The Drifter!

For years, it was a heart feeling safe; standing on a sinking shore. The sands of time, it has no sway; when forever is the destiny. In the wake, when the soul awakes; the heart understands breadth. Breathless, a heart drowning in the forever; a soul learning, what it needs to breathe. But yet, the heart still hesitates; with the drift out, off the comfort zone. Maybe it’s a heart scared, to get too swept away, and be drowned.. within a deeper love? So, you pull back; instead, of taking the next step. To let your heart drift, into the deeper part… of what a soul needs to see. Not just float, along the surface. I’ve learned, that You have to go beyond feeling; when love comes, to beat against your sure. Are you a heart truly ready, to let love deeply; become your everything? When a heart, is not yet ready to trust; in the surety of a love. Restless, a heart in an endless drift. Content, being tossed and turned by the night; watching to see if the tide, will change!

The humming and hawing, a song in the night, but the words lacking depth. A heart can if, and, or, but; an oar, comes attached, with a boatload of excuses. To Roar and to Soar, let go of the oar. Life is a journey, for a heart to find a deeper meaning. Who wants to be up a creek, when love can become a deep river. The future you see, part of the moments… you get to treasure. Fully submerged, forever within a love so true. Sometimes, our hearts will drift, but we should never let our soul get lost. Drifting, in and out of the silent; how my heart spent so many of the early days. A heart drifting off, captured by the daydream. A heart drifting in and out at times; in a lonely river, but a soul wanting to understand. If being out in the middle of an ocean, can help a soul find the deepest place? I learned how to swim early, but strong willed; you have to learn how to die… to self. Within every deep dive, how your soul experiences… deep places. Being deeply loved, what revives a heart and soul. Resuscitation, life breathed back into a once dying soul. It’s not about mouth to mouth, but every heart to heart… encounter. The Drifter, a soul living forever moved; a heart no longer moving aimlessly, through love!


What Can I Do?

Being quiet, doesn’t mean my heart don’t have a voice. Sometimes, my soul just can’t help being speechless. Being still, doesn’t mean a heart not forever moved, being alone in Your presence. Being lost for words, doesn’t mean You don’t hear what my soul has to say; underneath every breath. How can my heart not soar to new heights, when You are the wind; that can take a soul, beyond the stars? With Your love in me, my soul should truly know no bounds. How can my heart, not want to know the true length, and the breadth of Your love? When at hello, You already had my soul… breathless? I know a little bit of this, know a little bit of that; but nothing will never compare, to knowing You as my everything. How can I truly fathom the depth of Your heart, when Your love is so deep? Just trying to get there, my heart and soul can’t seem to stop drowning. How do You do, what You do; handle me so gracefully? What can I give You, when giving of my heart; is just the start? What can I say, when my words are not even enough; to express what my heart, is desperately trying to articulate? What can I do, to repay a love that’s worth so much; when I have nothing but a heart, validated by a price only You can pay? What can I bring, when You’re the one that bring a bottle, to our every encounter? Bottled up emotions, how You found me. But now, in a bottle You catch every falling tears; from a heart being, so profoundly moved. What Can I Do, what can I truly say; when Your love, is what eclipse it all!


The Capture!

Can I paint you a picture, can my heart draw a portrait… with words. What my heart gets to express, what will be revealed; The Capture, within a heart. It’s been said, it takes twenty one days to form a habit. But this picture, was centuries in the making; before breath was even part of the picture. But, when life was breathed upon; instantly, my heart was captured within the masterpiece. Then slowly, and clear; the imagery is realized. So vivid a picture, what you will see start to take form. Can you yet see, it’s a picture to be treasured, a true work of art. What’s to be admired, the heart of the one; who imagined such an artistic creation. The majestic creation of love, that’s where the focus should be placed. Within the right light, with the perfect reflection; how the shimmer glows, upon the canvas. Even if you see flaws, even if seen through a tainted lens. The design, truly nothing less than perfection!

