Every day, the heart has to trek, through the sands of time. Trying to avoid, what lurks in the dark. On the winding path, in love’s journey. We live in a world, where things are quick. But yet the simplicity, not becoming a true fulfillment. The heart, can’t evade the changing times. But yet can escape, the gravity. A soul free, with a point of reference. Helping you, rise above the fleeting moments. When, a heart’s deep in love, it doesn’t look for the easy way out. The endearing moments, requires love to go deeper, your heart to open wider. The rhythm, quickening the love. So the rhyme and reason, becomes one resounding heartbeat. A heart, that builds castles in the sand. Will have a foundation, easily swept away, by the rising tide. True love, doesn’t yield to pressure, or let the heart get sucked in, to the notion. The focus needs to be, about falling in love. Through the sands, the commitment be, the afterthought. A heart, can’t stand firmly on the sure. If all the love wants to do, stroll on sinking sand. Pulsating heartbeats, doesn’t mean love long lasting. Quick decisions, means the mind’s not waiting. So the heart, can take the lead. Sometimes, to elude the Quicksand. The heart needs to know, how to move beyond. What will quickly consume, mind, body, and soul. So every moment, will be forever!


Just A Little!

Just, a little bit of your love, blows the mind. To my heart, it’s dynamite. With every embrace, every little bit more. The soul becomes, completely overwhelmed. But yet, a little will do, but for a little while. Between every encounter, heart and soul will surely do, our little dance. Until breathlessness becomes, everything. The heart poured out, love filling up. Every little ounce, overflowing in depth. A deep river, one with the deepest ocean. Sunday to Saturday, day after day. A little nostalgia, the heart growing fonder, love becoming a little deeper. A little intoxication, love with the truest affection. Never leaves love, feeling a bit shaken, just forever stirred. Twenty four, seven; love truly more, than just a little!


Merry Christmas!

In this world, your soul can sometimes feel, like you’re in the lions den. But, in the midst of the fire, and the darkness. Let your faith be the lantern, still burning bright. Hark, within the stillness, hope speaks with gentle whispers. Let your soul be still, let the breadth of love, be your heart’s hiding place. The angel of love, will be a song in the night. With peace for your soul, and joy for your heart. When fear comes, to steal your hopes, and dreams!

“Suddenly a great company of the heavenly host appeared with the angel, praising God and saying, “Glory to God in the highest heaven, and on earth peace to those on whom his favor rests.” Luke 2:13-14 NIV

Merry Christmas to all. May your heart’s be well, and your soul find peace. Now, and forevermore! Save a copy, of my Christmas card!



A heart, wrapped in the most precious love. A moment in time, that can never be captured, in a hallmark rendition. Love’s kiss, in the beautiful exchange. Love, swaddled in a blanket of hope, and grace. Words, formed in the truest priceless text-ture. Wrapped, to be displayed in the pages of time. The timeless tale, expounded profoundly. Every verse, absolute to the end of time. The fabric of love, gently covers your soul. Wrapping your heart, with the most endearing warmth. A feeling, not even the sands of time, could never erase. Every breath, held tightly. The peace, swaddling your soul, with awe and wonder. The ribbons of truth, tethering the heart, with boundless joy. The night light shines, love hovers in the quiet. Swaddled love, the gift-wrapped up, but yet unveiled. For all heart to know the depth, now, and forevermore!


Love, in Stages!

Love in action, steps into the spotlight. Not with an already seen performance, but with a genuine display, of love and affection. Love in stages, the heart playing a significant role. One act, only sets the scene. The Who, what, when, where, but the why; without question. If to be, or not to be… faithful. Who, should see the love, everyone. What, was the motive, love unconditional. When, should love be displayed, always. Where, did the love originate, the heart. Why, should there always be an encore? To demonstrate, love could never truly act. Until the heart is moved, by strength of character. To show how love in action, can leave you breathless. Love has a background, so the backdrop, can shine a radiant light, that leaves an afterglow. Doesn’t matter the stage, where your love is at. It’s still, a heart becoming… shaped by the soul. Love, not aligned with the stars, but the breadth therein, holding love’s starry gaze. In love, I have, we have, every heart has a part to play. Here, in our humanity, every heart has a starring role. Don’t ever hesitate, to let your heart get into character. No script, should ever be needed. For the love, to be heartfelt!

