God is…

• God is… The light, even when the time seems to be so dark; God is!

• God is… The protection, when my mind tries to attack my heart; God is!

• God is… The joy, when my heart can’t bare to see so much sorrow; God is!

• God is… my heart, my soul; my life, my strength, my everything, my God is!

• God is… my today, my tomorrow, my forever. In all, within my heart; ten thousand times yes, God is!

He removes the pain, the misery, the strife. He promised to keep, never ever leave, to provide all our needs. What God does, Who God is; why God is!

He will never come short of His word, fast and pray; stay within the narrow way. You’ve come so far, now is not the time to turn back. Keep your life clean, keeps your heart holy. God lives within, my friends; God is!

“He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High, will abide in the shadow of the Almighty. I will say to the Lord, “My refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust.” Psalms‬ ‭91:1-2‬ ‭ESV‬‬


Fun Friday; Is it a Man’s World?

I am a man, I have a castle; you sure better believe, I have an incredible queen. As a boy, I was led to believe; that it’s a mans world. But they failed to include; a how-to manual. So like most men; I kicked back on the sofa, enjoying my world. Women, on the other hand, are a little different; they’ve been known to get together. I’m sure to get tips, to strategize. On how to keep the castle, running at peak performance. Every woman knows, that you can’t leave those kinds of decisions; up to the man. It must be within one of those strategic sessions; the how-to, and the honey do, was engineered? 🤔

Boy, they sure forgot to inform the man. That even though it’s “a man’s world,” and the “so called king.” It’s a superwoman, a domestic goddess, a mother extraordinaire; that has the ability, to truly run it all. Don’t worry men, you have the ability to put on the pants; it will always be one leg at a time. You can wear “The pants;” well, at least the one that she picked out for you. Don’t get me wrong, every man needs a strong woman; to help navigate the turn by turns of his world, a GPS for short (Good. Powerful. Superwoman)!

They loving nudge assist encourage, with a strong assertive tone. With intuition, such attention to details like, “dear, you forgot the bread… again; go back, recalculate your positioning.” You see, it’s all in the informative details; they don’t seem to miss a thing. It’s all about keeping the mans world, in perfect alignment; with the sun… shine within her heart. Yeah, they may call it a man’s world, but he can never keep it humming; all on his own. His world will never truly be complete, without an unbelievably strong Queen. God made them, to be part of your heart!

So Men, if you know to share your world; if you truly learn how to share your heart. Her unwavering, her unapologetic, her undying love; forever becomes your world. Embrace her strength, take her by the hand. Cherish her love, then let her love; forever take you, by the heart!


Friday Post:

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  • 2nd Friday: Song Inspired.
  • 3rd Friday: Coming November. 
  • 4th Friday: Fun Friday.

The Workaround!

Change is inevitable, my heart can sometimes be predictable. Your love has been so incredible, a workaround; to a foolish heart. Work out the issues within my heart, until my heart no longer has a work around; but Your love. Do a complete walk around within my heart, thoroughly check every crevice within my soul; see if I’ve truly given You my everything? If there is anything that my heart’s still holding back. Move my heart, until even my very soul; has nothing within that‘s hidden!

Eliminate every possible escape route, eliminate every workaround. Make me have to go through Your heart, to know how to love. I’m a thinker, a problem solver; an innovator. Sometimes even trying to engineer, my own work around. But I think that I’ve once and for all solved the problem. It’s my mind, that’s always trying to get between Your love, and my heart. Your love has never been the problem, it’s the solution. I need to let Your love work through my heart, and not just work around my solution based thinking!

For so long Your love has been my everything. That’s the very reason, why I can no longer let there be a work around. So, I will remove the clutter; there needs to be a clear path, to the center of my heart. I need You to forever make my heart Your home. I will let Your love completely clean house, top to bottom. Throw out every one of the insecurities, remove every last doubt. Remove the baggage, my mind needs to stop tripping. I will clean the mirror, until my heart is a true reflection; of Your love. My heart needs to truly know, that there’s absolutely no work around; to Your love!

Why should I try to get around, why would I even want to go around? Your love has been working within my heart for such a long time. Breaking down walls, remodeling my heart from the inside; making it into Your imagine. I don’t want You to ever think, that Your love has gone unnoticed. Within my heart, there will never be a work around. If my heart wants a deeper love, this can only happen; going through Your love!


Outside Your love!

The autumn leaves are so beautiful to see, but it’s so cold outside. My skin can absolutely feel the chill within the morning air. But the beauty I see, is the sight of Your love; it leaves my heart absolutely speechless. I don’t ever want to leave, the warmth of Your love. Hold my heart, embrace it within Your love forever. It’s so cold outside, outside the warmth of Your love. So please keep my heart covered, forever tucked away; within the blanket of Your love. The very touch of Your love, it does something special to my heart; when it feels so very cold outside!

I can’t feel a thing, when my heart is completely wrapped up; wrapped up within Your presence. Your love absolutely warms my heart, Your love is snuggled up against my soul. It was a moment of adjustment in my heart, a permanent adjustment within my soul. Your love is consuming, my soul is still absolutely burning. But turn up the heat higher, make the fire ten times hotter. Until the love rises and rises, out of control within my soul. Even though the cool breeze gives off a chill within the air, my heart can not feel a thing; there’s a heat wave within my soul. Your love is crackling from the raging fire, deep within my bones!

