The New!

Now, now is the day; today is the new. We are approaching a new year, but let’s not forget; today is also a new day. Celebrate, that you got to see a new; celebrate each and every, celebrate the new. Today is the day, to see the new; to see a new thing. Let your heart see, let your heart, behold; God is doing a new thing. Embrace today as a new, no need to wait; for a new year!

Make a resolution within your heart, that you will allow your soul to forever embrace; the new. God is ready to do, something new. See the new day in a different light, open up your heart each day; the new has already begun. You may not always see, you may not always want. But in order to move mountains, you always need to believe!

There’s a path through the chaos, can your faith truly see? That there‘s a river, within the desert; of every parched soul. Now, now is the day; today is the new. Awaken your heart, stretch, work out, exercise; your faith, and beliefs. Clothe yourself within the new, walk on faith; God’s love will be the path, to show you the way!

“For I am about to do something new. See, I have already begun! Do you not see it? I will make a pathway through the wilderness. I will create rivers in the dry wasteland.” Isaiah‬ ‭43:19‬ ‭NLT‬‬


Song Inspired; Somebody’s Angel.

It goes without saying; this is truly the best time of the year. For most of us, that’s how it feels; but how about the ones left hurting? So many people are looking, for just a glimpse of hope, but what they feel is the coldness; coming from within so many hearts. We have it within us to be a light, a light shining within the darkness; showing the true meaning of Christmas. A chance for you to show you truly care, a moment for you to be inspired; to be a heart forever changed. We all need love, we all need hope; not only at Christmas. We’re all very much able, to be that light!

So, take the time, not tomorrow; make it today. The day we get to see, is the only day truly promised. To show love, give a little hope; to spread some joy. Even if it’s RANDOM, at least you were willing to ACT. When it becomes Intentional, hearts are truly changed; just by the KINDNESS, be that shining light. The true gift, of Christmas; will never be about getting, but giving. If every day could be Christmas, what a wonderful world it would be; to be Somebody’s angel. Don’t fill your schedule with so much busyness, until getting stuff; becomes the rush!

I have a wish this Christmas, don’t just say; we wish you a Merry Christmas. In between the sleigh rides, baking Christmas cookies; rocking around the Christmas tree, be a bit more conscious. The season is about giving, sharing; make it be one of your favorite things, my One Wish. Show somebody the true meaning, show them the heart of Christmas; we’re all able. Don’t miss it, don’t miss the chance to show; the true meaning of Christmas. This Christmas, change a life, move a heart; bless a forgotten soul. Be a shining light, You just might be; Somebody’s Christmas Angel.

This Christmas song, is performed by Mandisa. She is an American gospel and contemporary Christian recording artist. Her career began in 2006, as a contestant in the fifth season of American Idol; in which she finished in ninth place, I watched the entire season. Check out her music, I personally have twelve of her songs in my music library!

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Does your heart keep careful watch, does your soul have a hiding place? Within this life, we will face trouble; there‘s danger all around. As difficult as they may be, there’s an adversary. He seeks to forever capture your soul, lurking; but unseen. A thief, so desperate; with just one intention. To infiltrate your heart, to get you to give up your destiny; without a fight. Be Vigilant, don’t let the thief steal your joy, your faith, your blessed assurance. Don’t let him burglarize your heart, but also don’t be alarmed; don’t hit the panic button. God’s love fights for you, His love defends you; let His love fortify your hope!

Be observant, be watchful, be very attentive; please be on the lookout. Keep your heart on high alert, be mindful; of all the underhanded schemes. Pay special attention, to all the backdoor intrusions; forever guard your heart, be Vigilant! For if the thief tried to rob our hearts of the Christmas love story. Why wouldn’t you truly think, that he would absolutely love; to forever kill your joy? Never surrender, but if your heart gets weary from the battles? Strategically retreat, into the hiding place; within the heart of the Savior!

Within this season of love, of giving; His love came, to bring Joy to the World. His love is forever Vigilant, to help fight your battles; to help give you the victory. His love has already crushed the head, of that lurking thief; put your trust and faith, in Him. What He has started in you, His love will surely complete. Let His love take your heart, from Glory to Glory; from Strength to Strength!


Forever Holding Me!

