Living, in You!

The height, the length, the breadth; a love that exceeds the imagination. Expand the mind, expand the heart; expand the soul. Increased hope, increased faith, increased depth; to the true understanding. Stretch the heart, stretch the soul; stretch futile thinking. A heart not knowing, a soul; not experiencing. Eyes can’t see, ears cannot hear; an infinite love, beyond breathless. Through every heartbeat, how the soul truly comprehends; the move… in, every breath. A heart flexible to be moved, a soul elasticized to know; resilience in the everlasting breath. A mind not willing to bend, to the power of others will. A heart that won’t adjust truth, to fit what others believe. Leaving the heart and soul vulnerable; to a mind easily deceived!

When the breadth pushes up against my soul, it’s not the push back; but the breathe deeply. In my soul, my heart will boldly carry the love; and display the resounding beauty. For You, by You, in You; through You, true living. Within the refuge, the sanctuary. Under the canopy, the hiding place. Living in grace, living in the deepest place. Living, seeing, believing, knowing, trusting. Training the mind and body, readying the heart and soul. For the speaking, the hearing, the listening; said underneath every breath. In being, in stillness, in You; where love abides. Life, meant to be lived with meaning. A heart beating, knowing the true purpose; the soul Living, In You!


A Story; Closer, to Your Heart!

I didn’t realize, that your heart wasn’t tightly; pressed up against my soul. I vowed, to keep it close. Never let your love not be, what forever moves my heart. You must surely know, and completely understand; I was busy, “trying to keep up with the Jones.” You see, it’s really not my fault; even though you had to watch from a distance, our hearts drifting apart. Okay, it absolutely was, me, myself, I… did leave you waiting. Looking, longing, wanting; to be closer. We were already close, and I knew your love was there, hovering; trying to get my attention. I didn’t notice, the distance between my every breath… a chasm. Hello, how truly profound… ly insensitive. How could I have not noticed; my heart on its own life support? The breadth of your love, so few and far between. A soul gasping, fluttering; for the love. That became my every breath, and water for my soul!

A heart disconnected, the soul needing to be reconnected. To the power source, where I find so much strength; through an undying love. My soul wasn’t feeling your heart beat, within my soul as it once did. Just a heart, feeling beaten. I try to listen, but I didn’t hear your voice. The small, the quiet whisper. My soul needed to be still, but my heart was speaking; when it should have been listening. I was looking for love, but there was this one tree; in the wilderness of my soul. Even though my soul, could recognize your voice from all the rest. So many voices surrounded my heart, crowding your heartbeat. Oh me, oh my heart; cry out… louder. Oh heart, stop; listen intensely. But at last, my soul went quiet; retreated back into the silent river. “Que Sera, Sera; what will be, will be.” A heart overwhelmed, a soul wondering; would ever be again?

A heart that ended up, wandering down memory lane. A soul now on a journey, through the heart of the lily of the valley. Showing the wonderful moments shared, and how the love was forever the guiding light. A heart, the soul, a want, the need; your love, the song… in the dark. The lonely river, slowly became the unfamiliar place. Over the years, my heart had spent so much time; living in an ocean of love. Deeply was the water, the love so refreshing, and each wave of deep eMotion. A heart knowing, such a gentle stream of love. A love running forever down, into depth of soul. The rain fell, the pouring out; into the everlasting reign. What was my soul to do, but let it be… dear, Lord. Let it be, back to the drawing. No dragging, no kicking; just a heart screaming, broken. It was the move, closer… than ever. A move to find, stepping out to be found; profoundly moved, in heart and soul!

A heart no longer adrift, in my silent river. A heart now back on the path, a soul no longer feeling so broken. A heart, realizing; a mistaken identity, will never change God’s love. When I thought, just give up… the faith; “His love said never, I will give up… your heart.” Patiently You waited, but the distance between widening; then your relentless pursuit. Why now, the love so much deeper. I see the love, through the lens of your heart; not just a one sided viewpoint. A renewed perspective, your love being the true vantage point. Never again will I allow, even a degree of separation; keep me from pursuing your heart. Forgive me, when I feel I’m making your heart seem unloved. To know the true depth of your love, in me; and my heart’s true worth, to You? It will be the forever seek after. The run down, the endless chase; and be a man after… your heart. I will always move to you, my soul will only stop at the moment. When You have my every breath, and my soul close enough to know; your love has stopped moving. My heart has become so relentless; trying to get Closer, to Your heart!

