When Words, Are Not Enough!

Even if, I can speak with the voice of an angel. My words, in of itself would not be enough. If my speech, wasn’t uplifting, didn’t inspire. If, my heart wrote with eloquence, but every time the ink bleeds. When pen touches paper, would the words resonate, a nuanced glow, a divine presence? Love, not read to be moved, but to seek the meaning of love, to be inspired… by The Word. A heart, not meant to be a pen, trying to leave its mark. Pointed thoughts, without the love flowing, a tainted perspective. Love will never be, words passing in the night. Pretty words, with a poetic flow, rudderless words, if not anchored by the essence. Love’s true excellence, the meaning felt. When it’s love in action, not words acting, but an authentic heart revealed. The love, permeating throughout every word. Love, enlightens the words, illuminates the heart, lights up the conversation. Words can influence, but won’t change one mind, if the truth doesn’t emanate. Words by itself, not enough to profoundly change, an indifferent heart. When, a heart is influential, it’s love engaging, and the words provoking. Words have power, the spoken word, telling a powerful tale; what’s in your heart? Whenever the heart, find itself lost in the dark. Words won’t be enough, if in it love is not the lighthouse. The reason why, words in love, radiates the brightest, even in the darkest moments!


The Impossibility!

So many words have tried, the seemingly impossible task. Tried to come between, my love, and my heart. But, to no avail, thus they have come to realize, it’s impossible. Their futile aim, leads down an aimless path. The road to their inevitability, undoable led to an impossibility. Like, a melody sweetly holding me, my heart slow dances, with my endless love. Just like, how it’s impossible to separate, the sea from my sure. When love has become, the depth in what you see. It’s not possible, to stop the stars from shining, the night teaching the moonlight, how to take your breath. There’s a gravity, to my reality; when, my soul touches the stars, it’s love taking me there, see a glimpse into heaven. It’s out of the question, it’s not worth considering. Don’t ever asking my heart, to turn my back, on love. Therein lies the reason, love has already done the unthinkable, the unachievable, the unimaginable, the inconceivable; love, made my heart a believer. When the soul is pricked, the ink bleeds, love spills on the paper. Making it impossible, for my heart to separate. What came from my soul, or the words penned, dripping from the love within. When you’re drowning, but yet; that’s how you learn how to live breathless. It’s impossible, to fathom an ocean. But, the heart of a deep river, can come to know the breadth. When love is the reason, the Impossibilities, are attainable!


Her Love!

Let my heart, tell of her beauty; the glow captures, her radiance moves, with every glimpse. Her heart, has a mystique, reflections of an angelic hue. The power of her love, holds your gaze. She gave me her love, so, why wouldn’t I reciprocate, trust her with my heart. My soul is serene, in the arms of her love. Her beauty, the love inside of her. Her strength, every breath she takes. Her worth, a jewel dancing in plain sight, the muse in my peripheral. My summertime contemplation, how will my heart, get to appreciate the fragrance of her love. Her quintessence, a painted depiction. Her heart, a mosaic work of art. Her love, shapes my heart, into a lovely texture. Vividly, her love a portrayal, captured in the most beautiful expression. Every brush with my soul, her love, making my heart become a display, how her love paints my life. Her love, tells a compelling story. Every chapter, etching the breadth. Her lyrical love, sings like a ballad. A love song, the words written, left on the pages of my heart. Her imperfect ways, the way my heart knows. Perfect love, a masterpiece won’t be created, if the flaws are not embraced. Her love is, royalty, why I crown her heart, with my love. From the moment, her love rested on my heart. Two hearts, with one heartbeat. Slow waltzing into, the wee hours of forever. The magic, the moments, casting an illustrative allure!

Her love, talks in my sleep, the secrets of her heart whispered, for my soul to keep. Her heart, quietly speaks, her soul soft spoken. Her love, leaving a profound effect, in my deepest dreams. Though, the heart creates moments, love what makes it become our reality. Love decorated, beautified my life, now a wonderful part of my world. My house, not a home, true love made it complete. A chair, just a chair for one. Her heart, transformed a home, with a loveseat. When, I wore a younger man’s shoes, love walked into my heart. A love, too beautiful for words, imparts the deepest truths. Love of a lifetime, love of a royal decent, a heart you crown with your love. Sweet sixteen, the first moment. My heart, celebrated the birth of her love. Two teens, our hearts dancing, to an 80’s slow jam; “you are my lady, you’re everything I need.” Thirty plus years, through the lens of my heart. Her love, sweet sixteen again, and again. Her heart, hasn’t aged a day, but yet the love, grows more profound. My sweetest days, seeing when her love smiles, at me. Her heart, her soul, her love; my treasured gift, sent from heaven!

