The Journey!

I don’t live in the past, but yet will never forget that the past; helped show how to live our best life… today. Along the way, we sometimes stumble. How we learn to walk the journey with true purpose, how we know how to rise up… stronger; go further than the day before? Whenever I have trouble standing, I lean on my rock; my resting place, firm foundation. Under the canopy, where renewed strength is found. To boldly conquer each step of the journey, not fear what lies ahead. We look to the future, but never fear what it holds. Live in the moment, by not letting it slip away. Even if every step is hidden, by the foggy moments. Let faith be the light, that shines hope on your destiny; even if the way seems unclear. Knowing, only part of what’s truly revealed. What you may not know, becomes true clarity; when the trust is transcended, by normal comprehension!

Dream impossible dreams, believe that all your dreams are truly possible. Have a dream, a clear vision; will help guide the journey. Keep your head down, to show a heart truly humbled; to not take every breath for granted. Raise your hope high, humbly fight the good fight. Life is a journey, sometimes we need to learn how to be still; to hear when your faith is trying to roar. Never let your hope be silenced, let your heart boldly speak truth. Faith gives a heart, the power to conquer every kind of fear. Within the silent moments, when you realize; every heartbeat has its own distinct sound. Strength within each rhythm, and therein lies the resounding voice. Whispers of love, the depth truly felt; when the heart is profoundly moved!

Love the life you live, live the life you get to love. For when it’s all said and done, this life is a journey. Love, what takes you by the heart. A journey, meant to be walked hand and hand… with humility. Humanity, can sometimes journey down the wrong path. Why, every day becomes another choice. Follow your heart, or follow the truth? There’s a difference; love leads the way, but the heart has to choose… to follow. One path brings the heart to the place; where the soul finds freedom, and the soul life abundant. The other, takes a heart down the path called wayward, and a dead end. If the journey, sets your heart in the wrong direction? There’s a place, somewhere in the middle of the journey. When you reach, the proverbial fork in the road; may it be called, a new perspective. The moment, The Journey; the heart with a decision to make!


The Compass!

You must think, our hearts are foolish? To keep finding ourselves lost, so many times? Following our own ill-advised path, has led us to this place; wayward. Hearts so far off course, but of course; you have to be open, to be able to truly see. Confusion says, a heart will always have a lack of understanding… in the darkness. Without first knowing the light, is what illuminates an uncertain path. Even a degree of separation, will never get a heart face to face, with the true destination. The days are like sands, of which time can never stop… from slipping away. To leave a lasting footprint, follow the blueprint. You have to stretch out our faith, to know where true hope is found. My words are truly at a loss, to capture the breadth and scope. Why we profoundly need to fix, a broken moral compass. May true love, permanently take us by the heart. The true Compass, how a heart finds Forever!

How can we be so lost, when the way has been made so clear? Hearts tethered to Grace, mercy forever leading the way? You’re not surprised, how we ended up in this place. Your love knows exactly why, we needed a savior. Even in an unprecedented moment, Your love is still the brightest lighthouse. In, and on the horizon; it will forever be, our beacon of truth. If our hearts are truly open to see, it’s our only hope. Even if we don’t see it, even if a heart doesn’t believe it; Your love is a compass. It’s guiding our hearts, helping us to navigate the pitfalls. Giving us glimpses of hope, within the darkness. Hearts may believe, they just need to rely on a G.P.S. But, what they leave out, of that flawed equation? God. is Positioning. the Sensor. His heart is the instrument, with such a magnetic love. His love the true northern star, that will never steer hearts in the wrong direction. Your love has set the parameters, how to find forever. The scope of Your love, breathtakingly has no limits. Unfathomable, but knowable. What will bring us back to Your heart, Your love; The Compass!


A Message; Way-Maker!

