The Indicator!

Do you indicate left, right; I indicate up. Vertical the direction, the journey to forever; the destination, deeper. Ready, set, go… beyond trends. Set your own path, make your own mark. An outer marker, may indicate your position to others; but only what you allow them to see. But it can never truly indicate; the true position of your heart? Don’t get stuck in a holding pattern, no need to be beholden to the status quo; a trend the heart struggles to defend!

Take your soul to the next level, let your heart be a clear indication; of the true you. A true indication, will never be about affluence; but the measure, of what it can influence? If someone was to gauge your heart, would it reflect hot, or cold? A broken barometer, will never indicate true change. It’s never about feelings, that can change like the wind. Blow a mind, not with the warm, the fuzzy; the unclear. Check the functionality of your internal compass, does it identify; the true positioning of your heart? To what guides, not what controls. Set a mark, but don’t lose sight of the signs; hidden intersections, are crucial crossroads!

Love, respect; true benchmarks for sure. But also know how to search deep within, know your true point of reference; are you a made man, or a man made? Men and Women, have been tailor made; to be a beacon of hope, to a heart in need. It’s not about performance. So many performances, seem just an act… one, but seen too… often; just a show. When the acting is over, you still have to show; what you’re truly made of. There needs to be the light, through a lens; with real action. What should be forever seen, the love within. For that is the true Indicator, of a truly compassionate heart!

Fun Friday; Keep it Fresh!

As a man, a husband, a father; I take all my roles seriously. Even the role as a laugh provider, aka; “a funny man, a jokester.” One thing I never do, take serious things for joke. I always keep a straight face, while trying to get to the punchline. Then there’s, K.I.D.S; Kid Irritation Disorder Syndrome. I didn’t just have to provide for the material needs, I have to also pay for it too. Yeah, the struggle was real; no laughing matter. There’s always one hand in my pocket, sometimes it was even mine. You might think that this is, just for laughs; but there’s a serious side. For the funny-bone to be tickled, somebody has to fall… for the joke!

Don’t think it’s easy, watching them hit their elbow; while trying not to laugh. Just watching the reaction on their face, the struggle; trying to act serious, concerned. It’s called the funny-bone, so how can you not laugh; when it’s your own elbow? Don’t laugh, that’s not funny; you might hurt my sensitive side. Just kidding, my kids are all Millennials; now both hands are in my pocket, you can’t possibly hurt my feelings. K.I.D.S, they’re no joke. Why didn’t somebody tell us, that kids are so expensive? I’m still trying to find the humor, in always being broke; seriously, I love my kids. I’ve always been the type of guy, dad; who knew how to tap into humorous expressions. But don’t get me, this, it twisted. My jokes, are not fickle; they have never gotten me into a pickle. Why you ask, because I’m a serious Kat; it’s all about a genuine tickle, nothing fancy!

Okay, confession time; I’ve been called Silly, a time or two. Not sure why, my name’s not Billy; I’m not even a guy called Willy. Trust me, I have never been to Philly. Now, I do know how to get down; with the rhythm and the rhyme. So, if you think the rhymes are fresh? Go ahead, throw your hands in the air; wave it like you just don’t care… who’s watching. That’s right, you heard me; get your hands up. Woot woot, raise the praise. Get down on it, if that’s how the love moves you? Laugh, cry, dance; if the love truly moves your heart. Real love, will never be a joke; Keep it Fresh. Like I said, I take my roles seriously; even as I’m writing this verse. Because I know laughter, is also good for the soul!

  • I hope you all enjoyed this. May we all find humorous moments, in our everyday life!


What, oh what can I truly say; when there’s so much beauty, in ashes. A soul on fire, a heart totally consumed; the beauty, in ashes. I have not yet attained, but this one thing I do; move towards the consuming fire. To live is life, but to die; to live forever in love, such gain. In this life we will have trouble, but we still take heart; for there’s beauty, in the ashes. But only if we look past the blowing smoke, to see the love within. Not with blinded eyes, but a heart wide open. How a soul learns to truly see clearly, after the rain is gone. Don’t focus on the residue, that falls from the eyes. But the true substance that moves, the love that surrounds; the presence that forever hovers!

