The Message; Cruise Control!

Cast your cares, cast your heart on the other side… of what you see. Set your sight on a new horizon, on a brighter tomorrow. Into deeper waters, into a true ocean of love. A heart ready to forever cast away… whatever tries to bind. A heart wide open, to set sail on what is an open… eyes to see. Faith, is sight beyond what can be seen. Even though your heart, may not be sure of the heading. Be sure of this one thing, your soul has a destination. Your heart gets to choose the direction, but the journey is already predestined. Most hearts tend to have a cruising speed, but tell me; who truly has the wheel?

Be in control of the love, but make sure you know what kind of rudder; is steering your heart. Even if I tried, I could never put my heart on cruise control. What drives me, is also what moves my beating heart. Life is short, a journey that takes a heart into so many tomorrows. Once the journey becomes clear, once your heart has made the choice to be free; never look back. Live it right, live it well. Live with no regrets, no guilt, no shame. But first choose to live it, within God’s love. Try not to let your heart drift off course. Even a degree off, never gets a soul… to the chosen destination. We forever need incremental changes, meaningful; true lasting course corrections!

God knows what’s best for you. His love can prepare your heart, prepare your mind; to be ready for whatever comes. With His love in control, you can never go wrong; with the strength to pass any test. Feel the need for speed, but always remember. Love for, doesn’t also mean in love with. Why, our hearts should never be only on Cruise Control. Be intentional, the will, the power; but forever a choice. Don’t let the heart and soul, be two ships passing in the night. Let the love within, be the compass that guides… the heart. You’re free to do, and even if you get off course. His love will still be there, to show your heart the way home. A life renewed, but a soul that knows how to give thanks; for such Amazing Grace!

John 21:6 ESV – “He said to them, “Cast the net on the right side of the boat, and you will find some…” What’s your some; Love, Joy, Peace? Cast… away, how you forever get some!



Most people think, freedom is a road. I believe, true freedom is a path; that a heart needs to follow. We all have the freedom to act, but does your heart… know it has the power to choose? Right, wrong; one a path, the other a road… with so much hash marks. Lines, put there to remind you; change your position… as much as you want. #But There’s Still Lines, some not to be crossed. Why a heart can never truly be free, if the road is paved by another; but the path never their own. They say we all have the freedom to speak… our minds. But the moment you choose to say what’s on your heart, you’re once again reminded; “freedom is a nice word, but not always a choice… we get to make!” A word that means no hindrance, but still a word, that can forever restrain a heart. True freedom is not just about independence. Freedom is also about a true dependence, but Only when God is the source!

I’m not saying you have to believe me, just saying; you have the freedom… to choose. Freedom is not just seeking liberty, but being truly liberated; a release from what keeps the heart bound. We have freedom of expression, but it’s God’s love; that is the champion of true freedom. Freedom is when the heart is allowed breathing space, but the question is. What freedom does a heart choose, to be it’s every breath? A self-determination, but still with self removed from the evaluation. A soul not letting self, just be the determining factor. But also letting the heart, help determine the true destiny. Down a road, or on a path? True freedom, God’s love in control… of destination!


Fun Friday; In My Ear!

I hear voices, not just in my head; these voices are all up in my ear. Sometimes I try to ignore them, but there’s still this ringing… in my ear. Sometimes I hear music, a song playing in my head; but speaking to my heart. Every single heartbeat, a love song soothing my soul. I’m not going crazy, but sometimes I do wonder; am I the only one hearing this? Who could I ask; me, myself, I… would never ask such a question. I’m not just drumming, this all up… within my own imagination. I do move to the beat of my own drum, but it’s a higher power… that sets the tone. I tell you, there was a tug; a whisper within my soul. My heart could no longer ignore it, so I answered the call. Oh, Lord; You had my heart at hello… speak!

That’s just one of the voices, another voice and I… speak often. Sometimes we would even have some spirited discussions. The voice would certainly have a tone, but I always had a tenor… a deep baritone type of a voice. So therefore, I had to be very mindful.. to watch the verbiage. Trust me, I have sense; five to be exact. I have Sight, to know and see where the conversation might be heading. I know how to Hear, when my inner voice advises me; “don’t say a word, just listen!” I can Smell… trouble, why I never try to deliberately step in it. I can Taste, when it’s about to go sideways. So I just lick my lips, and bite my tongue. Yes, I know when not to Touch. If I know what’s good for me, some things I just don’t want to touch… with a ten foot pole. I can truly say it’s eerie, how the voice tends to win… most of the conversations. But it’s not strange, most of the things I hear… makes perfect sense; this voice knows my beating heart!

