When You, Encounter Deeper!

When, all is stripped away; to show a heart exposed. Though a convincing heartbeat, for love to be truly noticed; there also needs to be, a strong moving rhythm. What love is, not the same as; what love is, meant to becomes. To what, only the true breadth of love can reveal. My soul has come, but still becoming. You may not plan, to get so deep; but perhaps that’s the place, where a heart needs to be. To be the realization, but just realizing alone; will never make true sense. If a heart doesn’t also realize, what truly makes love take the breath? Longing, still nothing without needing. Not to breathe it all in, but why becomes the wait… to exhale? Love, something worth wanting; but, something special comes through the having. Love, comes to bless the heart. But every gift requires openness, for the true blessing to be attained. I never expected, to become deep. But, love will take you there. When you believe, the destiny to be predestined!

Through an act freely giving, the love flows like a deep moving river. Likened to a pebble, gracefully moving; without skipping a beat. Making the ripples become an effect, truly profound. To become the fall, into an unfathomable depth. Deep, calls you to know deeper. But, without the stepping out to go beyond; depth will never be realized. Love is a song, but a song in of itself… mere words. If the song in part, not a love profoundly true. It all comes, back to the heart. No one, can ever claim you made it; love. But, you have the opportunity to unequivocally proclaim; your heart truly knows, what makes love Divine. Some days, the heart feelings like a wheel. The day is rolling along, but then suddenly; your soul hits, a subtle bump in the road. Even, when the day seems winding; therein becomes a moment. To look deep within the heart, to search the soul… for deeper. More than a touch, what just moves, or deeply felt. When, the love becomes truly apparent? That’s when you have truly encountered, deeper!



When Pen…

Your love, has such a way with my heart. Your love gives my heart the ability, to express what was buried deep within. It might seem, my heart has a way with words; but it’s not so. My heart is just the pen, Your love the ink. A crimson love, what flows endlessly. Words, captured by the heart; stirred up deep within. But first, my heart had to learn how to deal; with a wayward mind. So my soul could know how to pour out the love, within a heart… moved by words. When pen meets paper, love will forever be the story. A heart trying to write down, every single drop of the love. Within every stroke, love illuminated through words. Undeniable, the love never having to be questioned. Intentional, evident when the love resonates. My heart doesn’t need a ruler, straight and to the point; how depth of love is measured. I won’t to tip toe, around my insecurities. There’s nothing impressive in the writing, it’s the love that makes the story breathe; through a love deeply felt. A heart speechless, letting the love speak; through each word!

How deep is this love, the length, height, and breadth; beyond simple words. My heart watches in true amazement, how fear is just shadows; that doesn’t cast a single doubt. There’s vulnerability, in being broken. But love can never truly flow deeply, if the unknown is what becomes the focus. Forever changed, a heart and soul gelled within, love divine. Stop my heart, let Your love be the only thing; that moves my soul. Let the love within overflow, a heart sharing a thousand stories. Expand my heart, contract my soul; let every moment be breathless. Let every breath within my lungs, be a heart captivated by the overwhelming breadth. In my heart there’s life, Your love is what flows. If You were to ever remove the love, my heart would surely have nothing; worth writing about. As long as You live deep within, the love will never end. Every time when Pen, meets paper; may it be undeniably clear, the love… is You!



What I Owe!

Every breath, I owe You my life. You weren’t under any obligation, my debit You paid. The love You showed, why You’ve won my heart. Your love, the open invitation; make my heart, Your forever home. When darkness was the prison, grace was the key. Your love the light, shining on me. Independence, the day; Your love validated my worth. My heart, will never withdraw; let Your love be, the only redeemer. My soul made a vow, to press into You. No retreat, the value; in the surrendered. Your love painted the perfect picture, but only in the drawing closer. Can a heart truly see what was in the creation. A soul was created, to reflect the true color of love. The heart a masterpiece, painted by a deep crimson love. My heart became indebted, freedom was in a name. I don’t ever want to be in the black, knee deep in the red; under the canopy of love. Even if I don’t see it, love is… working. Building me up, moving; underneath every breath. Redeeming, that’s the quality. Profitable, what this love is. Faithful, what You are. Excess love, ever increasing; when my heart learned how to trust. My fundamental commitment, no emotional withdrawals, and never doubt the love!

