So So Good!

Faithful, within my forever. My heart has been held, within Your loving embrace. Everything, what Your love is to my heart. Most days, I’m truly lost; but it’s for words. Just to express, what; Your love means to my soul. You‘ve never failed, day after day; to love upon my heart. From the moment I wake, to the moment I lay my head; Your love is so faithful. So, so good for my soul; what Your love has always been. A song, written forever on my heart. With every breath, with every exhale; my soul sings… another verse. Without ceasing, without ever missing a beat. My heart will be forever moved, by the rhythm of Your love!

Endless love, Always and Forever. In the Here and Now, it’s The Greatest Love of All. Every breath of Your love, will be the song; that echoes forever, within my heart and soul. Sweet, sweet lullabies, the love resting quietly upon my heart. In the quietness, how Your love moves my soul. Whenever I felt alone, there You were. Whenever my heart felt lost, at drift within my own silent river; there You were. The ocean, that brought with it; such a tidal wave of emotion. Gently taking my heart out to see, the true beauty of Your love. The lighthouse, to cast away every shadow… of doubt; that I am not so so loved!

I came into the world with nothing, but in You; I have everything. A heart reborn by Your love, now I am everything; Your love frees my heart to be. Even in the darkest moments, Your love is so close… to my heart. A heart trying to be led, not just by the light; but the fire… within. Through the fire, how a soul gets consumed. Through a consuming love, how a heart truly lives, breathe. Your goodness, runs after my soul. Your love, forever chasing after my heart. Some days, I don’t deserve it. Most days, life is the distraction. Trying to capture my attention, but failing; to galvanize my gaze. Every day Your love, still so so faithful!

So, until my life is laid down. My heart is devoted, to be forever Yours. May my forever truly be, true undistracted devotion. My everything; to You, and You alone. For all my life, Your love has been So So Good. With every breath that I am able, my heart will proclaim Your goodness. All I am, all I will ever need; Your love is. You are my tomorrow, and Your love is my forever. I have tasted a lot, this world has to offer. Some things, have left a bad taste in my heart. But Your love has been so good, for my heart and soul. Everything I am, is because Your love is always; So So Good… to me!


The Rudder!

When the rudder seems broken, how does a heart; find its way, out of the darkness? What does a heart do, when the darkness is relentless; endlessly beating against your soul? Which way does a heart turn, when the waves are so fierce? How does a soul, absolutely lost; find its way? Trying navigate the dark, while trying to keep from drifting… off course? What does a heart do, when the rudder is utterly broken? On what can a heart forever hinge its hope, when the faith is under water? Hanging on, to such a thin piece of hope? Where does a heart anchor, the little hope it has? When it seems like the perfect storm; wants to capsize the soul?

Don’t Bow… to the pressure, forever hold Stern; to unwavering faith? When Port is on the other side, of a raging storm? When you’re scared, just trying to do you. When you’re desperately trying to fix, the holes withn your faith. The fix, don’t bail… on what you believe; let your peace be still. The awkward feelings, is when a heart is set apart; to be more than… ordinary. It’s perfectly okay, to not know the way; you just need to trust… your heart. I know sometimes, no matter what you do; it seems you’re getting nowhere. The devil is a liar, you’re not going to die; you have a destination. Shh, listen; God’s trying to tell you something!

Let God’s love, be the stabilizer. The love that takes control, let His love take the wheel. As far as the east is from the west, His love will never let your heart be… shipwrecked, His love is the lighthouse. Face the rudder, towards the brightest Star… board your confidence. On a new found hope, that your heart is finally heading in the right direction. Pivot your faith, vertical. Let His love steer your heart, into a new horizon. How you choose forever, point the rudder; in the right direction. Apply God’s love, to your hope in; His love will guide your heart. If you put His love in FIRST, your need in SECOND? Smooth sailing, into your forevermore; Sail On…

The Message; JOHN 3:16. For God so love…


Under the Quiet!

