I Can’t!

• Right up front I will let you know, this is a bit longer than usual. A part of the story, that was laid on my heart this week; to write and share. May it be a blessing, may it move you… closer to His heart!

For as far back as my heart can remember, I can see how God’s love; has been my refuge. Before my heart knew how to breathe, He was already my breath. Whenever my soul wanted to hide from the world, Hide and Seek; what the heart within a silent river, played day after day. My heart knew how to be quiet, but my soul restless; not yet knowing the stillness. But God, His love always knew; exactly where to find my heart. When my soul started the seeking; His love, what my heart found… every time. The heart of a child, didn’t yet know how to truly feel; but my soul, within an embrace. Why my heart can say, without any hesitation; I Can’t… do anything on my own. Every day is a fight, but never a struggle… for my heart. Even when my heart didn’t yet understand, my soul knew a long time ago; who I am, and who is the breadth. My heart can breathe, but I Can’t… take a breath; if not through His love!

He says I can do all things, but I know; only if His love… is what moves me. He says I’m a conqueror, but I couldn’t win a single battle; in my own strength. I can tell ten thousand stories, in my own words, but I still wouldn’t be able to move a single heart. If His love wasn’t the breath, breathing through each verse. I could repeat a thousand times; I think I can, I think I can. We can say all the right words, but it takes faith to believe… you can. When I stumble, I don’t have to worry about the fall. He died, so His love can show a heart… how to rise again. So many think, that I am so strong; but I tell you the truth. I would be truly weak, if His love wasn’t the power… that moves within. What can ever compare, to the greatest love; a heart will ever know?

Let me share with you, why iWirte. Why my heart is just the pen, His love forever the ink. About ten years ago, I had a moment, an encounter; a shift within my heart and soul. I was a Christian for twenty four years, doing everything asked of my heart. Head down, heart wide open; but the journey. One faithful step forward, only to see all the footprints; get washed away. A heart devastated, just like that little boy; a heart feeling so alone. But God, He took my heart; back through the pages of my life. To show, to reveal to my heart; the times when His love… never left me. That it was His love pulling me through, from what should have broken my spirit. You see, my praying grandmother made sure from I could walk; that God’s love, would be a part of my life. Even though He had a hold of my soul, I didn’t give Him my heart; until the age of fifteen. After giving my heart, the focused was just one thing; His love. My heart was so in love, but why not. Unbeknownst to the heart of a child, God was loving on my soul… for fifteen years!

I don’t believe in fairy tales, I trust in God. There is truly nothing in the world, I want, there’s nothing my heart will ever need; than this love. The search for love was over, the very moment I could clearly see. There’s a captivating love story, written on my heart. Why my soul no longer needs to hide, because my heart will forever seek. I Can’t, I Couldn’t, I Won’t, I Don’t… want to breathe, or even take a breath. If this love, is not what moves my heart. A textbook introvert, gave his heart. To receive sight, through an awoken soul. This love will always have my heart, for when I needed it the most; His love hovered. Creating within my soul, a deeper meaning to love. I Can’t do nothing; But, God Can… do it all. Joy, Hope, Peace, Strength; a Refuge. I Can’t even take credit, for who I am. His Story, His Voice; my heart; but His Love… within. Father, everything my soul has ever searched for, found complete… in You!


The Message; My Love!

My child, my heart has loved you; for thousands of years. Before time was, I AM. Before your heart knew breath, My Love spoke… your name. Take hold of my everlasting love, let My Heart; show you the true breadth, of My Love. My child, don’t worry if you stumble; I got you. Those who are last now, will be first; when they truly know, My Love. I will never leave, My Love; will never forsake. Your heart beats so fast, your soul always racing; but child, what is your heart chasing? Chase after my heart, you will forever find; My Love… waiting. A thousand years for you, but a day… to me. Day after day, just know that; I got you. My Love hovers, let it surround your heart. Take off the blinders, the colorful promises. A love seen through rose colored glasses, does nothing… for a blinded heart. A pretty looking rainbow, is still just a mere reflection… of My Love. Let My Love shine in, through your heart and soul; for ten thousand years!

My child, let me take your heart, even higher. Oh, child; won’t you come a little deeper? All I ask, is just one step closer… to My Heart. My Love, will always be waiting. I can make time stand still, I can make your soul be still. I can make this happen, for a thousand years. Beauty, what I see in you; closeness, what I have for you. Won’t you let your heart be a glorious reflection, of My Love. Won’t you let My Love, be your refuge; and every day never doubt, that it will always be your Strength. So many want love, hearts were made to be loved; but what they were always meant to know, My Love. Hearts are always focused on the fall, forgetting that thousands of years ago. In the garden, Grace and Mercy was also there to show; My Love!

“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future. Then you will call on me and come and pray to me, and I will listen to you. You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.” Jeremiah‬ ‭29:11-13‬ ‭NIV‬‬


My Angel!