– I wrote this about six years ago, when my heart reflected on a moment lived a few years before. May it be an encouragement for your heart, to know it doesn’t matter what you’re going through. God’s love will never leave you where you are, but relentlessly pursue the heart, of those who truly want to know His heart!



Words spoken, but hearts; not ready to acknowledge the truth. A presence is moving, but yet; so many hearts not seeing? So much is happening, but many not perceiving. So much is said, under the quiet; but so many hearts; not yet open… to the receiving? Ears are hearing, eyes are seeing; but the heart pretending. Hark! Who goes there? So many think, this is a time within to play. Not realizing, it’s time to Harken. Sound off, one, two. There’s always a sound, that precedes a move… of God; what hearts must concede. So many hang up their hopes, on the evidently. Instead of forever resting their hearts, on the evidence in plain sight… for all to see. So many take notice of, but the heart not yet ready to act on. Action is truly required, if change is ever to take place… within. No point of listening, if the heart doesn’t see the need; to respond to what is being heard. Nevertheless, there is a move. The question is this, is the heart willing to be moved; by each gentle whisper? Words are spoken, but the heart has to be… Listening. Shh, quiet your heart. Listen, can you hear; in the midst, God is speaking? In His love, your heart will be… okay!

Father, even though uncertainty comes to the day; let the confusion never be… that You still reign. Your love is in words, in You hope is the word; a heart needs to know. Speak, let hearts know; in You freedom reigns every day. Let us not miss the moment, to what is said; when You whisper into the stillness. When the doubts soar, souls are overwhelmed. Help every heartbeat to believe, in You there’s life; in You hearts will conquer… the unknown. Father, when words are lost; may peace be still, be found. Hope in the storm, a song in the night. May we trust in You the Unseen, to find safety; when all seems lost… in the See. Help us to listen, when Your heart speaks. Your love is the first, the last; will always be the safest place. When the world don’t seem to know, where to turn? You know just what we need, know what we can’t see. Every season has a moment, and every moment just a season. Bring us to a higher place, take us into a deeper love; into a heart, so Renowned!



So many find ways to give less, but that’s not my heart. My love will never be perfect, but will always be faithful. These days, so many call themselves a daredevil; but yet, don’t dare be different. So many say they know fearless, but more, or less; you still need the add-in, the element of faith. Conquering fear, not about the battles fought. How many won, or lost; but all the lessons learned. You don’t have to be a gallant knight, to know how to fight off the unknown. Some wars, are not just physical. Knowing how to fight, shadows in the night, is not about having the right skills; but the right kind of faith. Knowing a fearless trust, in whom true power is found. A heart knowing the power, that will skillfully wield; the tool… within the chest!

They say, less is more; but, not when more truly needs to be said. My heart doesn’t try to just write down, but capture the words; whispered within the soul. A heart trying to explain, a love unexplainable. Words are not at a loss, but sometimes it’s a heart; lost in words. Why, my heart can never write less than; what’s put in my heart to say. My soul doesn’t have to wonder how to interpret it, just faithfully be a heart willing; to write down the words within. Say Who it’s about, and let the story tell the Why; Never-the Less!

How can a heart convey whispers of love, spoken within a soul; without first knowing Speechless? How can a heart experience, lost for words; without knowing where words are first formed? To be emotionally moved, could never truly be by just an emotional thought; but a heart knowing true emotions. A heart moved to tears, but a soul knowing overwhelmed… always. Tears running down, the soul pouring out; the heart chasing after… forever. Most days, the choice I have to make is Sleepless; but never a soul feeling Restless. Sometimes, my heart is left Speechless. So many times, a soul experiencing a love called Breathless. Never a day, will my soul know a moment named Faithless. Every day, will be a heart knowing nothing Less; than the Relentless pursuit. The choice to absolutely love more, Never-the-Less!