They say a silent river runs deep, under the quiet. Within a quiet soul, within a faithful heart; deep are the eMotions. Under the quiet, a fun loving heart, a sometimes sarcastic soul. But isn’t it ironic, how love; can humble a heart. Under the quiet, the drama can be a bit extra; but yet a heart moved, by an Extraordinary love. The greatest love, a heart can ever know. A love that has never lost the battle, for a soul. Underneath the quietness, a boy to man; the becoming. The beautiful exchange; love, beauty for ashes!

Under the quiet, in the beginning; the resistance, but futile. Within the quietness of my soul, what was freely given; a heart. Within the stillness, within the quietness. A voice, a soft gentle whisper; I AM… A love, to forever change a heart; under the quiet. A love now seen, through fresh eyes; a heart wide open, to clearly see. Nothing missing, nothing broken. Seen though a heart, with a fresh new perspective. Under the quiet, this heart found true beauty; a resounding love. A soul forever left speechless, a heart forever breathless; forever moved, Under the Quiet!

What was only before seen, a silent river. But under the quiet, underneath it all; a heart predestined to be… forever changed. Unrestrained, within an ocean… of love; to be,. So much excitement, a heart racing; chasing, the tranquil calm… within. A quiet confidence, a love being fortified; within a secret place. Under the quiet, so much is happening. But in the quietness, in the beautiful stillness; where my heart feels at home. You might think, that you know how this story ends? But under the quiet, the story is still being written; upon my heart. So much change is still taking place, in, under; within the quiet breath, of this poetic love!


Song Inspired; Life, and Favor!

You don’t know my story, but that’s why I’m here; to tell it. My story, my testimony; my Life, Favor. As I tell the story, as I share my heart. Perhaps you may be starting to understand, why this is called; my love story. For those who still don’t get it, or is still trying to understand the Why? Let me first start with the Who; God. The love that inspires my heart, the love that has asked me to bare my soul; to share the love within. I’m not ashamed… Romans 1:16-17. My story proves, how God can use me; how His love is faithful. What He has given; first Life, then Favor!

This story is told, through the heart; of an only child. No earthly father, to help show me how to be… But I had a Daddy, forever loving on my heart; showing my soul, how to be… still. This story is about Life, Favor; His Love. I was very much an introvert, a silent river; wouldn’t come close, to describing my heart. Verbal expressions, speaking more than a few words at a time; was me. But yet, my heart had so much to say. My story isn’t unique, it isn’t any different than others; but its special… to me. You don’t have to imagine, what I have been through; I will tell it, in each story. I can’t even take credit, it’s His Love, His Favor; that has taught my heart. God, He has brought me up. What’s upon me; Life, and Favor!

I’ve been in church all my life, my heart stayed grounded; because of a praying grandmother. Even when it was kicking and screaming; she held my hand. Until at the age of fifteen, my Daddy’s love; took me by the heart. I didn’t realize it before that moment, but within the quietness; He already knew my name. Throughout the years, He was faithful. The promise; “He Will Never Leave!”I had walls, but His love was the fortress. My anchor, the firm foundation. Unwavering, how my heart will forever be. I walk, but in His victory; I stand. Are you hearing me, are you feeling me? This is not about what I had to endure, but how I thrive; because of what, He has loved me through!

It’s not about feelings, but an understanding; it’s my Life, but His Favor. About how my Daddy’s love, won my heart; blows my mind. Forever, started yesterday; but that same forever, still mine today. You don’t have to imagine, how much the love? I will share the story, along with my heart. Loose lips sink ships, but a loosed heart; conquers giants. Two things I have inherited from my Daddy; Life, Favor. Why, every day I do my best to honor Him; another Daddy’s day. Grace, Mercy, Peace, Love; what surrounds, what abounds. He walks with me, He talks with me, He holds my heart; forever in His love, because He knows my heart. I trust Him, with my soul; and He tells me, I am His own!

Daddy, do they truly get it? You’ve been loving on my soul, when the heart of a child; felt so all alone. The why, I love you so. Thank You, for being only Father; my heart has ever needed, in every sense of the word. This is not about having a love, but being in love. Your love, is all I need; everything else, meaningless. My story, this love; is my testimony. We all have a story, this is just mine. My Life, but His favor!