Perhaps, you think I’m just making this up… all in my head. Oh, I assure you; my heart is involved in all of this. Let me share with you an example, of what the voice once said; “honey, can you stop and get some milk?” You see, the voice even calls me honey. Talking about being personal, with such sweet words. But the funny thing is, I usually end up doing… exactly what the voice says. Well, I do love myself some sweet honey… talk. Plus, whenever the music starts to play; the lyrics are something I know. Let me give you an example, one time the voice in music asked; “Hello, is it me you’re looking for?” Trust me, I’m not a crazy person. Why look around, I knew it was only in my head. Sometimes, I just get tired of hearing the voices. So therefore, I’m left with no other choice. Just to stop from hearing voices, I have to take my Bluetooth earpiece; from… In My Ear!

There you go folks, another humorous expression… from the mind of WCR. I drive for a living, so I’m always on the go. I listen to a lot of music through my Bluetooth earpiece, and talk to my wife often. So hence the voices, in my ear. Below I wrote two quotes, the Random Act of Kindness; for Stuart, @ something to Stu over. The Happiness, quote me; Dollfaced Writer. I don’t have time to participate. Friday is the only day I can maybe infuse something extra, into the post. I hope everyone enjoyed this. Save the picture if you wish, have a wonderful weekend!


The Open…

An open soul, how the glory is truly revealed. The open skies, shows the heavens. But it’s a heart wide open, that can see the risen Son. A heart truly open, what makes the glory rain down. But a heart can never truly feel the reign, if the heart is tightly shut up. Even when the clouds set in, even when the darkness covers; nothing can ever stop the reign. Heaven, show our hearts how to truly see beyond… the blue skies. God help us to get under the fullness, the glorious reign. A heart soaring, not just to capture a dream; but be absolutely captivated, by a vision of love. The beauty, the magnificent splendor. The breathless awe, may hearts truly feel… the Reign!

A fresh wind, blowing through the caverns of our soul; rain pour down, fall afresh. Signs, and wonders; above all hope. The reign, falling into our soul… until it floods. The stand on, the stand under; the stand up, for the truth. Standing in the presence, the everlasting reign. Hearts surrendered, hearts starting to see the gravity. For the reign to truly be known, a heart needs to be absolutely wide open… to receive. A look to the heavens, a look into our own hearts; to know the true manifested reign. Tears don’t mean you’re losing. The rain… down your face, mean you feel the love growing. Reign drops on roses, hearts in a forever bloom!

Heaven, may our eyes truly be on You; may our hearts truly see the glory. Let our peace be still, drench our soul. Let our hearts know, how to forever sing in the reign. Souls rejoicing in the storm, hearts riding out every wave. Until the tidal waves of eMotion, is Your love washing over our souls. Your loving embrace, Your glorious reign; within an open heart. Father, Thank You; that we can breathe in Your presence. That my every breath, is Your love… in me. May every heart truly feel, may every soul forever see; The Open… Heaven, the Reign!


Bottled Love!

iThirst, a heart always in need, a soul forever parched. A never quench, a fire burns deep within. Trying to talk, is a dry mouth; it’s my heart… that has so much to say. Just thinking about the love, is never a dryness of the eyes; the love flows. Just a sip on this love, so refreshing. I will forever bottle this love, but never within a plastic smile. No more bottled up emotions, my heart will express the depth. With my two lips, will I forever tell of the goodness; how this love is so so good. To show how deep goes the well… within my soul. Whenever my heart is in need, whenever my soul feels like a desert; it’s another drink from the well!

Oh my soul, will never offer a watered down version of my heart. The purest of love, will forever be the offering. An overflow, a forever spring; the love runs deep, within a silent river. Half empty, or the glass half full. The proverbial, is just a rhetorical; for a heart in need… of just a single drop. I’m not talking about drinking, this is about a thirsting. For a love so refined, a love so pure; sealed in an everlasting promise. The water will flow, my heart will forever be full; from the constant overflow. There’s an essence that flows, the fire within; helps to distill my soul. Nothing missing, within a heart absolutely speechless. Just trying to articulate; this breathless love. iThirst, a heart forever in need. This love is water, my Bottled Love; what I want to share… from the heart!


iTreat; Harley!

I once met a man named Harley,

he descended from the prestigious line of Davidson’s. Harley was rough around the edges, but when Harley graced you with his presence, you could see that Harley was top notch. The riveted exterior, was sure to catch your eye. Harley, was one of those so called; “bad boys.” People seemed to just gravitate, to Harley’s magnetism and charm. People would come in droves, just so they could say; we’re associated with the Harley family. So many have come, trying to dethrone Harley… from his pedestal, but to no avail. They would just end up peddling away, no BMX bike… could ever beat a Harley. Go ahead, Tour de France; do a little sightseeing. Check out the Tower, after you’ve had an Eye… Full; Harley will still be head and shoulder above the rest. Take a number, lean back and enjoy the show; it won’t be a competition. Just another show… off, looking for fifteen minutes of fame!

