The Question?

How deep, how deep is Your love; How? Is it deeper than an ocean, would it be completely over our heads, could a heart truly know; How?

What is the depth, what is the depth of Your heart; What? Would the knowing forever take your breath away, could a heart truly fathom? Would a heart hit rock bottom; trying to get to the What, is the depth. Trying to fathom the What, would only be the start; towards a true comprehension?

How great, how great is Your love; How? Is it greater than the stars, could a keen heart; see into the vastness? Would an endless starry gaze, help hearts to truly see; beyond our own souls… system? That would truly be the begin of wisdom. Trying to understand; the true length and breadth, of How great is this love?

Why does a soul, why does a soul yearn endlessly for love? The sole desire, should forever be capitulation; to know What, it is to be truly reborn? True surrender, is not about a feeling. It’s about a being, knowing the How; to let your soul forever be set free. Does your heart truly want to know Why, it desires to be at a place? Where the being free, means letting your soul be forever captured, by a beautiful love?

Open up your heart, let love stretch your soul. Take the deep dive, but first you need to get off the What; you feel to be your sure, to let your heart thrive. Let your heart go deeper, let your soul gasp. Air, is not the What, a heart needs; to live forever. Don’t take another breath, until your soul learns how to breathe; through the love of God. Let your heart be desperate, trying to know the How; deep is this love? You may not know the Why, and the How; you only need to know, The Who!


Fun Friday; El Cheapo?

Oh my darling, tell me; if I held back some of my love, would others call me stingy, with love? If I ripped off my shirt, threw it to the ground; would you believe I did that, after looking at the price tag? I know that real love, isn’t about the price tag; that just cheapens the experience. I was just demonstrating, that I’m absolutely willing; to give you the very shirt off my back. But if I took it back up, put it back on; because I thought it would be, a good… bye, bye. This love is not a song and dance, it’s not even about being NSYNC. A good bye, is a goodbye; if the love is half off, the agreed upon amount of love!

So let’s go for a walk, but not in the park; there’s this one angry bird. The bird saw me throw down the shirt, now every time I walk through; all I keep hearing is, cheap, cheap. Let’s hold hands, gaze into each other’s eyes; forgo the talking points. Talk is cheap; if not ultimately followed up, with substantive actions. That’s the time to put up, because my heart will never shut up. Over the years my love has seemed a bit frugal, but I never ever wanted you to believe; that I thought your heart was ever cheap. Let me raise my hand, I want to ask my heart a question; are you ready to put your money where your mouth is? To show that this love, has never been a cheap thrill.

People see me as being picky, the love within is a sticky situation. I’m stuck on you; crazy, will forever be the glue. So, say what you will, just don’t ever get it twisted; the love within my heart, has never been anything less than genuine. Loving me is not easy, but I will never give cheap love; the cost, my everything. Your love and God’s love, is what makes my heart rich, and truly profitable. The world offers a cheap substitute, and still wants to call it; “love!” I would do you, and everyone a true disservice; if the love was so cheap, that you could never feel it deep within your bones!

So my sweet darling, if I showed you a hundred dollar bill; then told you that I can’t give it to you. Would you call me a prankster, a cheapskate; or maybe just El Cheapo? That wouldn’t be my hearts reality, tell me; how can you truly measure, A Woman’s Worth? I could give ten thousand reasons; why your love is truly one in a million. When I have that kind of money, darling, it’s all yours; all I need, is just your love. The blessings are running me down, poised to overtake me. I will never give cheap love, to anyone in need. When love is a true richness, for every heart to behold. True love, is worth more; then all the riches in the world!

So, let me state for the record, by saying this; “El Cheapo,” is Spanish. So in the future darling, I would prefer to be called; Mr. F.R.U.G.A.L instead, short for; “Fun, Resourceful, Unique, Gracious, Assertive and Loving!” The worth, of a true Renaissance man!


The Ink!

Deep within my soul; there is a story, a love. The end, still being written. My heart is the pen, the love within; the ink, not yet dried. This story is evolving, the love that flows; endlessly reoccurring. My heart is now fixed within a gaze, this story; never ending!

When the story first began, my heart felt so empty. The ink, wasn’t yet part of the story; so I thought. The engraving, needed to be etched; upon my heart. The story includes my soul, but my heart was still becoming; this storyline, is about the ink. The transformation; was my heart, slowly needing to be filled. My heart was learning, but my soul was quietly yearning; for more. I knew the concept of led, but a pencil left me with the option. To erase, and then rewrite; my own version of the story. The pen was to be my heart, but still becoming. The ink, makes the love; the permanent part of this story!

There’s nothing special about my pen, just another pen; the ink, defines the substance within. Take your eyes off the pen, it’s the ink; that makes the words, recognizable. The words might seem beautifully penned, but my heart would never be able to capture the essence; without the love within. That is the tipping point, my words are just words. The tip of the pen has a point, so this is the point. This story would never truly have a consistent flow, without the ink; that makes the love become visible!