When an empty road, has the power to overwhelm the heart. And it doesn’t matter how hard you try, all your heart can see. Left, right, left, right; your heart is at a crossroad. Who; What; When; Where; Why; How? You ponder, but forget about the wonder. The Way forward, the direction that helps ease the heart; look up. Remember the Cross, the Road… may not be easy; but always necessary, for growth. You have so many plans, but God has His plan. “I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you, and not to harm you. Plans to give you hope, and a future. Then you will call on me, and come, and pray to me; and I will listen to you. You will seek me, and find me; when you seek me, with all your heart.” Jeremiah 29:11-13 How a heart finds the courage, to get past the unprecedented moment. See not just an empty road, but to the Way… to Cross. To anchor your soul, forever on the winning side!

You might have a well planned system, your heart has come to rely on. It’s not about the perfect method, or the right technique. It will always be about the process… of elimination, doubt, and fear. To help a heart see the clear path forward, with faith and trust. When your heart feels overwhelmed, may your heart be the river flowing deeply; into an ocean of deepest love. God has made a Way, not for us just to expand our lungs. But be transformed, with a new heart Make-over. Displaying a radiant light, even on the darkest day. Peace, regardless of what makes the day seem uncertain? Let your heart move, breathe. Have your being… stilled, by the calming breadth of His love. His peace hovers, Hope found. Once the Way becomes clear, don’t follow the signs; that point your heart, in the wrong direction. Don’t blindly follow the church Way, follow God’s Way; through the Bible. You don’t have to strategize, every step you have to take. But know how to be led, through the heart of; The Way-Maker!



Why are so many content, letting others put their heart in a tiny little box? Just because they believe, they know which one is the best fit? As for me, and my heart; it will forever be a proverbial square peg. Squarely focused, on not being a heart; that can fit into any random box. Many have tried, to compartmentalize my heart. Not knowing my heart had learned the art, how to departmentalized fickle feelings. You can’t box in a heart predestined, not to fit into just any mold. When others, try to put your heart into a certain group. So many are try to fit in, but you have to be intentional; for your heart to stand out. Even a cute looking tag, is just another label; choose to never let it stick. I’ve lived through being stereotyped, as so and so. Branded, as being such and such. Even at a young age, my heart knew enough to know. They were just boxes, that an odd shaped heart; would never be able to fit into!

My heart was grounded enough to know, how to think outside of the box. Music became a solace, a song in the night; a melody within my heart. Limited thinking being drown out, through a little boom box. So many have tried, to see through a led based heart. A heart being led to not follow anyone, without the true power to save. A box will always be transparent, when a heart wide open. Knows how to see, through a different lens. We can have desires, passions, hopes, and dreams. But, are they rooted deeply, ventilated through a substantive truth. So they don’t become, a box shelved so long; dry rot becomes the expiration date. Many have called, my kind of thinking square. What Ever… box they try to put me in; didn’t matter. I’m not moved by what others will, or the powers that be. It’s not about will power, but where I get my strength!

Most glove boxes, are packed with things. A wallet, flashlight, insurance, registration, pen, wipes; essentials a vehicle should have. When others come, try to put your heart in a box. Be equipped with the deeper things, the true essentials. Know what’s in your heart, therein lies the truth; your identity? Don’t be scared, to shine your light; when the darkness surrounds. Show that you have, the only insurance policy need. Your soul registration, forever in the book of life. Written down, underlined in red. Even though, we’re living in unprecedented times. One thing is certain, don’t allow your heart; to get boxed in… to a corner. Free your heart, from a one size fills all. Be encouraged to know, you’re more than any label. There are so many dimensions to a heart, don’t be defined; by what how others see you. Let your heart be transform, through a renewed perspective!


Fun Friday; Shake-the-Speare!

