The Void!

The void a state, but the emptiness not without absence; the fullness surrounds. Breadth cannot be touched, but a presence can be felt. We can avoid this, even some of that. But yet, you can never evade; what is, and forever will be. When a void in love becomes apparent, the instinct is to bridge the gap; between heart and soul. But, without the being is within the agape. Therein, will still lie the emptiness. In a space, and in time. Where so many pin their hopes, while avoiding the truth. Space is irrelevant, when time is predicated, on the peripheral. Only a change in perspective, a connection to what is true. The change, a heart will not attempt to avoid. A barren wasteland, what becomes a soul feeling unfulfilled; lacking a substantive inner peace. The world desperately needs, what so many hearts try hard to evade. But, there’s no evading, truth with no erasing; to make a soul profoundly elated!

When you’ve found forever at rest, in that truly; there’s no more debating. No one, can ever steal your love, your joy, your hope, your peace, your faith; without you choosing to give it. When lack is wisdom, and discernment; power is therefore given, not taken. Sometimes, we’re drawn into a bad situation; thinking it will fill a vacancy. No chasm, can truly be filled. When a soul doesn’t truly understand, the purpose for breath. Someone, can call you useless; say your value worthless. But, without you giving that power over the truth. The words, are completely empty; non-binding. In life, there’s always something that can be gleaned. So, therefore; why let your soul toe, what just outlines the abyss? When your heart can know, endless the state. Even though the fall, a heart is never trapped. Love is not just an escape, it’s a soul living in the contentment; a heart knowing the bliss!

We can believe, something is invalid; but that doesn’t make the truth within, null and void. We can deny the truth of God’s love, but the promises; not rescinded. You don’t have to be a philosopher, to understand thoughts are based on a certain philosophy. Thinking nothing missing, doesn’t mean something isn’t broken. Whatever you believe to be the void, just a mind in a state. In the spirit, in the realm of being; transformed. Every void has breadth, every void can be filled; with the true meaning of love, God. You can try to avoid, but there’s no way to evade. In the end, there will be the Cross, the Road. No Sway, Jesus is the only Way; to fill the void!


Song Inspired; Never Give Up!

Having a vision, seeing through a renewed perspective; what changes how you view your world. Seeing clearly, what broadens the horizon. Feeling trapped, doesn’t have to mean; a heart feeling there’s no where to turn. In every situation, there will always a solution. Don’t, be afraid to dream; keep the dream alive. Don’t be afraid, to face the world. Against all odds, the day can still be victorious; if you truly believe. Even within the darkest night, light comes at the dawn. Even when the rain falls, tears don’t mean you’re losing the fight. A green grass can turn brown, and a frown becomes clouded doubts. But, after a little rain. On the other side of what falls, a soul can again see feeling refreshed. For, the sun will shine again. And the grass beginning to look, so much greener. So, be encouraged; be an encouragement. Keep inspiring, be an inspiration. You never know who needs you, to be profoundly inspired? Why, you never stop believing; Never Give Up!

Eery victory, comes in time; but it’s the moment, that will define your resilience. Work hard today, and there will surely be a change. Tomorrow gets easier, when today is a heart willing to persevere. Who can say, you can’t fly? Who can say, you can’t soar to new heights? The air they breathe, will never give your faith wings. Every step you take, you get closer to your destination. Even when, the day doesn’t make sense. Even when, the season becomes a bit chilling; the day can still, produce an awesome breeze. In all that life makes known, fulfillment is revealed; through a divine purpose. Quiet your soul, steady your heart. You just might hear, a whisper in the wind; heard within the stillness. All you need; courage now, hope later; faith always. Persevere the beauty of life, alive within your heart. The answer, to solving a mystery? Not found in seeing, the completed puzzle. But in the pieces you chose, to pick up and use; to complete the picture you needed to see. The key, to unlocking understanding; found in the source where, true wisdom is discovered. Even if you lose your way, hope is never lost. Sometimes, life has stumbling blocks. Sometimes, barriers are just to test your heart. Deep inside, where true strength is found. So, Never Give Up!

Song Excerpt: Don’t give up, every victory comes in time. Work today, to change tomorrow; it gets easier. Who’s to say, that you can’t fly? Every step you take, you get closer to your destination!”

– This song inspired, is a song released in 2001 by Yolanda Adams. An American gospel singer, record producer, actress, and host of her own nationally syndicated morning gospel show. She has sold nearly 10 million albums worldwide. Hope this was a blessing!


A Labor of Love!

