Love’s Perception!

What heart, could resist being in awe, of love’s endearing wit? When you think, you have love figured out, it does the unthinkable, it changes your perception. Love will never be, not one-dimensional. Many facets, what love brings to the table, bring to the conversation. Bring to the door, when it knocks at your heart. Love, will never fit in a box, with a cute little bow. It can be wrapped up, but never tied down, to one perspective. Love, can never be marginalized, but can be personalized. A blurred perception, will never change love’s dedication. Love’s true perspective, gives the clearest representation. Love, doesn’t need psychic powers, to see a need. Heart to heart, how love sees with clarity. Love doesn’t highlight the flaws, but the beauty, within, love’s perfect imperfections. The perception never tainted, by an introverted lens. Crooked paths are made straight, winding roads a journey, through a positive outlook!

The perception is, love can’t survive, from the weight of expectation. The truth is, love thrives, regardless of a shortsighted perception. True love, is sometimes hard pressed, but won’t be crushed; sometimes perplexed, but won’t despair. If time stood still, the heart would learn, how to live in the moment, one day at a time. Love is an encounter, with the perception never being, just in time, out of time, buying time, killing time, wasting time, this time, but not next time. Never letting the story be, once upon a time. When the heart perceives, the soul concedes; love is the counterbalance, for what time allows. Love, isn’t always on time, but when it’s needed, true love will show up. You can’t hurry love, but a heart can count on real love, time after time. Love’s perception, has the ability to understand, become, act. Time, brings about change, love brings about healing. A heart, seeking after a belief, misses love’s quintessential essence. Knowing love’s beautiful exchange, not just the perception!


Becoming Unshakable!

Crawl, walk, run, how the heart becomes unstoppable. Even, if you stumble, if you happen to fall, be unshakable. If you need to crawl, do it with might, if it encourages you to stand up. Until, your faith can walk, in freedom. The strength to run, found in the pursuit of your destiny. Becoming, a heart never too old, to take baby steps. Momentum, will never exist, until allowed to become. Fear is not your future, love is. The steps we take, about progressing. Even if, along the way you become winded, take a deep breath. Let your heart race, so your soul can become, enlightened. Life is not a sprint, it’s a marathon, with hurdles. On the wings of love, how a soul soars, to new heights, to know the breadth. Harsh winters, gives way to a new spring, in your step. And if, your heart is tripping, over someone else’s opinion? Note it, as a stumble, that won’t eclipse your trajectory. If, you don’t believe it, your heart won’t fall for it; their negativity. A heart is deceived, by words received. Their belief, will only become feelings, if taken to heart. As a mind thinketh, a heart becomes. Dust off your soul, lace up your heart, gird your worth, and love the place you’re at. It’s another opportunity, to take baby steps. This too shall pass, crawl, walk, run; you’re becoming. Tears, don’t mean you’re losing. When the rain drops, bottle the emotions, and let it become, your refreshing spring of water, hydrating your revelation. Every season, comes with change; the beautiful exchange. Your heart and soul becoming, unshakable!


Walking, in Freedom!

I’m walking, in freedom, my heart is marching, to my destiny. No chains can, restrain my soul. My heart is homeward-bound, to a place called liberty. What, can distract a heart, not focused on the journey, but what gets me there. Grace, what facilitates my liberty. All I do, sing my freedom song; I’m no longer, a slave to fear. The freedom I know, is the freedom I have, to let love be, seen in me. To see myself, the way Grace sees me, through an unconditional lens. When, I took my mind, out of the will. The walk to freedom, wasn’t by might, but the power, to become. Mountains become a molehill, valleys become a resting place. Along life’s journey, the seasons come, to see if your resolve, is sufficient for today? Freedom, doesn’t need tomorrow, to let the heart know. Freedom is a faith walk, to a tranquil place. When, the heart is ready, love will appear, to take you there. Love, gives the freedom, to be intentional. Freedom, turns limited, into limitless. Freedom, what lets you, let go of the weight. Not be distracted, from the shadows, lying in wait, to remind you of the past. Look back, but to only see, how far you have come. What your heart will be, what your outlook has become. Life, can sneak up on you, don’t let circumstance, upend your freedom. When, love liberates your heart, thoughts become wiser, breadth is deeper. Every day, let freedom ring, let independence bring; your heart to the spring. Love, calls your soul by name, let your heart, answered the call. To take the walk, to freedom!


By Design; Love’s Hallmark Moments!

Wishing everyone, a Merry Christmas, and a happy New Year. From my heart to yours, I’ve designed these cards, for you to have/save. These are also, designed on my daughter’s behalf.

By Design, in loving memory, Justinea A Richards. March 9, 1990 to March 2, 2021.

* P.S. Fun fact, the manger I inserted into the picture, was designed and created, by my wife in 2018, with popsicle sticks. It’s over 1 feet in length, about 6 inches in width, and 1 foot in height.


Limited Visibility!

