The Rebellion!

My heart, a rebel; bonafide! The cause, resistance at all cost. Not to become, another tainted soul. Confessing, you know how to truly love. But yet, picking and choosing; when, and who. Love, just a feeling; without bonafide action. Every day, you have to rise up… in opposition. Let your heart, mount a rebellion. To not let, your heart be conformed. Arm your heart, with the sword; dipped in truth. These days, your strategy has to be, clearly defined. A heart, knowing the true rules of engagement. To survive, you have to wield the big guns. A hope fortified, with a convincing faith. When the warfare, is spiritual; not physical. To win, plant your truth, stand your ground, and proclaim your worth. Be, a rebel to the core. Having a love, that won’t ever keep score. Know how, to give and take. A heart, was born to resistance, and go the distance. Let the foe know, your heart has the real deal. The confidence, the boldness, the power, and the authority. To speak, and pull down… every stronghold!

Do, opposition research, by reading into the best strategies. What, your heart and soul will need; to have a successful strategic outcome. Praise, is a weapon. The struggle is real, let it be with the flesh; not with the heart. With every battle, don’t go in your own strength, or with guns blazing. Be a heart exposed, with the love transparent. To be, or not to be; never let it be, a heart questioned. Lean how, to be unapologetic; why a heart so rebellious. That will fight, to display how much strength, there is in real love. It’s never futile, refusing to be assimilated; into a robotic collective. True freedom comes, only when a heart is free. My heart, was born to be a maverick. Predestined, to challenge the norm. A camouflaged heart, is a love not seen… as true. A heart of a warrior, cannot affect true change. Without first willing, to take every thought captive. To let, love be what influences, hearts and minds. This, not just about how to be rebellious. But how, to take back territory. It’s about a takeover, let a love relentlessly pursuit your heart, and soul. Let Surrender, not be the Option, but the Choice!

The Mandate; fight the good fight, tread upon serpents. Resist, and the enemy shall flee… seven ways. Take possession; whatever was stolen, or forfeited by default. Seize the moment, and never; justify your rebellion, to a tainted love!



A testament, to how deep the love. The crimson story, etched in red letters. Cast deep, into a crimson sea. Where depth, becomes the ocean, for a heart to fathom. Words, deeply spoken. Love, the deepest token. Rose petals, shaped in color. Dipped, in a vibrant crimson hue. Sprinkled, with the breadth of love. A tree with love, the roots go deep. Underground, where life begins. Red flowers bloom, breathtaking looms. A soul consumed, by the afterglow. Love, laid gracefully beneath the water. Flowing, moving, pulling… the heart deeper. To be a soul, lost in the mist; adrift within the peace. A heart swept away, by the crimson tide. Breathless, love takes… every breath. A soul, held by the breadth. Released, into the tidal waves. The depth, another emotional see. The horizon breaks, the moonlight falls. Crimson love, displayed in the brightest glow, painting the sky. A heart, held by the crimson night. The soul, watching the love glistens; in a radiant crimson light. Deep emotions, bringing to light; how crimson illuminates, every breath it takes. A heart crimsoned, shows love in all its richness. The allure deepens, with every brush… against the breadth. The deep river, the crimson presence; water… upon the wind. Falling afresh, into the depth… heart, and soul!


Fun Friday; My Delightful Treat!

Some people, have a favorite ice cream, a favorite pizza. My heart, likes the taste of my sweetest candy… girl. My sweet-heart, needs loving that’s better, than cookies… with cream. Wrapped up, in a royal twist; a sweet Nubian flavor. My honey, bee a natural. She’s my D.Q, my Darling Queen. The sunshiny love, that melts the heart. I would go bananas, if even death; made us split, love is forever. When the day, tries to steal the sweetness. No bitter feelings, touches my lips. The love, will forever touch my soul. The ticket, that takes our hearts, back on the love merry go; in our love playground. A spoon full of her sugar, makes the tough love medicine… go down. Every season, her love’s a crackling fire. Together, we keep the heart from lazing, and the love blazing. At times, the love is questioned. But, I will never give her a reason, to ever question my heart. A rose, by any other name. Would still be a heart, that rose every morning. To find the love, just as sweet. A heart and soul, loved by the maker, of all things delightful. The true breadth of love, will nibble methodically. Not around the edges, but be consumed to the depth. My buttercup, my chocolate love. Reached for my heart, to taste how sweet. Only to find out, baked with butter. The creator, made love to be… the greatest pleasure, with nothing missing. The deeper the love, the greater the enjoyment, and the expectation. So the soul, can savor the warmth, all the crimson delight. My eyes, could have on blinders. But, it wouldn’t make my heart, see it differently. The deepest love, becomes a vision. For what, eyes can never fathom. I don’t, indulge in bland love. For my heart, there would be no appeal. My desire, steeped within the greatest pleasure. A tasty love, that will affords your heart, such comfort. Food for the soul, that will replenish, a deeper need. A love to forever be, endless. My Delightful Treat. Created, from the true heart of love!


The Remedy!