Your heart, doesn’t owe me anything; but Your love gives everything, my heart will ever need. Thank You, for letting my heart borrow against Your love. When it was a soul, deep in… borrowed time. Again and again, whenever my heart needed a friend; Your love never denied me… anything. How can I ever repay, when the cost was so great? The price paid, the debt forever forgiven. You made the sacrifice, so my soul could truly be free… to thrive. Kindness, the undisputed currency. So much greater, than silver and gold. What I Owe, can never be repaid. Give me forever, to show a truly grateful heart. Like sand through an hourglass, time will fade. But not the moments, my heart, and Your love… gets to cherish. At the end of days, it’s a higher return; when the reciprocal, begets the return. The love, all my heart. All the passion within, all the accumulated desire; what I give back. A heart once bankrupt, now redeemed by a choice made. A soul now in a place, positioned to go; from glory to glory. A heart in a place, where love is forever found, and mercy reigns. Tic, Tac, Whoo. Your love has positioned my heart, to forever be on the winning side… of greatness!

What I Owe, that my soul can define. But, my heart can’t seem to find the words; to make this be easily explained. It’s a conundrum, my soul calls this love a treasure. But my heart, knows it as such a priceless love; both equally true. I had options; invest, or live wild… but free? But my soul, didn’t want to miss out. It’s not about a prosperous future, but knowing the true… predestined destiny. My heart in a place, where fear has become absolutely powerless; in the here, and now. Within a river so deep, and so wide; within the endless overflow. Where you’re filled, with so much peace; hope forever found. Finding an overwhelming love again and again, and the depth untold. To know the breadth, and experience what it is. Where death has no hold, through an inherited release. Only, if my soul could truly put it into words? Truly come up with just one thing, to explain what my heart is struggling to articulate? Oh, that would be Amazing. So, where did I meet this extraordinary love; At the Cross. And, What I Owe, Everything… I am!



I Can’t!

• Right up front I will let you know, this is a bit longer than usual. A part of the story, that was laid on my heart this week; to write and share. May it be a blessing, may it move you… closer to His heart!

For as far back as my heart can remember, I can see how God’s love; has been my refuge. Before my heart knew how to breathe, He was already my breath. Whenever my soul wanted to hide from the world, Hide and Seek; what the heart within a silent river, played day after day. My heart knew how to be quiet, but my soul restless; not yet knowing the stillness. But God, His love always knew; exactly where to find my heart. When my soul started the seeking; His love, what my heart found… every time. The heart of a child, didn’t yet know how to truly feel; but my soul, within an embrace. Why my heart can say, without any hesitation; I Can’t… do anything on my own. Every day is a fight, but never a struggle… for my heart. Even when my heart didn’t yet understand, my soul knew a long time ago; who I am, and who is the breadth. My heart can breathe, but I Can’t… take a breath; if not through His love!

He says I can do all things, but I know; only if His love… is what moves me. He says I’m a conqueror, but I couldn’t win a single battle; in my own strength. I can tell ten thousand stories, in my own words, but I still wouldn’t be able to move a single heart. If His love wasn’t the breath, breathing through each verse. I could repeat a thousand times; I think I can, I think I can. We can say all the right words, but it takes faith to believe… you can. When I stumble, I don’t have to worry about the fall. He died, so His love can show a heart… how to rise again. So many think, that I am so strong; but I tell you the truth. I would be truly weak, if His love wasn’t the power… that moves within. What can ever compare, to the greatest love; a heart will ever know?

Let me share with you, why iWirte. Why my heart is just the pen, His love forever the ink. About ten years ago, I had a moment, an encounter; a shift within my heart and soul. I was a Christian for twenty four years, doing everything asked of my heart. Head down, heart wide open; but the journey. One faithful step forward, only to see all the footprints; get washed away. A heart devastated, just like that little boy; a heart feeling so alone. But God, He took my heart; back through the pages of my life. To show, to reveal to my heart; the times when His love… never left me. That it was His love pulling me through, from what should have broken my spirit. You see, my praying grandmother made sure from I could walk; that God’s love, would be a part of my life. Even though He had a hold of my soul, I didn’t give Him my heart; until the age of fifteen. After giving my heart, the focused was just one thing; His love. My heart was so in love, but why not. Unbeknownst to the heart of a child, God was loving on my soul… for fifteen years!