Happy birthday, to my beloved!



Where does a heart go, when you can’t catch your breath? The wind taking it, with the butterflies in your stomach? What do you do, when you’ve prayed, but there’s seems to be a change, in the direction of the wind? Keep praying. What should you do, when you’re on pins and needles, when there’s a sharp pain in your faith? Get on your knees, and search your heart. There’s strength in knowing, this too shall pass. What are you to do, when your loved ones are in a state of chronic, but it’s your heart chronicling? By keeping them in prayer, like writing a love letter on their heart. A prayer today, a true blessing tomorrow. On the road called life, when it seems you’ve lost your way? I pray, you would come to know, that Grace is always there, to take you by the heart. To comfort your soul, help guide you through the journey, until you’ve reached your destiny. Life, is but a breadth, so live it well. Sow good seeds, and your heart will see the harvest. Yes, I pray your life becomes, a profound love story. Every chapter, every paragraph, every verse. Making the heart swell, with tears of joy. The presence of love, felt deep within the heart. Nothing else, can let the soul rest with peace. Whenever, your words become speechless, emotions invading your peace; say a silent prayer. Your worth is relevant, what others think irrelevant, to what your heart believes. Love and support, gives you a heart to lean on. Today, and every day: I Pray, love becomes that faithful friend. That won’t ever let your heart, feel abandoned, I’m your time of need!

“Whenever my busy thoughts, were out of control, the soothing comfort of your presence, calmed me down and overwhelmed me with delight.”Psalms 94:19 TPT



Rest In Peace!

Life, takes you through a paradox. The looming conflict, between heart and mind. A shift in the perspective, when moments become part of the journey, this side of time. I didn’t, used to count the stars, that was then, but this is when. My heart, needs to see you in it. Every twinkle in my eyes, holds my love and gaze. Why hold my breath, for my heart would surely know; it doesn’t mean death. Only time, to close my eyes, to let my soul go home. In my peace, I know how love rest, with the keeper of the stars. In my heart, the love I know, will never die. When, her love was birthed, I cried. Laughed, her joy was given for me to hold. Her love came to be, and I was the first to hold it. The breadth of her love, my soul heard still whisper. And since, forever and a day; the love has been held, so close to my heart. She was everything, her heart sent here to be, an angel in disguise. For a time, for a season, love the reason. But now, a piece of my heart, has found the wind, my breath has been taken. So, why wouldn’t time stand still, to let me chase after my heart? The missing peace, leaves you grasping at reality. A beauty butterfly, with wings spread wide, is flying free. In the heavens, within my loving gaze. I awaken, having to pinch myself. Is it real, is it just a dream. To find there’s a heaviness, resting on your heart!

Thoughts fade away, but moments lives on, in your heart. Don’t let it go, heart; hold on to the memories. Even though, the heaviness weighs my heart, the love will rest forever. Even, with the weight of the world, on my shoulders. The feeling, I can bare. It’s my feelings, I want right there, to remind me, you’re still on my heart. I don’t need, to indulge in unhealthy substances, that can’t ease the pain. Undeniable love, with profound context, what numbs the weight, but the love still breathless. Time spent, searching my heart for words, will never be wasted. Even though, time moves on, my heart will breathe easy knowing, time is irrelevant. My love, will forever move in and throughout time, arrested in beats per minute. When I rest my hope, I don’t have to lie awake in my dreams. To know, everywhere I go, traveling through time. An empty space in my heart, will never change the gravity, in my reality. Physicality, neither here nor there, when consequential the presence of love, lingering within my breath. The best thing, love happens to be? Knocking on heaven’s door, love comes to visit you, in your grief. My heart, doesn’t have to fear tomorrow. I will for ever and ever, keep the undying love, pressed up against my heart. In the moments shared, in the sights I see, with the stories told. Everywhere I go, her love will be there, with me. It doesn’t matter, if after years, the weight is still deeply crushing. That only means, the love is alive. And some day, when my soul, can no longer bare the weight. When time has run its course, my love story has reached the end. That is then, and this is when. I will be able to Rest In Peace, with you, baby girl!


Second Cup!

