iRequest; The Stu!

Do you take time to enjoy the fruits of your labor? Things may not always turn out the way you want, don’t turn it into a stew. Sure, darkness looms, but it can never stop; the sun from rising in the morning. Don’t throw the fret, your worries, all your anxieties, and your agitations into a pot. Letting it all simmer, while you stir the pot; until it turns into a bitter stew. Instead, look at all your blessings, all the good fortune. Take a moment to see all of the wonderful ingredients, available to make up a good character; use them to become the best you!

Do you have a floury attitude, have you learned not to cry over spilled milk? Do you use the broken eggy moments, as an opportunity to strengthen your faith? Don’t use it as an excuse, to forever fall apart. Get some sugar from your loved ones, add the spice of life to your heart. Use your God given potential; to bake, not flake. When the heat gets hotter, your faith gets baked in deeper. Show God, that you’re truly grateful; for the sweeter moments in life. Have your cake, be sure to eat it too. Celebrate life, and you happen to fall; Celebrate the Recovery. Don’t make life become, a distasteful stew!

I know a man, a brother, a father; someone I call friend. His name, Stuart L. Tutt; The Stu. Someone I believe, doesn’t let just a name define. When you take the Stu out of the equation; what truly defines, is the love permeating within. Ponder, don’t wonder; you’re going up yonder. Bro, that’s something you don’t ever have to Stu over. What the enemy meant for evil, God uses for good!

You have a BEAUTIFUL HUMBLE heart; full of love, COMPASSION. Make the PRIORITY forever be; your faith, your kids. All God truly requires, is for us to have a GRACEFUL heart. To show KINDNESS; to faithfully NAVIGATE the JOURNEY of life. Being VULNERABLE, never easy; but when it’s all said and done. A good, faithful heart; will come face to face, with the MAJESTIC presence of our Maker!

#A F.R.I.E.N.D!

A” is for ACTION. Most people have the best of intentions, intent without Action; means you weren’t ready to act, to make it become a reality!

F” is for FREEDOM. We have the Freedom to choose, but when we‘re not truly willing to share our heart. It means that your heart have not yet learned, what it is; to truly be free!

R” is for RESPECT. I can appreciate, I Respect a person; who’s willing to share their life experiences. Even though it’s painful, uncomfortable. Just so others can see, that you’re truly willing to be a light; when their heart is lost within the darkness!

I” is for INTEGRITY! Honest, ethical, sincerity; words used to explain what is integrity. But more than that, it defines your true strength of character. If your character is truly virtuous, no one will ever need to question your integrity!

E” is for EVALUATE. We should always take a moment to evaluate; do we do things wholeheartedly, or out of obligation? Do we give to get, or give not expecting? There’s never a moment, that we shouldn’t stop, to truly evaluate!

N” is for NAVIGATE. Sometimes it’s difficult to navigate, the journey we call life. That’s why we need people around us, family, friends. Yes, we should pray; asking for guidance; with the faith to believe. But, also use the blueprint that God has shown; even Adam needed a helpmate, to help navigate his world!

D” is for DESIRE. What do you desire, is it a bigger house, a better car; is it a loving marriage, or the perfect kids? All great desires, but if the first desire isn’t a closer walk with God? You will never truly be able to have the true desires, of your heart!

  • Greetings friends, today’s post, is the introduction to the new 3rd Friday post. The 3rd Friday will be mostly dedicated to the readers, for what I call, iRequest. I will write a post for you, on the topic that you have chosen, and then post it the following 3rd Friday. The topic can be a word you like, your favorite song… something meaningful to you. Today’s post, was inspired by some of Stuart’s recent posts; using his nickname Stu, as the bases of the piece. I hope Stuart, and you all enjoyed it. This post is longer than usual, I just want to do something longer; to highlight my friend! So, send me your request; I will pick one, and post it next month, as Christmas approaches! Blessings to you all.


Song Inspired; Endless Love!

My love, why do You love me so? Your love is my one true love, there’s so many times that I’ve let You down; but we still have this endless love. My life, my heart, my soul; Your love is the one thing, that truly makes it all complete. You’re my first love, Your love was my first breath; the love within every breath I take. The very breath within my lungs, the love that helps my heart breathe; You are my endless love!

