Purified, words filtered, the heart pure, the love true. The soul, cleaned of toxic feelings. Pure love, deep like a river. A crystal spring, a quiet stream, the depth overflowing. Purified, natural love bubbling, beyond the surface, like pristine rushing water. My love, will never be perfect, but predicated. With filtered thoughts, the soul will be refined, the heart defined. The love never needing, to be re-strained. Love made clear, clarifies the intent. Removing any doubt, is the motivation pure? Fresh love, the essence pure inside. For love to be true, through and through, it pours out authentic. Escaping the soul, through love’s purest hue. A love quintessential, so refreshing, like an endearing summer breeze. Purified, my soul wants to forever be a heart, being Purified!


Consuming Fire!

Fresh wind, blow; ignite an endless passion, burn it away. Light it up, let my soul, burn out of control. Every heart that gets too close, let them feel. Love is, the flame upon my heart. Burn it away, any doubt; my heart won’t be consumed, by love forever. When love is blazing, love is amazing. Deep love, burn like a consuming fire. Love is, the flame upon my heart, burning night and day. Love is the light, the lamp for my soul, letting my heart shine. Love burns, to enlighten my soul, illuminated my heart; the darkness gives way. A soul, baptized in consuming fire. A heart like a phoenix, rises from the ashes, again and again. Love is the spark, that lights the fire. Love is like gasoline, profound love seeps through your pores, moves you like high octane fuel. Strike a match, let the fire within burn. Love, was never meant be a flicker, but a consuming fire. Love, I see clearly now, the haze is gone. A soul on fire, a heart consumed by love, burns constantly throughout. Consuming fire, consuming fire; burn it away, burn it away… any doubt!


Dancing Queen!

Her heart is free, her sweet love, such a treat. How can it be, my heart is never tired, dancing to the rhythm of her love. Whenever my heart beat, needs to slow dance. I hold out my soul, and ask love, if I can have this dance. Love, extends the request, takes me by the heart. And, with no hesitation, her love touches me deeply. My dancing Queen, her love is resting, gently on my heart. I swear, don’t dare, interrupt this love affair. Don’t come between, my heart, and my dancing Queen. All the passion, all the anticipation; truly nothing without it being a heart, moved by love’s graceful embrace. No one, knows what tomorrow holds, but this one thing I surely know. Love will forever, lead my heart and soul, to the middle of the dance floor. My dancing Queen, we have fun, find pleasure in each other. Letting our hearts, dancing; into the wee, hours of forever!

My Queen and I, two hearts, one heartbeat; rhythmically incline. But even so, between our forevermore, and our in-depth slow Waltz. The dance, becomes a sassy Tango; my mind, and her thinking, will love become a break dance? My soul said no, we will Tango, and my heart will take the lead; show you how I bust a move. My Rumba, not about the being “hip,” movement. My heart, plays it cool, phrasing my love passionately; in a tasteful rhythmic flow. My soul, knows the gravity; endearing love floats, on the clouds of heaven. It’s knowing how to Tango, without stepping on the love, between two hearts. In my dancing Queen’s world, orbits her view point; the preferred dance style, the Salsa. A love language, expressed in spicy connotations. But don’t get it twisted, she’s no latin momma; she’s my Caribbean Queen, and I love her. She’s doesn’t desire a throne, but every day; I Do, crown her heart, with my love. When love collides, some might think it a bit dramatic. But love tells me, she’s expressing, the passion, deep in her heart. My beloved, my Nubian Queen; her love dances, with my soul. Yes, my dancing Queen, her heart is free. Her sweet love, such a treat!


In The Stillness!

In the stillness of, my heart hears whispers. Beauty resounds, there’s breath within quiet love. A natural light reflects, my soul gazes, into the majestic wonder, the stillness. Love resides, breath is taken, in the quietness. Unwanted feelings, swayed by benevolent love. The hue, the texture, grazes gently aCross my heart. In the stillness, my soul learned to breathe, my heart desired to be, in love. In the silence, be still and know; love speaks, love lingers, love breathes. In plain sight, in small still whispers, love hovers. Bated breath, my soul waits to exhale, my heart waiting to catch another glimpse, when love smiles. Oceans of love, resting beautifully on my heart, to interpret, the poetic nuance. In the stillness, there’s a peaceful hush, a soul left speechless, the heart racing… breathlessly. Under the quiet, my soul dances. Me, myself, but I, am never alone. When, love has your heart in the spotlight, love slow dances with your soul. Vulnerability has strength, in love’s embrace. A heart empowered, love amplified. To help guide, revitalize, testify. Love is, profound whispers, in the Stillness!


Inexhaustible Love!

Inexhaustible love, a deep river running free. Chasing after your soul, seeking to steal your heart, take your breath. Inexhaustible love, immeasurable for there’s no length, love won’t go. To capture the heart, captivate your soul, with endless love. Inexhaustible love, unfathomable to the mind. What mind could truly fathom, depth in an inexhaustible love. Possibilities limitless, for the heart racing, to find love’s infinity. Forever swept into being; the gravity found in a weightless love. Inexhaustible love, unlimited the places, it takes the soul, to soar free like a bird. The love ascends, the breadth elevated, the soul swept to, love’s inexhaustible perspective. Love supplies, in abundance, the amount infinite, no strings attached. Inexhaustible love, chase my soul, let my heart race… tirelessly. When, unconditional love comes calling, what’s a heart to do? But let the love, take every breath, and being, to the beyond. A soul living boundless, a heart unrestrained, with an Inexhaustible Love!


The Fabric, in A Father’s Love!