  • Life and Favor; is a song by, John P. Kee. Released in: 2012. One of my favorites, hope it was a blessing!


Every So Often!

Every so often, I hold my breath; every so often, it’s hard to breathe. Even with a heavy heart, every so often; I take a breath. Even if there’s a weight, is resting on my heart!

Every so often, I close my eyes; but every so often, I know I have to be vigilant. To know when it’s the time; to watch, and pray!

Every so often, I feel like running; but every so often, I have to remember to just stand…. Take a moment to truly remember, that it’s a walk… by faith!

Every so often, I feel like crying; but every so often, I don’t have time to shed tears. Some days the rain must fall, but most days I see the sun; and how it shines bright… in me!

Every so often, I know I have to fight; but every so often, I have to know how to be still. It surely is a fight, but the fight is not my own; I have a defender!

Over the years, I’ve learned that it’s in the stillness; how I’ve learned to breathe. To rest, in peace; every time, I close my eyes, and open my heart. How I learned to stop running, and just walk; with confidence. Knowing my Daddy is at work, fighting on my behalf; providing for my soul. How I learned to trust, that my heart is well secure; within my Daddy’s love. From time to time I cry, most of the time; tears of joy. Daddy’s love shines bright, and just warms my heart. Occasionally, I ask myself why; do You love me so? Yesterday, I had to wonder why; why are some days a struggle? But today, yes today; I focus on the LOVE, and FAVOR. Every So Often, I question my heart; but Never His Love… for me!



I hope You truly don’t mind, if I pour out my love; upon Your heart? You surely must know, Your love is my gasoline? The love that fuels my heart, with amazing love. The spark, that forever lights my heart. Ignite my heart, set my soul ablaze. Let the fire of Your love, burn deep; down, within, forever. Let it burn out of control, a soul on fire. To some this poem might seem, a bit self serving? Pump the brakes, you don’t need to guess; what I’m trying to say? I’m about to step on the gas, for this is absolutely that. A heart unashamed to say, that there’s a needy side. If I could, I absolutely would; Self-Serve. But I know, this love is given; cannot be taken. Those who help themselves, are still left wanting… more!

This is about an outpouring, and my heart is in absolute need; of every bit of this love. The undiluted, unfiltered; my soul doesn’t want there to be limits. When my soul already knows, this love is truly limitless. My heart selects the quantity of love given, but it’s my soul that chooses the quality of time given; to appreciate fullness. My soul, oh my soul; will surely get drenched, with just a drop. So, don’t ever stop pouring; my heart will never stop needing. It’s absolutely impossible, for my soul to ever get enough. Fill me with Your love, to full; to overflow. What else can my heart say, what can my soul truly do? When Your love is the high octane, the fuel that powers my soul. It might seem as if I’m pouring it on extra thick, and I know there’s a thin line; between love and hate. So, I would love; if You would completely fill my love tank!

There’s still so much room, for an everlasting outpour of Your love. Oh, I would absolutely hate for You to stop; let forever, be the overflow. Saturate my dry bones, Your love is water; for my ever thirsty soul. Fill me up, fill me up; fill my cup. Let Your love, seep out my very pores. Never ever close off Your love, from my soul. My heart needs to have complete, unrestricted access. Won’t You let Your love, be my own personal twenty four seven; Self Serve? To live, to move; to have my being, within a love so Devine. Strike a match, let Your love engulf my heart; totally consume my soul. There could never be a reason, that I would ever let it be put out!

I will let the love burn down, into the depth of my soul. Until the fire can be felt, by anyone that comes within a thousand feet… of my heart. I don’t even care, it they too catch on fire. Let the love within my soul, help set hearts ablaze. Hot air rises, so therefore I will allow the love to rise up… higher. Forever within my heart, always within my soul; hot like fire. Don’t hold back, throw gasoline on my wick. If my head becomes thick, if my heart ever becomes just a flickering flame. Let my soul burn, burn, burn; until the beauty within, is the ashes. Six feet down, and the only recognizable part of my soul; just Your love. A heart is made, to be a house for love. But only if Your love, is the fire that burns… within!