I don’t believe in fairy tales, I trust in God. There is truly nothing in the world, I want, there’s nothing my heart will ever need; than this love. The search for love was over, the very moment I could clearly see. There’s a captivating love story, written on my heart. Why my soul no longer needs to hide, because my heart will forever seek. I Can’t, I Couldn’t, I Won’t, I Don’t… want to breathe, or even take a breath. If this love, is not what moves my heart. A textbook introvert, gave his heart. To receive sight, through an awoken soul. This love will always have my heart, for when I needed it the most; His love hovered. Creating within my soul, a deeper meaning to love. I Can’t do nothing; But, God Can… do it all. Joy, Hope, Peace, Strength; a Refuge. I Can’t even take credit, for who I am. His Story, His Voice; my heart; but His Love… within. Father, everything my soul has ever searched for, found complete… in You!



Forever; The Dance!

Forever, what it seems like. Your love, my heart; this dance. As a child, I couldn’t yet recognize; it was an unfamiliar lyric. But even though my heart wasn’t familiar with the rhythm; Your love, was the song. The Lover of my soul, what You are. My first love, the ever last; the best love my heart has ever known. The love that stills, is the love that moves; soulfully. A slow waltz, a sweet lullaby; how Your love, won the heart of a babe. A heart trying to know love, a heart needing to understand true love. It was in the quietness, alone within the stillness of my soul; where my heart was held close!

But then, there was the coming of age; a boy to a teen. A heart held within an embrace, the slow waltz; turned into a slow dance. A heart beginning to know love, a love slowly breaking down the walls. There came a day, the day I invited You in; to dance forever. Young love, a teenage heart; but it was total surrender. Oh, Lord; You, me. A heart wide open, forever exposed. It seems like just yesterday, the summer of 2019; marks thirty four years. Your love, my heart; embraced in a forever dance. A heart learning how to trust, a soul now knowing what it truly is to be loved. Unconditionally, within a forever embrace. A heart forever moved, by the rhythm of Your love; dance with me!

But then, the lover of my soul; introduced my heart to another. A love so real, a dance partner to share the dance. How unselfish, how utterly thoughtful; to let my heart dance with another. It wasn’t a tap out, but a tap in… to a master plan. How two hearts become whole, through a slow dance; through a lifetime commitment. Oh turn the music up, this is my jam; You Are My Lady, dance with me. Oh girl, I see it in your eyes; your love dances, forever with my heart. Sweet lady, the lover of my soul; wants our love to dance, into forevermore. That love will always be first, the one true love; my heart has ever known. So Milady, are you truly willing; to be a part of this dance, share this heart of mine?

Lady, put your heart forever into my hands; and dance with me. I promise, this love will never be; just a song and dance, this love is forever. Let my love, play throughout your hearts and soul; ALWAYS, our forever song. God’s love is the candlelight, our hearts forever the flame. If we fan the flame, His love will light up our heart; to forever bask in the Afterglow. Lord, whenever I get lost for words, Your love doesn’t even have to say a word. Take me by the heart, dance with me forever. Let the world disappear, all I need to see; just Your heart. Words can’t even begin to express the feelings, this slow dance; this forever embrace!

Real Love, falling in love every time our hearts meet; the hold, that just won’t let go. A presence that leaves a heart breathless, forever swept away. Lord, lady; what we have here, it’s all I truly need, to know I’m loved. Small still whispers, how this love began. I will forever hold tight, Your love; I keep it close to my heart. During the business of my mind, my heart will always take moments to reflect. Lord, a quiet stroll through Your heart; how I get to in Your love. Every day, the dawn of every morning; it’s another embrace. A kiss upon my heart, then out into our Forever; The Dance, within my heart!


Before You!