By Your Side!

Beloved, when you think my love is too far to touch? When you think I’ve left you, and you feel so alone. You’re never too far, that my love can’t know your heart. When you feel I’ve put your love up on a cold, dusty shelf. Just know, when your heart settles. You will truly see, my love has your heart… up on my pedestal. When you breathe, know when my love moves… between every breath. When you feel you’re alone, walking in the dark; stretch out your faith, to take hold of my love. My beloved, when your light shines; you make my heart glow. As far as the East, is from the West. No amount of distance, will make your love; not touch my heart. I know you better, than you truly know your own heart. Don’t think, that I will ever let you down. I will never ignore your soul, while loving on your heart. When you’re down on your knees, my love can’t help but to hover; listening to every breath. I see when your tears, are all bottled up… inside. Whenever you cry, my heart draws near. Hush, dry your eyes; take comfort in my love!

When your heart ties, to get ahead of tomorrow. Just know, today will be the moment; to be embraced in our togetherness. When the days are overwhelmed, and your soul needs a whisper in the dark. My love, is the song in the night. I tell you, my beloved. My love will always be what’s right, when everything else seems so wrong. Only if your heart could always see endless, then your soul would truly know; the unseen depth of my love. Yes, then you would forever see. How much your heart is forever at home, within my love. When the days are cold, let my love be… all the warmth you need. Your love is held so close, tightly up against the breadth my heart. No one, my beloved I tell you absolutely no one; can ever extract your love, from my heart. Though you can only see, from the outside in, and the love seems a bit unclear. Just know this, when your heart can see beyond the shadows. You will truly see how deeply, I’ve been loving you!

Beloved, when you stop to think; that’s when your heart can’t see, I’m still by your side. Take a moment to just feel, your heart will notice the love; emanating from my presence. When your heart feelings lost, and you don’t know if you will find a way back… to my heart? Rest a moment, stay right where you are; my love knows how to find you. Don’t be scared, take your heart; put it in the care of my love. Let me show your heart, my love is so much deeper than you know. Oh my beloved, you may not always feel it; I have you by the heart. When you can’t see my love, look deep into your soul; our hearts are forever one. Your Father’s Love, is Forever… by Your Side!


A Message; The Cling!

Hearts tossing and turning, souls gripped by fear… of the unknown. Underneath every breath, under the quiet; uncertainty looms. Hearts realizing the fragile state, a world broken. Hearts that haven’t yet found, the one thing they can cling to. My heart is not ashamed, to tell the whole world; I’m extra… clingy, you can read all about it. About a soul extra needy, a heart still hanging… on every word. No static, just the Cling; to the fragrance, of this gentle love. Even when words are not said, the love… everything; a heart will ever need. A whisper in the dark, a song in the night. With every tumble… out of bed, dry bones feel so refreshed. A soul clinging to the vine, a heart dialing into the main line. Love on the mind, the soul calling; to a heart so Divine!

Friends, I can talk about what I face, or what we all face in our everyday. My heart is intentional, we all should be intentional; to focus on what truly matters. The Cling, to the Divine. In these uncertain times, we can truly see; it’s a small world after all. Fear, and anxiety; has taken hold of so many hearts. Many are trying, to take hold of tomorrow. Forgetting to acknowledge, who holds every single tomorrow. When a soul doesn’t truly know, on what to cling? The default setting of a wayward heart, cling to everything. But, when we truly know how to be still. In the stillness, where the soul forever finds peace. To help the mind see beyond the fear, past the darkest shadows. Push through the doubts, to touch the heart of God. It’s in that place, your soul will know to cling tight. To never let go, of His faithful love. Don’t clutch to what you believe, is the last bit of Grace; that can be found. Don’t believe the lies, that you have to stockpile Mercy; because tomorrow your heart may not find any more. When you trust God’s love, every new morning; more you shall surely find. Don’t let your soul relent, faithful seek His heart. Let His love cuddle you, let your soul snuggle up in the warmth. Let your heart find a safe place, find your forever rest. In the midst, you WILL find Him… there!


