A Heart, Enlightened!

The past, a reflections of what was. In the darkest moments, love compensates, so the heart can become enlightened. To when life, begins to overcompensate. Shadows bare a resemble, but will never be able to reflect, what your heart has become. Life, will let others read between the lines. But in every paragraph, we get to fill up the pages of our heart, with substantive encounters. Life enlightens, but love encourages, your heart to keep thriving. Happiness will be, what the pursuit becomes. Moments are captured, forever discovered, when enlightenment happens, to be the perspective. A heart shimmering, a soul becoming, a radiant light. A heart is elevated, when hopes are persuaded, to become your dreams illuminated. Wings spread wide, lets faith soar, to heights attainable. Life fills in, puts captions into the picture, but love is what adds in, the context; what the heart needs to be content. Love, brings every heartbeat up to speed. Greater knowledge, brings about a greater understanding. How love is the answer, to every question, the heart faces. Every circumstance, in the end tells a lifetime of stories. How the mindset, enlightened the outlook. In the heart’s journey, through life!


The Difference!

From a distance, every heart, looks the same. The blood is pumping, the day is racing, the beat is jumping. Love fills the moments, makes the distinction, between every breath you take. Making a difference, love with sacrifice. In the morning, when the heart rises, but you fall again. What makes, the next breath stand out from the rest, you rise again. To let your love see how, your heart moves to a different beat. I may not, always recognize the man in the mirror. But I, just need to know, how to always be the reflection, of love. Even if, I don’t have the best plan, I still need to be a man. Br a heart and soul, guided by love’s perpetual grace. I don’t want, to be words just saying, become a love pretending, a heart not being… intentional. Every heart, wants to make a difference, but the love can’t be, indifferent. Wasted days, wasted nights, becomes wasted moments. A heart breathing out, the same old love. Thus, stagnated be the breadth. Wanting, to be profoundly changed, from the inside out. A love that will linger, fragrant will it be, flagrant will never become the essence. Love, teaches the heart to listen, not just hear. Helps you to perceive, if it’s being received. Love gives faith the vision, to see past the eyes. Moves the heart, to become more than just heartbeats, but be undying love, echoing beyond sentiments. Love, what makes the difference, in every beating heart!


Songs of Freedom!

There’s a land, you may have heard about. A land, far across the sea. A dreamland, independent and free, Knocking on Heavens doors. Some hearts, live for the roots, the rock, the reggae. True Independence, comes when the heart is rooted, anchored to the rock. Souls dancing, the heart singing, songs of freedom. Even though, powers were Putting up Resistance. On August 6, 1962, Jamaica got its independence. From the mountain, to the ocean, Jamaicans were jamming. On this Caribbean island, we do it island style. Jamaica, has a rich history, her beauty is the tropics, beautiful sunrise the topic. Appealing lyrics, the melody sweetly holding you. So, Smile Jamaica, smile for you have independence. It’s Growing, love your freedom truly. I wish, you cherish every moment, your heart gets to breathe. My hope, we Stop the Fussing and the Fighting. Get up, Stand up. Brothers, treat your island girl, like a Nubian Queen. No if’s, no but’s. Crown her heart, with your love. She’s a lady, graced with her independence. Let her heart sing; you’re her favorite boy, that brings joy to her world!

A Love Thang, the Groovy Little Thing, you have going. Though, there’s Many Rivers to Cross. Hearts in love, will find a way over, wandering doesn’t mean lost. When Push Come to Shove, true love keeps holding on. Ringing through, every beat of your heart. Love, sweet and dandy, bubbles endlessly. The love, resting gently on your soul. Independent hearts thrive, a nation survives. With one voice, One love, One heart. United together, Nothing can Divide us. Wanting to be independent, never a Wait in Vain… for your love. Even though, the struggle is real. A beautiful love of freedom, what overcomes. Every day, Jamaicans have to thank God, for the gift. Being able independently sing, Songs of Freedom, as long as you live!

On August 6, 1962, Jamaica became an Independent Nation, and a member of the British Commonwealth. Jamaica is known to be the birthplace of reggae, Bob Marley, world’s fastest sprinters, Blue Mountain coffee, Red Stripe beer, Jamaican rum, beautiful beaches, luxurious resorts, majestic waterfalls. The national dish, ackee and saltfish. To all my fellow Jamaican bredren, and sistren, bless up. May the celebration of the nation’s day of independence, ring truly; God’s resounding love, and favor!


