The Picture; Time!

In the morning, when I rise; love, be every heartbeat, in the sands of time. When I drown, love will be the reason, I live breathless. And when time stands still, move my soul. Time after time, when desperation becomes the thirst. Love will be the water, to quench my heart’s desire. Shadows, they tell time, of what was. In times past, and what will surely be. Though, time slips through the hourglass. The hands of time, encounter seconds in bliss. Between the stillness of moments, a quarter past, or even at a quarter after. Love, doesn’t let a faithful soul, exhale. In the Am, in the Pm, at noon, at midday, or at midnight. Every twenty four hours, minutes in wait; the daylight saving, you breathtaking moments. What time is it, you ask? First, let me ask you this. Has your heart set time aside, every day; to know a deeper love? Time in words, can be written in numerals. Hours in love, never about counting minutes. Just the counted moments, your heart was held, in the depth of love’s timeless embrace. For, when time is no more. A half an hour, will seem a lifetime, holding on to memories. Time, waits for no one. Once it’s gone, the picture; likened to a thousand words. Reflecting, the times your heart let precious moments of love, slip away!


O.C.D… ish!

My heart, constantly repositioned, being forever changed. My way of thinking, started with my heart, in the right place. Love, can move a heart so. Every expression, can seem a bit dramatic, a bit over the top. I don’t need, my love to be in a perfect place. The desire, a heart in a forever place, you can sincerely call faithful. Obsessive, to be a heart forever true. Compulsive, show a love truly compelling. Disorder, don’t dis the order. You have to first, be faithful with a few things; so many, will be able to see, the shape of your heart. A name, tagged with a sticky one sided label. Will never allow, for the freedom of love’s true expression. Love, doesn’t have boxes, with a label placed over your heart. Thinking, your have a heart figured out. Limits how a moving love, can profoundly change… you. Desiring, an obsessively clean heart. May overwhelmingly, change a tainted perspective. A heart, focused on not being deterred. Will resist the urge, to not become the best version, of a faithful soul. You should never, compromise your heart. Lower your standards, just to fit in, to someone else’s vision. My heart won’t be pursued, to be moved by futile preferences. A permanent shift, has already taken place. Forever held, not a state of mind, but the state of the heart. Not with the uncontrollable desire, to fix what must be. Allowing your heart, to be constantly shifted. The love within, will be repositioned, enlightened, illuminated, undistracted. A heart in action, doesn’t need to be profoundly moved, for the love to be seen as true!



These hands, will raise the banner, display the One, with unfailing love. These feet, will walk the miles, to know the heart, of the ones who feel the pain. Be at the place, where the broken-hearted live. This voice, will speak for those being silenced, to have no voice. These tears, will forever flow. For the ones, who can’t cry anymore. These lips, won’t keep silent. Love speaks with authority, when the voice of truth. These eyes, will see the injustice, the wounds. The ones being deafened, suffering in the silence. This mind, will think of endless ways. How this heart of mine, can shine a light on love’s greatest treasure. The unselfish, unchanging, unconditional love. I’ve had to learn, how to stay in this place. Be available, be love extended. I, would have never known this place. If love didn’t first take me, from living in a silent river. To become a voice, loving in the wildness. Love, helped to lay it all down. For nothing else, can take its place. True love, wants you to be the heart, for every soul in need. Show love’s undying portion, for every soul you meet. A hand, reaches out. A heart, opens wide. The ears, hears the cries. The eyes, sees the need. The voice, speaks the Word. The lips, sings praise. Love, is the good news. Every hand and feet, it’s love in motion; the heart and soul, in action. Give love your will, and love will give your heart purpose. Let love, be your hands, your ears, your voice, your eyes, in your mind, and every breath. Say love, I’m available to You. Be my heart, so I can become, love to the least of These!


Black History; Nubian Queen!

Since the dawn of time, whenever a Nubian queen, needed to address an unmanageable situation. She would set out on a quest, to the salon. The place, formally called; “the hairdresser.” To beautify, enhance her natural glow. The deNial, why would anyone; when her beauty, flows like a river. While there, she would surely become enlightened, with the latest news. For some, the wether or not, even if you didn’t ask for it. Forecasted, the possible hot tempered, or the possibility of the cold shoulder. What happens in the salon, would mostly be broadcasted… outside. My Nubian beauty, never felt the need to engage. Her heart, chose the path of virtuous. She would sit, on her rightful throne, with stylish fashion, make her intent known. Some queens, made the dialogue be, about establishing dominance. She, focused on the productive, what wasn’t toxic, to her crown. Sometimes, the beautify encounter seemed, like a sparring match; the bob, and the weave. You bear it, and grin, trying to keep the peace. The subjugation, reigning wayward thoughts!