True love, not about strength, but strength is required, to uphold the character. A father’s heart, meant to stand tall. The love, head and shoulders, above the mundane. To do something, is to be someone, who will act. The power of speech, meaningless without willingness, to be love in action. Falling short, doesn’t define, rising; to what may challenge, tenacity. When a heart, applies love to capability, ability concedes. The power of love, strengthens inability. You don’t, have to be a creator, to create memories, love in motion. Despite, love’s complexity; every heart, has the competency, be an expressive love. Father’s, profound love, may not come naturally. So therefore, let every heartbeat, Fight. True love, doesn’t need Might, for it to be Right. If, the heart doesn’t lose Sight, the future will surely be Bright, love reaching new Heights. Love’s starry Light, shimmering every day, and Night. Every heart, knows the endearing presence, of a mother’s love. May we, take a moment to recognize, the unsung quality; the crimson texture, the Fabric, in a Father’s Love!


Happy Fathers Day! May the texture of a heart, not be a man tailor made, but the love endearingly texturized!

Behind the Mask!

The veneer, the mystique, the complexities, of the hidden heart; love, has a persona. The character presented, in words perceived, speaks volumes. The truth, reveals the heart, unmask the soul. Love, has a beautiful image, divulging the heart’s identity. Love’s amazing persona, unmasked through every expression. Love’s intrinsic beauty, bares the soul, illuminates the breadth. Love partially covered, a heart fully exposed. Though, the love be genuine, facade becomes a painted smile. We mask the heart, to cover the regrets, the layers of exfoliation. You don’t, have to feel dead inside. Love was created, to help cleanse the soul. We don’t, have to disguise our imperfections. Sometimes, the cover-up, is worse than the crime. Not giving the world the opportunity, to see your love can shine. Do you, feel the world is broken? Don’t hide your heart, in brokenness, glass ceilings shatter. Do you, feel the shadows lurking? Don’t hide from your past, face today with vigor, tomorrow will reveal your worth. Do you, feel the days are darkening? Don’t hide your love, that’s how the darkness, conceals radiant light. Every day, it’s good to remind, your heart of this. Your light shines brightest, in the darkest moments. You don’t, have to hide your fears, we all get scared sometimes. When you trust and believe, faith removes the veil. Don’t mask pain, with suffocating silence. Why camouflage your heartache, when love is the answer. Behind the Mask, your soul will find it harder, to breathe!

“Celebrate with those who celebrate, and weep with those who grieve. Live happily together, in a spirit of harmony, and be as mindful of another’s worth, as you are your own. Don’t live with a lofty mind-set, thinking you are too important to serve others, but be willing to do menial tasks and identify with those who are humble minded. Don’t be smug, or even think for a moment, that you know it all.” Romans 12:15-16 TPT


Love, with Enduring Might!

Every day, life balances, when love is the Counterweight. Even if, your heart beats like a Featherweight. Pound for pound, the love within can shine, like a Heavyweight… champion. The spoken word, the heart poised to take action; love captured in a poetic Playwright. Let love be a Birthright, for every heart living Right. Not just in the Moonlight, but every day, and Night. Love Highlights, what may become an Oversight; love is forever. At some point, love makes the heart skip. What can a soul do, when love propels your heart, and it takes Flight, into the Spotlight. When it comes Downright, love equipped with Foresight, never depends on Hindsight. 20/20, love is a vision. A heart not captivated, by the Limelight. Love swayed, by Candlelight. A soul illuminated, like a Streetlight. Love is a journey, on the road called life!

Love pumps the brakes, at every Stoplight. Doesn’t use words, to pierce the heart. When rage the comes out, like a Bullfight. Straight up, to the moon and back, let your love soar. And, when the clock strikes Midnight, don’t change who you are. Show love, in the Twilight, and it will resonate brighter, in the Daylight. Every day, let your heart shine, like the Sunlight. Don’t get this twisted; your heart, no love is Airtight. The battles we encounter, intense enough, to leave cracks in your armor. But, even a flawed heart, can have enough courage, to wield such incredible love, like a valiant Knight. Profound love, doesn’t need deep Insight, to be a heart Upright, with Delight. Even, if the Weight becomes heavy, lift up your confidence, your heart will be Alright. Plight, will never sway; Love, with Enduring Might!


Quote Me; A Loyal Love!

Her love showed, the beauty in her heart!

When love rings true, the soul melts, within a heart of gold!

A simple touch, of lasting love. A gentle embrace, of love’s profound expression. Moves the heart, takes the breath, and leaves the soul, with wonder!

Groom your heart, beautify your soul, but don’t forget, to manicure your thoughts!

People sometimes think, you can misplace loyalty. But, how can they truly know, you’re loyalty is misplaced? Maybe they just can’t see, your loyalty lies, exactly where you’ve chosen, to place it? Let your heart, leave a lasting mark, and your love, will never be misplaced!

Everything, is Right in the World, when Love is the Answer!


Of the Utmost!

Absolutely nothing, nothing will ever be able to separate Your love, from my heart. It’s so vital, vital to sustain, my every heartbeat. The love is forever, forever soaked in my being. And it’s deeply, deeply moving; moving throughout the depth, of the innermost. It’s doing, doing a work within soul, making it whole. Why I have to admit, admit to the whole world. It’s truly, truly undeniably; it’s the best love, my heart has ever known. Love is of the essence, for it’s in the essence; your soul finds the hue, of love’s crimson beauty. It’s absolute, absolutely pressing; every day to position the heart, and press into love… deeper. Yes, surely, surely my soul will never ever be the same. For my breath, my breath has been profoundly taken, and all my heart has been left with, the breadth of love. It’s oxygen, oxygen so my heart can truly fathom. Depth in an ocean, in this sea of love. Removing, removing the love from my soul, it would be a catastrophic event, of the Utmost!