Picture this, not even the Mona Lisa’s beauty, could ever compare. Nor could Michael Angelo, capture the essence… within. Let me paint some more, just so you can; live this experience with me… stroke by stroke. I need your heart to see, what I’m truly trying to convey. But, before I continue to paint the picture; let me sketch out the parameters. You have to see beyond what’s on the surface, to understand the true breadth. Are you starting to see, the picture I’m trying to paint? A picture is a thousand words, but this picture can never be truly captured; within my limited words. This picture reveals the truth, to what my heart cannot hide. A symbol of hope, it creates. But even more than that, may it truly resonate; as, a true picture of Love. You might wonder; “what’s love got to do with it?” But that’s just it, love is at the very center… of this capture!

Perhaps, I need to break it down some more. Left me frame it, package it with this. Love is the true essence, to what forever moves the heart. Essentially, love is the very thing; that inspired creativity. Love is truly poised, and the amazingness so stunning; seen through the heart… of the creator. A picture, in the picture; the beauty exchange, what makes it a true wonder. When, you let your heart be a canvas; brush your soul up against a love, unveiled becomes the true beauty. So, are ready; to buy into a love like this? Hang this picture of love, above your heart. Hang it in plain sight, for all to see; and never, let it hang in the balance. Let the picture, moves you to tears… every time. I can paint the picture of love, but the question is; can you see yourself, in such an awesome picture? As for me, and my heart; what’s in the picture, has been settled. Yes, “it is finished!” The Capture, of a soul… in love!


Fun Friday; The Lollipop Tale!

Growing up as a child, I had a lot of “so called suckers,” come my way. I have to admit, I favored the Lollipop. We got close, eventually it just became Lolli, for short. Being an only child, I enjoyed our time together; that lasted into my teens. When it came to describing Lolli, sweet would be an understatement. I stuck with Lolli, because of all the sweet moments. The color of love, changing before your very eyes. I would like to dispel the notion, “that a sucker is born every minute.” I know for a fact, they’re made… sweet. Made sweet like Lolli, people are the ones; that label them a sucker. Like that of the heart of a child, I treated them with love, and truly savored the moment. I believe, that most people didn’t take the time to understand; that sucker have it hard. Suckers lived, from hand to mouth; knowing, tomorrow is never promised. It was never about a sugar rush, but slow and steady; the store was so far. Why I now know how, to walk a mile, or two!

Back in the 80’s, so many sucker… MC’s; tried to wRap, but they couldn’t live up to my expectations. For so many, the outside was a hard facade; but what revealed itself from the inside, showed the true color. As a child, you can learn a lot; from the simplest things. You can learn, the meaning of phrases like; that’s sweet, you’re sweet. Then when you grow up, you understand the true meaning; to many of life’s lessons, and what source truly gives everything; the truest layers of sweetness. For all the Lollipops in the world, my every child appreciate your worth. The life of a sucker, short lived, and I always felt so bad; for those poor suckers. Well, just for the minute, or two; it took me to appreciate the sweetest moment. So many suckers, tried to sway me; to be their one and only. But, truth be told; I only had eyes for my sweet Lollipop. Well, until a teenage boy met his forever. Gave his heart to a soulful New Edition, the sweetest Candy… Girl, and to this day still living… happily ever after!

Hope you all enjoyed, this lollipop tale; and got a takeaway. It’s tongue and cheeky, but there’s a moral of this story. We all have memorable moments in our life, a story to tell. We just need to see it, through the right perspective. Growing up, I spent a lot of time alone; within my own vivid imagination. My world, seen through the heart lens, of an introverted prism. Life is short, and even though it doesn’t turn out the way we would have hoped? We need to live it with no regrets, make the best of every choice. The good, and the bad; what brings our hearts, to a predestined destination. Be inspired, to live your heart to fullest. And when soul, truly comes face to face; with the greatest love, a heart can ever know? May greatness be truly realized, as just the starting point. I can tell a thousand stories, but may heart will always point the way; to only one God! Be blessed!