How sweet thy love, and how my heart does sicken. Knowing, breath has no meaning… without you. To be, or not to be? Yes, to be in thy presence; it’s the greatest remedy. To dwell, my soul does swell. With each sip, from the deepest well. When, the bell tolls. My heart, with another show and tell. How the breadth, thy love; became the sweetest remedy. The undeniable soup, healing for the soul. Love, the greatest medicine. One part heart, one part soul; that knows no bounds. Head and shoulders, above the rest… your love’s heavenly. Bound up, in thee; your love is the remedy. Day, and night, your love moves my heart… quietly. Hovers, in the shadows. Under, my every breath. Pace through my soul, to always be there.. for my heart. Just a spoon full of sugar, love in my cup. The cold in a heart, made well… with warmth. Thy love, quickens every heartbeat. Soothes the soul, with just a touch, with every taste. Into thy bosom, my soul makes haste. To find your comfort, and feel your peace, hovering in the silence. To be my breath, and every contemplative gaze, into your heart. Your love, will forever be, the perfect Remedy!



My breath, the beauty of your love; makes the soul, speechless. Though, my heart has words. Your love is the ink, released in the crimson flow. A silent river, knowing depth in an ocean. A thousand league, how deep the love. The mission, to know Your heart, fathom the depth. In the silence, breathless will be the allure, for a love so real. A soul, living speechless, in the midst of every see. Not with eyes, but a heart wide open. Being captivated, by the beauty, the awe, the wonder. Let Your love, be the breadth, in my lungs. A heart, trying to express through speech. What, gets lost in words. Love, will never get tongue tied. When, it’s the heart that speaks. The love, filling every void. In stillness, under the quiet; between every breath. A heart, resting in the love. A soul, tethered to the lifeline. The love, and forever. A heart, finding the words; that just leaves my soul, Speechless!


The Quintessence!

Your heart, can be the most. Though, the vision not perfect. Love, will never measure up… to perfection. But, should always rise to the challenge, to be an example, of a faithful heart. Life shapes, but love becomes. Words, can be seen as typical. So, when the heart speaks, let the love be known… as practical. A heart, doesn’t have to become intense. For the love, to be immense. How heartfelt is it to know, you don’t have to know; how to breathe well, to know true living. Through every season, another stage, another encore. A heart reliving, another day; acting out your best life. Through, another quintessential, repeat performance. True love, with every breath. Don’t let, it be another act… one; seen too, many times. Leaving the question, to be asked. Love, oh love; where art thou? A house, is not a home; until love, resides there… in the heart. A hill, will never be alive, with the sound of music. Until, your heart begins to sing. Crawl, walk, run… to the front of the line, with vim, and vigor. And, if your heart stumbles? Rise up, everyday; to glean another quintessence. What, your heart will need, to move forward… faithfully? Pursue the day, chase after dreams; but always, let love find your heart… content. To know, the precious moments, we step up. Through every season, we man up. Embrace you, and your heart will embrace the role. Hold it close, and the love will be held dear!

You don’t, need a day; to celebrate your worth. Just a lifetime, to let your heart be the gift, that keeps giving. Your love, doesn’t have to be an ocean. A silent river, can have depth. A heart, being swept away, by a deepening love. You, don’t have to feel special. But your heart, should especially be a heart needed. You, don’t need power, to be the strongest. Even to have, your own undeniable strength. You don’t need, to know how to land the perfect ten. For a heart, to flawlessly demonstrate, head over heels. A soul, doing endless; breathless summersaults. For love, to win, become truly relevant. It needs, to show up on time. The heart, has to want to be there. And the soul, needs to be engaged. So the love, can be even closer. Your love, doesn’t have to be impressive, just impressed… with the deeper meaning. Though, the real struggle; trying to live… up to a lookalike role model. Here’s, my take. The role of a father, about modeling, a good character, not a perceived expectation. Men, you don’t have to be, completely self-assured; for love to thrive, self-contained. Let your love, be a friend. Your heart, known as a true father. Not just a figure, of speech. When, the heart can truly answer; the quintessential question. Love will surely breathe out, the profound truth. Can, the heart of a child know; how deep the Father’s love? True love, in the essence, not just the presence. The picture, doesn’t need perfection; but needs to be seen, in the best light. The personification, the substance, the representation; The Quintessence!

In loving memory, of my baby girl; Justinea Angelina Richards. March 9, 1990 to March 2, 2021 – Inspired, by your love!

* Happy Father’s Day! May your hearts, be blessed!


Taken Captive!

What, is a heart to do, what can a soul truly say; when love, takes your breath captive? Your heart, arrested. Your breath, held… forever. The soul, embracing the new found captivity. Every day, every moment, every thought, every breath; Taken Captive. The soul, detained; love unrestrained. The heart, captivated; no longer a prisoner, to what holds you bound. True love, is a soul not confined; to become refined, every breath defined. Captured love, every penned up breadth, released. So the days, can be tangible. The years, favorable, and every breath, memorable. No more shackles, your captivator, your captivating love… one in the same. Breadth, held hostage. Will never give a heart, the freedom… to breathe. Just, a soul freed; the ransom given. A heart knowing, the beautiful release, your every breath!


