Real Talk; The Context!

Here’s a bit of the context, to what this love is based, why my heart has words. This summer, will be thirty seven years, the heart to heart encountered. The summer of 86, when I knew her love, would Always be. Sure, over the years there were conditions, factors, situation, feelings. But within the ambience, God’s love, our frame of reference. Circumstances, we all face them. Events playing out, giving a glimpse, into what happens in our lives. They make a statement, give you an idea, but not always the understanding. Will the love last, rise up with strength, or crumble, underneath the breadth? Profound love, lives in the depth, breathless. When the soul feels, the heart bleeds, the love flows, reveals love’s crimson hue. Ain’t no way, better or for worse, will ever cease to be, the essence of my vows. Always, the song our hearts will dance to. Then, when our hearts were wed. Now, in every moment shared. Forever, what will proclaim, our endless love!

Some of you have probably noticed, I haven’t been posting on my regular days, or reading. I don’t share the details, to what my family and I face. I shared my daughter’s passing, two years ago. My post shares the love, what my soul has experienced, in my fifty plus years. I like to focus, on Love’s positive side. Real talk, here’s some context. For the past 15 years, my wife has been battling a condition, which attacks different parts of her body. In the past four years, she’s been in the hospital every year. She’s been in there, for over a week now, with a new issue; loss of partial movement, in her left arm and leg. She was also in there, a few months ago in December, for two weeks, for something else. When she is home, she’s in bed 80% of the time, being as strong as she knows how. I won’t go into detail, during the week day; my day starts at 6:30 am, and ends at 1:00am. Looking after her, the home, working two jobs, blogging, writing, reading; my days are full, but never overwhelming. Two months, before our daughter passed, in 2021, my wife spent three weeks in the hospital, and almost died on the way; but God. Like I said, I don’t usually share these kinds of things, but thought this little glimpse, would encourage someone. Love in action, shares the vulnerability, cares within the vulnerable moments!

For the last few years, from time to time, she has asked me; not to leave her. But the truth is, where would my love be, if I turned my back, on part of my heart. Always, Forever, never ponders the notion; what if? Wholeness is, love being wholehearted. Perhaps, you can understand my why; the context to my words. My heart will never be ready, let her go, let the love wither. Love within a perpetual bloom, deepened by the root. Tears become the water, letting the heart be the continuous light, revealing love’s breathtaking beauty!


Life, is But a Breath!

Every day, the clouds roll, the bell tolls, time unfolds. An enriched life, embraces the flaws, cherishes the moment, holds dear the present, clings to our humanity. When, our heart paints a vivid picture, our lifestyle becomes. An endearing portrait, a profound portrayal of love. We, are imperfect beings, but, true love transcends. Truth is seen, compassion revealed, not through words, but through love’s untainted lens. Life, live it well. Love is built, on a firm foundation. Love has affection for, thinks the world of. Reverences one another, cares for each other, appreciate differences. Mankind, stop the fussing, stop the fighting; let freedom reign. In moments of silence, you will hear, we all have the same heartbeat. When it becomes, one love, one heart. Don’t, just give someone a hand, give them love, and they will see your heart. Authentic love reveals, truth has the power, to shelve weaponized words. Let your actions speak, your love be, a way of life. Through the good, and the bad, stand by your word. Life goes by, in the blink of an eye. Don’t waste it, don’t marginalize it, don’t take it for granted, let it have purpose. Why, snuff out someone’s hopes, when you can bless their heart, with acts of kindness? Why, plunder someone else’s dreams, when it’s within you, to celebrate their worth? Let your life, be more than a memory, but a beautiful impression, left on every heart. Deep love, flows like a river, deepens, when our humanity realizes. Life, is but a breath!


Finding Yourself!