Romeo, oh Romeo, wherefore art thy love? Is it in a love for places, or placed forever in a love; that will take thy soul, to a swept away place? Don’t deny thy father, don’t deny thee thy heart. Make haste, place deep into thy quiver my love, for I’m madly. Draw back, but not from my love. You, my bow, the arrow, my love; let it pierce thy heart. Keep thy eyes on me, I AM.. the prize; let thy heart be thine forever. Cherish my love, never refuse thee my heart. Romeo, oh Romeo. Arrest thy heart my love shall, lock thy love deeply; within my captivating gaze. Thy love is to the world, to me; thy means the world. Oh, thy love is the world; but am I… in thy heart? Don’t just be a player, player; love the playground. This play, thy love of world; an Act one, Seen two… often. You’ve been given a moment, a time to truly let thy love shine. Oh, don’t make my heart; a dramatic play… on words, tongue and cheek. Don’t play the fool… in love. In thy heart, let my love rule. I AM… here, death is our forever. My love waits for you, within the stillness. Speak thy heart, but bare thy soul!

Romeo, oh Romeo; wherefore art thy love? Deny the world, but never deny the father… thy heart. Don’t let tomorrow, be thy desire. Thy love should never be, just a theatrical performance, a passionately done play… of words. Don’t play a part, know the right words. Love is meant to be true, a satisfying; deeply felt relationship. Don’t thrust pointy weaponized words, upon another. Hold thy tongue, only speak life. Hear no, see no, speak no… evilous words. Heartfelt words, a blessing to the soul. Romeo, oh, Romeo. Let me set the stage, for the stage is being set. There a hole in the bucket… list. If I AM… not in it, to fill thy heart. Thy love, grasping at the straw… man. Any other love, will be the pail… in comparison; to a love like thine. Trying to romance the world, will leave thy soul empty. You need a love, that will quicken thy heart. Leave the drama behind, and come with thy heart wide open. Hear what is said, but listen to what is heard. Parting the world, is such sweet sorrow. When we meet again, face to face… the end!

Being distanced, doesn’t have to mean disconnected. Not seeing eye to eye, still a moment for a heart to heart. Feeling like the days, are just being washed away? This is about having the perspective. You can’t take a deeper dive, if fear won’t let your heart see how to define; what is truly, washed away? Shake-up-the-Spare… moment. Go in one way, but come out on the other side forever knowing; deeply loved! Finally, thy faithful brothers, and thy beloved sisters. Whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is righteous, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable; ponder such things!




Break through the unbelief, break through the walls; put up around the heart. Let them crumble, watch them tumble. Don’t let a fortified Jericho, keep you from seeing the breakthrough; to the winning side. Fear to Faith, Anxiety; to Peace. A whisper in the stillness, a lullaby in the night. Even though there’s a mist, but then down comes the rain; tears don’t mean you’re losing, the battle. In the midst, of what you feel. There’s a presence, telling your heart; I AM… held. A heart knowing joy, with hope found. Giving the heart strength, with faith renewed; to face every tomorrow. Even if you can’t see it, even if you don’t believe it? Even now, you’re in the midst… of a breakthrough. Every soul needs to know, and every heart understand. Shadows are cast, because of darkness. But yet, there’s a light; that will never be eclipsed, by even the darkest days. The prevailing love of God, the light of heaven; shining bright in the dark. Breaking through, every clouded doubt; revealing the strength, of His love!

For you to see a true breakthrough, first there has to be the breakaway; from what you can only perceive. Breakthrough, shows the evidence, the breakaway be evident; a change has taken place, within heart and soul. A break through the tainted glass, that so many struggle to see through. A one sided barrier, between His love, and our heart. Let the unbelief, shatter into a thousand pieces. To become a bonded love, not easily broken. Breakthrough, is the push through, the press on; the never give up. The power to overcome, not in just strength alone; but where you place your confidence?

I tell you my friends, there’s absolutely nothing; impressive about my heart, or my faith. We prevail over sickness, prevail over fear. The light prevails over the darkness, to help us see through the lies; whispered in the dark. Chain break, through the prevailing; Grace of God. My heart, can ONLY see a breakthrough, because of the prevailing love within. May your heart also know, the hope, the peace, the love, the strength. Found only, through this Amazing love. How can you, forever know the Break-Through? Make worship a lifestyle, the love for a lifetime, for all your days. When your heart and soul knows, why you live and breathe? Then you will truly know, it was Finished; at the Cross!