Before You, my heart kept; thoughts so deeply hidden, buried deep within. Shared hopes and dreams, with my own heart. A keeper of secrets, what soul had become. Dear diary, my heart would like; to make another introverted entry. “Another day, with so much for this heart to say; but what that may be, no words will ever be verbalized. Yours truly, a silent river!” But that, was before You. Before the moment, Your love forever became my heart. Laying against Your love, the only time I can truly say; I know forever. A soul at ease, learning what is endless. A heart being poured, not into an insignificant catch basin. But, into the deepest ocean. What can truly contain, the depth of a penned up heart. Not just through the touch, the breadth of the presence felt. A heart moved, not just by the overwhelming love. But, to be a soul coming into the know; why the meaning of love, has a predestination. Before You, I thought; alone in the darkness, meant lack through ambiance. But, even in unbeknownst; darkness has its moments, but light is a forever presence. Life smiles brighter, when love truly shines through. To be, or not to be? A soul content, never questioning the heart. To be in love, is to forever be near Your heart. Not, to be just living for the want; but for the need to be, the truest love. The closer you get, to the state of understanding; the deeper the becoming. But, not before You!


Show, and Tell!

I bring my heart, to Show Your love will forever be; the true object of my affection. The worth, would truly be irrelevant. If Your love, wasn’t the true breadth. I can divide up my day, but yet in everything. The day would still be, just for Show. If my heart couldn’t truly Tell, that time is relative; to the moments truly lived. Every day, school will always be in session. A heart learning, a soul truly thriving. When every new experience, becomes a new love expression. What you intend, has to be more; than what becomes just pretend. Thinking, your heart has all the answers. Never a soul demonstrating, it’s a life well lived. Sometimes, we do have to pretend. A heart Showing a wonderful smile, while a soul simultaneously Telling; what burdens, in a silent prayer. Sometimes, weights are lifted. Sometime, a heavy heart needs to be carried; to test your resolve. A heart can yell and scream, but what message… would that send? If in the end, the homecoming is the Tell. A love Showed, as being truly faithful; “I man, after Your own heart.” Erase the lies, let Your love be the only story; written deep in the crevices of my soul. May a deeply revered love, forever be the resounding truth. A Show without question, a Tell that truly resonates!

A heart with room, for an increased volume of love. Letting all the repetitious noise, become the decreased. Knowing how, to abide in the stillness. Where whispers of love, becomes such a blissful peace. A life with an unequivocal Show; and a soul with a true Tell. Something, your heart and soul can truly Show. When the day, just wants to Tell… another story. To represent, the true heart of a son and daughter? In the still be, the representation; with the heart of a child… Why have a heartbeat, if love is not forever; what tethers every wayward heartstrings. Within every smile, with every glimpse into your heart. What should be clearly seen, the Father’s love. A heart called Show, a soul will a predestined to Tell. To Show the greatest love story, and Tell of the encounter. What’s in, the deeper meaning of love. For if, breathing is just for Show? Then true living, will never be a heart with a distinctive Tell. Even if, you know others will talk, about what you have come to believe? Don’t be scared, to put your heart on display. Bring your heart to a place, where you know flawed; is nothing to ever be ashamed of. Show that all the imperfections, and the beauty are one in the same. A heart, and soul made perfect; with every Show, and Tell!


To What Degree?

Six inches, the degree; to profoundly miss the decree. The whole heart, what give unto thee. There has to be a shift, to understand the race; not given to the swift. A transformed life, begins with a changed heart. Faith like a child, how a life meant to thrive. More than words, more than a good idea. The journey, letting the love move from head to heart. Every breath a journey taken, a soul harken; to be moved by the stillness. To know if every degree, does fall afresh? To know what degree, was your heart made? Carefully, to be wonderfully displayed. A bigger blessing, requires a greater love for thee. A love meant to be tight, given with all your might. Even if, the day becomes another battle tested fight. Raise a hallelujah, let the praises roar; heaven will come to fight for you. Let love, forever walk with your heart, and through your soul. Don’t let what’s just an issue, stop you from pushing; through all the crowding thoughts. To become, a heart deeply touched; eclipsed by a love, greater than the nth degree!