Why we do the things we do, why do we forge a new alliance; fortify, what do don’t want to crumble? Why, are we willing to take the heat; even go through the fire? Why are we so eager, to hammer out problems? Iron, sharpens iron; but, it’s so much more than that. Why do we create, why are we so creative? A relationship is formed, when we tap into what we see… already created. Why do we work so hard, trying to be our best; inspire, want to be inspired? Why is a random act, kindness seen as something worthwhile pursuing? Why do we build up, believe we can construct a brighter tomorrow; through every season, still see a new horizon? A labor of love, not just something you put together. It’s something established, through the willingness to do; and the enjoyment revealed, from what has been created. Why do we feel the need, to help the less fortunate? It’s not about being lucky, but being truly intentional. Why do we tend, to cast caution to the wind? Why do we continuously cast off, to make every new day an adventure; A Labor of Love!

Why does a mother give birth, again and again; even when what’s birthed, a life with so much pain? Why does a woman sacrifice, so much for the family; when what has been created, becomes a life falling apart? Why does a heart pursue, a passion and dreams; even when the road is so winding? Why does a man in the pursuit of happiness, stumble and fall; but yet still determined, to be the best husband and father possible? Why does someone show up every day, to accomplish the task at hand; when it can all turn into another hard day, feeling unaccomplished? A bond, not because the glue is crazy; but because the labor put in, love being the result. True love, means the participation. Why do we mold our hearts, fashion our resolve to fit; into a complexity? Love, it’s all starts with the want to create. To behold what has been created, through truly loving the creation. The form every heart wants model, shaped by desperately needing to know; the love of the creator. Making something, out of nothing; will never be evident, through a state of being… anecdotal. To produce an outcome, to truly have something turn out to be, the evidence of what’s not yet seen; therein has to be the undisputed, A Labor of Love!



Though the night, though the day be a heart troubled. In the tossing, the turning; may peace be, in the stillness… of thy soul. The see, will never be the problem. When you let faith be the answer, in God’s love the anchor. Even though the struggle, is the reality. The wayward wrestle, between heart and soul. Even when you feel wounded, weary from all the battles. Just remember, it’s always darkest, before the dawn. Time, being in the Son; what heals the wounds, trying to leave you scared… for life. Troubled, doesn’t have to be called despair. Trials, they come to make your resolve even stronger. Tears, don’t mean losing. God is well able, to strengthen you. Press deeper into His love, and then press on. A heart shaken, but a soul stirred; to keep going, through what may… be still crushing. Never give up, never give in. Endure, until the end; and rise triumphant. Hold on to your faith, and against all odds; Stand!

In the middle of the storm, God is… still faithful. Every day, let your hope rise, high above the dark clouds. You don’t need to know, which way the wind may blow. You will soar even higher, when you let God’s love be; the wind beneath your wings. Above what you see, there’s a new horizon. Raise a hallelujah, make worship a lifestyle. Turn a darkened morning, into dancing. When the heart is heavy, pondering how to face a crossroad? Jesus, will show your heart the way. If you dare, to trust His love. Even if, your world is feeling shattered? Hope in God, finds a place called gracefully, within what’s broken. Rise with the day, rise up on a prayer; and you will be able, to ride out the rising tide. Dream dreams, but have a vision; the coming Son, piercing the sky. Restful, not in laying the head down; but knowing, where to lay all your burdens? At the foot of the cross, bow your head low; then Rise… forever, with the Lord!


Song Inspired; Run to You!

Much, that others don’t see; I know, You see it all. The good, the bad; the ugly within my own heart. But, whenever I run to You; Your love always takes the time, to listen to my heart. In You, how I find my peace. A place where You would always meet me, the place where searching; meant always finding, my greatest joy. In a silent river, even on a not so sure riverbank. When it was the heart of a scared little boy, it was You; the one that ran to me. Who knew, just You; that I would get to this place, still needing You as my anchor. Your love is always so strong, it held on to my heart; when the nights became a raging sea. A river running into a wide open ocean, an ocean becoming the rising calm. Drowning, never became the problem; breathless, the place my soul needed to get to. Here, still needing You. Now, the need for You more than ever. Forever, knowing that tomorrow; the need will be even greater!

For years, I played the part; someone always in control. But I know now, it first started with the surrender. Giving all of me, the needing to let go. So my heart could find how, to arrive at this predestined place. Whenever I felt alone, You were always there; hovering, over every breath. You held me in your arms, when I needed to be close to your heart; to keep my heart safe from harm. You stayed, not just because I needed You; but because You, never stopped wanting me. Every day, the coming home. Turning up… was the key, to always see Your love waiting; never wanting to leave. There’s nobody, that will ever care as much for me; the same way You do. What’s the true sense, trying hard to find dreams. If not finding You there… in the midst; for every shared moment? I need You Here, to wipe away the tears. I need You Now, to kiss away any lingering fear. I need You Forever, so I can always; Run to You!