The Thrill, of The Chase!

If my love ever lost sight, got too far from Your heart. It would truly be the forever seek, the get back to the relentless chase… after Your heart. It doesn’t matter for how long, the distance my soul would have to journey. It’s an endless pursuit, until the end of my days. The world would come to an end, but even in death; the chase will never be over. My soul will chase after Your love, within my forever rest. The story is not about a man, and the chasing after love; but being a man after… a heart. I’m not looking to just capture, but to be forever captured… by the love!

Forever captivated, unapologetically smitten; with the love inside the heart, that I won’t stop chasing after. Many have tried, to get in my way, tried to trip up my soul; but they have all come to see. You can’t stop a heart, with an undeniable focus; chasing after such an unbelievable heart. A thirty five year chase, and with every new day; the chase is just as thrilling. A love that thrills, a love that fills… both heart and soul. This love chases away all my fears, and every single shadow that tries; to cast even a smidgin doubt. I’ve been through the valley, but the love has never stopped hovering… over my soul. The chase will surely let my soul embrace, the thrill of victory; and never let my heart endure, the agony of defeat. My affections, the passion, the desire. For the Thrill of The Chase, to never come to an end!


Song Inspired; Revival!

Your strength, meets us at the place; called weakness. Grace pours out like an ocean, a river with an endless flow; the love so refreshing. When the feeling is called tired, when the candle is in a place named burned out; defeated, doesn’t have to be the heart. When fear grips the soul, and night covers the day. Lifeless faith, can still know Revival; when hope still has breath. Knowing Your love, panic will never be the button… calling my heart. Hope found, pressing deeper into Your heart; words in red letters. No other words, will ever crush my spirit; they don’t have my heart. Vital, the rhythm of dis ya love vital; for my soul Revival. Day after day, when another breadth dawns upon my heart; the love within comes alive. Love calls onto a heart, but the soul has to be willing… to answer the call!

Even when my heart, tasted bitter moments; the love just as sweet. Diving deeper and deeper into the depth, how my heart was Revived; through a constant drowning. The love is water, but moved like an ocean of love. When my soul, had an everlasting thirst. In the crushing… moments, with the pressing… on. After the getting through… the test, the love within; turned into new wine. You can give each cute heart shaped box an uptick, tell your soul; blindly check off all the right boxes. But without a faithful heart check, a true restoration; needs the love to first be Revived. Your body can turn up, but the heart not showing up… in a meaningful way. Don’t call love a comeback, love’s a coming together; a true heart to heart encounters. A soul reawakening, a deep down within heart desire. You can muster up the right amount of faith, add just the right kind of luster to hope. But the heart still needs to be in the right place, for the love to shine… bright. Real Revival, through a true connection; with heart and soul. A rebirth, a heart forever made new; by God’s love. A soul knowing true breadth, the heart knowing fully submerged. Forever drowning, in a breathless awe!

This song Inspired, is a song by Zach Williams; an American Christian rock artist from Jonesboro, Arkansas. The song was released in 2016, on the album: Chain Breaker.



Hearts hiding, evading a true heart to heart encounter. Hearts are desperately trying to conceal, what’s already known. Underneath the best concealer, we all have flaws. In the right perspective, they can help to redefine; not what defines. We like to wear a mask, thinking your heart doesn’t measure up. We all have scars… to show, the battles we have faced. Even though we tend to hide behind a veneer, God knows your name; everything behind the face. So many believe they have to hide, keep from sight, prevent the heart from being known; the masked feelings. Some hearts project… their own shortsightedness, attempting to make their own mask; seem like a better fit. All that truly is, a masking tape… that peels off; when the heart won’t adhere, to pressure… of others. Sometimes we have to face-off, to reveal what is underneath. My heart ain’t persuaded, by what others think I is.