The Island!

Here I stand, but never alone. What I see, love times three. But, that wasn’t always so. I was born fighter, learned early how to become a survivor. There was a battle, that was waged for my soul. The love, my heart learned to wield; what broke down all the barriers. My heart charted a course, but unbeknownst to my soul; I wasn’t the captain of the destiny. Everyday, my heart set out; trying to find the perfect hideaway. A soul living, but a heart feeling like a castaway. Bankrupt was the heading, shipwrecked the ultimate destination. A true heart to heart encounter, will never produce a soul forever changed; if you’re still lost in the dark. Sometimes, you have to be alone; to know when you’re no longer lost. My heart was never once stranded, living in an isolated place; of my own choosing. The set sail daily, to conquer the unknown. Many days, it was a heart getting through… an introverted see. No man is an island, but therein; a boy found the escape, to my deserted island. Alone, with my vivid imagination; but underneath the quiet, a friend hovered. My island, the place I found my heart… surrounded; by an ocean… of love!

The calm, within every gentle whisper. Underneath every breath, in the deep silence; there was a river… flowing. On a desert island, a heart can feel absolutely parched; a soul with a constant thirst. In the silence a heart wondering, am I still heard? In the void, would I lose my voice? My heart, didn’t wash up… on the shore. My soul was washed, knowing for sure… what is saved. Your love, forever the island; in the middle of my soul. Chasing after the wind, is meaningless. Chasing after Your heart, where the true meaning of love began. This one tree, the palm, the branches; a heart living within the divine, what leaves a soul covered. My heart finding a shelter, to embrace… every wave of emotion. Into the sunset, into the depth you see a new horizon. Into Your heart, where you find heaven. Alone in the presence, love all around; moving breathlessly through the soul. Deep into the sand, times spent to truly understand; the footprint in the sand!

Oh fire… would, you forever burn; if I touched You so deeply. The peace I have found, the truth I hold dear. It’s love and favor, for a thousand lifetimes. Favor goes before me, the love shines upon me, the reign is forever, and the breadth… overwhelms me. A heart found by grace, a soul rescued by such a graceful heart; with a love so gracious. A heart, that has captured my gaze. A soul no longer worried, being capsized by any more doubts. A heart never contented, to let the mindset be island time. When the days we live in, are borrowed time. Substantive living, when patient grounds the heart; and love the true virtue. The island, where I didn’t need anything; but love on the divine my soul sees. When my heart needs to see the love, I don’t have to go out to sea; just a look within, where it will always be. The island, within my breathless sea… of love. Now I’m living out my days, loving on every tomorrow; with my island girl, by my side!


The Way, and The Sway!

The days, they have such a sway. Hearts getting in the way, souls getting tripped up. The direction, the day; swaying into a darkened path. The day trying to break your spirit, but the heart still not swayed. The stand up, stand out; stand in the gap. To be, or not to be; a light under a bushel, or on a hill? You want to cry, but the tears don’t break away. The take away, what has your affection? A heart not captured, by the getaway. A soul still swept away, love forever leading the way. My heart, my way; will never be the better way. Heart, don’t be swayed by the madness. Soul, don’t lose your way. Though sadness looms, peace is always found… in the stillness. A swayed mind, what tends to get all the blame. But it’s a wayward heart, that will always lead the soul astray. A shadow will cast, that’s what it does. Doubts come to sway, but they should never blur the way. Why, we shouldn’t chase after just a reflection. A heart and soul can’t be truly be authentic, if the love is easily swayed.