Let the love burn deep within, how a heart truly knows. That it can truly rise again, from the ashes. Don’t let the fire burn out, don’t ever let the love go to waste. Don’t leave your hope in ruins, don’t ever let your faith be destroyed. Until all that forever remains, the burnt out ashes; a soul without the faith to rise. Every day is a test, not if you can walk on hot coals. It’s a test of your faith, not mind over matter. Real faith, that will test the heart and soul. Can you see, can you recognize true beauty within; and beyond the fallen ashes? There’s a new flame, it comes from flickers of hope. A spark, from a heart truly ready to ignite; through the faith within. That’s how a soul knows, to rise again, and again. New life breathed in, a renewed hope breathed out. A truly stronger faith; beauty, for Ashes!

I’ve been in the ashes, more times than I should have; but yet, I rise. Even if it seems like dreams are going up in smoke, there’s still beauty; within the flames. Thou it billows, when the dust settles; arise from the ashes. Rise up like a Phoenix, rise up like the dawn. Rise above brokenness, rise like an eagle; upon the wings of hope. See all the beauty, through the lens of a faithful heart. A heart that knows, what it truly is to see; beyond just the horizon. A soul reborn, forever set free; to soar even higher. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust; thou the body will decay one day, to ashes. Yet the soul, shall forever rise above. With amazing gracefulness, in all the beauty that lies within; that’s what comes out, of Ashes!


He is faithful, He is our faithful father. His love is the truth, the light; the love shining within the darkness. His love is the only firm foundation, on what my anchor holds; all others, His love removed. The storms of life may collide, and the battles may be fierce. What anchors my soul, His love; my heart holds on to every word. We fight battles, yes; but we have Emmanuel (God with us). Jesus our defender, His love; already won the war, He’s never lost a battle. The same power, that crushed the enemy. That same power, lives within us. A love that moves, who are you mountain; when there’s a faith that moves?

Hell was overpowered, death no longer has a sting. The grave, conquered by the Savior; the risen King. We too can now overcome, if we let the light shine. Shine forever, like the Risen Son. So rise up each day, be unafraid; to shine bright. Then do it again, ten thousand times. Let your fear rise above the waves, rise even within brokenness. You can rise out of the ashes, beauty for ashes; what a beautiful exchange. Just breathe, within every new day. Within a love risen, a love forever glorified. Let the doubts, be just shadows; you no longer fear!

Victory is here, victory belongs to Jesus. Victory is ours; here, now. So therefore I anchor my Hallelujah. A love that deserves my best, my life, my song. My every breath, my everything; my all; nothing less. So clap your hands, give a great shout; what’s your Jericho. Shout with the voice of triumph, forever with the sound of jubilee; let your heart sing. Let the world hear, let the humanity see; hope lives in you. Shine, let the light within shine. Let the darkness know, the light lives within. Jesus is alive, resurrection power; is alive in you. And at the very end, at the end of days; we win, Whoo!


A Grace, So Amazing!

Grace, you show such love; more love than a heart truly deserves. Billions of hearts have experienced, but not can articulate; how truly amazing. A love undeserved, but my soul is forever grateful. Grace, why did you move toward me? Why does your love continue to move me, with such love unwavering love? So Grace, please tell me this? Grace, can you please answer me this? Excepting Your love, seems so simple; without even a question. What used to be the truly complicated thought, for me and my heart; why do you love me so?

Grace, Your love is a treasure; more precious than silver and gold. A love so close to my heart; so beloved, forever cherished. Grace, your love blows the mind, a heart overwhelmed by the sheer presence. Your love, bring tears to the eyes. No words, can adequately express your worth; a beauty beyond compare. A love so stunning, absolutely breathtaking; filled with so much mercy. When you found me, I was lost; broken. My eyes were wide open, but a heart so blind. The darkness that hovered over the surface of my heart was great, but Grace; Your love was so much greater!

Grace, Your love has set billions of hearts free. How my heart is forever grateful, You’ve been so faithful; a true companion for so many souls. Grace your love is powerful, strength for weakness. My trust, forever within your loving embrace; You’re the love of my life. I’ve made so many mistakes, but yet; I have You, Grace. I’m so in love, mercy; your love has forever captured my gaze!

