A Song Inspired; Under The Canopy!

Your love is the covering, our security; a love that covers. Your love is the awning, a love renewed at the break of every dawning. Night or day, a protection can be found; within Your love. A shelter, the refuge; a hiding place. Your love is the safe haven that hearts can run to; when the storms of life, gets to be more than a heart can bear. A love so transparent, being able to see how much Your love covers; show how truly big Your heart is.

Your love doesn’t have a glass ceiling, shattered hearts can find safety within the covering. A place that covers every kind of brokenness. Forever, that becomes the unbreakable, everlasting bond; the canopy!

My friends, whatever situation within your life needs to be met, just ask, seek to find; that you’re covered. Your marriage; covered. Your kids; covered. Your future; covered. Even when it seems like it’s about to rain, even when the rain just won’t stop pouring; from your eyes. There’s a love that truly has you covered, stay under the canopy; let God’s love forever be, your covering!

Song excerpt:

Your love has taken over me. Father, I’ve learned to depend on you. I have confidence in you, in you oh Lord, I put my trust!

  • This post was inspired by a song with the same title, by Frank Edwards. Special shout out to Tammy @ God Inspired Art for posting this song on her website. From time to time I will put up a song inspired post. Hope that it was a blessing!

  • Thank you!
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  • The Dance!

    Love can sometimes be like an intense dance, but even within the dance: you still have to know how to give and take, sometimes even how to be led. Don’t ever make it be about the right, or the wrong; foot… notes are just technicalities. This is not the two step, but learning how to move as one; of heart. Sure, I know that men and women like different kinds of dances, but one thing is very clear; they both know how to tango!

    On Mars, my dance of choice is the Rumba. The hip movements create an intense bodily expression, with a rhythmic flow. Some call it swag, the neck action; women have that movement totally covered. On Venus, I’m sure that the Salsa would probably be the dance of choice. It shows off all of the spicy hot connotations. Now on my planet, deep within; I try to keep things calm, civilized. You can definitely see the hips turning, but underneath; cool as it goes. My dance style, never hot like fire. I know the art of how to tango, without saying a word!

    On Venus, it seems like it’s all about the drama, but I know that it’s all about trying; to express the feeling deep inside. Our planets surely do rotate on different axles, but that doesn’t mean; that we have to tango. Sure, we’re both very passionate, spirited. At times the movements can even seem a bit insensitive, maybe without feelings. I assure you, I’m not looking to cue the violin; classy, can still be a nice tango. A tantalizing experience, a love out loud kind of a feeling; the dance of love. My only intentions, is to slow dance with your heart; forever!

    So friends, if you must do the dance, remember; the tango is a dance, that takes two. Step out on the dance floor, the ballroom is where I do my best Rumba. Ladies, show your man your best Salsa moves if you must? But at some point, both of you still need to learn how to dance; to the rhythm of each others heart beat. Men, never let your funky “hip” action, be a behavior abrupt or harsh. Even if it’s coming from a passionate place, even if it’s deeply felt. Be extremely hip to her feelings, use your big boy words!

    We all know how to dance to the beat of our own hearts, but keep the tango to a slow dotted duple rhythm. Dance together, let the rhythm get you. Let true love be your resolve, don’t slip; trying to outdo. Tango, but let love be the true lasting emotion. Sometimes, we just can’t avoid the tango. Al final, siempre beso y maquillaje (in the end, always kiss and makeup); immediately after the dance. Don’t ever leave the dance floor, without your partner by your side. It doesn’t matter how much the two planets don’t align, it doesn’t mean that the twinkling within the stars; can’t be the love that orbits, both hearts!


    A Voice!

    I have a voice, I will no longer be seen, and not heard. I will speak my mind, will anyone be able to hear my heart. I want to be a voice for those who have no voice, speak for those who cannot speak for themselves; mic check one two. The time has come to no longer be silent, the silence has become absolutely deafening; the injustice, hearts are being silenced. Beat your hearts strong, beat your hearts loud; one voice!

    I will be a voice for those crying out in the wilderness, the wilderness within their own hearts and minds. I will rise up early, voice be heard; this is the day. I will speak life into the darkness. With my one heart, with my one voice; it’s about one love. I have come in peace, not to alienate hearts; to make a difference. The hour has come to speak up, to speak out. To get off my chest, that which truly burdens my heart!