When the peddle collides with the medal, and while you’re still admiring the chrome. A sight you shall surely see, as Harley leaves you in the dust… off another trophy. For to this day, Harley has established himself; as The premier bad boy. Yes, Harley of the Davidson clan; you are such a road hog. But the plain and simple truth; “who can ever deny you this privilege?” You are a chopper, and over the years you have sent the competition… to the chop shop. You are too much of a class act, to ever make it be all about the streets. Harley is not hood, but can dust up; throw down with the best of them. Ashes to ashes, dust to dust; Harley you kill dem with it. Harley, you have more than earned your status, and rightly so. Vroom Vroom, Harley; you’re definitely a force… to be reckoned with!

I wrote this four years ago for my own amusement, but thought I would share it; I call it a iTreat, something different. Every so often I will share some of my interesting observations. I don’t own, or have any desire to ride a motorcycle. When I was a kid, Harley’s were interesting bikes; this is my take on the story. Below also is a quote, on a picture that can be saved. The tag theme is Happiness; picked by Renee @ Heart Tokens!


Not Today!

To stomp on your heart, to trample on your soul; to let you lose sight of your dreams. To ultimately grip, your heart with unfounded fears. What the darkness tries to do, to your heart. Show the darkness you have a light; within, around, throughout… it all. Let the darkness be blinded by the light. Shine bright, shimmer fiercely; you are a diamond… not easily broken! Even in the rough times, let the darkness know; your heart is grounded. Forever rooted, no longer a slave… to fear. Kick fear to the curb, no trash talk today; my heart is predestined to thrive. Tell the darkness, Not Today!

You see, my friends. I too have faced dark times, but never a dark moment. What I mean by that? We all go through dark valleys, but I never let it define the moment. The darkness definitely has a shadow, but my heart is what will never cast the doubt. Just the light, a reflection of the love shining; from the inside. The darkness knows, I’m Never in the mood. So, when the darkness comes, trying to mess with your faith. When it tries to steal your hope, stamp the telltale sign on your heart; Not Today. I’m not in the mood… for the lies, the trickery; the deception. Let the darkness know, light within is so much greater. Then the darkness will surely give way, to the light… in you. Let the darkness read all about it, let it be front page news; how much your heart is truly free. And you’re truly bold, tell the darkness to pay special attention; to the highlighted area, Hell No… Not Today!

I hope everyone is having a wonderful week. I would like to share one of my earliest memories, of a “Not Today” moment. I was 13, some friends and I were heading to the mall to hang out. On the way there, my friends decided to take a shortcut; through someone’s backyard. They all jumped the fence, and wanted me to follow; but my heart wasn’t trained for that. I told them I wasn’t comfortable with it. One of them said, take the long way, or go back. It was a true defining moment, but never a hard decision. My heart was content, to just go back home. Never held it against them, it was a moment for my heart to say; devil, Not Today!

To this day I’ve never been one to be bothered, or influenced by what others thought, or said about me. Growing up I had a wonderful godly grandmother, who knew my heart need a firm foundation; why I’ve been in church all my life. Even though it wasn’t until the age 15, when I accepted the true calling on my heart. Looking back now, I can see that from a young age; I knew who I was, and am. When you hear about predestined, and set apart. I can unequivocally say, I truly know what that means. One of my favorite scriptures, which I memorized around the age of ten; Psalms 23. “Even when I walk through the darkest valley, I will not be afraid, for you are close beside me. Your rod and your staff protect and comfort me.” Verse 4‬, ‭NLT‬‬


Struck… by the Beauty!

Your love, had my heart with just a mere glimpse. A heart forever captured, by just one glance. Into You, no; Your love first saw into me. A heart so profoundly moved, by such a sweet fragrance, by such a distinguishing aroma; a truly delightful love. So much more, than one heart could ever articulate. Makes a heart sometimes ask the question, why? Why does Your love, choose to make this heart… a home? Once a heart of stone, but now Your love is my daily bread. Even when my heart finds itself in a dry land, parched becomes the soul; a thirst for more You. A blown mind, a heart of stone struck by a love. A soul with a continuous overflow, water from the crevices of my heart. How could a heart ever hold back, when the gushing love; is a tidal wave of emotions? A heart absolutely struck, by the beauty of this love!

Even when I am struck, by a passing gust of fear; that my heart will be overwhelmed? It’s still Your love, that gives me enough faith to believe. There’s never any fear, trusting Your heart. The strength of Your love, what I forever lean on; the one thing that steadies my soul. Even when my vision is blurred, by what my heart perceives to be the truth. I am once again struck, to know Your love is the only thing; that helps my heart to see. I could gain the world, but still would have gained nothing. My heart wants nothing else, but You. To know Your love, is to know Your heart. Such a great privilege, is therefore my greatest gain!