What if I held it forever, would my heart still be able to breathe? What if a tidal wave of emotions, made my heart feel so overwhelmed? Would the air in my lungs, be enough to sustain my soul? What if I tried, to gaze forever into your heart? Would a mere glimpse, be the endless shimmer to stop my heart; become a breathless moment? What if, the rhythm of my heart was erratic, would anyone truly be able to tell that it’s Your love; that steadies heartbeat? Tell me, what if; I stopped holding my breath? How would my soul, know how to truly breathe?

This song inspired, was released in 1987, and was part of the bodyguard soundtrack and movie; with Whitney Houston, and Kevin Costner. August 9, would have been her birthday day. From her first album released in the 80’s, you can see that God gave her an incredible gift. But unfortunately, her life is also a perfect example. To show that if we don’t truly guard our heart, we can end up straying down a darkened path. The light of God’s love hovers, but it’s for us to NOT; let the darkness eclipse, the enlightened way!


First Love!

Still, always, forever; my first love, that will never change. Hell, death has no hold. Your love called to my heart, and my soul ran out of my grave cloths. Your love is still the anchor, my soul securely tethered to. Your love did what no other would, fought to show that my heart had worth. You won my heart, You have my soul. Your love is my song, every lyric, every verse; it makes my heart sing. Your heart is the light, shines like a lighthouse. It’s what guides my soul, through the darkest nights. It’s my strong tower, the only fortress my heart has ever known; a refuge in the storm. My greatest joy, what it’s always been. Lover, oh my soul; still yearn to know Your heart. Heart to heart, that’s the encounter; for my soul to taste the sweetest love. Your love is the fire, the flame upon my heart. The love still burns deep, my soul is forever set ablaze. The beautiful exchange, so beautiful a transformation; what You’ve made out of my soul. Breathless, what You’ve made my heart… become. My heart truly adores You, every breath I have… it’s yours. Nobody else, will ever get me, get this; My First Love, it’s You… Abba!

When I talk about first love, for me that’s literal. I grow up, without knowing a true earthly father’s love. Even though, I was an only child; I never had a close loving relationship with my mother ether. I was the first born for my father, but he didn’t embrace the daddy role. My mother had left me in the Caribbean at about age four, to build a new life for us in another country. Off and on, I was able to visit my father. At age six, he put me on a plane; never to inquire about me again. For the next twenty years, we only had one encounter. When I was sixteen, my mother planned a trip to the Caribbean. When I was reunited with my mother, and because she was a single mother; she enrolled me in a boarding school/home. I lived there, from age six to ten. Even though, we could go visit on the weekends; my mother didn’t drive. So therefore, I didn’t always get the chance, for the change of scenery. Fast forward to being married, I wanted my father to know his grandkids. I heard he was in the U.S visiting, so I took my eight year old son at the time on a plane; to go meet his granddad. Eventually, he also got a chance to me the entire family. He’s now in his seventies, with failing health. And the one child, he hesitated to lay claim to, is the only one he has a relationship with now; to help defray some of the health cost!

Maybe, that helped drive my heart; deep into an introverted silent river, where my heart spent many years. My heart, could have gone down so many paths. But God, His love hovered; stayed with me there, embracing my soul in the stillness. Then took my heart out of the river, and placed it in an ocean; encompassed my soul with His love. So I can now tell you, why I know deeply. The love that glistens profoundly, upon the river of my soul. Predestined, when He set the stage, for a true love encounter. He will always be there for you, every step of the way. Just like you, I can share a thousand stories; things we encounter along the journey. My life isn’t special, it’s the love within; that changed the meaning. I said that, to say this. Knowing God’s love first, what made it possible for my heart; to know a better relationship. I wasn’t planning to share all this, but felt I needed to explain the why; First Love? My friends, let me ask you this? What brings your heart, the greatest joy? What do you know, you can always hold on to; when your soul, is in the middle of a hurricane? When the water just won’t recede, where do you go for refuge? But most importantly, in a time such as this; what’s your, First Love?



