Limited Visibility!

Mayday, wcr281; declaring a state of emergency. There’s a gaping void, within the center of hearts of today. A hole in hearts, creating an untenable situation. Genuine love, seeping out the hearts of mankind. Limited visibility, making it hard for hearts to see, we’re in this together, humanity. The love that fuels the heart, we’re losing it, there’s a tear in the fabric; this is a mayday. Love, is the tower, strength in the midst of uncertainty. To advise, give hope, encourage the heart, to face fear of the unknown. Why, do we think we can put love on autopilot, and think we can see when there’s a need, for love to act? Real love, will always require our full attention. To avoid, limited visibility becoming, a catastrophic dilemma. A heart loosing altitude, with a sinking feeling, in the pit of your stomach. Regaining faith, when love is truly felt, through an act of compassion. Even, from a thirty thousand foot view, love sees a new horizon. But only if, love is more than just, a blip on the heart’s radar, hearts. So limited visibility, won’t become an extremely clouded perspective. Love, is like an ocean, that won’t let a heart, crash and burn. Stick and rudder, makes love become the instrument, to level off the heart, and keep the love on course. Hearts, letting go of the negativity, will find common ground. Love is a runway, a safe place, where hearts can come together, and take flight. Testing, testing; hearts, are you listening? When the AIR between, becoming overwhelming? Love is the oxygen, helping your heart breathe. When the TRAFFIC, the noises of life are conflicting, with heart and mind. Don’t let your heart, lose CONTROL, of your humanity. Love, what’s stops a limited visibility from becoming, a rapid rate of descent. You don’t have to see the heart, for there to be love, in the atmosphere!


Love is, the Compass!

You must think, I’m such a fool, being here in this place, time after time. It seems I can’t help, but find myself lost, in love, again and again. Don’t say, it’s a foolish heart, trying to navigate matters of the heart, with blind faith. Faith is the substance, and I have the evidence, you will see. Every encounter, etched within the memoir of my heart. I can’t even, begin to tell you how many times this compass of mine, has led my heart to a place, to reminisce, I would be remiss. Trust without borders, what motives my soul, to go where feet can’t wander. Love is the compass, taking my heart to the place. Where my soul can know, love’s breathless wonder. I am no longer wondering, but my soul does wander. Love, won’t allow my heart to stay, in one place. So, time and time again. I find myself here, in this place, lost. Through the hourglass, the sands of time, will tell the tale. About the compass, within a heart, equipped with a G.P.S (God. Positioned. Securely) The compass, fixated on the northern star, with a guiding light. Love is an instrument, providing the perpetual pull, to love’s heartfelt undertaking. To evade the quicksand, a heart has to be mindful. An ill-advised path, leads to wayward place. When, love is the compass, fathomable has no boundaries, becoming… lost!



Rest your love, on my heart, let me feel the pressure. On my soul, leave an impression. Circumstances, can never change, my forever. To be never vain, to never refrain, from what my heart can attain. Let this love, withstand the test of time. My heart under pressure, gives a way for the purest love, to flow through my veins, to the depth of soul. Love weighs, life strains, but test makes, the love deeper. True love, doesn’t coerce, but has an effect on… what is heartfelt. I feel it, waves colliding with my heart’s posture. Emotions, could never sway the promise; my undistracted love, and devotion. Love true and through, every beat of my heart. Elevate love, the pressure test for my heart. See if faithful love, will be no pressure, on my soul. On day one, or even a thousand years. In love, the only pressure I feel? Love’s profound grace, pressed up against my soul, resting beautifully on my heart. Persuading, influencing, my frontal lobe! Nov 23, 2022

Bended Knees!