The real thing, nothing less than absolutely everything; the air I get to breathe. A love full of so much compassion, a heart full with so much love; the real thing. My soul is wrapped up within the tenderness, held forever; within Your embrace. Your love comes with No conditions, but my soul still drafted up one petition; to forever etch Your love, upon the door-post of my heart. You signed it, You sealed it; Your love has never failed to deliver. Every letter of Your love, the story being written; forever within my soul.

Your position is perfect, the positioning of Your love is absolutely picture perfect; positioned perfectly, right up against my soul. Your love, it’s got a hold; such a serious hold. Don’t ever stop holding, hold me forever. It’s a love You gave without strings, with no promise of love in return. So freely I give, I forever promise You my heart. Your love can forever have, my every heartstring. Wrap my every string, completely around Your love. If You truly believe, the love within my heart; to be the real thing?

My heart is not one to hide behind fear, within the silence of my own shadows; where my heart always felt at home. But now my heart has found rest, within the quietness; within the stillness, Your love is my new hiding place. Your love breaks every chain, but my heart prefers to be locked away; locked forever within Your loving embrace. Even when my soul got complacent, returned by to the silence; Your love never once complained. Within the silent night, Your love is brightly shining!

Even when my heart ran, Your love relentlessly gave chase. My heart has surely tried, but it could never outrun my destiny. From a love deep seeded, a soul forever rooted; I sure do hope, that the growth clearly shows; Your love has a firm hold on my heart? Your love is the real thing, my everything. I can clearly see, that Your love that Your love surrounds; Forever Holding Me!


The Message; Clean!

My heart was dirty, my soul was in tatters. But Your heart, Jesus Your heart saw clean; Your love fixed what needed mending, a dirty rag. My glass half empty thinking, shattered; my theology, broken. God’s love restores my broken faith, piece by piece; a soul once dead, in Christ lives again. The beating heart within my chest, alive with a destination; deeper!

When all we see is imperfections, through Christ; God sees them as beautiful. When we feel we’re not worthy, Jesus shows us; that it was never about being worthy, but about being loved. When we stumble, and even when we fall; we may think that we’ve once again become too dirty. But Jesus’ love will help us believe, that the dirt is still washed away; we’re still clean!

Our dirty rags; washed, scrubbed, cleaned, purified. God’s love is forever washing; our hearts, forever washed within His sacrifice. Cleansed by His Amazing Grace; Mercy, is what forever makes us clean. Jesus, there’s nothing too dirty; no sin, that Your love can’t make clean. We may not be worthy, Thank You, Jesus! Our heart has been washed; um, forever made clean!

“Because we have these promises, dear friends, let us cleanse ourselves from everything that can defile our body or spirit. And let us work toward complete holiness because we fear God.” ‭‭2 Corinthians‬ ‭7:1‬ ‭NLT‬‬



Time, how did I ever let you slip away; not knowing if you would ever afford my heart, the opportunity to sing about a love like this? The day I opened up my heart to Your love, was the day I came face to face; with Your amazing, breathtaking love. From that moment, Your love forever gripped my heart. The heavens opened, the light of Your love shone down; right into the depth of my soul. Within that very moment in time, my heart experienced a thousand years of love. Time kept moving, it was my heart that stood still; but how could Your love not feel like a thousand years? To a heart smitten by the beauty, a soul captivated by the presence; to You a thousand years, is but a moment in time. Your love met my heart, took my soul for a walk around heaven; my heart has never been the same!

Throughout the years I stood on my faith, made it the substance that undergirded my trust; that Your love would forever be, my firm foundation. But for the longest time I was foolishly taught to believe; in order to stay within Your good graces, I had to work really hard. Follow the steps, put in the time. Only to finally realize, that kind of faith; was based in legalism. All that truly made my faith, was legally blind; to the truth. Your love renewed my mind, day after day; You made the time, to wrap Your love securely around my heart. Time goes by so fast, if I wasn’t careful; I would have missed out on Your heart, as being the true blessing!

Father, my heart has come to the realization; that at first it was about believing. But then in time it should have shifted into excepting; that it’s not about what I do, but what You have already done. If I could turn back the hands of time, I would have truly realize. Forever held, is what Your love did; from that very first moment in time. And Your love will forever do so, even until the very end of time. Time heals all wounds, but time spent within Your heart; is time well spent within Your loving embrace. A love that makes a lasting impact, a heart that should truly be our everything. Your love has been working in and throughout my soul; preparing my heart, for a time such as this!