I believe in love, I believe our love is forever. My love, in you I believe. I believe God hears prayers, I believe God listens to the heart. I know God heard my heart, because my answered prayer… was you. I love that you care, I love that every day you dare. To stand strong on your own two, hope and faith. I love you from days of old, I will love you in a thousand years. When we both get old, with a slight touch of grey. When all in my heart is told. I LOVE YOU, will never be too bold; to tell about a heart of gold. Your love has much meaning, knowing your heart has meant so much. What I mean through all of this, I love who you are… to me. I know a heart can beat, without having breath. I know a soul can breathe forever, but only when that heart truly knows; what love gives every breath? The greatest gift is love, a committed love is the forever gift… to a grateful heart. I believe God has given your soul wings. You may not notice my eyes looking, but my heart always knows; when your heart starts to soar. You may doubt it, but my heart has always believed it; you are… My Angel!


Fun Friday; The Drive!

Thirty three years, that’s how long; I’ve been driving… my Mrs Daisy, my May flower. Now I would never call her a back seat driver, shot gun; her love is right next to my heart. Oh, how I need her love near, so she can keep it real… close; whispers of love… In My Ear. You’re turning the wrong way… Captain, Obvious… ly, dear. I just wanted to hear your love speak… to my heart. Turn by turn, your love moves me; your attention to details… so sweet. This love has never been a bed of roses, but hearts forever in bloom. All roses have a stem… of problems, but the love for; should never be what withers away!

I spend all week working, but babe that will never mean. My heart isn’t also banking some time… deep within my soul. Just so my heart, can spend all those saved up hours with you. This world seems to be going crazy, so many hearts stuck… running ragged in the rat race. Zoom, zoom; but the question they need to ask, who’s zooming who? It’s not about how fast the heart goes, but how to appreciate each moment. For us, the drive is the getaway; a moment to slip away. Two hearts racing, but two souls at peace; cruising up the highway… called heaven. Oh girl, shhh… no need to say a word; I just want to hear the sweet music. Girl, that’s my jam; turn up the volume. I will never get tired, listening to the rhythm… of your beating heart. Let the music play, your love is still so groovy!

A little over thirty one years ago, I strapped my heart into the driver’s seat. Threw the rear view mirror out the window, grabbed hold of my destiny. Some thought our hearts were too young, so many said the drive; “#Wouldn’t Last!” They say, the first five years of a marriage… is the hardest. I have found in my thirty one year experience. The key, not just in the ignition. Not even about, what kind of gas is in the tank; but what is the true source… of the sustaining power? It’s not about steping on the gas, but if the heart truly knows how; to accelerate… the love? I believe, what help to fortify the love. When the heart chooses to focus, on true undistracted devotion… to God!

My love, my bride; thank you. When my mind is in a fog, the light hovers; but your love, also helps to steer my heart. I’m not always sure what will be the destination, but one thing I know; to let our hearts decide. A short trip… down memory lane, or what drives us… to keep our focused on forever? Your love is a fun ride, all the bumpy roads. Even the ups and downs; whoo… my heart still enjoys it all. Love isn’t about the distance, but the journey… together. Never about the road we choose, but the places the love takes our hearts. Love is a two way street, but my heart sees it only one way. I might be in the drivers seat, but we will always need Jesus… to take the wheel. His love, what drives our heart. He is the only one, that knows the way; to our final destination. When it’s time to go home, it will be you and me; homeward bound, together… Forever!

My wife and I, have been driving together for thirty three years. We started as teenagers, then when we got married; and it was with our kids. The kids are all grown, and for last five or so years; we haven’t been doing drives. About a year or so, she suggested that we go on Sunday drives. At first I didn’t really want to, but then said yes. Now every summer, we go on Sunday drives. I pick a destination, and we go driving for about 3-4 hours! Have a wonderful weekend!


Hope, you’re such a good friend. When my heart was lost in the darkness, Your love was the light; shimmering bright… into my soul. Hope, how I will forever lean on You; my faith and trust… in You alone. When fear is the darkness that creeps, You put hearts and mind at ease; with just a small still whisper. Hope , love for You; what steadies the heart, what comforts the soul. Hope, I truly can’t speak for anyone else; “I Love You.” Just thinking about, what the essence of Your love truly means to a heart. Words cannot even express, who You are. But one word can truly describe, what You are; faithful. Every time, You peer deep into my soul. It’s a river, an endless overflow… of my love and tears!

Hope, You are a strong tower. Your loving embrace, gives a soul true confidence. Teaches a heart, what is true faith. With Hope, what battles your soul; won’t make it so easy, for your heart to just give up. Hope, will help you to stand stronger. Mountains will seem that much smaller. Whatever seems a giant, with Hope; it will never define your heart. I can say without a doubt; Hope, is a true friend. When mother, father, brother, sister. When the world seems the darkest, there’s still Hope… for a brighter tomorrow. In times of need, a heart that has Hope; will always cast a light… on shadows. When fear takes hold, when the dog bites, when the bee stings. When the feeling is only sadness, in the very midst… Hope!