When, the battlefield is the mind, life hovers near your heart. Burdens, advance within the moments, seeking an opportunity, to upend your resolve. While Fear, lingers in the shadows. Looking to steal, an arrow out of your quiver, and pierce your hope, through a crack in your armor. Some days, it’s jubilee, believing you have the victory. Only, to be taken back, life aggressively wages against your faith. Finding, the strength to push forward, easier said, than done. In the stillness, you hear a whisper in the wind; the battle is not yours… Thinking, you have might, to fight; you press on. But then, Grief enters the battlefield, making your heart tremble. And before you know it, hurt is creeping closer and closer, to your heart. When, Life, Fear, Burdens, Grief, Hurt; surrounds your heart, and it seems you’re losing the battle? What do you do? In the cleft of the rock, hide yourself, and find your worth. When I’m surrounded, I know my heart is surrounded, by Love, and Grace. On bended knees, this is how, you fight the battles, gain the victory!

“Now my beloved ones, I have saved these most important truths for last: Be supernaturally infused with strength through your life-union with the Lord Jesus. Stand victorious with the force of his explosive power flowing in and through you. Put on God’s complete set of armor provided for us, so that you will be protected as you fight against the evil strategies of the accuser!” ‭‭Ephesians‬ ‭6‬:‭10‬-‭11‬ ‭TPT‬‬


Love Is, the Sum Factor!

True love, subtracts the negativity, leaving the heart, positively charged. Love added once, carried by the three, equals the perfect equation. Plus nothing, minus nothing; love going, above and beyond. Expectations, should never be calculated into, but be applied, with worth implied. The extrapolation, being part of the true sum, factored into love’s endless possibilities. The length, the depth, the breadth of, in the sum of love’s relevant factors. A heart, factoring in every facet of love? The sum will always be greater than, and never less than; more than just a hypothesis. Equal application of love, not based on a formulation of thoughts, but a desire for the love to be… intentional. Multiplied constantly, divided equally. Lets the sum become, a heart at the center of the equation. The square root of two hearts, will forever equal, one… heartbeat. When Love is, the sum factor!


Her Quiet Beauty!

What’s words, when her love dialect, speaks so profoundly. Why wouldn’t I recognize heartfelt gesture? When the subtlety of her love, has become so quintessential, to astound. Why, fathom the depth in a river, when your soul has encountered, the love in a deep river woman. Her wit-ness, a testament to her heart, a love with a divine intellect. One glimpse into her heart, I knew an angel, was sent from heaven. How, could my heart not be swayed? When a moving love ballad, is playing quietly in the background, of a real life love story? A heart, is not a home, without the fragrance of love, lingering with the undeniable essence. The beauty of her love, a picture-perfect portrait; what love is. My heart is the canvas, painted with her unfading love. At night, I lay my soul down, and in my dreams I feel. Her love resting, quietly on my heart. Her breadth is felt, her love whispers in my sleep. Time never passes, her quiet beauty, makes the love timeless. Her love walks quietly, loves faithfully; never tiptoeing around, love’s true nature. Unconditional love, her beautiful accessory, gifted for my soul to cherish. A touch from her love, and everything is right. The gentleness of her heart, such a beauty to behold. Every kiss of her love, a permanent mark left on my heart, that can never be washed away. The color of love, her hands, and feet made beautiful. Her heart is virtuous, her love unmistakable, her words endearing. With a certain, je ne sais quoi. Pretty, pretty please, she shares with me her heart. In the quietness, our souls conversing; her love, has a quiet beauty!


In The Secret Place!

The secret rendezvous, where my heart utters; no one knows, and my soul says, no needs to know. Where pretense, doesn’t exist. My love concedes, my heart doesn’t need a special reason, to show how I feel. As I lean in, press into the breathless hue, let it take my breath. It’s in this place, time has no space, moments eclipse the mundane. So, I have the faith to believe, breathtaking will be. Where breadth expands, to let my soul boldly discover. Nothing else will compare, to the close encounter. When, profound love becomes your guiding light, hope will never be lost; when love becomes the gravity. The soul, fathoms the vastness, heart embraces the fullness. Heart and soul, rediscover again and again, love’s absolution. Face to face, how love enlightens. Heart-to-heart, how love converses. The heart, racing to be overwhelmed, transported, transformed, inspired. A thousand breaths, enriched by love, last ten thousand lifetimes. Tomorrow, I will be here again, waiting; for another encounter. Feel how an endearing love, visits you; in your secret place!