Song Inspired: New Wine!

It’s in the crushing, in the pressing… on. The getting through, what’s in the making. The heart, the seeing; new wine. A soul listening, what’s said in the stillness. There’s the hurting; people, the world; hearts broken. Yet, in the crushing; love, still the answer. In faith, not fear; in the believing, where hope is found. This is a season, a season when; old is made new. In the soiled, in the breaking… of the folly. In the yielding, in the surrender; comes new ground. Through the imperfections, true beauty can still be seen. It’s not about having the perfect heart, but the authenticity; representing beautiful. How can a heart savor the new, without appreciating what is. A soul not completely crushed, by what is… but for a moment!

Fullness, not about what you have in the Nest. But what truly makes your heart, forever Full. You can’t put new wine, into the old… way of thinking. The appreciating, is the savoring, and the cherishing. Don’t let the treasuring, be possessions. There’s a whisper in the dark, a song in the night; heard through the soul. God is speaking, are we truly listening? Be careful little feet where you go, be careful eyes what you see. Have a big heart, but be not deceived; to what you think you know. Darkness, will never produce light. If you yield yourself, God’s greatness will shine through. Bring out new wine, in you today. Forget about giving the heart tomorrow, a day that might be too late. This is a moment, to let go of a sour path, and take hold of the new… perspective!

Father, Your love is the only remedy. Let hearts, not to drink up the lies; the nicely flavored kool-aide. But taste and see, Your love is filled; with the only everlasting truth. Real love, full of so much substance. Crush our reality, if that’s what it takes; to see the best of hearts. Shatter the glassed ceiling, for even though Your love is so clear. Your love, the truth in plain sight; still so hard, for all to see. We came into this world with nothing, all we have… from You. For new wine to become, there has to be the crushing, and the pressing. The breaking down, what strongly holds; for the making into. The time is here for new power. Help us, to give up the old flame. Set ablaze the soul, a new blazing fire; forever seen upon our hearts. Make us a vessel, our hearts to You… the offering. When we truly trust in You, nothing else; will our hearts need to understand. Even if we don’t see it, don’t truly understand it. Even if we don’t feel it, You’re working. Under the quiet, in the stillness. Underneath every breath, Your love… moving. Through You, new wine. Fear has no choice, it bows. Chains can’t help, but to fall. Shame has to leave, when a heart is unashamed; Your love, the presence. This is a move, work on the inside… of us! In Jesus’ name, Amen!

This song inspired, is a song released in: 2018; by Hillsong, an Australian Christian music praise & worship group from Sydney, Australia. Happy Ester, may this be a time of refreshing, and blessings!


A Message; There’s A Place!

There’s a place, a stream filled… with so much love. There’s a river, the love flows deep and wide. Deeper than an ocean, with a love so pure. Come with your heart wide open, the depth for you to find. A place where, your soul can have an endless fill; from a love so deeply felt. There’s a place, where love is the everlasting overflow. A place where true hope is found, and faith gets restored. The love comes in like a flood; to soothe your fears, and overwhelm the heart… with love. Doubts are washed away, but the heart forever swept away. A love that will test the heart, but faithful the love will be. A love on a hill, climb to the top. Half way up, still half way down. Believe you can, trust you will; encounter breathless!

In this place, the love, the light; will forever shine. In this place, there’s no shadows. Nothing can outshine, nothing will compare. This love will never be eclipsed, by what you believe to be; the darkest days. The love will shine on you, in you, for you; forever through you. In this place, sickness truly powerless; for a love beyond powerful. When the moment, is called a heart broken. In this place, a heart knowing the true power of this love. Will see the true beauty within, fix what may seem to you as shattered. A place, where love knows your name, show a heart forever cherished. A place, where a heart can find real love, abundant joy; true peace. To become a soul on fire, a heart burning up what tries to get a stronghold. When the love, is truly the flame upon your heart. Surrender the heart, become a soul surrendered to the love. A life living free, in the forever reign. So, where can you find this place; At the Cross!

