Absolutely nothing; nothing can ever separate Your love from my heart. Your love is saturated within my heart; gracefully moving throughout the innermost parts of my soul. Your love is the most vital part of my heart. My heart would surely cease to be; if not for Your love. Your love is what sustains my soul. Your love, my heart; inseparable!

Total love infusion would be an understatement, total love infusion would be an overstatement; Your love is just vital! Removing Your love would be catastrophic. Your love is absolutely vital; just for my heart to even breathe. Your love is my oxygen, Your love is the air. The vital ingredient; to forever fill my soul. Your love moves my heart, Your love steadies my soul. Your love is simply everything; that I will forever need it to be!



What If?

What if I held you forever; would my heart still be able to breathe?

What if my heart felt overwhelmed with a tidal wave of emotions; would the air within my lungs truly be enough to sustain my heart?

What if just seeing the stars shimmer while gazing into the moonlight stopped my heart; would my heart still feel so amazingly alive?

What if the rhythm of my heart was erratic; would anyone truly be able to find a steady heartbeat?

What if, what if? What if I would just stop holding my breath; then how could I breathe?


My Treasured Love!

Your love has a voice, and it has forever captured my imagination; but within my heart it still hasn’t truly become my one desire. So I must confess, that my heart sometimes struggles; just to block out the distractions of this world. Just so my soul can hear one thing; the heart of my one true love. The small still voice that whispers love within the depth of my soul. A gentle whisper that moves along the breath of Your love; forever blowing my mind, even within my day dreams. A love that moves throughout every beat of my heart. But sometimes I don’t even take the time to realize; that Your love has also been the very air I breathe. If I don’t remember to breathe in Your love, then how would I ever know that I have it within my heart to breathe out that love? That’s why I forever need Your love, to be a part of every single breath I take!

So let Your love call my heart, even closer; just so Your love can speak into my soul. Until Your love becomes the one thing my heart can truly hear. I fell in love with You the moment my heart was absolutely smitten by Your love. Oh Your heart is a treasure, oh Your heart is my treasured love. So won’t You continue to move my heart? Until Your love becomes the one thing; the only thing my soul truly desires. My love knows Your heart, but my soul is still getting to know the deeper parts of Your love. To be that much closer to You, that would be my everything. If only my heart could block out every distraction. Then my soul could walk hand in hand with Your love; throughout the cool of the day. Moments to treasure, as my heart truly gets to know Your love. Oh, that is the one thing, You are my one thing. Your love is truly everything, Your heart will forever be; My Treasured Love!


Just A Man!

just a man!

Just a man. Putting on a pants one leg at a time, just a man. Is anyone really impressed? There’s absolutely nothing impressive about that man. A man needs to be more than just one legged; when it comes time to step up, when it’s time to show up. Some would rather just show off, but are they a man willing to take a stand; when it comes to matters of the heart? Just a man, learning how to stand; one leg at a time, that was the plan. A man will fall many times, just trying to stand. It’s not the falling that defines a man, but how many times you can still stand… up. A man doesn’t need to try to jump into his pants; trying to get both legs in at the same time!

Sometimes I felt like the one legged man, but I had a plan. To be a better man, for a love that makes my heart want to be true. So I made it a point to wear my heart on my sleeve, and try to keep the ego in my back pocket. But at times my back pocket was a bit too shallow. So my unrestrained ego would find a way to get out of my pocket, with only one desire; to wrestle with my heart. But that was before my heart knew how to think like a man. A boy to a man, on bended knees; praying that my heart would forever be true. I know who I am; I’m just the man. Watching as Your love just keeps rising higher and higher within my heart. Your love makes me a man, but truly a better man. That’s why my heart is going to love You… forever!