    This is the moment, the hour is truly at hand; I will not let another second just go by. For time would never think of just favoring me, or simply stand still. Even though, I have been such a faithful companion; with the precious time we have. Time has a destiny to fulfill, my heart is destined to fill; hearts and minds with truth, hope. This time my voice shall not be forfeited. The world truly needs to know, that time was never on their side!

    I’ve truly had enough time to clear my throat, but if I should happen to lose my voice? I will still never truly be silent, time will still have a story to tell. Second by second, minute by minute; time shall no doubt prove to the whole world. That the days of our lives, are yet within an hour glass; that moves through the sands of time. So be still my soul, be steady my heart. Open up thy mouth, speak the truth, but with love. Speak firmly, but gently; speak with a clear voice. Be bold with your words, but forever humble with the delivery!

    So I will wear my heart on my sleeve, hearts still need to see; that the voice, is my heart. One heartbeat, can move a mouth to speak, the truth from within. But if all hearts spoke as one voice; we can forever move nations to hear, the words within. I have a voice, but what good is a voice? If it’s just a silent instrument, that has not yet learned; how to speak from the heart. From my heart to yours, I am not The Voice; I am just a voice, for a time such as this. I have a message; let love abound, let freedom ring!


    The Chains; Broken!

    The chains are broken, let them fall to the ground. The chains are broken, lying on the ground are they. Pieces, they are just pieces; the chains are no longer resting against your heart. Breathe, let your soul breathe; the chains are broken. Fasten your soul with the belt of truth, secure your heart within love. Let love arrest your heart, don’t be handcuffed by what lies within the unknown; if someone sees the pieces, will they ever link it back to your heart?

    Shackles, they were never shackles; just a chain with linkage, your heart was never linked to a chain that binds. Don’t believe the lie; that your heart will forever be in chains, let that link forever be broken. Life can sometimes fight against your will to resist. Always fight back, push back if you must; resistance will never be futile. Don’t ever let fear keep your soul a prisoner; fight the power that be. Break free from the mind games, don’t get roped into peer pressure. Cut the ties, the ties that tries to bind; fight to keep your heart free!

    You might ask yourself, if the chains were truly broken; why can’t you see them on the ground? My friend, don’t look through the lens of the eyes; see into your soul, through the lens of faith. The chains were broken, the very moment your heart was set free. Don’t hang on to brokenness, let that what is broken; be the chains that tried to bind!


    Life; The Fight!

    Life, can sometimes come at you hard; that you think you’re in a fight, a fight for your life. I learned at an early age, how to bob and weave pretty good. Float like a butterfly, no; I wasn’t the greatest, but I knew how to hold my own… heart. Life just wouldn’t allow me to catch my breath, so I just held it all in; breathing seemed to be optional. But life still decided to hit me with a sucker punch; it knocked me to One knee. I was absolutely stunned; life should have known, I wasn’t about to stay down. So I gathered up my pride, stuck it back in my heart and said; life, is that all you have… to offer?

    So I got off my knee, got back in the fight; only to continue with the same bobbing and weaving routine. I wasn’t a sucker. Yeah, I said it… to myself. I knew how to take a punch, sometimes; it was like I was fighting my own heart. My bout with life got intense, this went on for fifteen… years. Sure, I got in my share of jabs; just to show life that my heart was in it to win it. But in the fifteenth… year, the hand of life shifted; my heart. It rocked me to my core, it made me do a serious gut check. Life was tough, a formidable opponent for sure. Life hit me with a blow; it brought me face to face with a Cross!

    The encounter sent me to both my knees, so this time I prayed; for mercy. Oh Lord, my heart felt it; the shift. I could have avoided the Cross, but it was time to change my approach to life. I thought this time it would be the ten count, but it wasn’t counted as a knockdown. Just a moment to give my heart a new perspective, on life. My heart finally realized that we can’t go toe to toe with life, without the Faith to believe; that we can conquer life’s battles. Life is a contact sport, a fight; my heart was being prepared to face a Champion. Undisputed has been His title, amazing is the character. Just being in the presence; my heart knew that this is the Greatest!