Love in stages, has a point to it. The development, a heart going through the necessary phase. Moments in time, a period, becoming part of love’s journey. The heart, reaching a particular juncture. Where every stage, requires another self examination. A search of the heart, will stretch the love, until it covers. The choice, to be, or not to be. A heart has a platform, but love gives it a voice. Love, doesn’t need the right forum. For the heart to be at a stage, showcasing a just decorum. Thy lips, cannot speak, unless thy heart, gives it words. With love, if your heart isn’t in it? Then how, can the love truly show, what’s inside? Love in its truest action, avoids the drama. For the love to not be seen, as a staged production. In the right setting, love doesn’t need the perfect context, for the feeling to be the right texture. Even if love, unperformed in action? Never let it be, an act seen too many times. Love in stages, a heart forever in the spotlight. Reciting affirmation, reciprocating the love. So the breadth, has its own love story, to tell!


Song Inspired; Ooh Child!

Ooh child, when things in the world are looking crazy, and your heart wants to know. What the day has waiting, for your soul? Be encouraged, the day will surely be the sun rising, for a brighter tomorrow. Some days, we wake in the beautiful sun. Some days, we have to walk through the rain. When, the day seems the darkest, let your heart be a light. Ohh child, getting, should never supersede giving. Tis the season, to be Somebody’s Angel. The rhythm of your heart, beat the hum-drum. Love’s fire burning, crackling with the warmth of love. Every boy, every girl, every heart come on. Together, hand in hand, heart to heart; let love be your special gift. With no money needed, the price already paid. The gift of love, never sold out. Every day, let love be regifted. No and’s, no but’s, free with the asking. Let every soul sing, let love be the song; joy to the world, good tidings love brings. On a silent night, silver bells, chimes in the starry light!

A heart giddy, will always be eager to give, heartfelt wishes. Love, might be in the air. But the question, is it in your heart. This time of year, celebrating the special moment; when love was born. So every heart, could know a special kind of love. The gift, giving the heart so much joy. Ooh Child, the Christmas season; a time for healing, a time for building. Not just to get, what your heart wishes. But let your soul, give what we all need. True love, won’t check a box, try to get pennies for thoughts. Sometimes, we just need to search our heart. See if we have the kind of love, that will be treasured, more than silver and gold. In between, the sleigh rides, hanging stockings with care. We need, to be a bit more conscious. The true meaning of Christmas; giving love, and sharing your heart. The healthiest, kind of living. A heart, full with love, and hope. Real love, not found under the boardwalk, but down by the sea. A deep river, flowing into an ocean of love. Ooh child, I know what would be the perfect Gift. For your heart, and soul!

This song Inspired, a song by Donnie McClurkin, released in 2004.


Water, to Wine!

A heart, determined not be deterred, by the circumstance, becomes. Every season, leaves bottled up emotions. When love is poured, the water flows, the rivers deepen. Love’s, deepest encounters. Leaves depth of soul, deeply moved. Nothing missing, when the perspective changes. Love, becoming everything, so profound. Breath is taken, love is given. The heart pours, to let the soul receive. In the pressing, in the crushing… moments. Fear of the unknown, soothed by love’s true essence. The fullness, like water refreshing the soul, with new wine. Forever changed, heart and soul. In the stillness, it’s a heart becoming. A heart, tethered to love’s endearing vine. A soul, thirsty to savor the best, of love’s sweetest moments. For real love has a quality, that doesn’t seek to impress. Just looks for an opportunity, to humbly serve, love’s true delight. Love is the water, when poured from the depth, becomes like the finest wine. Though, a jar of clay, a heart can live, its best life. When love is seen, as the perfect glue. Love instructs, the heart reveals. Power released, love unveiled. An exquisite heart, will reserve their most tasteful love. For everyone, to freely enjoy. The water, becoming the wine, so divine!

“Jesus replied, “My dear one, don’t you understand that if I do this, it will change nothing for you, but it will change everything for me! My hour of unveiling my power, has not yet come. ” Mary then went to the servers and told them, “Whatever Jesus tells you, do it!” Nearby stood six stone water pots meant to be used for the Jewish washing rituals. Each one could hold about twenty gallons or more. Jesus came to the servers and instructed them, “Fill the pots with water, right up to the very brim.” Then he said, “Now fill your pitchers and take them to the master of ceremonies.” And when they poured out their pitchers for the master of ceremonies to sample, the water had become wine! When he tasted the water that had become wine, the master of ceremonies was impressed with its quality. (Although he didn’t know where the wine had come from, only the servers knew.) He called the bridegroom over and said to him, “Every host serves his best wine first, until everyone has had a cup or two, then he serves the cheaper wine. But you, my friend, you’ve reserved the most exquisite wine until now!””
‭‭John‬ ‭2:4-10‬ ‭TPT‬‬


The Profile!