So many hearts, look forward to that Second cup. For me and my buds, the taste would never be, a double double in my cup. Love, what butter’s my bread, and sugar’s my tea. Love has an effect, the nuance subjective. Love, put words in your mouth, will leave an impression on the heart. Love, will never move a heart, if just careless whispers. The heart, what opens up the conversation, to confide with the soul. Love, shouldn’t be a question, it’s meant to inspire, be an influence. Love’s never shaken, love is always enriched, poured with a creamy texture, the sweetness stir-in. Love has an aroma, filling the air like incense. When the love fills you up, it soothes misty blues. More than a feeling, when the warmth is felt. Love-in the moment, bliss in the encounter. When the love overflows, your cup is full. Time for it to become, a second cup. Get your portion, let your heart kick back, let your soul unwind. A long with the birds chirping, feeling the cool breeze blowing, your heart is swaying. Playing in the background, a smooth 80’s throw back. Tell it to your heart, I’m not the only one, who enjoys a second cup. Whenever, the beat… in your heart moves you, be swayed to say; it’s going to be a glorious day, clouds don’t matter. Contentment, doesn’t need you, to add-in context, for the heart be fulfilled, truly. Sometimes, invite friends over, to enjoy each other’s heart. A second cup, that’s everyone’s portion. With every encounter, love becomes the muse. In the fulfillment, love is the reason, in every season. When love truly resonates, it lingers. With just a smile, love captures the heart. To get the mojo going, some hearts require the java upload. Half way up, still half way down. And if, the love can’t be contained? Tell the world, shh, don’t interrupt, when the love is pouring… out!

Bonus piece below:

Dear Sweetness!

My sweetness, before the love became, my soul was so bitter. But now, it seems I can’t do without you, this love is sweet. Won’t you, continue to pour out your sweetness in me. I promise, to receive your love. In my heart and soul, you’re my desire. Your sweet love, it’s such a blessing. Double double, your sweetness is needed, not once, not twice; but three times, it seems lately. Get enough, love is subjective. Stir it up, for the sweetest love, could never be a heart, into love that’s sugar free. Don’t, let my faith in love be shaken, stirred forevermore. Sweet love, brings so much to the table. For my, my, my, heart and soul. There’s nothing, Equal to you, you’re Splenda, in every way. True love fills you up, dips Sweet and Low. So bitterness, no longer becomes. This love, just right for me, you’re sweet like that. Thirty four years, my heart has been enjoying love’s sweetest moments. Just a spoonful of love, enough to help sweeten my soul. Sugar, your love is, will forever be; just right… for me!

Yours truly, Coffee; Black!

I don’t drink coffee, never have. This one, this share, for all the coffee lovers. Cheers, to the fulfillment!

Love, is That You?

Love, is that you, knocking at my heart? Is that your presence, peering into my soul? Is that you, in plain sight, waiting to take my breath? Is that you I feel, pressing up against my soul? Is it your allure, persuading my every heartbeat? Is it your breadth, breathing life into my soul? Is it your light, dancing within my gaze. Is it your smile, shining like the morning sun? Is it your hue, hovering so close to my heart? Is that your fragrance, lingering throughout the day? Is that your warmth, moving within every gentle breeze? Is it your voice, whispering within the stillness, speaking into my soul? Are you the endearing words, changing my perspective? Is the love I know a dream, or is it you awakening, provoking my endless daydreams? Are you the waves, the emotions crashing against my heart? Love, oh love, you must be an ocean, making every drowning breathlessly? Are you the pebble skimming, stirring my silent river, to become your deep river? Is it your peace, invading my thoughts? Are you the gentle nudge, pushing to know, the strength of my love? Are you the laugh, echoing within my joy? Are you the freedom, walking throughout my soul? Are you the song, playing the perfect melody? Are you the love, within my story, the word written upon my heart? Are you the spark, igniting love’s deepening passion? Are you the seed, embedded deep within my being? Are you the timeless flower, the love petals falling along my most intimate path? Are you the wings, making my soul soar. Are you the mist, making the rain fall from my eyes? Is it you that made, my heart beat for first time? Are you the thunder, beating within my chest? Love, my soul knows it’s You, but sometimes it seems. I’m getting to see, how you engage a heart, like it’s the very first time!


Love, Oh Love!

Love, oh love. Today, every day, there’s this feeling, invading my thoughts. Asking but telling, my breath will be taken. Love, oh love, there’s this smile, with a confident grin. Again tomorrow, my thoughts will be invaded, my heart will again be stirred. Oh love, in this feeling, there’s no subtlety, no remorse. In the taking, and my heart giving. Love, oh love, tell me; what should I do? When the mind acts a fool, but your heart says it’s cool? We’ve all been there, it’s not a foolish heart, when the feeling is profound. Love, is it silly to think, when you run into love’s fire, the flames won’t chase after your heart, to become a soul consumed. Love, oh Love, what do you do? When you’re confronted, by the emotion, sometimes called desire, some define it as passion. Perhaps, no I’m truly convinced; it becomes a mutual understanding; within heart and soul. The feeling, pushing you to be, pressing your confidence to become, devoted affection. The inexhaustible tendencies, more than reactional, the shaping of the characteristics. Love, oh Love, this feeling; it’s like waves crashing, the breathtaking, the drowning, in an ocean. What do you do, when the feeling says; there’s no catch, no strings. But yet, you give your everything… willingly, with no prenuptial. Love, oh Love, what’s a heart to do? When it’s you, Love; when you’re the feeling, making me absolutely complaisant, in this heartfelt tale!