My friends, let Hope take hold of your heart. Let Hope forever walk with you, talk into your soul. Hope knows your name, Hope knows how to soothe… your beating heart. You’re not alone, Hope is the power within. Trust Hope with your life, then every day… walk in victory. Hope, will never rob your heart. Hope is a gift, for when darkness grips the soul. Hope is what a heart needs, to see clearly. When the thief comes at the darkest hour, to steal, to kill; to rob you of every bit of your joy. With Hope, your heart will know how to hide… in the secret place; where Grace and Mercy resides. When you know how to put your Hope… in God. His love will never let your heart and soul, be destroyed!

“I pray that God, the source of hope, will fill you completely with joy and peace because you trust in him. Then you will overflow with confident hope through the power of the Holy Spirit.” Romans‬ ‭15:13‬ ‭NLT‬‬

Crazy Love

• If I was to tell everyone, I see Your love in everything. In the sun, the moon, the stars above. In a rose petal, in my every breath; “would anyone truly think, I’m crazy?”

• I have a love within my heart. If I was to tell everyone, that it’s what gives me faith, the strength to move mountains; “would they just consider it as simply, crazy faith?”

• If I took a leap of faith, trusting that Your love would always be there to catch my heart; “would that fall in the phrase known these days as; “cray cray!”

• If my love seems so crazy, truly weird, more than a bit over the top; “would my heart be labeled as… extreme?” They can call me mad, they can forever call me crazy. They can call it unhealthy, they can say I’m unhinged; completely out of my mind. But this crazy heart of mine, will never ever stop feeling this way. Lock up my heart, go ahead and throw away the key. You can never ever chain up a soul, forever set free!

The world can think I’m absolutely; “Kookoo… for Cocoa Puffs!” For my soul, it’s a daily feast; on the words coming out of Your heart. Don’t think it’s crazy, this kind of Crazy Love; does so much for my beating heart. There have been times in the past, when I couldn’t wrap my mind around…. the way my heart felt. A heart gung-ho, but a soul still learning… how to go deeper. I don’t expect that anyone, especially someone with a rational heart; would truly understand this? So, would anyone ever question my mental health, if I kept saying; “You are the wind, the love that moves my heart?” They can call this crazy talk, but this real talk… from the heart. What would they truly say, if again iRepeat; You are the wind, the love that has my heart. I breathe, because You move. I live, because You are… the air I breathe!

A heart trying to live pure, harmless as a dove; crazy… in love. A soul untainted, by what they want to call sight, and sound. My heart sees everything You are, and hears all the love You speak. So the question is, what will they truly call a heart; Sold Out… for You? To the untrained heart, these kinds of thoughts; can be seen as dangerous? But what else would you truly call a man, that thinks like this? My mind is absolutely compelled, to do whatever my heart says. My heart will never be worried, about being labeled. Many have tried, to put my heart in a cute little box. A mind can never fathom a love, only revealed… to an open heart. A devoted enthusiast, will always have their heart mistaken… for crazy. People will always label you crazy, “when they just can’t understand, what matters to a heart. A heart enamored with, passionate to, smitten by… a love truly Devine!


Love; The Color!

What is the color of love? Is it strong, is it vibrant? Is it a color so warm, that it melts your heart? Is it soft, and gentle; is love a tender feeling? Is the color of love a fragrance, a tantalizing aroma? Does it smell so sweet, that even the mere scent… captivates the imagination? Does the color of love have the strength, to shift your heart? Is it powerful enough, to forever move your soul? Moves you so much, your heart can paint a picture; the true color of love? Is it a color, that changes over time; or a color, that can stand the whether… time will change the love within? Roses are red, violets are blue. Grey and black, are not colors. So don’t throw shade, on someone else’s dream!

Is your color of love a delicate flower, pure like the heart of a child? Ring around the rosies, a pocket full of posies; can never change a soul. A heart focusing on the wrong color, is like a soul filled with pretty dandelions; but the love for… snuffed out. Is the color of love, bold enough to catch your eyes? Does your heart capture only a glimpse, or a forever gaze? Does the color of love shimmer, does it shine bright… even in the midnight hour? Does the color of love sparkle, does it spark a creative edge? Does your heart truly know, what is the true color… of love? Does the true beauty resonate, does it impress upon the heart? Does it linger endlessly, within a colorful soul. Can your heart see true reflections, the beauty that lies… within every tomorrow?