People sometimes forget, how Powerful Words can be; Written, or Verbal. Words have the true ability, to inspire a heart to Achieve greatness, or forever Agonize the soul, into Everlasting defeat. Kind Words can Motivate, give you real Hope; especially when you don’t feel you have any. Unkind words, can take deep Root; until a soul is barely surviving, from a heart lacking the will to Thrive. Words, they have the ability to Paralyze, with so much fear. Some words, can absolutely Crush the Spirit, leaving a heart Broken for years. Words, we have so many to choose from. Use the Power within words, to Speak life, build up self worth; in you, and those around you. Choose words that truly Inspire, Encourage, give Hope; instill Peace, bring Joy. Let your heart be True, the love within be Faithful; Espouse truth, within… Words!


Inspirational Friday; #4 (20/20)

* In a time of uncertainty, there’s still hope. Even though darkness looms, faith is a light. Therefore keep the faith, therein hope is found. When don’t lose sight, God’s love hovers. In the midst of it all, let your soul sing; with a heavenly sound! Save a copy, and have a blessed weekend!


Fun Friday; The Lollipop Tale!

Growing up as a child, I had a lot of “so called suckers,” come my way. I have to admit, I favored the Lollipop. We got close, eventually it just became Lolli, for short. Being an only child, I enjoyed our time together; that lasted into my teens. When it came to describing Lolli, sweet would be an understatement. I stuck with Lolli, because of all the sweet moments. The color of love, changing before your very eyes. I would like to dispel the notion, “that a sucker is born every minute.” I know for a fact, they’re made… sweet. Made sweet like Lolli, people are the ones; that label them a sucker. Like that of the heart of a child, I treated them with love, and truly savored the moment. I believe, that most people didn’t take the time to understand; that sucker have it hard. Suckers lived, from hand to mouth; knowing, tomorrow is never promised. It was never about a sugar rush, but slow and steady; the store was so far. Why I now know how, to walk a mile, or two!

Back in the 80’s, so many sucker… MC’s; tried to wRap, but they couldn’t live up to my expectations. For so many, the outside was a hard facade; but what revealed itself from the inside, showed the true color. As a child, you can learn a lot; from the simplest things. You can learn, the meaning of phrases like; that’s sweet, you’re sweet. Then when you grow up, you understand the true meaning; to many of life’s lessons, and what source truly gives everything; the truest layers of sweetness. For all the Lollipops in the world, my every child appreciate your worth. The life of a sucker, short lived, and I always felt so bad; for those poor suckers. Well, just for the minute, or two; it took me to appreciate the sweetest moment. So many suckers, tried to sway me; to be their one and only. But, truth be told; I only had eyes for my sweet Lollipop. Well, until a teenage boy met his forever. Gave his heart to a soulful New Edition, the sweetest Candy… Girl, and to this day still living… happily ever after!

Hope you all enjoyed, this lollipop tale; and got a takeaway. It’s tongue and cheeky, but there’s a moral of this story. We all have memorable moments in our life, a story to tell. We just need to see it, through the right perspective. Growing up, I spent a lot of time alone; within my own vivid imagination. My world, seen through the heart lens, of an introverted prism. Life is short, and even though it doesn’t turn out the way we would have hoped? We need to live it with no regrets, make the best of every choice. The good, and the bad; what brings our hearts, to a predestined destination. Be inspired, to live your heart to fullest. And when soul, truly comes face to face; with the greatest love, a heart can ever know? May greatness be truly realized, as just the starting point. I can tell a thousand stories, but may heart will always point the way; to only one God! Be blessed!


Try Joy!

It’s free, you just need to add the right ingredient. Not sure where to get it, where to find it; if you’re going to like it? I’ve tried it, and it’s truly awesome; I know you’re going to love it too. All you have to do, get yourself some peace, sprinkle on it lots of hope, and add in some real contentment. Mix them all together, with love… for yourself. Once you’ve done all that, you will be able truly taste, and see; how joy can truly change a perspective. You can’t buy this kind of joy, you can’t even borrow it from someone else. Only your heart, and your soul can put together the right ingredient needed; to produce the sweetest tasting joy. True joy is free, the price already paid. When you know God, His love shows you how; His joy can transform heart, and soul. Only then, will you be able to share that joy, with others. Yes, from time to time we do struggle; with not having enough to share. We just need to remember, on the road called life; it’s a journey, we all have to take. The joy we seek, comes when a heart is truly fulfilled. The presence of God’s love, the only thing; that can give a soul fullness… of joy. When the heart embraces the true fullness, your soul will find; it gives pleasure… forever. Then your heart will have what it truly needs, to go help light the world. Let the power that joy brings, be the center of what fills you. With true love, hope, and abundant peace. So, regardless of what your heart has to constantly taste? Even bitterness, will never have any true flavor; when you, Try Joy… everyday!