“He is not here; He has Risen! Remember how he told you, while he was still with you in Galilee: ‘The Son of Man must be delivered over to the hands of sinners, be crucified and on the third day be Raised again!” Luke 24:6-7 NIV



When your heart feels like it’s in a fight, and it turns into the fight of your life. Don’t back down, even if the struggle becomes real; fight the good fight. Search your heart, find the faith within; let it bring you through the fight. Let faith fortify your heart, it’s a fight for the soul. A constant attack by the opposer, and it seems like a battle for the mind; overwhelming head shots. Some days it feels like you’re going to lose your mind. Hands up, guard your heart; trust your faith. Even if you’re on the ropes, but it feels like your back is against a wall; never give up, it’s not defeat. Hope is never lost, hope is forever found; keep the faith!

Even if the pain feels like body blows, and every time you do a gut check; your faith seems in tatters. Let hope be the rope, that will always have your back. Believe, is always the place to start. But faith still needs to be the fabric, the thread; that gives hope the strength it needs. Bob, weave, no need to worry about the scorecard; let your faithfulness, be undisputed. Let your heart float like a butterfly, death has no sting. Free your mind, steady your heart; but if your heart is feeling weary? If the fight is taking its toll, go down; on your knees. Count your blessings, find your strength; you’re about to get a breakthrough. The heart of a warrior, what keeps you in the fight!

Overwhelmed is the feeling, a heart desperately trying to breathe. Sometimes it feels like the fight is shadows; the past, just won’t let you breathe. When the past, tries to undercut your progress; it’s time for an uppercut. Don’t let the shadow box in… your heart, the past is just that; shadows. Victory becomes a reality, when the love within a heart; truly becomes undisputed. A knock down, doesn’t mean a knockout. Let sorrow, become your greatest joy; turn every tear, into a victorious cry. There’s so much beauty, when a heart rises from ashes. Within the strength of a love, fighting on your behalf; fighting for your heart. Deliver an everlasting blow, to the one trying to contend for your soul. Hands up, let the love of Jesus; fight on your behalf. Rest, this love; Undisputed!

Let the love of Jesus, leave your heart breathless; forever in awe. Hold fast, this love was tested; forty days, forty nights. Stone to bread, but the bread of life; cast away a heart of stone. A love willing to die, a heart wide open; The Greatest… Sacrifice. A love announced, in your corner; Jesus… is here. Three days, it was a hell of a fight; but who could truly contend? Jesus rose, Victorious, Glorious; His love forever the key. A love Unquestionably the greatest. Incontrovertible, Unequivocal, Irrefutable; Undeniable. The Uncontested Champion, the Defender of our heart. Christ in you, the hope of glory; step into your victory. Hallelujah, Thank You, Jesus. Your Love Reigns; Undisputed, Forevermore!


The Afterglow!

What if the sun didn’t rise, would the day still know how to shine; could a heart truly see the light? Could a soul truly see beyond the shadows, or would the darkness they can’t see; forever rule over blinded hearts? Would a heart truly know how to conquer mountains, if the valley between the light; cast shadows of doubt?

What if the moon didn’t glow, could an endless gaze; truly make a glowing heart shimmer, even within the dark? Could a mere twinkle, truly capture the heart; could the shimmer, move a restless soul? Can the endless gaze, change forever; how a heart sees?

What if the rain didn’t fall, how would the grass grow; how could sorrow, ever get washed away? Some days the tears endlessly fall, and at the end of the rain; the grass doesn’t seem any greener. It’s the dawn, a new day; but the dew covers. It’s a do over, another day; but the sorrow still lingers. A little mist, that won’t stop hovering; over the surface of the heart. But yet, even in darkened moments. At the very dawn, the sun rose, in triumph. A forever bloom, a love Undisputed!

What if I never felt loved, what if I didn’t have You? There would never be a desire, a burning; just a heart, without love. If we don’t know how to celebrate Amazing, then how could a heart truly recognize; Mercy? How could a soul truly be free to experience, life changing Grace? If I don’t know what is Mercy, then how could my heart ever know; that I also needed some, or even how to show?

Like I said, what if; the SON didn’t Rise? Nothing within the world, would truly be the same. How would a heart ever know, that it was lost within the darkness? How would a soul know, the true light? Recognize the lighthouse, the light with a forever glow. Showing the way, out of the darkness. Giving the soul a reason, an opportunity; to bask forever in the radiance, within the Afterglow!

  • We’re in the final week of Easter, a time to reflect on what it truly means. Most of the writing I do, is written on, or around the day I post. This Wednesday I would like to share one, that I’ve been working on, for the past month. When it’s posted, I hope you will all be blessed from it; as much as I was working on it.