Even when, you find yourself lost, you can still be, present in mind, body, soul. A heart lost, finds itself, when love reminds you, who you are. A soul, exist to be enlightened, by love’s intrinsic nature. Love, what gives the heart a reason, to smile. In the searching, in the pressing, in the finding; the embrace. In the meaning, the becoming, the being; free to be. In the pushing, in the tugging, within the back and forth; what the heart perceives, what the mind concedes. Strength is found, to walk every day, in freedom. In the knowing, in the embracing; the living. We all lose ourselves, for a minute, but in those moments, be empowered. Let your soul take flight, on the wings of love. Even a lost, broken child can find purpose, in your own time, and space. When, you see yourself, the way love sees you. It’s not mind over matter, it’s what the heart believes, that matters. In the enlightenment, in loving of self transplanted, a flower blooms. It’s okay, to tell yourself; I’m in love with who I am, in the here and now. Love builds the future, restores the past. True love for yourself, a divine intervention. Life, takes a toll, but peace in heart and soul, makes love whole. Tears, don’t mean losing control, joy makes quiet streams, become love’s tranquil river. Faith leads, hope keeps, love leans; the heart dreams. Brokenness, hides in plain sight, strength lies in knowing; your worth. Excepting yourself, the path to living, your best life!

Love, can’t sell your soul, what your heart, is not willing to buy. Learning, to love yourself, is the greatest love of all. The perception is, you have to find yourself, to know who you are. The truth is, knowing who you are, is believing in the love, you find within. Believing, the confidence to attain, what may seem impossible. Finding, the heart seeking to behold, what’s possible. Sometimes, the heart has to circle back. Not to retrace missed steps, but see how far, your belief has progressed. Finding your self confidence, not a place, but a state of being, content. Pounding the pavement, won’t break glass ceilings. Every day, your heart has to rise up, and beat, push through the barriers. Perseverance, the key to unlocking the mind, opening up the heart, to the possibility. Love is more gifted, a heart more representable, the soul more accomplished; than what a tainted lens, will make known. In loss we find, how to reclaim, a miss placed self worth. Searching the heart, how you realize every heartbeat, has an imperfect rhythm. Slowly, but surely, how we all get there; your place in life, your quintessence. And, when your soul has arrived, believing in yourself. Where you find your worth, was never lost!


The Building!

At an early age, my faith was being built. I learned early, what he said, she said, what they say; can’t sway a made up heart. Somehow, even then I knew, I couldn’t stand by, wasting time. From, the time I could talk, the walk… it like I talk it. A heart learns a lot, living in a silent river. All my life, knowing what it is to be set apart; builds character. A calling is nothing, until the purpose, understands the reason. Well, I have to admit, truth tells stories; what a heart is built on. Imperfect flaws, don’t define the building up process. In the building, hearts will falter. Why, love works in tandem, with grace. To make it, you have to build it, but sometimes you need to change it; your posture. It doesn’t matter, what changes are in your life. When, love says you have a job to do. You don’t stop, until it’s through. I can’t, criticize another’s building up. All you can do, keep your own heart in line. Work while it’s day, so when the darkness comes, it doesn’t blind your soul. Night vision, helps the heart see, clearly. Hearts and minds are changed, when love becomes, the cornerstone!

A heart levels up, knowing when to refrain, by allowing love to reframe. Even if, even when, even now. From the ground up, how love builds a firm foundation. I know of a man named, Nehemiah, he had a made up mind. His heart wasn’t going to let anything, or anyone; upend his destiny. Every heart has the ability, to be an overcome. The building, not about building walls, but the building of the relationship. What’s building, if change is not evident? In love’s restoration, love smooth rough edges, covers the imperfections. So by design, love builds up the heart, to be a vivid portrait. In the building, love provides a hiding place, to be your refuge. Nothing missing, nothing broken. My mind is made up, my soul built upon, my heart built up to be. I’m determined, I’m intentional, I’m unapologetically; I’m building on the legacy. What love established, two thousand years ago!


Under the Hood!

