The Light!

Let it shine, even if just a little. You don’t need, anyones permission. To be a beacon, of hope for humanity. Being a light, not about flipping a switch, but letting the love shine… intentionally. Let your light, be as vivid, as nature’s glow. An agent of change, stimulating love, provoked mutual affection. The light of love, radiating just like the sun. Your light, doesn’t have to be brilliant. Just on display, demonstrating its own radiance. Heart and soul, with a glaring example. Showing how even a smile, can dazzle beautifully. Giving hope, bright as the moonlight. Rays of light, emanating from deep within. In the daylight, the warmth, has a natural light, likened to the sunshine. For when, the darkness tries to eclipse, a heartfelt moment. Let countenance be lighted, with glimpses of heaven. True love, expressions of a divine light. Compassionate moments, will ignite lasting memories. When the lamp of love, shined through a window. We don’t need sunlight, to see a heart shine, like a lighthouse. Sticks and stones, use them to light a fire. To warm a heart, enlighten a new perspective. Though, hearts are flawed. True love illuminates, hidden treasures. Set the mood, be a candle, with a graceful afterglow. Let your light, be not a life interpretation, but a profound love reflection. For we live, to learn. How to care, and share, the good vibes. Every day, let your heart be ready to shine; the light… within!


The Fall!

Was it, the brisk autumn breeze, that caused the fall? Was it the stumble, into love, that made it such a fall? Whether or not, the day has a coldness, or a blind indifference. There will always be, so much beauty, in a graceful fall. The brightness, because there’s a sun rise. Gracefulness, shines the brightest. In your heart, there’s a beautiful light. Winter, spring, summer or fall. There’s an unforeseen beauty, through every season of life. The possibilities, are endless. When every breath, held so tremendous. The fall, in love, a sight to behold. The leaves falling, the love deepening. The breadth calling, your heart deeper. Nothing as endearing, than the heart, moved by a beautiful fall. The warmth of love, tugging on the heartstrings. The heart taken, to such lovely place. On the wings of love, by a gentle breeze. The forever embrace, the end of every season, meaning a change is coming. To overwhelm the heart, breathless at the same time. So, if hope starts to fade, the darkness is upon. Love will be the fire, fanned by the flames of hope. Rain, drops on roses, and violets are blue. The sun, comes out tomorrow, after the dew. Love, faces harsh wintery nights, and many foggy days. When the tears fall, you don’t have to let it, damper your joy. The misty eyes, let it be love, filled with a thankful heart. However, the season begins, and unfolds. The winter, one season out of many. Head over heals, spring, bringing another beautiful hue. Love manifesting itself, the bloom over and over. The fall, be in love… again, and again!


Fun Friday; Things!

Loneliness, and heartache, it’s a real ting. Sometimes, the phone doesn’t ring. Leaving you to go, through the warm summer days wondering. Will the bee string, will the dogs bite? Will another lockdown, leave you feeling sad? Just, simply remember your favorite things. And the perspective, won’t be so bad. The raindrops on roses, the ticklish whiskers on kittens. Let’s your soul, beat the humdrum. Make some tea, in your bright copper kettle. When the door rings, grab your favorite warm woolen mittens. Outside, your Amazon brown paper packages, tied up with string. For some, these are a few, of your favorite things. Like riding the merry go round, on your favorite cream colored ponies. With a tasty, crisp apple strudels. Soon, winter will be here. With more door bells, and sleigh bells. A time, to make some schnitzel with noodles. But first, let your heart bask in the colorful, the autumn hue!

September, oh October. Your dazzling display, captures the imagination. The crimson muse, radiant with the colors of love. The breadth, makes the soul soar. Your heart having wings, like wild geese, flying with the moon on their wings. These, a few of life’s favorite things. Girls in white dresses, tied with blue satin sashes. Daydreaming, of all the snowflakes, that stay on the nose, and eyelashes. The silver white winters, they melt into spring. The season has changed, part of your favorite things. A well dressed up status, just a cling, accessorized with bling. But, it won’t benefit the heart, it’s a fleeting thing. Instead, let your heart be captivated, with a heartfelt love. What a joy it would bring, to have your honeybun. Your sugar and tea, double, double. The love better, better; with flavor, flavor. To help, take away the sting, and make the heart sing. When, the dog bites, if the bee stings. Your soul, remembering one thing. Let your heart love, and dance. The hills are alive, with the sound of music!


