The Selfless Heart!

Nanu Nanu.

Hey friends, can I pull up and park beside your heart? The two words above are from a tv show that aired around 1980; called Mork and Mindy. It was a greeting that Mork used, which basically means; Hello! The message below I wrote back in the summer of 2014. A time when selfies and mental health was taking flight, now they’ve taken center stage. Robin Williams was Mork, and his death that summer shocked me and the world, but got my heart thinking; so I wrote the following.

In society today we have new words, like selfie; which derives from the word self. There’s nothing wrong with the words self or selfie; we just need to put them into prospective. Don’t let them take root within, and evolve into the word; selfish. Read the questions below; assess yourself as a person. See if the word that best describes you is none other than the word; selfless?


• Is the love for your partner in life true, unconditional; forever?

• Do you feel that it’s an absolute need to encourage, and speak life into the hearts of those around you; just because?

• Can you see more beauty within people, more than the beauty you see; in the mirror?

• Do you work hard; regardless of how you feel, or even if you never get recognized?

If you’ve said yes to these questions, then it’s exactly as I thought. You see that it’s not about you, you’ve chosen to walk the path of selflessness. You haven’t bought into the message being told these days; “that it’s all about you!” You’ve realized, and know that it’s more rewarding to build up. Your selfless act could very well be the lifeline, that they so desperately need; to stand, stronger. We should never make life all about us, shine bright the light you have within. Be that beacon of hope, someone just may need to see the light. The only light they see, probably comes from a darkened soul; but the darkness, still overwhelms from within!



On the other side of the glass you see some baggage; your heart is going on a journey!

On the other side of the glass you see a list of mistakes; it’s a list of what not to do!

On the other side of the glass you see someone struggling to stand; strength is found within the courage!

On the other side of the glass you see someone, picking up pieces of a broken heart: broken, not shattered.

Look closer, you will notice that the glass is reflective, showing the things we so desperately try to hide; reflections within a heart. No matter how hard we try, we will never be perfect. We have flaws, just don’t focus on them; it’s just part of the journey. He who is without sin, cast the first stone; my heart too is not blameless. We all have a heart of glass, let it be the proverbial window into the soul. I will let you see into mine first; then perhaps you will feel at ease, to introduce your heart to me; hello.

Mirror, mirror; show them what I can already see, that we all have the courage within to face our own imperfections. We will all experience brokenness, but Joy comes; breathe… it’s morning. Show me the reflections, tell me about the brokenness. You are more than what others see on the outside. I see through the lens of the heart; what’s good, and what’s true. Friend, welcome to my heart, the window is open. May it truly reflect the light that shines within, you have my attention; hello!

  • Don’t miss the message within the picture!
  • Let me see into your heart!


Life; The Journey!

Our lives are but for a moment, the journey begins with just a breath; breathe deeply. We enter the world, depending on others to help guide us. We don’t worry about tomorrow, we’re still trying to trust in our today. We’re trying not to fall, until we’ve learned how to steady our hearts; for the journey before us. It’s one day at a time, with one foot in front of the other; baby steps, it all begins with one. We start to grow in stature, not loosing sight; that you still need to have the strength, of character. To help navigate the journey; life.

The journey will take us from place to place, as we learn how to thrive moment by moment. Cherishing, relishing; the precious moment we get. The journey will excite your soul, let it take your heart higher and higher. The height of the journey; will be the journey into the depth of the soul. The journey is sure to challenge your heart. You the strength within; slay your Goliath. Don’t let that obstacle stand in your way, stay focused on the journey; the long and winding road. Be bold, courageous; then go overcome.

Stretch your faith, as far as the east is from the west; the potentials are truly endless. Do you have the faith, it begins with believing. Your life is a story; when one page closes, another chapter begins. Fill your heart with love, add to it your passion; but don’t forget the joy. Seek peace, but pursue virtue. Never give up, don’t ever lose hope. Stay the course, don’t stop until you’ve finished the journey. Someone might be following the light, the light shining through your life; the journey!


The Introduction!