Your love guides my every step, so how can I not want to share; all my love with You? No one else knows me, no one else ever will; yes I do, do love You. Your love sees into my heart, Your love is why I can bare my soul; to express Your endless love. Two hearts, two hearts that beat as one. Feels like our love just begun, but I knew. Oh, how my heart knew, from the very beginning; that this love would be forever and always, my heart knew this would be an endless love!

I hold Your love so close to my heart, Your love truly means the world to me. Your love was the voice, the small still gentle whisper; that forever broke the silence within my heart. Your love is endless; whenever I find myself lost, Your love becomes relentless. There’s no shadow You won’t light up, no mountain You won’t climb up. No wall You won’t kick down, endlessly coming after me; everyday You give Yourself to me. This love I have inside, all the love I feel for You; I want to give it all back to You. I will never deny, what I have forever found in You; My Endless Love!

  • Endless love, written by: Lionel B. Richie, and originally sang as a duet with Diana Ross.

I chose this song today for a few reasons. When I reflect back on my life, it reminds me how truly blessed I am. How God has allowed my heart to see His endless love, at work within my life; the year 2018 marks some wonderful milestones for me. In January I started blogging, a calling I believe God has placed on my life. May 2018 was the 30th anniversary for my wife and I, another endless love my heart will forever cherish. November 2018 marks the 50th year of my birth, achieved only because of God’s amazing grace. When I think on His goodness, all my heart will ever see; Endless Love!


Let’s Play Ball.

My heart is such a fan, such a fan of your love. Oh, how I dream, dream that your love; would take me out to the ball… game? I promise, that it won’t be the same old song and dance. This is a forever dance, your love, my heart; locked within an everlasting embrace. Your love is a MAJOR part of my life, a love in a LEAGUE of its own. So, why did your love SCOUT my heart? Why was my heart chosen, predestined; to know Your great love? My heart is grateful for such a love, no games will be played within; your love will be my hearts pursuit!

My heart has been elevated by your love, the SKIPPER. My heart skips a beat; being forever coached, by the rhythm of your love. Every day I do a reality check, some days it’s a serious gut check; am I truly giving You my best? I will never allow a subpar love, to PINCH HIT; in place of a truly genuine commitment. It’s not about a love of the game, but being forever in love; with Your heart. For me, a BUNT will never do; my love will forever swing for the fences. Having your heart as my one true love; undeniably a Home Run!

The WORLD is going through a SERIES of events, but nothing truly as important; as preparing for Your return. Just knowing Your love, that’s only gets a heart to First Base. Your love absolutely Stole my heart. So therefore, my heart will never STOP SHORT. Being forever in Your presence, eliminates the DOUBLE PLAY. A heart cannot serve two masters, love one, hate the other; no double talk. Being faithful until the very end, the heavens will open; my heart will be at HOME, with a PLATE set for me at the table!

Friends, you can’t afford to just sit on the bench, watching life pass by from a distance. A Dugout, is a covering; a shelter within the storms. Don’t just hide under the canopy, your love needs to be front and center. Willing and ready, for the ultimate call; to serve. I refuse to let life lull me to sleep, with softball pitches; this love is the Major Leagues. So bring the heat, show my heart the fire. Constantly FAST, I Pray my heart will never drop the BALL; trying to act FLY. A pitcher will never be needed, no amount of water; will ever quench the thirsting within my soul. In the past, I’ve been a knuckle head; thinking that Your love was a KNUCKLE BALL. Your love is the heat, felt deep within my bones!

Lukewarmness, turns a foolish heart; into a back… SLIDER. There’s no three strikes, Your love will never keep score. Practicing faithfulness, it’s very commendable; being consistent, truly admirable. But choosing to be absolutely intentional, with true acts of kindness; is truly the MAJOR LEAGUES. I’ve been known to be out in left field a time or two. Woulda, coulda, shoulda… done better. There can never be a no hitter, every single day; Your love is forever my HOME RUN. Your love went so deep, over the left field… side of my chest. This is not a game, when it comes to me and my heart. Your love hits it out of the park, every single time!


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Song Inspired; You Say!