Sounds Like!

I don’t need, to clear my throat. For what, my heart wants to convey. There’s, a well known saying, within a deeply felt expression. You don’t, have to figure it out. Wonder if each action, just a reaction, or a figure of speech? What I have to say, resonate each and every day. Though, the heart becomes a mess. You don’t, have to stress. I won’t, make you have to guess. What, my heart clearly needs to articulate. So that, there won’t be any miss understanding. My soul, has something meaningful to say. This, one word, with one Syllables. Lean in, come closer; my heart, has a tell. When the pen bleeds, the ink reveals the evidence. The word, doesn’t slip the mind, or stops at the tip of the tongue. You’re spelling, but everyone guessing. To be, or not to be? Let your actions, Be… intentional. Don’t let what’s real, be just a guessing game. The answer, will enlighten, the move profound you. If it, doesn’t need to be spelt out. You don’t, need a clue. Just, your heart in the right place, knowing the right word. If you don’t know it, it rhymes with, Dove. The answer, and the question, one in the same. And it, Sounds Like!

Every day, begins with, L. An affectionate greeting, conveyed on your heart’s behalf. The tenderness, the warmth, the passion, kindness, and true devotion. And if you do, the day; will surely feel like heaven. The rhyme, and the reason. Pumping, bumping to the rhythm, of every heartbeat. Every heartstring, tugged like a stringed instrument. The melody, easy on the soul. With every gentle touch, the heart, swayed by the breadth. To make you speechless, take your breath away. The power, to hold your gaze, amazingly. My heart, given you what I know, it Sounds Like! The definition, search your heart. To find that LOVE, is the prevailing word. The universal answer, in every question. Even if, other words are said!


The Glow!

Radiant, the moment glows. Months, met with such anticipation. Though the days is intense, the love grows immensely. Faces showing, incandescence hearts glowing. Warmth, held deep within the soul. The crimson moment, takes every breath. The glimmering hope, the color of love. The heart to convey, what the soul needs to say. The richness of love, revealed through the deepest expression. The quintessence, love with a fragrant bloom. Love through a vivid lens, visible in a delightful smile. A heart, blushed with a love so beautiful. Strong feeling, dedicated to a heart’s well-being. The pain pales in comparison, when love tells the tale. Thrilling the soul, for a thousand lifetimes. Love flowing like water, bottled up emotion. Released, filling heart and soul. When push comes to pull, love is birthed. Time stands still, breathless becomes the moment. A mother glows, hearts beaming. The day, a Labor of love. The radiance, meets the brilliance. The Breadth of love, and the Glow… that’s forever!


The Way Out!

The way out, what you have to go through. Every beginning, finds an end. Every story, tells the tale. Every journey, reveals the process. Every season, brings about change. At every stage, something is learned. With every experience, wisdom is gained. The road to truth, leads to enlightenment. Brokenness is a place, where courage won’t leave you abandoned. Through the valley, there’s a way out. Your most vulnerable moment, doesn’t mean a crushing defeat. Your resolve, thrives because of the fiber, strengthened by your confidence. A difficult situation is conquered, as a result of your heart. Loss, takes the breath. Grief, knows a deep river. In the depth, love pulls you through, helps you rise again. Finding peace, gives you a way to breathe. Though the way out, still taking you through. Find a love, you can press in, as you press on. The way out, through the tears. After the rain, watch the cloud roll back, to see there’s always hope. When the sun emerges, get ready to shine. Discover you’re not alone, someone has made it through. Scars, don’t define you. Flawlessly, how hopefulness shines. Showing the way, every time. Thanks to grace, and the power you’ve found. A forward momentum, unstoppable. Where, you happen to find your heart? The way out, what you have to go through. To find The way, the truth, life!