The way of the wind, or a soul swayed by the breadth… of a gentle whisper? What breaks through the silence, what moves; underneath every breath? Don’t let your heart be persuaded, don’t let your soul be swayed; to abandon the way, the truth, the life. Don’t be swayed, by what happens along the way. Look up, when one footprint is all you see. So, your heart can be enlightened. To know, that in the stillness; dwells the presence, where true hope is found. My endearing sway, love found in the midst… of a truly overcast day. The right way, the wrong way; my soul follows the only way, to get through the day. A love deeply felt, is a love freely given. What gives love, truth; what strengthens the love given, how it’s truly embraced. A beautifully dressed up love, never truly cover up what’s flawed; without substance. Know the proverbial, but unswayed by the rhetorical. A love forever laid bare, seen in a heart truly transparent. The beauty, what begets the radiance. The true light of love, what outshines any kind of darkness. God’s love, The Way, and The Sway; what my heart forever cling to, when the day is the darkest!



Let me set the stage, won’t you lend me your heart. Born, Live, Die; may it be a soul free. The Crawl, the Stand, the Walk; into a predestined destiny. We all go through stages, life; may not always turn out the way we want. Every day, you have to make sure your soul is in tune. A rhythm, the flow; heart check, one, two. The sound quality, for every heart has a distinct sound. Tune it in, turn it up; hark, who goes there, to a place beyond the stars? Tip toe, but let it flow; love, like a river. Stand up, Stand out, Stand firm; Stand for what you truly believe. Don’t just be involved, in a play… on words. Being in The Word, reveals to your true place in life. Alive, to survive, or thrive? Every day, we all have a choice. Never giving up, how you Grow. Growing stronger, it’s in each life lesson. Growth, within every stage. We need to get to a stage in life, where our heart no longer desires; just chasing after meaningless. When love becomes the truest meaning, the heart takes a bow; a soul knowing how to give… true reverence!

Every stage, should get an applause. Not because it looks good, but because it showed you the heart, of an overcomer. Even at this stage, you don’t have to let unprecedented; grip our heart and soul, with fear… of the unknown. Change your focus, get vertical. This is just for a time, for a moment, for a period; within a season. Don’t be fixated, on Act one. I’ve Seen it too many times, God is working; behind the unseen. Life is not a performance, it’s a journey. Not about a mastermind, behind the scene; but the creator, in the midst… of it all. In every stage, you have to stretch your faith. See His love, is in the horizon. In the theater called life, many hearts are wondering; who’s pulling the strings. The question is, who’s truly tugging on your heartstrings? In the age, where we have so many platforms. When the moments are the darkest, we need to know who’s truly speaking… into our soul. In life, so many tend to admire staging; while overlooking Who… is on the throne. Don’t just play a part, know what’s truly your destiny. A heart unveiled to the truth, will always let God’s love, take center stage!

Hearts, oh hearts; wherefore art the focus, of thy love? Deny the world thy heart, but never deny thy Father’s love. Don’t deny what thy soul truly seeketh, embracing a meaningful existence. Stages, a soul with a contemporary stance. A heart that can still believe you can soar, even if you can’t yet see… your wings. Sing your heart out, let your soul sing with a joyful glee; raise a hallelujah. Your heart has made it, when freedom truly reigns. Don’t act, like you’re too cool; to show that some days, are truly a struggle. Just trying to get heart and soul acting, together on the same page. The posture, the acting; that your heart doesn’t make mistakes. Be authentic, not legalistic. Some hearts act, super fly. My heart, super flawed; but forever loved. At the end of the day, at the end of this journey; it doesn’t matter what stage you’re at. Don’t let your final breath, be a soul exiting the stage left… behind!


The Storm!