Even though, weaving seems like a grudge match? Love, not about the upper hand. Loosening the grip, on love extended, eases the tension. To let your heart get tangled, up in a not so subtle exchange. The hairdresser, a name rarely used these days. The new title, is more stylish, sophisticated; “as a salon, and spa.” Where you go, to get your hair did, your nails did, your feet did, your face… did I mention? True beauty, resonates from within. A Nubian queen, have that “je ne sais quoi. (a quality, that can’t be easily described). Natural beauty, it’s a real ting; dem ah fi tek you serious. (they have to take you seriously) For, every beautified soul, showcases your presence, as royalty. A heart, looking so fly, like a graceful butterfly. Knowing, how to withstand pressure. Makes the resolve, a fabulous measure. Making you, wanting to grab your rag and wave, jamdown style. Caribbean queen, don’t ever throw in the towel. When you get home, love will be… forever. Though, life makes you feel, like you’re losing the fight, and your mind, with every tug on the heartstrings. Nubian, pray for strength, and you will, surely endure to the end(s)!

Nubian, “And after you, have suffered a little while, the God of all grace, who has called you to his eternal glory in Christ, will himself restore, confirm, strengthen, and establish you.” 1 Peter 5:10 ESV

This piece, for all the black women. Who had to endure, every beautifying encounter, for love, and with grace. I originally, wrote this as a draft in 2015, not sure if I would post it. I was inspired to share it, by a piece I read about black hair. And so, I rewrote it, for black history month. My Nubian and I, have been married for 34 years, this May. Seeing her, go through the long sessions, and the process involved. Makes me appreciate, what women go through. Even though, this is tongue and cheek, and though some may not get the humor, or have never been through the experience. I wanted to honor, all the Nubian queens. For what they do to look their best, for themselves, and the ones they love!


God’s got it!

Woke up this morning, and searched. My heart, wasn’t missed placed; my soul, being examined. X marked the spot, every found ray of sunshine. You see, every day; I dig deep, not to find my worth; to bury my pride. Make up my mind, to let love be, my everything. But, if truth be? I’m still learning how to breathe, while every breath is held. I don’t worry about tomorrow, I let tomorrow worry about itself. Every anxiety, the unknown, are put in there place. I am, no longer a slave to fear. When the rain falls, every tear, bottled up forever. I don’t, have a pity party. I look to the heavens, and dance in the reign. How much money in the bank, enough gas in the tank; let me be frank, I don’t worry about it. Food on the table, a roof over our head. My Father, supplies what we need. His love is my home, His wealth is my abundance, the promises are yea. Vertical, how my posture, lets my love get noticed. Woke up this morning; every praise, intentional. Every breath, with confidence. My heart, God’s got it!


In Unison!

We will, not always be on the same page, and that’s okay. As long, as the love in our hearts, are in sync. Sometimes, the heart sings off key, it’s the harmony that matters, in a heartfelt love song. If we learn, the pitch doesn’t have to be perfect. For the tone of our love, to be in agreement; unconditional. Hearts, don’t have to beat synchronized. For the love to be moving, just compelling. Feeling, moved by just emotions. Will never sway, love needing a harmonious melody. Individually, we are flawed, but with togetherness, we change the dynamics. Blending in, should never change how much, a heart stands out. True love, comes from deep within. Affirmed, by the heart in action. Real strength, not about the mite, but that your love might; act with true sincerity. Two, or three hearts in acquiescence, changes love’s perspective. Love, not about being in formation, but with the right information. Your love, bares a distinct quality; love’s truest simplicity. The heart, the original stringed instrument, joined in love’s chorus. Playing its part, in the quintessential love symphony. In friendships, in relationships, families. Heart to heart, in concert, bounded by love. A cello, though part of the same family; will never be mistaken, for being a violin. We may, have similar make ups, but every heart, unique in its own right. Oneness of heart, synthesized love, in unison!


Here, in Your Love!

The beginning, starts with life, is but a breath. How do you find words, when words won’t be enough, to capture a lifetime, of moments lived? What do you do, when words are heard; but your heart not understood? When the heart aches, every breath is tightly held. Here, in Your love, hope is found, peace becomes the stillness. Just one moment, in love’s embrace gives my soul, the strength it needs. People, looking from the outside in. May think you seem so strong, but it’s only, in whom you find your strength. The truth, everyday; I’m hanging on, to enduring love. My love story, written before my soul, took its first breath. While, my heart beats, my confidence is this? Every tears, every bottled up emotion, will never be wasted. In the reign, love pours into my soul, through an open heart. So I can receive, love’s endearing grace. When, my breath is slipping away, and heartache slips in between. Deep love, helps me breathe. The banner, over every circumstance; unfailing love. In brokenness, in every valley, in the struggle, in the questions, in the depth of my soul. Sweet love, in every need, it meets me here, in my heart. Friend, in the grief, in the tears, in the courage, with prayer, I will meet you there. Resting, in the breadth of God’s love, what makes all things, every breath become new. In your heart, where loving memories, live forever!

A poem: You live, in our heart, in our soul. You live, your heart won’t be forgotten, nor the memories fade away. You live, time can’t erase. What the heart, won’t let be erased, by the sands of time. You live, the night can’t eclipse, what love will enlighten. You live, in reflections, in the impression. You lived, you’re living, loved ones will forever be alive, in our hearts!