By design, the love within has left its mark; permanent. The story will continue, because the ink is ever flowing. The love story iWrite, flows from the love within. When the ink permanently dried, that was the moment. The moment my heart knew, the ink on my soul had dried, no erasing. So, let me make the beginning of the story clear; God’s love is the ink, that forever flows. My heart, just the pen; being used to tell the story, about the love within!


It Was So Clear; Right Turn Only!

Why should I ever have to worry about being lost? Whenever I looked up, there’s always a sign; it comes from up above. This is not about having a clear eye, but an open heart; to truly see everything, within the right perspective. The sign spoke to me with such a clear and powerful message, it simply said; ”right turn only!” The words were clear as day, so what’s a man to do. Following your heart is a good thing, but even a foolish heart; can still make all the wrong decisions. Follow your heart, but first learn how to be led; by more than just what feels good!

So therefore I followed the sign, not just the heart; clarity comes, when your heart knows how to also listen. My heart knew the way, getting home wasn’t a new thing; why didn’t I notice that sign before? I saw with my eyes, but my heart was going through a shifting; called learning how to listen. Before I knew it, I was on the highway. The Highway to Heaven, is what it seemed to me, it led me home; back into the loving arms, of the one who loves me. Our hearts were reunited, and it felt so good!

But how could it not, when love is my compass. People look at me, they might even think that it’s my own ability; that helps me to navigate my heart. Life, it has so many potholes; but where the rubber meets the road, the solid rock is my foundation. Most people think that it’s me, “in the so called drivers seat;” Your love is the driving force, behind my beating heart!

So like I said at the very top of my heart; “why should I ever have to worry, about getting lost? As long as I continue to keep right, and allow Your love; to move to the depth of my soul. Your love will always guide me, to the very end of life; the journey… home. And when I have finally reached the end of the road. I will put the right foot in front of the left, take one steady step at a time. For every little step I take, will without a doubt; get me that much closer, to Your heart!

  • This piece was inspired, by a road sign I saw about three years ago; Right Turn Only! I wrote it then, tweaked it a bit today; may it inspire you, to make the right turns in life!


The Move!

First, there was a move, but then; the move started to become so constant. Over time, the move became a shift. At first it was truly glorious, but over time it seemed as if the glory; became us, not thus… I could feel it, my heart could absolutely recognize it. But sometimes, all I could say about it; was that I felt it. The move, was becoming a constant shift; but my heart was not always ready, to be moved!

Even within the stillness, the move was still a shifting; my heart still needed to be moved. Now, I just can’t help it; even if I tried, I couldn’t even prevent it. This love moves the stillness within, all my heart can do; is to enjoy the rhythm, within every heartbeat. There it goes again, another move; the shift, is what keeps my heart vertical. God, Your love just won’t stop, making my heart skip a beat!

I don’t want my ears to just hear, teach my heart to constantly listen. I don’t want to just see, give my heart the vision. So others can see, that my heart moves; because Your love is the breath. Each breath I breathe, moves my lungs; but let the words within my heart, reveal the breadth of Your love. It doesn’t even bother me, if I can’t recognize the man in the mirror; from the constant shifting. What would truly trouble my soul, is that You could not truly recognize my heart; because I refused to be moved!

How can I truly be used to move others to act, if my own heart is indifferent; to a world that needs to know. That the time has come, to embrace a love that truly moves; but will shift; your heart!


A Song Inspired; One Moment In Time!

Each day we live, is a day to be; the best you. A day to give your very best, a day to show the best in you; the absolute best you have inside. Make everyday, be your finest day; make every day be your greatest day. This is the moment, this is the best moment; this is your moment in time!

The future may yet be unknown, you may only have one heart. You’re not truly alone, together; our hearts become many. For every day you gain, is a day to be truly grateful. You’ve been given another moment, to gain a new perspective. To taste and see, the sweetness; within a new day. There will be ups and downs, rise up; every time you stumble, or fall. Through it all, this truth remains; this is your moment in time!

That’s the moment, the moment you realize; you can still be all, you’re truly destined to be. When all your dreams, when all of your hopes; seems like the distance, get longer by the miles. Look within, your dreams; are still just a heartbeat away. Seize the moment, seize every moment; you have a destiny, life is just the journey. This is the moment, no time for anything less; than your very best. Lay it all on the line, but don’t bankrupt your heart. Even the best laid plans, is sure to test your heart; maybe even shake your faith. That’s when you fall back on hope; don’t loose that one moment, in time!

Let me take this moment in time to say, Happy Birthday; In loving memory of the recently departed Whitney Houston. Today’s post is a tribute, inspired by her song; One Moment In Time. Her voice was loved, her presence is missed; her heart, forever treasured. Let my love, be your love!

August 9, 1963 – February 11, 2012