When Words…

I can speak like an angel, but are my words still enough; “to speak life into your soul?” Even if I can write with absolute eloquence; “every time I put pen to paper, but if paper ceases to be!” Will my actions truly demonstrate, that my heart is the pen; “trying to leave its mark, forever upon your heart!” So therefore I ask you to read my words, not to feel moved. But just so you can get a glimpse into one heart; “a heart trying to inspire, with words!” I hope that my words can truly capture the poetic essence within words. That has been forever etched upon every heart, and has now found itself trapped within my soul! But before the true excellence within the heart can be revealed. The owner of that heart will need to allow the deeper meaning within words; “to permeate deep into their soul!” When Words…

Words have power, and there is true power within the spoken word. So I tell you my truth; “no word will have true and lasting power!” If those words don’t also have truth, emanating from within the words. For words will never have true power; “to even influence one heart, or to be able to change one mind!” A forever changed heart will never be from just words. For words by itself are still not enough to profoundly change a heart, but they can forever influence. My words are not great, true greatness is not something that you achieve with sheer will power. I believe that you will become greater; “when you allow the greatness residing within, the access needed to truly permeate the heart!” Being able to influence a heart with more than just words. Oh yeah; “that’s when the message within the words, becomes truly profound!” When Words…

So therefore ask yourself this simple question. Where can your heart turn to for truth, and everlasting inspiration; “when words just don’t seem to be enough?” So let your words speak truth, but not just to others. For those same words will also speak life into your own soul. For words have the ability to inspire you to achieve greatness, or they can truly be what forever agonize you, into everlasting defeat! We live in a cold climate, but that shouldn’t mean that our words have to ever reflect the coldness! So offer a warm word of encouragement to a heart in need; “you just might set a soul on fire!” When Words…

When your words have gotten to a place within your soul, that they can truly resonate within another heart. Without even having to utter a single word; “you will truly be in the very pursuit of greatness!” So let your words be a lighthouse that others can follow. Whenever they find themselves lost, within the darkness!

When Words… Are Not Enough!

The Spin!

The Spin!

The world is spinning, but there’s no need to let your heart spin out of control. So let your hearts be steadfast, and unmovable. Let the world spin, but let your heartbe forever grounded… in God! So pray for peace, but seek His wisdom. To know that you are not truly wiser, than that which your hearts has come to understand!

So therefore let the love of God steady your hearts. For the world will always revolve, but according to His timing. So when minds are spinning, still trying to wrap their hearts around how the earth revolves around the sun? So here’s the truth, the undeniable spin. That the world does, yes the world has always, and the world will forever be; “revolving around The Son!”

That’s why there will never be another spin, another spin that can truly move my heart. For my heart knows the truth, and my heart will forever revolve within this simple truth. That this world could never truly outshine The Son! So as the world continues to spin, but so much out of control. Just remember; “that He has the whole world… in His hands!”

Oh my head is still spinning. For this love moves my heart, and it’s forever blowing my mind. So that’s my spin, and that’s why my heart will truly have the sweetest of dreams. When I lay me down to sleep… tonight!


Your Love Is My Horizon!

When the rudder within my heart seems broken, and the darkness starts beating against my soul. While the waves tries to capsize my heart, trying to get my heart lost within the darkness. But though the darkness tries to blind my heart, and the waves tries to get my soul to drift off course. Your love is all I see, and it gives me the faith to walk on water in the darkness. So my heart will forever be still, and find my peace within Your love. For my heart knows the truth, and the truth is this. That Your love has always been the compass, the compass that will forever guide my soul. Your love is so strong, and the sheer magnetism of it draws my heart closer!

So therefore my heart will never truly be lost, forever lost within the darkness. For Your love has always been the light, the love that shines within my heart. So let the darkness beat against my soul, and let the waves try to overtake my heart, my heart has nothing to fear. For Your love is what gives my heart the courage, the fortitude to truly know; “that my heart will never be a slave to the darkness!” So I will let Your love continue to stretch my heart, until my soul becomes one, forever one with Your love. So I will seek to know Your heart, and forever keep moving towards Your horizon!

So I will keep my sails stretched wide, and vertical. To see that Your love has truly been firm, firmly wrapped around my heart. Your love is what steadies my soul, and it will always navigate my heart back to the center of Your love! Oh Your heart has been the love, the love that shines brightest within the horizon. So into Your love my heart will chart the course. For Your love has always been the truest part of my heart, and if my heart should ever again find itself broken. Towards Your love is where my soul will keep heading. Your love is my horizon, and Your heart will forever be my one true love. The only love that my heart will forever treasure. So my heart is ready, truly ready. To experience the depth, see the height, to be forever moved by the length and breadth of Your love. Then my heart will truly be lost, forever lost within Your love. So blow my sails, and free my soul. Then You will have free reign to move my heart, with just the strength of Your love!


The River!