    Life’s objective, is not to win all the fights, but to keep us so distracted; that we don’t even realize our true potential. Life, you are truly a worthy opponent, but I’ve learned within my heart this simple truth. That it’s not about how hard life hits; but how hard you can get hit, and still keep moving forward. Faith, hope, love; strengths, within the right character to endure. Life is a fight, just don’t let the past; be what determines your future. Having the spirit that fights, that’s the start; wisdom is the crucial element. To know that life is best fought, with a surrendered heart!


    Life; Pieces Of A Puzzle!

    How do I get to the heart of the matter? One song writer says to; “Get Jiggy with it,” but I know that it’s not that simple. I love a good mystery, so why can’t I see what’s right in front of me, better yet; how do I fix the pieces? When I first believed that I could, it was so clear within my heart and mind; but now I’m not too sure, if I even have it within me? This is a mess; life can make things seem scattered into so many pieces. I can clearly see what I have to do, so why can’t I seem to get it right? This is absolutely frustrating, truly puzzling; that I can’t figure this out, but I’m absolutely determined to make this work!

    Nobody said that it was going to be easy, and I’m not going to allow myself to fall to pieces over this; quitting is not an option. Spirit, help; me to rely on you, guide my heart. My eyes may not always see clearly, but if a heart is truly open; all mysteries shall be revealed. My heart knew how to see the big picture. The struggle was never about seeing, but having the faith to believe; in what only a heart can truly see!

    So I took a step back, to start with the end in mind; to know what my heart is truly trying to see? Even if you could get the pieces to fit perfectly, you would still have to do it over and over; if you decide to just put your heart back into a box. God’s love is the key; to know what is true perfection. Puzzling, isn’t it, that a heart thinks that because it gets close to God. The heart now becomes the key; to unlock the puzzles within a heart!

    Even relationships are like a puzzle; when you think that you’ve got it all figured out. You still need to put the right pieces into place, just so your heart knows; to see real love, your heart always needs to be vertical. Yeah, it’s hard at times to see clearly, but with true dedication. Even the small pieces; helps to make all things, work together. All that’s truly needed, is just a little faith; to give you those unforgettable aha moments. To know that God’s love is the unseen hand, that moves our hearts. Giving us the ability; to put all the pieces, into the right places!


    K.I.D.S; Love Is The Battlefield!

    They’re strong, and no one can ever convince them that there’re wrong; so love becomes a battlefield. They’re young, and they don’t give you any promises, even if you demand it; so love stays a battlefield. We battle every day, just to agree that we will always disagree. So the battlefield turns into a mind field; the chaos is now the war zone. They will never give in, but we shall never give up. There’s too much at stake; their hearts, and your sanity!

    So the battle rages on, but for one simple reason. K.I.D.S; Kid Irritation Disorder Syndrome. There’s no cure for it, this is a lifelong dilemma. This is an infectious love, absolutely worth injecting into our hearts. But if we’re not careful; improper treatment, can devastate a home. One side effect, the struggle can drive you mad; if you let it. The cure; pray… for strength. Just remember, driving will always be a privilege; not a right. If that doesn’t work, they just might use their life savings; to buy you a one way ticket, aboard the train heading off the rails. The final destination; guilt trip central.

    But what they fail to understand, is that you’ve been there done that… yourself. You have the t-shirt, saying it’s a lifetime commitment; on the love train, heading straight to the heart of what matters most. K.I.D.S is absolutely treatable; with the right amount of love and affection. So stay in the fight, endure to the very end. One day they will come to understand; love was the battlefield, but hearts become forever fortified. Heartache to heartache we stand, who can’t hear will feel; that the true battlefield, is outside the home!

    The struggle is real, but this is a just cause; their hearts are absolutely worth fighting for. Don’t let it be about taking territory; who’s right, who’s wrong. Equip them for the battles ahead, equip them with the mantle of love. Soon and very soon, they too will need to know how to fight the good fight; when they have their own case of K.I.D.S. The heart of a warrior, will always hold on tight to the truth of love. True love will always fight the battles that counts. Winning the battles was never the goal, building a strong unbreakable bond; that becomes your forever victory. Search your hearts, there you will find the strength to stand. Love is a battlefield, but the fight; is absolutely worth it!