iRequest; The Stu!

Do you take time to enjoy the fruits of your labor? Things may not always turn out the way you want, don’t turn it into a stew. Sure, darkness looms, but it can never stop; the sun from rising in the morning. Don’t throw the fret, your worries, all your anxieties, and your agitations into a pot. Letting it all simmer, while you stir the pot; until it turns into a bitter stew. Instead, look at all your blessings, all the good fortune. Take a moment to see all of the wonderful ingredients, available to make up a good character; use them to become the best you!

Do you have a floury attitude, have you learned not to cry over spilled milk? Do you use the broken eggy moments, as an opportunity to strengthen your faith? Don’t use it as an excuse, to forever fall apart. Get some sugar from your loved ones, add the spice of life to your heart. Use your God given potential; to bake, not flake. When the heat gets hotter, your faith gets baked in deeper. Show God, that you’re truly grateful; for the sweeter moments in life. Have your cake, be sure to eat it too. Celebrate life, and you happen to fall; Celebrate the Recovery. Don’t make life become, a distasteful stew!

I know a man, a brother, a father; someone I call friend. His name, Stuart L. Tutt; The Stu. Someone I believe, doesn’t let just a name define. When you take the Stu out of the equation; what truly defines, is the love permeating within. Ponder, don’t wonder; you’re going up yonder. Bro, that’s something you don’t ever have to Stu over. What the enemy meant for evil, God uses for good!

You have a BEAUTIFUL HUMBLE heart; full of love, COMPASSION. Make the PRIORITY forever be; your faith, your kids. All God truly requires, is for us to have a GRACEFUL heart. To show KINDNESS; to faithfully NAVIGATE the JOURNEY of life. Being VULNERABLE, never easy; but when it’s all said and done. A good, faithful heart; will come face to face, with the MAJESTIC presence of our Maker!

#A F.R.I.E.N.D!

A” is for ACTION. Most people have the best of intentions, intent without Action; means you weren’t ready to act, to make it become a reality!

F” is for FREEDOM. We have the Freedom to choose, but when we‘re not truly willing to share our heart. It means that your heart have not yet learned, what it is; to truly be free!

R” is for RESPECT. I can appreciate, I Respect a person; who’s willing to share their life experiences. Even though it’s painful, uncomfortable. Just so others can see, that you’re truly willing to be a light; when their heart is lost within the darkness!

I” is for INTEGRITY! Honest, ethical, sincerity; words used to explain what is integrity. But more than that, it defines your true strength of character. If your character is truly virtuous, no one will ever need to question your integrity!

E” is for EVALUATE. We should always take a moment to evaluate; do we do things wholeheartedly, or out of obligation? Do we give to get, or give not expecting? There’s never a moment, that we shouldn’t stop, to truly evaluate!

N” is for NAVIGATE. Sometimes it’s difficult to navigate, the journey we call life. That’s why we need people around us, family, friends. Yes, we should pray; asking for guidance; with the faith to believe. But, also use the blueprint that God has shown; even Adam needed a helpmate, to help navigate his world!

D” is for DESIRE. What do you desire, is it a bigger house, a better car; is it a loving marriage, or the perfect kids? All great desires, but if the first desire isn’t a closer walk with God? You will never truly be able to have the true desires, of your heart!

  • Greetings friends, today’s post, is the introduction to the new 3rd Friday post. The 3rd Friday will be mostly dedicated to the readers, for what I call, iRequest. I will write a post for you, on the topic that you have chosen, and then post it the following 3rd Friday. The topic can be a word you like, your favorite song… something meaningful to you. Today’s post, was inspired by some of Stuart’s recent posts; using his nickname Stu, as the bases of the piece. I hope Stuart, and you all enjoyed it. This post is longer than usual, I just want to do something longer; to highlight my friend! So, send me your request; I will pick one, and post it next month, as Christmas approaches! Blessings to you all.



A heart encamped by Your love, a soul encamped within Your presence; my heart is content, at peace within Your loving embrace. The campsite is absolutely perfect, my soul is camped so close to Your heart; a closeness my heart will forever cherish. The fire is crackling, the flame forever rising; the warmth of Your love, a place my heart will never leave. The fire burns, the presence hovers; the passion lingers, the love consuming. This is not about being on fire, a fire can still burn out; if the flame is just a flicker!

Under the canopy of Your love, the place I forever rest my heart. A heart not fishing for compliments. The rod, the staff; the square peg that will never fit within the round hole. A love that knows how to cast a net, a fisher of men; the catch, lost souls. Camping, my heart will forever stay camped; within the light of God’s love. There could be lions, tigers, and bears; oh my… heart will not fear. Just like David, God; Your love will forever be the covering!

Settled, it is well within my soul; Your love is encamped my heart. Every heart truly needs to know, that the extraordinary is seen; when a heart has truly learned. That it’s not about doing great things, but just doing ordinary things; faithfully!


Song Inspired; Endless Love!

My love, why do You love me so? Your love is my one true love, there’s so many times that I’ve let You down; but we still have this endless love. My life, my heart, my soul; Your love is the one thing, that truly makes it all complete. You’re my first love, Your love was my first breath; the love within every breath I take. The very breath within my lungs, the love that helps my heart breathe; You are my endless love!