This Side of Time!

When the word heard is, they have passed, the tears will fall. But they won’t see it, the love in your heart, this side of time. The moment, to pour out your soul, has already passed. When there’s a need, to wipe somebody’s tears. Do it, share your heart, don’t let the moment pass. And though, your heart is moved, to send a bouquet of condolences. They won’t be able, to smell the roses, enjoy your crimson hue. All that will be seen, how time makes, moments wither. Give them your love, while they can appreciate your heart. When you feel, the need to stand up, express your heartfelt sympathy. Let it be, dear heart, this side of time. For, they won’t hear you say, how much they’re loved. Don’t let endearing moments, escape your thoughts. Even though, words may be at a loss. Now is the time, today is the moment, let your heart be known. Don’t, let time get away, let love seize the moment. In every breath, love breathes life. Expressions of love, memories to cherish, moments to relish; this side of time!

In Fields of Dreams!

In the twilight, your heart sparkles, your light, illuminates the heaven. In the daylight, daydreams come alive. Your love, invades every thought, visits the captive soul. In fields of dreams, the reign comes, the tears fall, the love blooms. In feelings, the soul is swept away, by the overwhelming love. Bottled up emotions, love welling from an underground spring. From the bottom of the heart, the soul pours out, endless love!

In loving memory, for all the loved ones, who have given their last breath; this side of time! If you would like, to share the name of your loved one? Leave their name, and I will place it on the rose!


Fun Friday; Honey, “I” Do!

If you asked, a Newly married man, in the honeymoon stage; who’s the boss, in the relationship? He would lovingly say; “we both are, 50/50 love.” But, when the honeymoon is over, the pledge will surely be; my love forever, a day, then comes the “Honey-Do.” The list, the top ten ways, the love becomes complete. It’s at that very moment, he begins to realizes; “who the boss really is, “Love.” For love makes you do, endearing love has an undeniable name. Some say, the characteristic that best describes, “She.” When she takes the “I,” out of Honey (I) Do. Everyone knows, they no “I,” in team… work; every team, knows love is the true motivator. And every man should understand, “her sharing, is caring, in a happy life.” Yes, love definitely has a name; “He,” and he shouldn’t mind, to receive all the love, in her heart. His complete(d) love, what tells her; honey I do, love you. And absolutely he should, do whatever it takes, to show how profound, her love is. What he forgets, she reminds; I will have your back… next week, another love letter. After all, she truly deserves it, have all his love; just saying. So men, just get it… done. It doesn’t matter, how many days it takes, how many weekends you give up. Love’s about giving, your devotion, your heart and soul. Men, love doesn’t procrastinate, it’s an act, moved by your motion. For, if your list could talk, you would hear it say; hey you, complete me. Men, whenever the love of your life, ask for all your heart, give it! For it will tell her, how much you relish the I do, love you. And, when it all said and done, tell it to her heart; honey, I am complete, your love completes me!


In the Reign!

In the storm, love’s reign finds you, in the hurricane. A heart deeply touched, builds up mist, moisture falling from the soul. In the most trying times, drops of love rest unadulterated, the reign cascading beautifully. When a soul is swayed, by an endearing reign. Your heart is exposed, a soul drenched by love. Living in the reign, heartfelt precipitation, brings anticipation. A heart soaked, in love’s profound gratification. Love, the breadth in the lungs. In the reign, hope is not lost, for peace is discovered; pour out the praise. Though nightfalls, in the twilight the rainfalls, sorrow making the heart cry. Be encouraged, in the dawn, let the raindrops fall on roses. A heart, wisked like a kitten. The love holding you, like a warm woolen mitten. In love’s reign, there will be rainstorms, tears bursting through the cloudy… moments. But even though, let your soul be, thunder roaring. A heart swept away, by love’s torrential reign. Though your soul is bombarded, with relentless grief. Though the heart feels heavy, overwhelmed by an unrestrained flood. In the midst, in every season, love reigns true. Pouring, to wash away heartache. When the tears fall, don’t despair. Open up your heart, lift up your hope. Let your soul slow dance with love, in the Reign!