Song Inspired; You’ll Never Stand Alone!

Girl, from the moment we met, your love could never, hide from my heart. Could never avoid, drowning in the depth of my soul. You’ve placed it there, in trusted there to be, the safest place. No lock, no key needed. Your love has access, come search my open heart. One moment in time, I vowed, love my witness; you’ll never stand alone. My love will always be, where your heart needs it to be. Whenever, you need to be held. Hold out your love, take me by the heart. Hand in hand, heart to heart, let’s reminisce. I love this, if we don’t let time remiss, our love won’t digress. Into me see, the unyielding, texture of my love. And if, my heart makes the rain fall? Don’t despair, I will be right here, in the moment. To wipe the tears, cover you with my love. Shhh, there’s no need for words, your love is so close to my heart, it speaks to my soul. Even, when it seems I’m sleeping, I’m just resting in love. In the stillness, my heart is quieting, listening, waiting to exhale. My inspired hopes, realized through your dreams. On the cloudiest days, in the darkest moments. It will never be hard, for my heart, to see your worth. When the night falls, your love is a shining light, making my heart twinkle. Always, forever by you my love, free to be. Love teaches, profound love is learned. True love, has taught my heart much. Whatever, need will be required, my love will be near your heart, to become. I believe in love, I believe in you; you’ll never, stand alone!

Sweet lady, your heart is a delight. Your smile, the sunshine, in the moonlight, your beauty glows. My heart, refuses to let your love lose. But yet, we need direction, we still get lost in love. Every day, let your stroll through my mind, and search my heart. My love will be there, assuring your heart, you’ll never be alone. No other woman, has ever touched my heart, made me bare my soul. For you to feel loved, for you deserve love. I won’t let your heart, feel alone in this world. And if, you can’t find the strength inside, my love will be strong for you. Don’t ever, be scared to reach out your heart. My love will be there, you’re not alone. There will always be a home, in these arms of mine. I will never, let your heart go, let your love stand alone, in my deep river. My heart will be there, to help guide the way. Trees sway, but my heart will stay. Only swept away, by love and devotion. You’re an inspiration, my heart is not ready to let you go. In this life, in this heart of mine. True love, a perpetual bloom, a crimson love. The water falls, my love cascades, my heart concedes. Yes, to have and to hold, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health. To love and to cherish, till death, I pledged thee my heart. When time finds us breathless, my beloved bride, in my heart; You’ll Never Stand Alone!

This song inspired, in memory of Whitney Houston. Since 2018, I’ve taken a moment, to honor the heart. Take one of her songs, and write a post in her memory. Her life, August 9, 1963 to February 11, 2012. She had an incredible gift, but unfortunately, her life is also a perfect example. To show that if we don’t truly guard our heart, we can end up straying down a darkened path. The light of God’s love hovers, but it’s for us, to NOT let the darkness, eclipse the enlightened way! You’ll never stand alone, released in 1998


Resting, in the Father’s Grace!

When the sun sets, lay your heart down. To let your soul be at rest, in the father’s grace. Love will be the blanket, the truth laid across your heart, will keep your soul safe. Let love be the sweet lullaby, the song in the night, singing over you. Love is the light, that enlightens dreams. In the twilight, let your soul walk in your sleep, let it walk in freedom. In the morning, in the wake; rise up, be like the sun. Light, and warmth of your love, an endearing gentle touch. Acts of kindness, will take you by the heart. A soul rested, awaken feeling alive. A heart and soul empowered, to live life boldly. Deep rooted living, a soul with an endlessly blown. A heart growing naturally, with a perpetual hue. Not because of a perception, with the love connection. Energetic love empowers, profound love becomes empowering. Love’s empowerment, strength to break down barriers. This happens, when the moments become a heart; Resting, in the Father’s love. Forever, and always!

Love, great is thy faithfulness, thy heart changest not, thy compassion fails not. As thou hast been, thou will forever be. In summer, in winter, in springtime, and harvest. The sun, the moon, the stars glowing with its majestic wonder. Hearts, joined with love’s nature, becoming a manifold witness. Love, we need thee, morning by morning. Great, is thy faithfulness!

“Arise, shine, for your light has come, the glory of the Lord has risen upon you. For behold, darkness shall cover the earth, and thick darkness the peoples; but the Lord will arise upon you, his glory will be seen upon you. And the nations, shall come to your light, kings to the brightness of your Rising.” Isaiah 60:1-3 ESV