Your love, stormed the gates of my heart. Relentlessly broke down every barrier, with the breadth of Your love. My shifty walls went up, around my soul; but, resistance was futile. You entered in, made my heart Your home. Like if, Your love already had the master key… to my soul. Hands up, a heart so exposed; the surrender, Your love the embrace. You built up a fortress, of love so strong. A city on a hill, resting on the solid rock. Whenever the enemy attacked, nothing could conquer the love. You became, the defender of my heart; the lover of my soul. When the storms of life come, trying to blow my mind. Your love was, and is the only thing. That has ever been able, to move my heart. Rock solid, how You’ve built the love. Even in a thirty, dry eyed; soul parched world. Your presence is water, flowing… from my eyes. Refreshing my soul, filling my heart. In this life, there will be trouble. While so many hearts, are preparing to battle the coming storms? My heart is waiting, to watch You move… me again. Meet me here again, at that phenomenal place. Right next to Your heart, where my love promises to be. After, my heart has finished sailing through the blue; Your love will forever be, the treasure found!

People might wonder, how I do it; flight through it all? It’s simply this, Your love is the weapon; my heart will forever wield. The lifestyle, for a lifetime. In the Storm, I don’t lose heart. For my heart, Your love will never lose the fight. Even when my light, is eclipsed by a momentary darkness. After every single storm, Your love overwhelmingly shines. In the storm, the love reached in… to the depth, of a silent river. Pulled, on every heartstrings. The love, what gives my faith… so much strength. Your love is, the calm in what I see. Fear, doesn’t move my soul. In You, I always have my peace. A heart and soul still, anchored by Your love. Expressions of gratitude, an exemplified worth; what Your love gives to my heart. Your love never reminds, my heart of the mistakes. Instead, reinforces that the love will be… my destiny. Amazingly, gracefully; Your love became the embodiment, into me You see. More than a touch, greater than all expectations. Beyond wild dreams, Your love became the breadth; the life, in me. The Storm was fierce, but gently You’ve held my soul up. To display how Your love, still continues to transform… this heart of mine!



Sometimes, I forget to sit up; but never forget to take notice, how much my heart leans on Your love. Sometimes, I have a tendency to hunch; but my heart never has to guess, if Your love will always be there. I couldn’t have never learned, how to not stumble so much. If You didn’t first shown my heart how to walk… gracefully. I can fix my posture, adjust my thinking; but Your love, what changed a broken perspective… within. A silent river, has a voice. A heart can breathe, but knowing what truly moves every breath; will enlighten the deeper meaning. So many, have a good posture; the pretend, that life is about well put together. When the creation precedes, the ability to truly overcome. Trying to fix brokenness on your own, is a futile exercise. You can’t work out, if a work hasn’t first been done… within. We can posture, thinking life is what gives us meaning. One thing is for sure, my heart never wants to be a slouch. Believing, that a heart can never learn anything from Your love; is just a misguided posture!

A heart, not in total alignment with Your love; a posture very much in need, of an adjustment. We can try to straighten up our act, but every trace of resistance; can be traced back, to being the wrong kind of posture. Why, we need to cut out the posturing; while walking the straight and narrow. Our heart needs to do what’s right, not pretend; it’s about the perfect posture. Strong willed, strong emotions will keep you grounded; but strength of character, needs to be part of the equation. We need to keep focus, on the core issues. Why you live, why you breathe; what love is within your heart? The kind of truth your soul inhales, determines what kind of love your heart will be waiting to exhale. A vertical posture, what helps a heart to truly know; the true depth within a soul. Prevailing, when a heart knows it’s not about the posture; but on what you stand?

Into me, what You want to see. From the outside, a good posture looks nice. But it does absolutely nothing, to straighten a true heart perspective. Life is short, the time to stand firm is now. To show a heart forever transformed, and that the true light of love… is in the horizon. You can’t truly see the Son, without knowing His love; shimmers in the moonlight. Glistens within every star, shines forever within the heavens, and bigger than the universe. It’s more than a touch, beyond just a feeling; deeper than just words. A love makes me, better than I am; more than I can hope to be. Why, should I ever need to be fixated on my posture? When this love is still so posed, forever being… my everything. A so called good posture can never ever demonstrate, a heart and soul; with an undistracted devotion. So many look back, trying to understand the true meaning of life? But, it’s not the meaning life gives you that matters; only the meaning, knowing God gives to your life!