“Yet in all these things we are more than conquerors and gain an overwhelming victory through Him who loved us [so much that He died for us]. For I am convinced [and continue to be convinced—beyond any doubt] that neither death, nor life, nor angels, nor principalities, nor things present and threatening, nor things to come, nor powers, nor height, nor depth, nor any other created thing, will be able to separate us from the [unlimited] love of God, which is in Christ Jesus our Lord.” Romans 8:37-39 AMP


A Story; Closer, to Your Heart!

I didn’t realize, that your heart wasn’t tightly; pressed up against my soul. I vowed, to keep it close. Never let your love not be, what forever moves my heart. You must surely know, and completely understand; I was busy, “trying to keep up with the Jones.” You see, it’s really not my fault; even though you had to watch from a distance, our hearts drifting apart. Okay, it absolutely was, me, myself, I… did leave you waiting. Looking, longing, wanting; to be closer. We were already close, and I knew your love was there, hovering; trying to get my attention. I didn’t notice, the distance between my every breath… a chasm. Hello, how truly profound… ly insensitive. How could I have not noticed; my heart on its own life support? The breadth of your love, so few and far between. A soul gasping, fluttering; for the love. That became my every breath, and water for my soul!

A heart disconnected, the soul needing to be reconnected. To the power source, where I find so much strength; through an undying love. My soul wasn’t feeling your heart beat, within my soul as it once did. Just a heart, feeling beaten. I try to listen, but I didn’t hear your voice. The small, the quiet whisper. My soul needed to be still, but my heart was speaking; when it should have been listening. I was looking for love, but there was this one tree; in the wilderness of my soul. Even though my soul, could recognize your voice from all the rest. So many voices surrounded my heart, crowding your heartbeat. Oh me, oh my heart; cry out… louder. Oh heart, stop; listen intensely. But at last, my soul went quiet; retreated back into the silent river. “Que Sera, Sera; what will be, will be.” A heart overwhelmed, a soul wondering; would ever be again?

A heart that ended up, wandering down memory lane. A soul now on a journey, through the heart of the lily of the valley. Showing the wonderful moments shared, and how the love was forever the guiding light. A heart, the soul, a want, the need; your love, the song… in the dark. The lonely river, slowly became the unfamiliar place. Over the years, my heart had spent so much time; living in an ocean of love. Deeply was the water, the love so refreshing, and each wave of deep eMotion. A heart knowing, such a gentle stream of love. A love running forever down, into depth of soul. The rain fell, the pouring out; into the everlasting reign. What was my soul to do, but let it be… dear, Lord. Let it be, back to the drawing. No dragging, no kicking; just a heart screaming, broken. It was the move, closer… than ever. A move to find, stepping out to be found; profoundly moved, in heart and soul!

A heart no longer adrift, in my silent river. A heart now back on the path, a soul no longer feeling so broken. A heart, realizing; a mistaken identity, will never change God’s love. When I thought, just give up… the faith; “His love said never, I will give up… your heart.” Patiently You waited, but the distance between widening; then your relentless pursuit. Why now, the love so much deeper. I see the love, through the lens of your heart; not just a one sided viewpoint. A renewed perspective, your love being the true vantage point. Never again will I allow, even a degree of separation; keep me from pursuing your heart. Forgive me, when I feel I’m making your heart seem unloved. To know the true depth of your love, in me; and my heart’s true worth, to You? It will be the forever seek after. The run down, the endless chase; and be a man after… your heart. I will always move to you, my soul will only stop at the moment. When You have my every breath, and my soul close enough to know; your love has stopped moving. My heart has become so relentless; trying to get Closer, to Your heart!

– I wrote this about six years ago, when my heart reflected on a moment lived a few years before. May it be an encouragement for your heart, to know it doesn’t matter what you’re going through. God’s love will never leave you where you are, but relentlessly pursue the heart, of those who truly want to know His heart!