The heart, the instrument allowing love, to be the true measurement. The profile, not about understanding, the intent of others. But deeply knowing, the love in your own heart. The walk, the talk; hand in hand. A graceful walk, will never need words, to demonstrate the truest silhouette. The color of love, contours the shape of the heart. Love and respect, always a two way street, without a one sided view. Heart to heart, love with intersecting lines. An adVantage point, can form the wrong conclusion. A figure of speech, seen through a tainted lens, blurred by a wayward heart. Love in stages, won’t compromise the scenery, when a heart stays vertical. The fleeting description, never gives an accurate account. For what the story is, and what the heart will surely tell. The portrayal, not a true depiction of love. If up close and personal, doesn’t characterize the intrinsic nature. The extent, the length and breadth. To which a heart, try to raise its own profile. Love, built on a meaningless pursuit. The true representation of love, gives rise to the greater good; a heart profiled, being truly genuine. Psychological manipulation, the behavior of a heart unbecoming. The soul analyzes, the heart identifies, love giving a truthful profile. No need for predictions, if the outcome becomes the same. Love for all to see, will forever be in plain sight. Recorded, by the sands of time. As a heart, with a love centered profile!


In the Mix!

DJ, move our soul, with the power of Your love. Turn the table, spin the love… back. Let all eyes, be only on you. My greatest joy, dancing to the rhythm of your heart. The blood is flowing, my heart pumping, the heartbeat jumping. Play, a song in the night, to keep the soul grooving, all night long. I’m in the Mix, rewind; we’re in the Mix. Your love, the key for a heart, to feel the truest passion. My soul, deeply loving it. Every day, love has a legit new remix. Scratch that, yeah; my heart, won’t ever be moved, by mix up, mix up. Just be in the Mix, with hearts dedicated, to share true love. Every day, may every heart, step to the mic, and free-style a heartfelt rhyme. Aha, aha; heart check, one, two. We’re all in the Mix, so throw your hands up, raise the pRoof. Let love be the anthem, showcasing trueness of love’s excellence. We only, have one life to live, we need to dance it well. Love, not about being mesmerized, by the flow. But a soul being free, to live as a heart feeling whole. This, please don’t let your heart miss. To know, love’s true bliss, another love don’t diss. Don’t let your heart, be distracted by what fights, for your passion, and tries to capture your attention. DJ, turn the table, scratch the spin. Don’t let the rise and falls, desensitize the heart. To the true essence, in love’s perfect timing. Living in the light, how a soul, focuses on eternity. The rhythm, and rhyme, there’s a reason, for the season. It’s about, get every heart out of the funk, and into a soul-full groove. Mixed up platitudes, will never show a heart, full of gratitude. DJ, your heart, has such a beautiful sound. A heart, dancing breathlessly. Reveal the love, in the innermost. When, love moves you deeply. The melody becomes, more than strong emotions, but the deeper connection!



I believe, I believe in you. I believe, friends could never be. If love, didn’t first exist… between, time and space. Though, we can’t touch the sky. I believe, a heart can fly, if given wings. I believe, a soul can truly soar, with faith beneath the breadth. Yes, I do believe, there’s a heaven, beyond sight unseen. I believe, from within a mother’s womb, a soul is predestined. To know life, conceives the destiny, love concedes your worth. I believe, a heart chases butterflies. To see how beautiful, having wings can be. When fear, flies to the northern star, like a dove. I believe, when a heart comes to you, wrapped in love. Earnest, becomes the tender moments. When nights, are long and cold, hope is a gentle whisper. Saying, you don’t have to Fake it, your heart can Take it. You just have to believe, and faith will help you Make it, though many rivers. You have to go through, what your heart needs to go through. So, next time you will Know it, believing is the gift. That keeps regifting, your heart in the reassurance. Believing, profoundly more attainable, than just wishing. I believe, that even though tears fall. In the midst of the rain, hope takes your disappear, to the light. The fear of failure, hides when sees your heart, has a fire burning; in the darkest moments. I believe, if you count it all joy. Heartache, will be just a season, that brings with it change; for you to believe. When you have love in your heart, being vulnerable; will never mean hopeless. Seeing, for the first time. Means a heart, believing forever. I believe, we have the power. A heart unrestrained, to believe there’s a light, shining within. If the day, comes and takes your breath? Then, let my heart; Believe for you, and me!