Love; The Journey!

The more my heart seeks You; the more my love wants to find You. The moment my love found You; was the moment my heart forever loved You. I want to rest at the foot of Your love, to gaze forever into Your heart; my love is on a journey.

Let me rest my heart against Your gentle love; until my love can know Your every heartbeat. Your love is deeper than I ever imagined, my heart can’t even fathom the depth; my love is on a journey.

Sometimes I just can’t breathe; my heart is still trying to give Your love my every breath. My heart will forever thirst, so let my heart drink endlessly from the cup of Your love. The more my heart gets to taste Your love, is the more my heart needs to have Your love; my love is on a journey.

Your love has shown me Your heart, but Your heart is what lead me to Your love. Learning to love is a journey, staying in love was the path my heart wanted to take. My love is on a journey, but Your love is what has my heart!


The Beast Within!

Your love gives me the ability to be the man you love, with the freedom to be a man in love.

Revealing the vulnerability within one’s heart can sometimes be a scary place, but I’ve never had that problem; my heart has never been a slave to fear.

Love is truly a beautiful thing, and I know that I’ve failed a few times at this thing called love; but I hope that my love has never made you feel like you’ve been hurt, by a beastly heart?

My heart is at a place in life, and I feel that Your love has unlocked the cage I’ve placed around my heart. Your undying love has always been the one thing; to tame this heart of mine.

Your love is the beauty within, but if my love ever became too tame; let Your love arouse the beast within. So my heart can show You, that I now know; that my love was always meant to be, the beast within!


The Message; from the inside!

I’m going to let my praises rise; from the inside.

My delight for You comes; from the inside.

Your love fills my heart; from the inside.

Let Your love set my soul on fire; from the inside.

All the praise, every single part of my worship; comes from the inside. Your name will be forever glorified; from the inside… of me!


My Poet-tree!

My heart is firmly rooted, but Your love is deeply grounded; my heart is strengthened by being rooted within the depth of Your love. Pull my heart deeper into Your love, until Your love pierces into the very fabric of my soul; my heart is the tree, but Your love is the root!

So sink the tentacles of Your love wider and deeper into my soul; make my heart know the true length and breadth of Your love. My love can only thrive from being planted within the deepest parts of Your love. I need the foundation of my heart to be forever rooted within Your love; my heart is the tree, but Your love is the root!

Let Your love shake loose the lifeless limbs, pulling on my heart; until the fruits of Your love falls down into the depth of my soul. I need Your love to be the only thing that can truly flourish within my soul; my heart is the tree, but Your love is the root!

The poetry within my heart has truly been Your love. So endearing, making my soul sappy. My heart will now and forever be rooted within this endless love. Your love has turned my heart into a lush poet-tree. Even when the skies are gray; day after day Your love is still shining within my soul. My heart is the tree, but Your love; it will forever be the root!



Greatness is within a life served, when that heart has learned how to serve others; with a heart greatly devoted.

Greatness is being distinguished, but knowing that your most distinguishing feature; is a life lived to your greatest potential.

Greatness comes not from seeking fame, but letting fame be attracted; to the greatness within a heart.

Greatness can be heard when you know how to speak great truths, but those truths become even greater; when the message is also received within a heart.

Greatness is being in high standings, but not with man. Greatness will always be seen within a heart willing to be used; to show the GREATNESS of God!

In loving memory of a great man; Rev. Billy Graham.


We Are Family!

Family; people or group of peoples regarded as deriving from a common race; human, we are family!

It doesn’t matter if you’re the nearest; to me, you’re the dearest, we are family!

We are people connected, we don’t have to be people divided; we are family!

So family, let’s all live in peace and harmony; lets prosper together in love and unity, we are family!

As long as you’re on the earth, even if you’re a sister from another mister, or a brother from another mother; we are still family!

How can I not share with you my heart, when we you’re family. This love story also include the love for you; my family!


The Strength, within your Courage!

Most people measure strength, by how much you can physically lift, carry or push. But true strength will always manifest itself; when you know how to Encourage and Strengthen those around you. So use that strength to show others; that they too have the ability to tap into that Power Source found deep within!

If need be, use your love to help them carry their heavy heart. They just need your love and support, until they’ve regained the strength; to believe in their own heart. If you lack the strength to lift them up, then just let them rest their heart on your love for a moment; the beat of your heart will help soothe a soul. Let the love give them the strength to believe in their own heartbeat; we all need a heart to lean on from time to time!

My friends, you are not alone; let my words be a source of strength and encouragement to your hearts. This love story is not only about the love within my life, but also the love I freely share with you; Friend!


The Twelve Days of Valentines; on the first day!

Deep river, how deep is Your love, my heart wants to be forever swept away; take me into the depth of your love!

Deep river, I want to know the deep innermost parts of your heart; take me into the depth of your love.

Deep river, I don’t want Your love and my heart to spend a second apart; take me into the depth of your love.

Deep river, overflow into my soul, move my heart, until Your love overwhelms my soul; take me into the deepest of your love!

Deep river, can my heart, even fathom the true depth of Your love; take my heart deeper into the beauty of thy love!

Deep river woman, take hold of my love; let it take you deeper, into the deepest parts of my heart!

On the first day of valentines my true love gave to me, a love; too deep to be just a river!


The Twelve Days of Valentines; on the second day!

My dearest love, every time I look upon thee; my heart does look upon thee with a starry gaze. Oh me, oh my, the beauty of thy love does take my breath away!

My sweetest love, my heart wants to gaze forever upon thy beauty, until the beauty within thy love; becomes all my heart does want to behold!

My sweetest joy, whenever I see thy face; such joy burst forth from within my heart. How thy smile does quicken my heart, with such a joyous delight!

My dearest, let my heart love thee forever. Thy love is the drum that beats my heart. Thy love does strike a cord, band together my heart and soul; play my heart and soul as thy love symphony!

On the second day of valentines my true love gave to me, a love; the dearest indeed!


The Twelve Days of Valentines; on the third day!

I never want you to ever think that I would ever put my wants, before your needs. I want your heart to take center stage; your love has top billing within my heart.

So many people gave me the title as the underdog, but little did they know; my love was already undisputedly yours. My heart was willing to fight for this love, there was never a question; your heart was the only contender for my love.

Twenty plus years later, this underdog is still fighting; to show you that your love is still ranked number one within my heart. My heart will relentlessly fight; your love will forever remain undisputed.

They said that I was the underdog, but even an underdog; knows when he has a love, worth fighting for!

On the third day of valentines my true love gave to me, a love; with a heart of a champion!