Mayday, wcr281; declaring a state of emergency. There’s a gaping void, within the center of hearts of today. A hole in hearts, creating an untenable situation. Genuine love, seeping out the hearts of mankind. Limited visibility, making it hard for hearts to see, we’re in this together, humanity. The love that fuels the heart, we’re losing it, there’s a tear in the fabric; this is a mayday. Love, is the tower, strength in the midst of uncertainty. To advise, give hope, encourage the heart, to face fear of the unknown. Why, do we think we can put love on autopilot, and think we can see when there’s a need, for love to act? Real love, will always require our full attention. To avoid, limited visibility becoming, a catastrophic dilemma. A heart loosing altitude, with a sinking feeling, in the pit of your stomach. Regaining faith, when love is truly felt, through an act of compassion. Even, from a thirty thousand foot view, love sees a new horizon. But only if, love is more than just, a blip on the heart’s radar, hearts. So limited visibility, won’t become an extremely clouded perspective. Love, is like an ocean, that won’t let a heart, crash and burn. Stick and rudder, makes love become the instrument, to level off the heart, and keep the love on course. Hearts, letting go of the negativity, will find common ground. Love is a runway, a safe place, where hearts can come together, and take flight. Testing, testing; hearts, are you listening? When the AIR between, becoming overwhelming? Love is the oxygen, helping your heart breathe. When the TRAFFIC, the noises of life are conflicting, with heart and mind. Don’t let your heart, lose CONTROL, of your humanity. Love, what’s stops a limited visibility from becoming, a rapid rate of descent. You don’t have to see the heart, for there to be love, in the atmosphere!


Love Is, the Sum Factor!

True love, subtracts the negativity, leaving the heart, positively charged. Love added once, carried by the three, equals the perfect equation. Plus nothing, minus nothing; love going, above and beyond. Expectations, should never be calculated into, but be applied, with worth implied. The extrapolation, being part of the true sum, factored into love’s endless possibilities. The length, the depth, the breadth of, in the sum of love’s relevant factors. A heart, factoring in every facet of love? The sum will always be greater than, and never less than; more than just a hypothesis. Equal application of love, not based on a formulation of thoughts, but a desire for the love to be… intentional. Multiplied constantly, divided equally. Lets the sum become, a heart at the center of the equation. The square root of two hearts, will forever equal, one… heartbeat. When Love is, the sum factor!


Tell Fear, Not Today!

Tell fear, today; you won’t stomp on my hopes, trample my dreams. You won’t cloud my vision, make me lose sight of a heart, with so much love to give. You will no longer, have unfettered access, to my soul. I won’t believe the lie, the faith I have, is just an illusion. Tell fear today, you’re going to lose your grip, I’m taking back my worth. You come for my breath, but my heart won’t be arrested. No, not today, I won’t be a victim, to unfounded fears. We’ve all faced, fears persistent hover. But when love covers, the darkest moments, have no power. Through every darkened valley, there’s a new perspective. The way, you get to the other side, is to go through. What I did yesterday, irrelevant; to what my heart learns today, what my soul becomes tomorrow. Doubts are cast away, with an enlightened existence. When fear comes, trying to steal your joy, upend your hope, eclipse your dreams. Write the telltale sign, on every page of your heart; fear, not today. My soul won’t be deceived, by a passing emotion. When the darkness, tries to do what it does? Tell those shadows, you don’t fear reflections, of what was; you’re not that person, anymore. This is, a new-found confidence, my validation. That every tomorrow will bring, a new enlightenment, to a heart shining brighter, than what the past reflects. Fear can never overwhelm, a fearless spirit. Knowing it can blind fearfulness, with an incandescent soul. A heart, glowing brightly, self-confidence shimmering fiercely. Give fear the one, two combo; hope and faith. When it comes, to whisper doubt into your soul. Fear will surely get the message, your heart’s not having it; Not Today, or ever again!


The Flailing Heart!

Sometimes, we’re standing sure, but sometimes, the shore is swept away. A heart flailing, but not helpless, Love has a lifeline. To help your soul, live breathlessly. Love will be there, when the waves of life, collides with your sure. Making you feel, your heart is drowning. Love will show you, how to still breathe, when grief takes your breath. Love holds you, when your world is spinning, when your faith is flailing. Presses into your soul, filling the emptiness. When chronic heartache, tries to steals your hopes, wants to overshadow your dreams, invalidate your worth. Love is the friend, always there, to speak into your soul, encouraging your heart; you got this. Though, the struggle is real, here’s the deal. Every now and then, a heart flails within the water, but tears, don’t define you. It doesn’t mean, you’re losing the fight. Whirlwinds, and windmills, they have a threshold. The wind will blow, testing your heart, let it know; love has a stronghold. True love, dedicated to never become, failing love. A mind, stuck in what you think you knows. A heart not free, to become what it was meant to be. Unconditional love, a lifeline giving hopefulness, to a Flailing heart!


The Character, Within!

Growing up, my words stuttered, but with a love story tethered, my soul now flutters. Sometimes in life, our perspective needs to be realigned. And from time to time, perception repositioned. Love persona, not about having the right posture, but the character, be in alignment. Some have said, I am a character. My love language is simple, have a noticeably different characteristic. I’m not ashamed to say, my heart, is set apart. My mind, my body, my soul, my love; the usual suspects. To make sure my character, doesn’t break from the norm. What’s on the menu, serve with a faithful love. That’s not easily scrambled, that won’t waffle. Real love, meant to be fulfilling, not easily disregarded, or discarded. A soul, showing a good character, is a heart on display. A hundred and forty characters, never enough, to express the depth therein. A heart expressive, doesn’t rely on words to move, but strength that proves, the character is true. When, love decides to be profound, it’s one hundred percent of the time. Education is important, understanding vital, but character quintessential; the love reflective. Talent, only takes you to a point. Perseverance, what navigates the pitfalls. The love you give, will exhibit a life well lived. What reflects the character, what pulls the strings, within a heart. Character, doesn’t wrestle, trying to always give love. It’s the heart, that wrestles with being, love… always!