Winter is right around the corner, and it’s poised to be extra cold; but only if I ever choose to go outside, of Your love. But that will be another moment, for Your love to turn up the heat a little higher, no need to adjust it a little at a time. My heart truly loves, the full warmth of Your love. Make my soul feel overwhelmed, even if it would surely combust; let it be, because of Your love. Your fire melts my heart, burn away any deep seeded coldness. The hot, and the cold, they surely do collide. Whenever I expose, my heart to this cold cold world. The extreme coldness will never take my breath away, Your love forever warms my heart!

Your love is the Day, the Light, the Saving grace; Time after time. Let me turn back the hands of time, fall back into Your loving arms; just to watch the stars in Your eyes. It’s so very cold outside, but choosing to stay right here; within the closeness of Your love, it’s my everything. Yes, it’s absolutely cold outside, but I truly don’t mind. Being wrapped up within Your heart, for so many years. I have truly learned how, to embrace Your presence; and how to breathe out, the undeniable warmth of Your love!


Flip The Switch!

In the beginning was the Word, the Word; God!

“In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. The earth was without form and void, and darkness was over the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God was hovering over the face of the waters. And God said, “Let there be light,” and there was light. And God saw that the light was good. And God separated the light from the darkness. God called the light Day, and the darkness he called Night. And there was evening and there was morning, the first day.” Genesis‬ ‭1:1-5‬ ‭ESV‬‬

My friends, I love you, I cherish you; but I have confidence in no one, But God. The God who created our hearts, His love hovers; let His light be visible, throughout your heart. So, when the darkness tries to separate you from the light, and the water covers the surface of your face; but God. Take comfort in this; the night, will again become the day. Flip the script, then go ahead and Flip the Switch; let your light shine. Let God’s love separate your heart, from the darkness that tries to cover; the divine love within!


Baby Boy!

From the first day, from the first hour; yes from the very first minute, it was love from the very first second. My heart got to hold your gentle love; soft was the touch, that will forever caress my soul. Ear to ear, heart to heart; the smile has been forever noticeable, within my heart. You were the first, none other can ever take that away from you; my baby boy!

Your first step, your first tooth, your first haircut. Your first day at school, your first job, your first car. The day you became a man, from the very first moment; my heart witnessed them all. Oh boy, my heart could never be coy; oh what a joy, when we had our first baby boy!

Rockabye baby, I pray my love has been a rock? Hold on to my love, God’s love is the rock; that keeps my heart grounded. The rock of ages, rest your heart; on that as the foundation. Happy 30th Birthday, to my baby boy. Daddy has always been so very proud of you, and every day; I say a little prayer, for you!


Random Act of Kindness!

I would like to thank Richa @ http://iscriblr.com/, and Stuart @ http://stubaby777.wordpress.com; for nominating me for the Random Act of Kindness award. They are two of the most kind hearted souls, that I have met here on WordPress. They share what’s on their heart, with one intention, to bless your heart. For me friends, I view this ACT in two ways; RANDOM, INTENTIONAL.

• When you hear that someone is going through something, and you are a person of faith; you don’t just say you will pray for them at some point in the future. I believe that you should pray for them on the spot; verbally, or in writing!

• When you see someone is in need a a financial blessing, don’t just tell them; “the check is in the mail,” check your pocket. They do need to have faith, but you also need to be part of the faith blessing!

• Someone says they need a ride; they’re going to be late, or have to wait for the bus for hours. It might be out of the way; show them compassion, not the time. Go out of your way, take the time; to show that you have a light that shines!

With all these points; it’s a time to act, not just react. Random is wonderful, but Intentional is even better. People might see the things I do as random, but that’s just it my friends; I don’t do random, I do intentional. Every day I choose to act, to never miss an opportunity to react; to a heart in need. Open up your heart, and at the same time open up a door; put someone else’s need first!

I will share a story with all of you. I drive for a living, back in March of 2015; I had the opportunity to work in the busy city. One day as I was heading out of the city, I met this homeless guy; now I see homeless people all day, it’s the big city. Most homeless people have a brown cardboard sign saying something. Every day I put $2-$4 in my pocket, to give away. But this sign was different, creative. It was white Styrofoam board; it said McHungry, with a few other words. Not all homeless is homeless, unfortunately some people use it as a way to make money; while living a regular life!

I handed him a apple, with a $5 bill; and did so every Wednesday for a few weeks. But then I stated to get creative, along with the $5, I would buy a subway sandwich, a hot chocolate in the winter; whatever I felt led to do. Within months I knew his name, his birthday. It blew him away, when I gave him a gift on his birthday, a year later. He didn’t even remember that he told me it the year before. He just kept asking, how did you know it was my birthday over and over; a priceless moment. At Christmas he gets a gift, on long weekends he gets a $10. Over the years I’ve given him copies of my writing, he loves them. This year his mother died. He said that my writing, my acts of kindness; is what helped get him through it, how do you put a price on that. It’s been three years now, we meet for no more than 30 seconds a day. But every single Wednesday, my heart receives a blessing; when I see the smile on his face!

With this post, I would like to take this opportunity; to Introduce new bloggers. Below is a list of bloggers, who are new to WordPress. They’ve been blogging for a short time, most within the last couple of months. I don’t know all these bloggers that well, still getting to know their hearts. But it’s truly not about knowing, but promoting. I’m following them all, so won’t you please join me in showing them some love; Read, Like, Follow!

• C. Capablanca @ https://thelightinme.home.blog

• Yonnie @ https://yonnieinhiscare.blog

• Laura Rogers @ https://thebeautifulbutterflies.wordpress.com

• Optimistic Soul @ https://optimisticsoulin.com

• Simplymadhavi @ https://madhavi589917978.wordpress.com

• FavourSweet; @ https://beinspired2inspire.wordpress.com

Consider this, your Intentional Act of Kindness! Blessings To You All!