressing… through. How the true meaning of love, gets pressed out of a heart; to be seen as new wine. With a new season, the old becomes new. Hope found, faith renewed. How a heart knows, change has taken place. A heart can act prim, can try to do what’s proper. But still meaningless, if a heart, hasn’t yet learned. It’s not about being respectable, not just a putting on; but what is forever changed? An act will be seen as just random, if the action that precedes is not seen; as a heart acting first… from a place of kindness. A soul learning to become a vessel, in a heart wanting to be forever changed. It’s not about what is seen, but What is Revealed!

We came into the world with nothing, but we’ve been given such an amazing opportunity. To receive a change in status, to forever become sons and daughters. Just we can leave this world, with everything; the blood of Jesus came to provide. In God and Son, we became Royalty. Through a change that’s taking place… within. A kingdom once concealed, now forever revealed. A royal transformation, from this Amazing Grace. Through a change of heart, that begets a different way of thinking. Royalty, teaches you how to speak up, not under your breath. For underneath your every breath, resides the King of Glory. The love of Jesus, what brings out the newness of heart. Access to the throne room, access to our Heavenly Father. That what was once veiled, now seen as the attainable!

A soul being transfigured, a heart being forever transformed. A soul being able to imitate, the love of the invisible God. A heart being able to reflect, the nature of God. Not just by the word, but the faith that preceded. Wave your hands, take a knee; receive your crown. The Lamb of God, You will be forever lifted high. His love knows no end, His love came to set hearts free; a change within. Seated at the right hand of God, King Jesus! He is the God of grace, the God of mercy, the God of love, the God of peace, the God of hope, the God of faith, the God of strength, the God of wonder, the God of life, the God of blessing, the God of honor, the God of power, the God of glory, the God of heaven; God forever, King of my heart!


Song Inspired; When Love was Born!

It was a Holy night, a night Divine. It was a starlit night, the starlight shone bright. But a love was shining brighter, than all the stars in the sky. It was an Amazing night, God’s glory; the light of Heaven. In a manger, laid the Prince of heaven. A babe wrapped in cloth, the incarnate word of God. Shepherds watched, and angels filled the midnight sky. Singing praises, singing Hallelujah; the King is born. A perfect child, with a gentle love; God’s holy Son. The Prince of peace, Emmanuel. Love came down, the gift given to you and me. The night, when Christ was born. Forevermore, hearts will never be the same. A mother’s Joy, but Mary did you know? When you leaned in to take a kiss, you kissed the face of God? Close your eyes, see the night; When Love was Born!

Now we are accepted, we are forgiven. Our hearts no longer forsaken, our souls no longer condemned. Jesus, we are alive in You; mercy said no. Grace was given, to give hearts a story to tell. Before love was born, the flame of love was but a flicker. But before it burned out, love came to light the flame. To show hearts the way, out of the darkness. We thought we knew best, but God knew better. You put the light of love, back into the world. The amazing love that came, died, and rose. The love that now shines, for all the world to see. Close your eyes, open up your heart and see; the night When Love was Born!

Amazing love, You are the house on the hill; shining bright for all to see. The light sent to show, what true love was meant to be. We are to be a light, shining brighter to let the world see. A love that burns deeper, a soul consumes by the light of heaven. From the moment our hearts rise, let your soul be held… within God’s loving embrace. When our hearts forgot how to breathe, His love becomes the breath; that gave our soul’s everlasting life. We know to love, because He first loved us. Even though the days are getting shorter, the nights getting darker. The world has made plans, But God… has His plan. Oh, close your eyes. Let your heart see the night, When Love was Born!

This Song Inspired, is a song by Mark Mitchell Schultz. A contemporary Christian music artist, released: 2009. Also a shoutout to my wife. She built the manger in the picture last year. Everything except the figurines, was designed and hand crafted by her. Including the scroll, the pail hanging on the manger, the water bowl. Have a wonderful weekend!


What is Revealed!

I have breath, but that’s not how my heart… knows to breathe. We all have life, but true love living, is not about being barely conscious… of what life is truly meant to be. Breath can be taken, a lung can collapse under pressure. A heart can even stop beating, but what is Revealed, the soul can still live… beyond breath. Many can become deep in thought, but yet never have a deeper understanding. A thought, without the heart acting in concert; becomes just a faded after thought. A mind can seem woke, but yet the heart… still not enlightened. The soul can know life after death, but without knowing where hope is found? The heart and mind become locked, within a Spirited debate. The heart has the fortitude to understand, what the mind perceives to be… a limitation!