The Concealer!

The flaws, what we try hard to hide. The heart, trying to seem perfect, within an imperfect world. So, the heart keeps it secret. What, should be deeply applied; only sometimes implied. Love, I could show you, but; would rather just make it up. What’s, not so easily complied; kept, neatly tucked away. What needs to be revealed, concealed; a heart in disguise. Covering the hurt, concealing the pain. We wink, to cover up the wince. The play, for a jar made of clay. Don’t, let anyone see you blink, to give your soul time to think. Suppress your feeling, or become a heart exposed… as only human? It’s okay, to not be okay. Beauty, can come out of ashes. The brave-hearted, that shows you can find strength, in your vulnerability. Under the quiet, and in the silence. Be moved, to be bold; showcase your worth. You, don’t have to confess. We’ve all, have encountered mess. Trying to find our best, through every test. To help bring about, a peaceful night’s rest. In a time, where lines can become buried. We don’t, have to let our heart and soul. Become afraid, of living out your truth; your hopes, and dreams. Strong faith, though sight unseen. A heart knowing, a crimson love. The soul, brushed against the breadth. A cosmetic smile, just a veneer. When a heart, tries to seem polished. The soul, emanating varying shades… of love. With, each look in the mirror; things, still not as they should appear. The true meaning of love, it’s found, draped within a scarlet glow. Rather, than being noticed; we pretend, everything is okay. The love concealed, within bottled up emotions. Life, can sometimes seem, like a masked ball. A private dancer, looking for a love; that will slow dance with your heart. Out of sight, doesn’t mean out of mind. Every heart, has an identity, with a destiny. Deeply flawed, seen through the right lens. Reflects a heart, with a purpose, the love beautifully becoming. The Concealer, that transcends!



May every heart, testify. Tell the whole world, your soul knows the breadth of love. Tell everybody, you see love; it’s in every horizon. For it shimmers, glows radiantly; and glistens, in the afterglow. Yell, how you just can’t help yourself. Love, helps you conquer fear, climb the highest mountain. Tell, how you’re relentlessly going to brag and boast. You feel, how love profoundly moves. It’s the air, you breathe in breathlessly. Tell about the moment, you awoke from a deep dream. To find love, was laying gently on your soul; and how, your heart couldn’t stop dreaming… for the next encounter. Let your heart Affirm, you know the beauty, and how stunningly it seems to find, you breathless. Yes, I’m sure you remember; the moment you thought, you lost love? Only to find, it’s always waiting in the shadows. To cast not a single doubt, love is forever. Affirm, that you know the very moment. When love called your heart closer, how breathlessly it leans in; to be a love so deeply felt. Tell the critics, about the moment. When love became magical, it made your breath disappear. Tell the story, how love began. How it birthed, in you a deep desire. Tell how, love is sweet, so delightful; Affirm, it’s heavenly. Declare Boldly the Good News, you’ve found love, and; “AFTER LOVING YOU, YOUR HEART COULD NEVER LOVE ANOTHER… THE SAME WAY!” Give true love; your Affirmation!


Wealth Transfer!

What, are you banking on? May it truly be, a profitable portfolio. Not, with just what the heart wants, but what the soul needs. So, what is your heart looking to invest in? What kind of wealth, is your soul willing to store up? For that’s, where your true inheritance is found. An enlightened mind, contains a wealth of information. But, it still needed to be undergirded with wisdom. For the truth therein, to truly be evident. Lack of knowledge, can only be the first excuse. So therefore, Ask, Seek, Knock… down every barrier. Be a heart empowered, not a soul indebted… to fear. On the river bank, a heart needs to step out into the water. So a crimson tide, can take your soul to a desired destiny. Liquidate your fear, and the future becomes a greater gain. A true wealth transfer, more than monetary gain. What a heart retains, and what a soul attains. The evidence, through your faith; when sight unseen. A valuable possession, knowing that in everything; apply sound judgment. So that your inheritance, is wealth with abundance. We, can read a book; but if the words don’t resonate? The reading, becomes just meaningless words, with no wealth… transferred. An enriched heart, becomes a prosperous soul. You don’t have to be rich, to know true wealth. Material prosperity, has a value; but it can never add to what, gives a heart the greatest treasure. A love that’s truly priceless, and desirable. A commodity, with true meaning. Missing nothing, or lacking anything. Giving the heart, an inherited strength. Leaving the soul, with an inherent beauty. An inheritance, the depth becoming an ocean. A heart, taking a deeper dive. To partake, in a plentiful transfer. A soul being supplied, with the greatest known resource, love that’s undeniable. When love, becomes the principal reason; the true interest of the heart. The Wealth, becomes compounded. For the soul, will eagerly want to contribute, be part of the sound investment. The Transfer: The love, moving from one heart, deposited into another. A shift, with a give, and take. A good man, leaves an inheritance… to go with the legacy, of love!

“The Lord bless you, and keep you. May the Lord make His face to shine upon you, be gracious to you. May the Lord lift His countenance upon you, and give you His peace.” And may you let His love, rest upon your heart! Numbers 6:24-26 ESV