Hey guys, thanks for taking the time to read my blogs! You may already know; my name is Warren (WCR). It’s been two months, and thirty blogs since I started posting; I thought it would be fitting to officially introduce myself.

I’ve been writing for about eight plus years now. For the past few years my family and friends have been asking me to put them out in different forms, but I didn’t feel that it was the right time; I feel lead that the time is now!

I am a believer, married to a wonderful woman; the outer beauty will always be in the shadow of the inner. This year will mark a milestone for us; I will talk more about that in a later post. We have three kids; all millennials. Over the years my heart has accumulated a wealth of experiences, some good, bad, ugly; but my heart wants to tell you about the love!

I now understand why the writer said; “Wisdom is the principal thing; therefore get wisdom, and with all your getting, get understanding.” I’ve always thought that was a bit backwards; I always thought that wisdom came with age. I now realize that wisdom grows as you age; true understanding is discovered within wisdom!

I’m trying to Influence a nation, but inspire the younger generation; ONE HEART AT A TIME. So follow along, comment; let me know how my stories are impacting your heart. My hope is that you don’t just read the words, but that you’ll let the WORDS PRESS… into your heart!

The Poem;

This is the introduction, the place where my love, and your heart meets; let me introduce you to this love. My words may take you deeper, but God’s love will take you even higher; this is the introduction. Technology is great, but don’t let it be the distraction. Make love be your foundation, then let your heart become the revolution; this is the introduction, to a deeper kind of love!



The Strength, within your Courage!

Most people measure strength, by how much you can physically lift, carry or push. But true strength will always manifest itself; when you know how to Encourage and Strengthen those around you. So use that strength to show others; that they too have the ability to tap into that Power Source found deep within!

If need be, use your love to help them carry their heavy heart. They just need your love and support, until they’ve regained the strength; to believe in their own heart. If you lack the strength to lift them up, then just let them rest their heart on your love for a moment; the beat of your heart will help soothe a soul. Let the love give them the strength to believe in their own heartbeat; we all need a heart to lean on from time to time!

My friends, you are not alone; let my words be a source of strength and encouragement to your hearts. This love story is not only about the love within my life, but also the love I freely share with you; Friend!


The Twelve Days of Valentines: on the twelfth day!

Making Love… A Routine!

If we never make doing what matters most a routine.

Then routinely what matters most; will never truly be worth doing!

So my true love, I will make loving you more than just a routine;

I will make it my life’s work. I want your love to be felt so deep within my bones;

that it forever shifts my heart. And when my bones finally meet the dust,

loving You will truly have become; my hearts greatest achievement!

On the twelfth day of valentine, my true love gave to me;

a love felt deep within my bones!


The Secret!

Someone asked me the question; “what’s my secret to a long lasting marriage?” Without hesitating, I said; “there’s no real secret!” Then I followed it up by saying; “JUST LOVE THE ONE YOU’RE WITH!” Love will never be perfect, for it’s not about finding the right person; “but you becoming the right person… for them!” There is no secrets to real love, just love the one you’re with!

Too many people rely on their feelings to guide them; when it’s the heart that truly knows best! You can never make someone love you, but you can make yourself completely love them; for better or for worse! I also look at it like this; “even if you don’t always feel the love, still continue to give the love!” You can help change a heart, when you truly know how to change a mind; Yours! That’s probably the, “secret;” that seems to elude so many hearts!

You just need to make up within your heart that you will love them forever, and never question; if they will also love you forever? For me the question was never about her heart, but mine; “change first starts within!” So the question you need to ask yourself is this; “are you willing to love them, until death do you part?” So search within your heart and truthfully ask yourself the question; is valentines a day you remember to celebrate the one you love, or do you love that every day you get the opportunity to appreciate; the one you get to celebrate?

So go ahead and honor them on that very special day, but also celebrate them; on the other 364 days of the year. For when you have discovered how to love completely. You would have finally found that love has never been a secret; “but a matter of the heart!” So come closer, let me whisper into your heart; “the secret to love has always been… within you!”