Your love guides my every step, so how can I not want to share; all my love with You? No one else knows me, no one else ever will; yes I do, do love You. Your love sees into my heart, Your love is why I can bare my soul; to express Your endless love. Two hearts, two hearts that beat as one. Feels like our love just begun, but I knew. Oh, how my heart knew, from the very beginning; that this love would be forever and always, my heart knew this would be an endless love!

I hold Your love so close to my heart, Your love truly means the world to me. Your love was the voice, the small still gentle whisper; that forever broke the silence within my heart. Your love is endless; whenever I find myself lost, Your love becomes relentless. There’s no shadow You won’t light up, no mountain You won’t climb up. No wall You won’t kick down, endlessly coming after me; everyday You give Yourself to me. This love I have inside, all the love I feel for You; I want to give it all back to You. I will never deny, what I have forever found in You; My Endless Love!

  • Endless love, written by: Lionel B. Richie, and originally sang as a duet with Diana Ross.

I chose this song today for a few reasons. When I reflect back on my life, it reminds me how truly blessed I am. How God has allowed my heart to see His endless love, at work within my life; the year 2018 marks some wonderful milestones for me. In January I started blogging, a calling I believe God has placed on my life. May 2018 was the 30th anniversary for my wife and I, another endless love my heart will forever cherish. November 2018 marks the 50th year of my birth, achieved only because of God’s amazing grace. When I think on His goodness, all my heart will ever see; Endless Love!


Undistracted Devotion!

Life, that’s what I’ve allowed to come between us. Undistracted devotion, that’s what I forever promised! Can You ever forgive me, I broke my promise. Gracefully broken, the place I’ve once again found my heart. In You I always find forgiveness, love; so it’s for me to add true devotion. Sometimes the hardest person I struggle to forgive, is the one I see in the mirror. Not allowing where the mind goes, to stop my heart from truly becoming; what God has predestined for my soul, Undistracted Devotion!

During the busyness of the day, my heart knows how to keep focused. But It’s my mind, sometimes it gets distracted; while trying to satisfy the busyness. I try to give You my best, but my best is truly not good enough; it’s supposed to be everything. Your love at that point is no longer center stage, the day becomes the distraction. But Your love is still so devoted, the well being of my heart; Your relentless devotion. I speak with the tongue of man, but with a heart sometimes misunderstood. My heart speaks, but You alone; the lover that can interpret the love within my soul!

But how can anyone truly hear my heart, when the love within is that of a heart; desperate to become undistracted, and forever devoted. But I don’t want to be so heavenly minded, that my heart becomes no earthly good. The softer I learn to speak, God the louder Your love truly becomes. Everyday Your love speaks softly and tenderly to my heart, but please make each syllable loud and clear; don’t let my heart miss a single word. With a heart that’s never undistracted, and a love absolutely devoted!

Will my heart ever get to a place, where my soul would be able to interpret; every single one of Your heartbeat? You wouldn’t ever again need to utter a single word. My heart would never again exhale, my love would breathlessly become devoted; unrestricted, would be the endless flow of love from my heart. Endlessly we talk, forever the chosen path. No limits, no distractions, absolutely no restrictions with my love. My heart and soul, lost forever within Your gaze; found at peace within the depth of Your love. But first my heart has to be; Undistracted, and Truly Devoted!



We are living in times, where there is a noticeable disconnect; between hearts, and minds. Hearts today are so divided; “a Rogue nation, that’s what hearts have become!” Hearts today seems so out of control, can we truly call ourselves; “civilized!” The love within so many hearts has waxed cold, the candles that used to burn bright within our hearts; some now but a mere flicker!

Hearts around the world have become dreadful, wickedness has seized the moment; hearts have lost its moral compass. The mind will boldly go to strange new places, but the heart; the heart has lost their way, trying to discover a new frontier!

Lord, help us; with every new course we chart, we seem to drift further from Your love. It will truly make it difficult, for us to find our way back; to a similar place in time, we can never turn back the hands of time. A Rogue nation, that‘s what I feel we are; a change of heart is what Your heart would like to see. As for me and my heart, I would rather my heart ceased to be; than to allow it to fall in line, with such Rogue hearts!


Fun Friday; Robin, Of The Hood!

Hi, my name is Robin, of the hood; I’m an addict, these are my confessions. Hi Robin! Friends, countryman, lend me your hearts. Let me tell you what happened, let me tell you how; I kept falling off the wagon. It all started, when I would repeatedly rob Peter, to pay back Paul. He came to the hood, asked me what’s up? But then he tried to confiscate my bow, but I said whoa; absolutely no. Oh boy, Paul was dressed like a Repo man; but he was working for a collection agency. Rob… In, the hood; NOT… happening!

I was so upset about the whole situation, that I shot the Sheriff; of Knott… that important. Oh, I swear; I didn’t shoot the deputy. I had already robbed Peter; he was the deputy. But I was still convicted, by the Knotting… of the stomach. SURE, WOOD comes from the FOREST; but there’s this one tree. One wondering within the wilderness, with one LITTLE message. His name is JOHN, pointing you; to a way out of the forest, into a heart filled with endless dreams!

Yes, my friends, you can get addicted; robbing Peter, over and over again. For a short time you might live like a king, but when Paul comes knocking; you absolutely feel it. That knotting felt deep down, within the pit of your stomach; another BILL, has once again become due!

Life happens my friends, we have to constantly adjust; that’s just how it is. But it doesn’t have to be life or death, just a moment to breathe; leaving all the drama, out of the equation! Take care, and blessings to you!