Fun Friday; My Main Squeeze!

Love, tell it to my heart. How long has it been, since you’ve had a squeeze; that took the breath? Probably too long, say goodbye, to yesterday. Love in action, indeed; never just words. Love, what will tangibly be; not just refreshing, but a lasting fragrance. There you are, and here my heart goes again. Make this love, more than just a feeling. Every morning, I rub the sleep, from the crevices of my heart. I won’t allow anything, to obstruct the view. I need, the sweet taste of love, to be another daydream. My, my, my; good morning sunshine. Your love, a sight for sore eyes. My heart woke up, with this in my soul; you’ve got to, kiss an angel good morning. My main squeeze, every day. I’m going to squeeze you right, hold the breadth tight. Let every bit of the love, seep into the depth of the day. My hope, hearts don’t get it twisted. A watered down love, could never be as sweet, yet to become truly refreshing. You have to toast the day, let the love within turn, over easy. To feel the true taste of love, there needs to be a yearning. Don’t just feel it, you have to know it. What truly makes love, tasteful. Passion is a fruit, desire the essence. Squeeze out every ounce, even the smallest drips, should never go to waste. Make love be about freshly, not about fleshly!

Though the mind may stray, let the heart lead the way, so the love can sway. Press in, and the love will flow. Don’t be swayed, to not let the cup overflow. Cast your gaze, towards your buttercup. True love in bloom, becomes a gentle flower. Love, on the tip of your lips. May be, just love on the brain. The heart not knowing the moment, it reached depth of soul. In the warmth, of a summertime breeze. Before, you pour out your heart. Take the time, to stir up the love… sugar free. Deep love, meant to be stirred, never shaken… by a bitter taste. A breathless love, will produce its own natural sweetness. Make every moment, be a fresh encounter. Let the focus be, not state of mind, but the state of your heart, and soul; in love forever. There’s nothing like a fresh squeeze of love, to start the day. A daily kiss upon my soul, what gets my heart juiced. Knowing the kind of love, my soul gets to enjoy. The tasteful love, of a good woman, with the wings of an angel. A freshly squeezed, glass of orange juice. Could never replace, My Main Squeeze!


The Planned Escape!

The silent river, the introverted depth capsized, by a deep ocean. Every escaping breath, what needed to be held. The heart pouring, the crimson tide receiving. Every breathless encounter, never ceased to amaze, every gaze captured. The heart arrested, in the surrender. Why fight the power to slip away, swept by the still water. The cascading love, drowns breathlessly. When chains are broken, but the heart forever tethered. Every planned escape, becomes another retreat… deeper. The heart flying the cooped, with wings and a prayer. Every pursuit, the great escape… into depth of love. When you’ve reached, the love transcends. Your words run away, love had your heart… at speechless. You never again, have to duck and cover, a heart so exposed. The heart of a child, playing duck, duck, goose. The soul coming loose, chasing butterflies. The joy of love, no longer contained; the heart spilling the beans. The breadth of love, escaped into the atmosphere. Love escapes the mind, when the choice didn’t reveal intentional. Love reacting, the heart never acting. Love confined, a soul; not knowing the freedom. Love should never be shaken, just stirred. The glass never half empty, always half full. Every drip of love, feeling like water soothing. Seeping through the heart, outpoured running over endlessly. You can never, run from the day. But your soul can escape, into an oasis. My heart, has no need for a random getaway. For me and my soul, it’s a planned escape, the needed retreat. Not into myself, but into the heavenly. Every day, resting the cares of the heart. Without allowing, your love to be on vacation. To stay or to vacate, keep or be spent. Holding the breadth, but losing your breath. My escape, retreat into the divine; stay in the love. To not let the surrender, be the afterthought. Escaping is a choice, to live free. Even for the diehard, heart with a lot on the go. Love in action, will never be a heart bruised. When love forever, becomes the planned escape. The devotion, my heart… undistracted!