Oh, I would rather be in want of air; than to ever be in want of Your love, that’s how my heart knows to breathe. Where have the years gone, it’s has been so many years; but it seems like just yesterday. Your love struck the first chord… within my heart. Your love stirred a silent river, moved a heart to tears; with an endless flow of love. A heart still struck to know, how Your love still moves me. So many days have gone wrong; down a ways, sideways, in different ways; but always, my heart remained vertical. Not in fear of being stuck down, but never wanting to ever be a letdown; to a love so amazing. A heart absolutely Struck… by the Beauty, of Your love!


Song Inspired; Hello!

Hello, it’s me… myself, I… love You. Needed to get that off my chest, to give my heart another moment to breathe… in more of Your love. Can I Ask, actually; I’m here to Seek. Well, truth be told; it’s a constant Knock… on the door of Your heart, Your love is so inviting. Hello, is it me You’re looking for? I think so, You’re asking my heart; to write a love story. Yes, forever use my heart. But the question is this, will they truly get it? The Poetry in eMotion, are not just pretty words. The rhythm and the rhyme, yes it comes from the heart; but through a soul, attached forever to a vine. The growth, what truly makes this a Poetic Love!

Hello… can anybody hear me? When I was young I used to wonder. Yes, sometimes in my mind I would imagine; if my heart would truly know love? But now I don’t just know, I have a love that hovers; over the surface of the deep… er places of my soul. I don’t have to imagine anymore, every day is now a dream. Every new dawn, is a moment to kiss upon this love. Mmm… Hello; must have been, at least a thousand times. This love has so much substance. Your heart shows through Your love, I feel it within just a smile; it’s all I’ve ever wanted. Life is short, so for You; going to live it well!

Hello, but first it’s confession time. My love has passed outside Your heart so many times. I wouldn’t call it stocking. In Your presence, my heart was just so lost for words. How could my heart truly speak, Your love is speechless. Your love is an ocean, and I Was… a silent river. Hello… can You hear me; WAS, not anymore! My heart was once so blind… to the true depth of Your love, but now I see; how it’s my everything. A heart open wide, Your love always knows just what to say. My heart now knows just what to do, say Hello!

Your love is the sunlight in the dark, the air when it’s hard to breathe. I know how much You care, but what I’m here to tell the world; how much I love You… Hello. Sometimes I feel my heart will overflow. So, forever tell me how to always win Your heart. Just so some days, I don’t have to tell my heart; Sure-look, get a clue. Way-maker, You have made a way for my love; to come knocking at Your heart. Even though I speak with the tongue, I will forever speak from the heart. I absolutely need to tell You; Your love, had my heart… at Hello!

• This song Inspired, is one of my favorite song. It was released in 1983, written and sung; by Lionel Richie!


Pieces of myself, the part with nothing missing; nothing broken; forever will I share. Will never give a piece that may shatter, leaving a heart broken. Pieces of my heart, a piece of my soul. The strength within, the love that makes a heart whole; will never let my love fall to pieces. Why I will never give a piece of my mind, a mind is a terrible thing to waste. Why I rather give… the purest kind of love. Why I will forever speak life, from the heart. Love, may every piece be truly evident. May every piece unite… heart and soul!

When the heart feels puzzled, and it seems like the pieces of your life; just won’t come together. May your soul never lose sight… of the big picture. Puzzles of the soul, every broken piece of the heart; doesn’t mean it’s shattered pieces of the soul. Every broken piece is a perfect fit, within a master plan. True mysteries of the heart, are forever being revealed; from the inside. When the cup runs over, even when a heart seems so broken. There’s so much life, so much peace, so much joy; that can still pour out of brokenness. A heart doesn’t have to be super, a soul truly doesn’t need to be crafty. When love is the forever glue, the bond… not easily broken!

May your souls be on the mend, may your heart forever be restored. Even if some of the pieces, are part of a broken fence; there’s a fix. May every last one of those pieces, find true restoration. If I can point you, to where your peace can be found? If I can show you, Who holds the pieces? Would you then have the courage, to paint a true picture… within your own heart? When a heart feel like it’s falling to pieces, every single broken piece; is still part of a true masterpiece. You don’t have to believe what I’m saying, just sharing Pieces of my heart. And if you’re in need of another peace? Let me share with you, a silent prayer. May a weight be lifted off your heart. Until there’s truly nothing missing, nothing broken; no more broken… Pieces!

#Love… within the broken Pieces!
#Keep Doing You… despite the shattered Pieces!