Love, takes a peak under the hood, to see if the heart, is built for your comfort, or only races, without a purpose? The heart, at an elevated rate, feels the need for speed. But yet, if love is not the engine, with total control. A heart racing, still a soul without enough power, to overcome. So, step on the gas, but only when, love says it’s time, to revive up my engine. Vroom Vroom, the heart can never win, if your love has limits. When the time has come, let love take your heart, out of its comfort zone. Every heart, has a R.P.M (Reactive Pulse Meter), but love is the throttle, that sends it into overdrive. Love is the fuel, the spark, to supercharge heart and soul, to be at peak performance. And when, the heart is not racing, pop the trunk, and throw in all the baggage. The engine, needs love that’s 100% oil, not a diluted version, clogging up the engine. Love is the fix, to make repairs, adjust any misalignments. True love, purrs like a kitten, racing or not. Love is the key, to engage the heart, shift the soul. The heart, doesn’t have to be in top form, for love to excel. Love tells the heart when it’s time, to pump the brakes, where the rubber meets the road. If the heart, should ever come to, a proverbial fork in the road. Cool Runnings, an engine calibrated, to the right specs. Ensuring the love under the hood, never comes down to win or lose, but the heart, racing!


Love’s, Humorous Expressions!

My love, knows how to crack a joke, but, don’t get it twisted; I’m not here, to clown around. I’ve got a tale to tell, a love story to spell, that makes the heart swell. From the mountain top, my soul will yell; I’ve got a love, I can’t sell. To get yours, ring the bell. A profound love worth knowing, is a love worth fighting for. From time to time, my heart will give you a nice chuckle, to any love less than, don’t let your needs buckle. To make, the heart laugh out loud, love doesn’t have to be fancy. I’ve never made the mistake, calling my wife Nancy; Drew the line there. Expressions can be funny, but can your candid love, profoundly stir your honey? My heart, likes a good mystery. So, tell me this Sherlock, is your love sheer luck, or is the love within your heart, a riddled mystery, that needs to be solved? But, enough joking for a minute, here’s a serious question; is it duck season, or rabbit season? Shoot, I don’t consider myself funny man, but this I know. Humorous expressions, have a beautiful way, to engage hearts and minds, with a loving posture. Yeah, at times I can be silly, and I’m not even from Philly. I can’t claim, to be a Superman, or a Casanova. I don’t call my wife, honey, or babe. When she became, my biggest fan. The music in my soul, was my new edition, she’s my candy girl; her love, my sweet thang. She, doesn’t even need to blush, it’s my heart feels the rush; when her love smiles at me. So, riddle me this; if every time, her love surges through my heart, would that mean, her love is electric? I’m not a jokester, I’m a serious kat, you better believe that, I even wear the hat; rat-a-tat-tat. Like I said, I’m not here, to beat my own drum. I want, to make hearts smile, with love’s sincere affirmation. This is not, just a play with words. Romeo, oh Romeo; wherefore art thy love? Deny the world, but never deny the father, thy heart. Laughter is therapy, love an endearing muse, to enlighten the soul. When, the curtain closes, ask yourself this question; does your heart resonate, do you allow love to take center stage? Displaying the beauty, within love’s, humorous expressions, that never gets old!


We Are, Family!

It doesn’t matter, if you’re the nearest; to me, you’re the dearest. We don’t, have to be people divided; when we can be, hearts connected. A family, living in peace, in harmony; prospering together, in love, in unity, in our humanity. Brothers, sisters; sharing our hearts, our hopes, our dreams. Our love story, is our bond; helps us get through, how to be true. Unconditional love, reveals in the best of times, in the worst of times, in times of need; we are, an extended family!

Family; people, or group of peoples, regarded as deriving from a common race; human. An extended hand, is a heart, extended!