To find your blessing, to know the true degree of God’s love. Based on to what degree, your heart’s willing to be led… to the deeper truth. Go, find your seat at the table. A place matted, reserved for your soul to feast. Knowing, what’s in a peaceful rest. What begets, your soul finding abundant joy. Even in just a smile, the world will feel the Father’s love. Let compassion be, kindness seen not just as a random act. To truly love with open arms, there first needs to be… an open heart. Endless love, flows through a deep river. Every day, let your heart make love new. What direction, becomes the true destination. Being vertical, the only way to see a breathless horizon. Knowing how to let go, sets your soul to know to what degree; your heart will let the truth of love, take hold? Being emphatic, not just about being sympathetic. But puts on display the degree of a love, raised to be truly epic. Jesus wept, to display to What Degree; how deep the Father’s love!



When you encounter deeper, every thought therein becomes captivating. A place where you don’t rely, on living by your own breath. Where breathless becomes the place, a soul starts to know true living. My heart can make this plain, but the depth in trying to explain captivated; what can’t so easily be articulated. So therefore, I open my heart to be the instrument. To capture words of love, let the never ending crimson ink overflow; the pen to paper. The love, my heart can never claim the copyright. For my soul knows, who truly hold the rights. I’m not here to prove anything. Just here to share, what has become truly everything. The proof, what your heart will need to find. The experience, what will become plain. True captivation, when your heart embraces deeply loved, and let the love become everything. Captured, to be a heart locked… in a forever gaze. By the Captivator, of heart and soul. A heart captivated, a soul breathlessly living in the renowned. The keeper of my heart, the lover of my soul; one in the same. Amazing love, a soul blessed; breathing it in… with every breath. Every encounter, a profound change.. in me. My name, found meaning; but my meaning, found in the embrace. A searching heart, will always find; what’s truly sought. A love held precious, too wonderful for mere words. A love tender, captivatingly beautiful. Just trying finding words, makes a heart so breathtakingly lost. A love with such a graceful presence, a beauty unmatched. All goodness in my heart, couldn’t dare to be compared; to such an extraordinary love. How can a heart not be, forever captivated? A soul be deeply moved, knowing such an extraordinary faithful love. All of me, to be all I need; this is Jesus!


Field of Dreams!

What you battle, can leave lasting scars. But though scarred, flawed; just a part of life. Scars, not meant to reflect; why a heart should stop living. To ever stop believing, your heart won’t see; what others call impossible. In life, we can get scarred; walking a path touching, what seems to be so rosy. A blemish, every deeply felt wound; doesn’t mean scarred for life. Though, some battles leave deep scars. At every dawn, go and face the day. You don’t have to know in what direction, to reach your destination. You need to have all the answers, to believe you have a destiny. Someone might be looking, to see what a victorious life can look like. Knowing how to, deeply love; can forever change a life… yours. That’s how you leave, a lasting mark on a world. Oversimplified, not what the battles become. It just simply means, a simplified living; it’s just living your best life. In the fundamental, live a life; that displays the wonder, a soul living though the thunder. Tearing, doesn’t mean you’re losing. Even though, the past becomes another day feeling hurt. A broken road, doesn’t mean you will be defeated. Scars fade, when you believe you’re a victor; not a victim. The battles, the tug of war… on the heartstrings. It doesn’t matter how fierce the battle, it becomes a moment to show; how far your heart has truly come. When, you have the heart of a warrior; an overcomer you shall become. Every battle scar, let it be a testimony. Healing, is hope found. A heart guarded, living with a resounding faith. A heart leaned, in the art what it takes, to win the war. Scars, don’t define who you are; they prove your resolve. Scarred, and the picture they paint. To be portrayed, as battles that has truly turned into; a field of dreams!