Growing up I fought, thoughts within my mind; playing over and over within my heart. The question placed to my heart, are you truly enough? But deep within my soul, there was a voice, the only thing that drowned out my own thoughts. Small still whispers, my solace, a peace within my soul. A voice with so much strength; strong and mighty, the gentleness is what moved my heart. My soul didn’t always believe, in what I couldn’t yet see; but my heart, learning how to hear!

My silence, was the only thing; that I truly knew to be real. You see, I was a child; that spent many hours alone, I could tell you stories. They all involve the same known characters; Me, Myself, and I. Playing make-believe, that I was sometimes visible; a world I would occasionally visit, within my own heart. Some days, the struggle was oh too real; just believing, that I was truly loved. I wasn’t blind to my world, but yet still too blind to see; that my heart was forever held.

My heart couldn’t see, so how could it even believe; that a love could possibly find a heart, barely breathing within the silence? Trust and believe, that was the word resonating within my soul. The lie that I wasn’t loved, was a fruit from the old poisonous tree. My Eden wasn’t a place, but a presence; bearing much fruit within my heart. Every single lie that told my heart, that I would never measure up; fell on the Rock, my soul was now covered. My soul now has a song, a story; it’s written upon my heart!

God, remind me again who I am; I need to know? Sometimes I can’t believe, that You love me so. Give me a moment, just knowing I’m so loved; my heart needs a moment to breathe. The only thing that matters to me now, is what You think of me. In You I find my worth, in You I’ve found my identity. In You my heart has a purpose, deeper into Your heart; that’s my destiny. The depth of my heart, is more than the sum; of every high, and every low!

• You say I am loved, when I couldn’t even feel a thing!

• You say I am strong, when I thought I was too weak!

• You say I am held, when I felt I was falling apart!

• When I felt like I didn’t belong; You say I am Yours!

• You took my every doubt, in You I have my every victory!

Now all I care to know, is what You say: I am. Nothing else will my heart ever again believe, or trust. You say believe, in that; I only trust!

Today’s song inspired, is a song by Lauren Ashley Daigle; an American contemporary Christian music singer-songwriter, from Lafayette, Louisiana.

I pray that this story, a glimpse into a part of my journey; is an encouragement. Even within the silence, God knew who I was; the only father I ever knew!


Inspirational Friday; Letter, to a friend!

Good day everyone, Happy Friday. In today’s inspirational post, I would like to share three letters; titled, to a friend. To three individuals, who from the beginning; have made an impression. Each letter is a compilation of notable references, taken from shared post. I hope it will be an inspiration to you, and a blessing; to a friend!


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Fun Friday; Is it a Man’s World?

I am a man, I have a castle; you sure better believe, I have an incredible queen. As a boy, I was led to believe; that it’s a mans world. But they failed to include; a how-to manual. So like most men; I kicked back on the sofa, enjoying my world. Women, on the other hand, are a little different; they’ve been known to get together. I’m sure to get tips, to strategize. On how to keep the castle, running at peak performance. Every woman knows, that you can’t leave those kinds of decisions; up to the man. It must be within one of those strategic sessions; the how-to, and the honey do, was engineered? 🤔

Boy, they sure forgot to inform the man. That even though it’s “a man’s world,” and the “so called king.” It’s a superwoman, a domestic goddess, a mother extraordinaire; that has the ability, to truly run it all. Don’t worry men, you have the ability to put on the pants; it will always be one leg at a time. You can wear “The pants;” well, at least the one that she picked out for you. Don’t get me wrong, every man needs a strong woman; to help navigate the turn by turns of his world, a GPS for short (Good. Powerful. Superwoman)!

They loving nudge assist encourage, with a strong assertive tone. With intuition, such attention to details like, “dear, you forgot the bread… again; go back, recalculate your positioning.” You see, it’s all in the informative details; they don’t seem to miss a thing. It’s all about keeping the mans world, in perfect alignment; with the sun… shine within her heart. Yeah, they may call it a man’s world, but he can never keep it humming; all on his own. His world will never truly be complete, without an unbelievably strong Queen. God made them, to be part of your heart!

So Men, if you know to share your world; if you truly learn how to share your heart. Her unwavering, her unapologetic, her undying love; forever becomes your world. Embrace her strength, take her by the hand. Cherish her love, then let her love; forever take you, by the heart!


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