Many hearts are engaged more within breathing, and not concerned with the living. We should trust what the heart knows to be true, and not everything that can only be seen. Sight is wonderful, but limited. Faith has always been the higher understanding, and what is therefore unseen; Revealed as the attainable. Revelations are not truths, because of what the mind thinketh; but what the heart believes. Death is a kiss, that comes to seduce the mind. Why we need to guard the heart, and not let it steal the true purpose.. to life. So many think, life is about having the right senses; it’s a realization. You can be rescued, holding on to a truth. But You can never be saved, until the truth gets a hold of you. What is Revealed… to the heart? Faith is the breadth, every time Hope takes a breath. Faith is the evidence, to what your heart already believes!

Father, may What is Revealed, to hearts around the world. That a particular view of the world, is Not the solution. But You, as the Only answer… for the world! “When Jesus spoke again to the people, He said, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me, will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.” John 8:12 NIV


Who You Are?

You are here, You are moving; touching my heart. You are here, right here, right now; fixing what is broken. Removing any doubt, that You’re not still at work. Breaking down walls, building up a stronger faith; to what is now, a fortified love. You never stop, You’ve never stopped. Yes, the love is building; my heart is proof, the love is working. Why, come what may; the love can never be torn down. The love has been rigorously tested, why I know. There’s absolutely no dividing, a coming between… heart and soul. Even when I couldn’t yet see it, the love that goes into constructing this heart of mine; never ending, and still transforming!

I can’t speak for anyone else, but this one thing I know; beauty can come from ashes. When I got lost, within my own thoughts. Your love paved the way, so I could always find Your heart. The love was always there, to take me by the heart. A love so beautiful, light for the darkness. So, Who is This? My hope, my strength, my peace, my heart; the lover of my soul. My Daddy, My Father, Emmanuel, that’s what He is to me. He is here, moving my heart; building up a strong tower. You may never get it, or understand what I’m even talking about? That’s okay, I will never be offended; but His love, my heart will vigorously defend. I’m At Home, because my heart knows; Who You Are!

Who, What, When, Where, Why? You already know Who it’s about, perhaps also you will understand the rest. The love I know; What has made the forever shift, in heart and soul. I can tell you When, (1985) I got saved. But I can’t tell you Where, I experienced the first encounter? I believe it to be 1968, the day I took my first breath… of His love. So, Why? You see, growing up when I felt I had nobody, He was. When my heart felt lost for words, His love taught my soul how to speak. As a child, my heart had a Friend; but thirty four years ago, my soul befriended. I’ve been around religion since I could talk, in church, bible summer school; but I will never consider myself religious. Religion has attempted to destroy my faith, kill the love. My grandma set the foundation, but God… had the plan. And even though I’m telling the story, I don’t believe I’m truly able to explain my heart. You can learn scriptures, memorize words. But the truth that makes the love real, when it truly moves; from head to heart!


Black Friday; When Darkness Falls!

The mad dash, to spend all the cash; even if it seems to be a little bit rash. You’re going to shop till you drop, but down the road of life you encounter a blowout; that takes the wind out of your sale. You check to see how much it will set you back, what price you will have to pay. There is a slash, half off; where the rubber meets the road. So therefore you will have to discount, that it’s not a need, but just a got to have. So after being fixated, you finally get to the mall, but half way down the hall… there is a brawl. So many spending, but others not behaving. Shouting, but not listening… to the needs of one another. So much banter, that could easily turn into a pander. Along with the endless ranting, so many hearts are clambering; when it’s supposed to be a time of thanksgiving. How can a heart ever discern, right from wrong. When the closed… off signs of love, is now on display? Emotions that go unchallenged, as more Darkness Falls!

So many just focus on the retail, not realizing they may have voided out… one simple detail. The human values, the love for one another. We should never make it about the currency, but the exchange… through a meaningful encounter. It shouldn’t be about, the give to get; but the get to give… light to the darkness. When a heart is not enlightened, hope can get trampled. When the darkness cast a shadow, over what should be a prevailing attitude. Even though the heart feels trapped in the darkness, backed into a corner from the chaos; let your light shine. Give, and it shall be given. In everything, there should always be a give and take. Give love, and you will be loved. Don’t make it a game of hide and seek. Someone comes seeking love, but the love so well hidden, and the respect nowhere to be found. There is nothing wrong, trying to get a deal. But what’s the deal, with those who would stomp on someone else’s dream; just to have a desire? It’s a dark day, when we care more about the getting; than the giving. So many offend, then try to defend; what seems to be a trend!

Confusion says; even though you don’t have lack… of understanding, you can still lack the compassion. If you’re impartial to what the heart does, but not concerned about what the heart did. With the acquiring of the desired outcome, when in part they are both one and the same. When Darkness Falls, the eyes will never comprehend; what was first meant… for the heart to see! Black Friday, a day that in parts of the world; some hearts are eclipsed darkness. Hearts are momentarily blackened, and the soul a little blackish. Even though Darkness Falls, there’s a forever light… that still shines!