Life, so many search for the meaning; but yet so many don’t ever realize, the truth lies in a predestination. A heart has to first be drawn to find, for a soul to now a divine embrace. Every life has meaning, and every breath what truly needs to be honored. We can know how to breathe, but true, living thrives with a choice. To know how every heartbeat, becomes a heart with a life truly lived. So many hearts, are looking for true love. But, even with love found, the meaning can still seem so elusive. For love is still meaningless, when the truth found; not embraced as love, with the breadth truly meaningful. How can a soul, know the true meaning of love; without a deeper meaning, not being the true pursuit? What therefore is the meaning of hope, if the hope found; doesn’t instill the faith therein. Meaning comes with trust, but meaningless without a heart verification. Meaning not based in what’s actual, still just a figment. You can never reach a true destination, if your heart doesn’t believe in a destiny. You can seek meaning, but finding still meaningless; without it having truth. For a heart to find true meaning, a soul needs to be free. The giving all to be, and the giving all to thee. In everything, there’s meaning; but not in everything, you can find the truth. You have to understand the true meaning, before a heart can truly know; if therein lies the truth, to what makes your soul breath… easy!

A post inspired, by a question posed by another wonderful blog!


The Feast!

Your love, has made my heart so tender. You and I, enjoyed such a wedding feast. A heart full, but yet in such a need; for even more of Your love. So many hearts celebrate, this day or that. But, as for me and my heart, how truly grateful to know. My soul has a place, where my heart can come to enjoy a heartfelt feast. On a love so plentiful, a love that makes the heart to confess. Deep within the chest, the love has become so overwhelming. A love with the sweetest smelling aroma, the true essence of love; and how sweet it is. Your heart, a feast for a thousand lifetimes. A lifestyle, to becoming a part of a hearts daily intake. A love that is such a treat, a delight that goes beyond just saying a word. Joy of the uttermost, pleasure for every part of the innermost. A love to blow the mind, with a heart finding joy in nothing else. A heart, not knowing this simple truth; must surely go to sleep, still feeling so hungry? A heart not yet knowing, what it truly means to be full? With a love, that will forever change the course. Famine, or a soul feasting on love forevermore?

A heart will always be spread thin, when the soul has a true need. To know a love that covers so gently, that you would liken it to being even smoother, than butter. A love that covers the entire heart, and leaves nothing missing within the soul. Even the least, will get the call to come and feast. To have their own seat, at the table. The feast, to forever end the hunger pain, and quench the thirsty soul. Don’t love to eat, eat to live. Forever, always, endlessly. Contentment, that your heart will find. Being eternally hungry, that’s when the feast becomes truly fulfilling. Love, meant to be an endless feast; with the desire for even more. Nevertheless, day after day; let the partaking be more and more. The feast, on a love that takes every breath. You can feast your eyes, but what will that do… for a soul with a true need? Everyone can eat, but only a feast can satisfy; what a heart knows to be the true desire. A soul can never be satisfied, with just a taste. A heart can taste how sweet, but until a soul knows how truly delightful? You won’t get to a point to truly describe, why; it’s the most amazing love?


My Name!

Hello, my name is… In the beginning, breath; what I first took, but that wasn’t my name. At birth, a name was given. You might think you know what that is, but I tell you it’s not my real name. Someday, within the sands of time; that name will just simply fade away. Don’t get me wrong, as wonderful as it is; I didn’t have an input, to what was placed on the certificate. As the years passed, a list of other names; become a part of what others used to call me. Adam, was never my name; but yet a name synonymous, to how my story began. At fist, I tried my best to stand, but yet the fall, over and over. The understanding, of who you truly are; comes with knowing, what’s your true identity? To get there, first comes the crawl; then the stand, firm. You can take many steps, but until you start to walk by faith. The journey will never become the right path, to find true enlightenment. A soul was made to rise, after the story has been fully told, and at the last breath; my name finally being called. To be the encounter, with forever, and a day. In this life, I’ve been known to be called beloved, friend, son. I’ve been called protector, husband, and father; but that’s just what I am, they don’t define the who. Some have called me trustworthy, faithful, disciplined, good; but that’s just based, on what can only be seen. You can call me what you may, but whom you believe I am? Will never indicate, who I was predestined to become. Depth found in the essence, with a meaning profound. This may seem, like I’m talking in parables? Let me assure you, I’m just speaking my truth. There’s no speaking with the tongue of an angel, without being a name written. Who am I, my true identity? My name is, Child! What’s your name?