This piece, is dedicated to Vivian Schrock, and her four kids. Who lost their husband, and father, a couple days ago. Keep them in your prayers. I can relate, next month would have been my daughter’s birthday, and it’s the one year anniversary, of her passing. The link to her website, God’s whispers of truth, can be found Here. There’s also a link (Here), to a song called meet me here. It speaks, to what we all face, in this journey called life!


Your Portion!

Life abundant, that’s your portion. Good health, for you and your family; that’s your portion. Provisions for your heart, freedom for your soul; it’s your portion. Encouragement, to soothe the endless tears. Faith for today, hope in every tomorrow; your portion. Nothing missing, nothing broken. Blessings released, peace increased, fear decreased, protection from Covid; that’s your portion. When, the heart walks in freedom, the soul reaches the destiny. One door closes, two more opens. Step into your victory, declare your independence, claim your inheritance. The lost, but found; lay claim to your portion. Grace, there in the midst of cancer, loss, heartache, depression, anxiety, hardship, brokenness, pain, sickness. Be encouraged, there’s restoration, in Revelation. Look up, in the valley, you will surely see your redemption, to go conquer every mountain. A stumble, that’s okay. We, have all been there… fallen. Flaws, we all have them. You’re still beautiful, look deep within. Many years of disappointments, that’s Not your portion. Believe me when I tell you, I’m just the messenger. You don’t, have to validate my worth, to receive this affirmation. My heart, sent here to proclaim, there’s Good news. Love Unconditional, that’s Your Portion!


The Two Way Street!

On the road to love always, U-turns; will never get the heart from Now, to Forever. At first, if may seem so clear. Why would your heart ever worry, about hopes and dreams? When you’re already, lost in love? The highway to heaven, may seem like the road to bliss. Only if you don’t miss, true love is about choices. The journey, that may take the heart, to a set of wrong turns, and the narrow road. One way, takes the heart in towards a direction, the two way street destination. The way to forever, in love. Two of a kind, living wild and free, without prudence. Might lead to the break down, from a over-heated moment. But, where the rubber meets the road. That’s where trust in love, becomes the heart to heart. Love being the exchange, on the road called life. Though rain falls, the vision of love unclear. Staying in love, doesn’t require a clear view, just the right perspective. An open heart, speaks a powerful message. Even if, a foolish heart, makes some wrong decisions. We can follow our heart, but the soul needs to learn. How to be led, by more than how you feel!

True clarity, comes when the heart knows how to listen, for love’s subtle whispers. A shift in the mind, what gets a heart racing, for of love’s ultimate prize. In love forever, elated with all the passion and desire. Hearts voiding the urge, to let it go zero to sixty; down a lonely highway. Love’s GPS, built into depth of soul, by divine providence. How could it not, love has always been the compass. Navigating my heart and soul, through all the potholes. On the journey home, the heart looks for a sign. The one saying, love walk a mile, to get to unconditional. Love, needs a meaningful alignment. So A to B, will surely get the heart to C. The way, to a reciprocating love. Sometimes, in love you have to pump the brakes, and ease on down the road. This heart of mine, learned long ago the way to turn, until I found my predestined love. My mind, was never in the “so called drivers seat.” Now and forever, driving force behind, what moved my beating heart, took my breath. A profound love, a destiny that can only found, on a Two Way Street!


Song Inspired; There Was Jesus!

Hearts may wonder, why am I in this place? Where the question becomes, to be, or not to be… forever held in love? This I know, in every stage, life plays out as written. Even though, death blindsided my heart. I won’t ever wonder, why does my heart keep beating? You may want to know, whom do I hold on to? When my silent river, becomes a turbulent See. Looking past what floods, and embracing what wants to drown; allows faith, to walk on water. My heart, has fell many times. But refuses to fall into the charm, in a tainted perspective? Love is the song, freedom the hymn, that woos my soul. In the stillness, whispers of love, saying sometimes; you have to go through, what you need to go through. For the heart, to be in the right place. Within the journey, you’re never on your own. For Hope assures, Faith guides, Love conquers. In the gathering, of broken pieces. It doesn’t mean, your soul can’t still be swept away, by love. When life, brings your heart to the predestined Cross-road. Love, never just a chance encounter. When, you’ve come to the place in your heart. Where your life is full, but your soul not satisfied. Just knowing meaning, without understanding the purpose. My heart, been on a few of life’s empty roads. In the searching, in finding meaning. Where you’ve been, eclipse by where your heart needs to be. In a place, where love recklessly collides, with heart and soul. That changes the trajectory, of every gaze. True worth, always was, profoundly is, will forever be. A heart, going places, a soul never walking alone. On the mountain, in the valley, down life’s winding roads. Love will always there, in the shadows. I don’t have to see, to know how to hold on, to what I believe. A child, learns to fall, so the heart can truly stand, with a firm foundation. When my first breath, and every breath thereafter was taken; There was Jesus!

This song inspired, is sung by Zach Williams, and Dolly Parton, Released in 2019.