We live in a fast paced world, but must remember. Love is a show, not just a tell… if what’s shown, is truly recognizable? Some hearts are hiding, from a peering word; love. A heart of stone, can be softened to become a heart saturated, in the true texture; love. We tend to be hearts, with shields up. The love placed in a holding… off pattern; enshrouded in an, impenetrable cloaking device. Love is intentional molded, clay within The Potters Love. Molded, after His own heart. For a soul to know, the true essence of love. The coming together, heart and soul. We’re on a road, but we all a path; that every heart is called to take. You can add true value to the walk, when what you share from the heart, is relatable. You can touch a heart with words, but are the actions… moving? Not just provoke a thought, but make you ponder the true meaning. Inspire the love to act, in a meaningful way. Love is meant to be intense, the passion immense. Not just covered up with pretense, the love looking like pretend!

When love seems the darkest, unveil the heart, let the love shine; to illuminate the way… forward. When the heart is truly free, it will want to soar forever. When the heart soars on high, it’s a freedom cry. When the heart cries, raise a hallelujah; to the God that has set your soul free. Love is sometimes in disguise, just don’t let it mask your true identity. If you truly feel there’s an absolute need in altering, let it be… on your knees. Faith is not just a roadmap for us to follow, it’s a journey to be taken… to find the true destiny. It’s easier to cover up a heart condition, than to let the truth be exposed. De-Mask-Us takes a heart to a place, but De-Mask-Us will reveal the moment. That on the road called life, winding, or broken. There’s a predestined moment, when the heart and soul will have an enlightened encounter; come face to face, with the truth!

Oh Lord, teach us not to hide from Your love. Reveal to our hearts, how to trust Your heart. Let us see that it’s Your light, at the end of our road. Lift the veil, unveil our heart to see clearly; how the story ends. A De-Mask-Us encounter, with You. Show us, what needs to be seen. Even though we hide, remember our face; unmask our hearts. Help us to walk the walk, not just talk the talk. Let it be so, De-Mask-Us; in Jesus name!


The Mime!

If I never said a word, would You still know my heart? If I went back, to being a man of few words; could those few words, truly tell You what’s on my heart? I’m a hard man to read, but Your love has always known how; to go beyond, read deeper into… this hard-covered book. I consider myself a man of action, but first I had to learn how to act… not just react. So many have tried to figure out, what moves my soul; how can they get my reaction, reveal what’s in my mime. They wondered, but it was about the wonder. Only if they knew, my heart was focused; but not just on the seen. In the stillness, underneath my every breath. A silent river was learning deeper, the strong silent type knowing the art; seen, not heard. Underneath the quiet, a love being forged; the story being woven!

Growing up, it wasn’t easy to convey; what’s in the heart of few words. The tendency, revert back into the super strong silent type. The super power, a heart forever in disguise. You can look into the eyes, but never know the depth of soul. You can see a smile, and never know if the heart is okay. You can see fast asleep, but not realize… not at rest. Why. I don’t try to rely on just words, my actions; what had to learn how to speak. Not wanting to speak, doesn’t mean the cat has tongue; would rather speak from the heart. You can never know a heart, by reading facial expressions. Understanding, not just discernment; but what’s also revealed… through the heart. Some hearts try to distract, by a fake tear or two. You can disguise feelings, but a heart exposed; reveals a soul in a deeper place. A heart becoming stronger, through, and after the testing; to be able to demonstrate, true strength… in character!

Even though words get lost, in the translation; still express… what’s in the heart. How can a heart tell if the love is moving, without showing you can be moved? You don’t have to be well spoken, to know, to speak with the voice of truth. A heart knowing to show transformed, from a forever shift; in heart and soul. Love should make a heart think outside a box, go beyond the make believe, and the pretend. In my mime, faith taught me how to truly climb up mountains. Through the strength, of a love so amazing. And if my heart ever loses focus, even through the valley. Shadows, weren’t able to cast doubt; within my mime. Some might think, God’s love is theatrical; but it’s truly the most practical, intentional. Taking the heart through stages, to give a soul the true perspective. Half full, or half empty; His love is still water. A love that is forever moving the heart and soul, without needing saying words. When your heart truly knows how to see, the breadth of Your love… forever moving!