My heart is a river, a silent river that is on a journey. For years my heart has tried to be this calm unstirred water; “thinking that I was the master of my own destiny!” But then came a love, along the journey my heart was forever captured by a love. This love collided with my heart, but with such gentleness. So therefore why did my heart get absolutely swept away? The love was so powerful, that it forever shifted my heart. This love was strong enough to leave my heart forever breathless, but yet never struggling to breathe!

This love has stirred up a tidal wave of emotions within the depth of my soul. So much so that the feelings overwhelms my heart like a tsunami. Taking my heart under… the boardwalk, and then back out to sea… that my heart is still just the river; “that needs an ocean to survive!” Now this love is poised, truly poised to forever capsize my soul! Oh my heart can feel the love, and it forever courses through my soul. After so many years on this journey, I can’t believe that my soul is still trying; “still trying to fathom how deep is this ocean?” This love is deep, and it wants to take my heart even deeper. So be still my soul, and know that there’s still many rivers to cross; “but this love will forever be my still water!”

My heart is the river, the river that can never again be truly silent! My heart is a river, that has found so much strength, submerged within the depth of this love! For this love has moved me, and this love is still moving me. A heart wide open, a heart forever exposed! My heart now knows why it truly exists. My heart truly exist for just one purpose; “to be forever one with this ocean!” So let the love flow, let the love flow down into my soul. Stir my heart, until even the ripples can overtake my soul! I Am… Just The River!


Fireworks… within My Heart!


Ring it up, oh let your hearts go ahead and ring it in! Oh another year is a foot, but please don’t let another day of your life; “be just another foot note within your heart!” For the next twelve months will surely move your hearts; “so please just take it one day at a time!” For I will not allow my heart to just simply nod off before the appointed time; “my heart wants to be forever ready, ready to ring in the new day!” Oh some people say that they will fight for love, but most just allow their hearts to tap out; “and listen as the bell rings out with their hearts!” Oh I will let the lover of my soul ring my bell, to forever awaken my soul! Oh I need Your love to be the bell, ringing forever within my heart! Ringing until there’s absolutely no deafening silence; “that can be heard coming from within my heart!” Oh let Your love ring over and over within my heart; “as it echoes forever throughout my soul!” Oh let there never be a silence, that my heart could not even bear! Oh let Your love be what truly overwhelms my soul, and let Your love be the rose without thorns; “that continuously blooms within my heart day after day!”

Oh Your love is the one thing that my heart has ever needed; “ever needed to make my soul feel complete and whole!” Oh even an ounce of Your love; “has been enough to quench the thirsting within my soul!” Oh Your love is more than enough; “to remove the darkness from within the crevices of my soul!” So therefore I pledge a new, that I will forever let my heart drown deep within Your love; “until my soul truly becomes forever Yours!” Oh I truly promise to keep Your love close to my heart! Snuggled up right next to Your love is where my heart truly needs to be; “whenever my soul feels a wintery chill in the air!” Oh Your love moves me, and I can’t help but to wear my heart on my sleeve! Oh but I will never treat Your love like it’s a ring around my collar; “that gets washes away every time the rain falls from my eyes!” Oh I need Your love to be the true substantive existence; “forever etched around the circumference my heart, and will forever be a permanent part of my soul!” So whenever I touch the scars; “I can feel that Your love truly became… a part of my heart!”

Oh when the countdown of my heart has truly come to an end, and what remains of this life has forever fallen to the ground! Whether it be ashes to ashes, or just simply dust to dust? Oh I want Your love to be the one thing, that forever lives on; “six feet down… within the depth of my soul!” So this New Year, oh I will ring it up; “and watch as the fireworks within Your love… set my soul on fire!” For another year has gone, and another year has surely come; “come to test Your love that lives within my heart!” So as for me and my heart; “my heart will forever be happy!” Happy that my soul gets the opportunity to celebrate; “how profoundly Your love rings true within my heart!” So therefore I will not hesitate when the moment comes to pop the cork of Your love! For this is the time of year when Your love gets shaken not stirred; “but it’s still absolutely poised to blow my mind!” For Your love is so strong, oh it’s bubbling up within my heart; “and it’s sure to overflow into my soul!” Oh for years Your love and my heart has been embraced within a slow waltz; “and my soul is absolutely captivated by Your love!” Oh Your love just won’t stop dancing with my heart; “so make it last… forever!”