Fun Friday; Glide!

When, you’re feeling super fly, no one, has to ask your heart why? They will surely see, love makes your soul soar. In love, a different kind of living. The heart humming, a soul that won’t stop dancing, even when no music is playing. Love is the song, keeping the heart in tune, swaying your beliefs. Love bubbling, spilling when the heart is full. A heart, doesn’t have to know how to dance. For the blood to be pumping, the beat jamming. A soul freestyling, knows how to glide, to every heartbeat. When, your heart knows how to glide, your soul will certainly smile, doing the electric slide, feeling energized. When, one step forward, two steps back won’t do? Bust a smooth move, get your heart in the groove, glide on the dance floor. Grin, laugh out loud; like you got away with something. Your soul, avoided singing the blues. Instead, you’re dancing to a love song. Not getting down, to a brand new funk. You don’t need a crowd, be your own captivated audience. Dance your heart out, like there’s no one watching. Uncontrollable, feelings incredible; love in the flow, the joy overflows. Celebrate, you are; what love says you are. Whenever, you’re feeling the strain, outside the pouring rain. Tears, don’t mean you’re losing, the groove. Just say, heart, drop the beat; the rhythm, the rhyme, the harmony, will free your soul. When, the melody move you, the love will hold you. Keep you dancing, all night long. Until all the blues, drift away. When, pacing back and forth won’t do? When, the day wants you to get down? Roll with it, tell it to bounce, and skate. Don’t let the mood, break your stride. Glide forever, on the wings of love!


Dancing Queen!

Her heart is free, her sweet love, such a treat. How can it be, my heart is never tired, dancing to the rhythm of her love. Whenever my heart beat, needs to slow dance. I hold out my soul, and ask love, if I can have this dance. Love, extends the request, takes me by the heart. And, with no hesitation, her love touches me deeply. My dancing Queen, her love is resting, gently on my heart. I swear, don’t dare, interrupt this love affair. Don’t come between, my heart, and my dancing Queen. All the passion, all the anticipation; truly nothing without it being a heart, moved by love’s graceful embrace. No one, knows what tomorrow holds, but this one thing I surely know. Love will forever, lead my heart and soul, to the middle of the dance floor. My dancing Queen, we have fun, find pleasure in each other. Letting our hearts, dancing; into the wee, hours of forever!

My Queen and I, two hearts, one heartbeat; rhythmically incline. But even so, between our forevermore, and our in-depth slow Waltz. The dance, becomes a sassy Tango; my mind, and her thinking, will love become a break dance? My soul said no, we will Tango, and my heart will take the lead; show you how I bust a move. My Rumba, not about the being “hip,” movement. My heart, plays it cool, phrasing my love passionately; in a tasteful rhythmic flow. My soul, knows the gravity; endearing love floats, on the clouds of heaven. It’s knowing how to Tango, without stepping on the love, between two hearts. In my dancing Queen’s world, orbits her view point; the preferred dance style, the Salsa. A love language, expressed in spicy connotations. But don’t get it twisted, she’s no latin momma; she’s my Caribbean Queen, and I love her. She’s doesn’t desire a throne, but every day; I Do, crown her heart, with my love. When love collides, some might think it a bit dramatic. But love tells me, she’s expressing, the passion, deep in her heart. My beloved, my Nubian Queen; her love dances, with my soul. Yes, my dancing Queen, her heart is free. Her sweet love, such a treat!


Quote Me; A Loyal Love!

Her love showed, the beauty in her heart!

When love rings true, the soul melts, within a heart of gold!

A simple touch, of lasting love. A gentle embrace, of love’s profound expression. Moves the heart, takes the breath, and leaves the soul, with wonder!

Groom your heart, beautify your soul, but don’t forget, to manicure your thoughts!

People sometimes think, you can misplace loyalty. But, how can they truly know, you’re loyalty is misplaced? Maybe they just can’t see, your loyalty lies, exactly where you’ve chosen, to place it? Let your heart, leave a lasting mark, and your love, will never be misplaced!

Everything, is Right in the World, when Love is the Answer!