Wrestling with emotions, peace steps in, subduing every anxious thought. Wrestling with loss, love leans in, tells grief to rest in peace. Wrestling with life, love’s still whisper, speaks into your soul; never give up. Wrestling with belief, truth intervenes, to defend your heart. Wrestling with hope, faith encourages your soul; never let your heart, accept defeat. Wrestling with chains, love breaks the doubt, freedom won’t prevail. Wrestling with indifference, love will never judge the narrative, love paints the most beautiful picture. Wrestling to breathe, the struggle to keep the love real, the heart pure. Wrestling with tears, drops don’t mean you’re losing. When, love becomes the true point of reference, a heart sees clearly; love fights through adversity. To let triumph, enter the space, love taking your heart to a place; where time extends. Sometimes, the wrestle is with me, myself, I; becoming, victorious. Whatever, wrestles your soul, love, will put strength into position, victory into perspective. A heart, that won’t capitulate, a soul proclaiming; enduring love, defeats opposition!


Love’s Perception!

What heart, could resist being in awe, of love’s endearing wit? When you think, you have love figured out, it does the unthinkable, it changes your perception. Love will never be, not one-dimensional. Many facets, what love brings to the table, bring to the conversation. Bring to the door, when it knocks at your heart. Love, will never fit in a box, with a cute little bow. It can be wrapped up, but never tied down, to one perspective. Love, can never be marginalized, but can be personalized. A blurred perception, will never change love’s dedication. Love’s true perspective, gives the clearest representation. Love, doesn’t need psychic powers, to see a need. Heart to heart, how love sees with clarity. Love doesn’t highlight the flaws, but the beauty, within, love’s perfect imperfections. The perception never tainted, by an introverted lens. Crooked paths are made straight, winding roads a journey, through a positive outlook!

The perception is, love can’t survive, from the weight of expectation. The truth is, love thrives, regardless of a shortsighted perception. True love, is sometimes hard pressed, but won’t be crushed; sometimes perplexed, but won’t despair. If time stood still, the heart would learn, how to live in the moment, one day at a time. Love is an encounter, with the perception never being, just in time, out of time, buying time, killing time, wasting time, this time, but not next time. Never letting the story be, once upon a time. When the heart perceives, the soul concedes; love is the counterbalance, for what time allows. Love, isn’t always on time, but when it’s needed, true love will show up. You can’t hurry love, but a heart can count on real love, time after time. Love’s perception, has the ability to understand, become, act. Time, brings about change, love brings about healing. A heart, seeking after a belief, misses love’s quintessential essence. Knowing love’s beautiful exchange, not just the perception!


Becoming Unshakable!

Crawl, walk, run, how the heart becomes unstoppable. Even, if you stumble, if you happen to fall, be unshakable. If you need to crawl, do it with might, if it encourages you to stand up. Until, your faith can walk, in freedom. The strength to run, found in the pursuit of your destiny. Becoming, a heart never too old, to take baby steps. Momentum, will never exist, until allowed to become. Fear is not your future, love is. The steps we take, about progressing. Even if, along the way you become winded, take a deep breath. Let your heart race, so your soul can become, enlightened. Life is not a sprint, it’s a marathon, with hurdles. On the wings of love, how a soul soars, to new heights, to know the breadth. Harsh winters, gives way to a new spring, in your step. And if, your heart is tripping, over someone else’s opinion? Note it, as a stumble, that won’t eclipse your trajectory. If, you don’t believe it, your heart won’t fall for it; their negativity. A heart is deceived, by words received. Their belief, will only become feelings, if taken to heart. As a mind thinketh, a heart becomes. Dust off your soul, lace up your heart, gird your worth, and love the place you’re at. It’s another opportunity, to take baby steps. This too shall pass, crawl, walk, run; you’re becoming. Tears, don’t mean you’re losing. When the rain drops, bottle the emotions, and let it become, your refreshing spring of water, hydrating your revelation. Every season, comes with change; the beautiful exchange. Your heart and soul becoming, unshakable!