Is your color of love just a pastel, or does it show through; as a work of art? Are you moved, by the deep colors of love? Is your heart content with a love, looking like just a glazed over colored surface? The colors that moves you, doesn’t have to resemble a masterpiece; just a genuine depiction. Is the color of love fascinating to the mind, but barely noticeable… to the heart? Is the color of love a feeling, is it just an emotion; or the essence… of true affection? Some colors of love are painted on glass, but the surface so fragile. Even though a rose colored glass, can make things seem a bit too blurred. Don’t allow the love for, to be easily broken!

Is your love just a pattern to follow, or a love patterned after a true design? Is it just a collection, a collage of different interpretations; but the picture still seems unclear? So many kinds of love are colorful, but the real color faded away; the love wasn’t true. Love can change, even if the love becomes a darker shade of blue? Don’t let the true beauty with the color of love, change within your heart and soul. Love has a feeling, love has a powerful name; love has… a forever presence. Deep within your soul, does your love reflect a heart; draped in the color of true royalty? The hope, that your heart doesn’t just see shades, but the true color of love. What is your color, what do you call love; what does love truly means to you? A question, for the soul. A question, only your heart… can truly answer!


De… vices!

Why does our hearts, cling tight to so many devices; as if our life depended on it? Is it so we can affect change, or just to be affected; by the changes… happening within our hearts? Oh me, oh my, these devices are so fragile. Without any warning, shattered… lives, hearts; too wrapped up in the materialistic. Don’t let vices, get in the way… of what truly matters. Focus on how real love, can forever transcend the heart. Everybody wants you to; like this, follow that. Spoiler alert, my story is not about who I Like; but whom I Love. The only thing that can give a heart true happiness. When it’s a change of not just perspective, but true change… within the heart and soul!

Please don’t get my heart twisted, devices are very useful; it’s a Vice that can squeeze the life, out of a unexpected soul. Stay connected, share your world, keep in touch. But at the same time, make sure you use real love… to touch a heart. Devices can help you to, “keeping up with the Jones.” But for so many, it’s all about; “keeping up socially.” If life is not truly about sharing the love, and not about just the likes. When the focus is just on the, iThis, or the iThat. When we truly fail to make it also about, “what others need;” and not just about what, “iWant.” Therefore devices have truly become, about absolutely meaningless things!

Yes, the iPhone, the iTouch, the iPad… mini; are how iConnect… to words of truth. But I still need to daily wipe clean my mind. Clear all the junk, all the unnecessary clutter; trying to clog up the heart and soul. So there’s a true opportunity, to reconnect, to be touched; by a love that transforms. Whenever the need, is to say what’s on my heart; it’s a call… to the lover of my soul. Never a dropped call, never a bad connection. The only device ever needed, a heart connection; a soul connected… to the main line. Don’t ever let devices, become what they should never be; “vices!”

When push and shove comes together, let your soul desire; the real face to face. It’s not about some FaceTime, but a moment for some real time; heart to heart. Life has lots of distractions, just don’t allow them to get all your attention. Make it about the here, the now; moments of reflections. Devices should never take the place, of true interaction. Cast your De… vices, take hold of God’s heart. Devices will help you get connected, but they’re only a point of contact. So, why would you ever allow any device, to monopolize true affection? Let your heart be totally fixated… on His Amazing Love, and not just discardable; De… vices!


Song Inspired; I Need You!

I don’t need much, my soul is truly content… with just breath. My heart is what has the desire, all my heart truly needs… just You. I can get by with little sleep, Your love keeps my heart wide open… to see the true splendor. But my soul would be truly restless, if Your love wasn’t my peace. I can do without food, but that doesn’t mean I don’t have an appetite; I Need You. Your love is my daily portion, Your heart what I constantly feast on. I don’t desire money, wealth or even riches. What’s truly profitable for every heart, the love within. The true wealth of the soul, the life forever found… within the richness of Your love. Becoming a man after Your own heart, my desire!

In my youth, my heart knew it needed something. Later in life I realized, the something; was a someone, I needed You. When I thought something was missing, when I thought something seemed broken. Within the quietness, within the silent river; my heart knew You. Within the depth, as the silence was running deep. My heart was flowing, through an ocean; Your love rescued me. Mercy said no, not this one; this heart is predestined. All I’ve ever wanted, all I’ve truly ever needed. Comes down to my heart and soul, what Your love truly means to me. What I have, is everything my heart will truly ever need; Just You!

Your love became my freedom, my water, my air; my every breath. Your love is the only truth, my heart can believe in. You are my heart, Your love is… the forever reign. The only reason why my heart, even knows how to breathe; but a soul waiting… to exhale. Your heart is my hope, Your love what gives my heart the courage; to step out, to walk. Your love is the water, but my faith… in You. When this world, tries to blow my mind. My heart never fails to remember, You are the wind; so I take a breath. My soul would never want to turn back, from a love so amazing. The desire, to let Your love mold a true heart of flesh; and never let it ever become… a pillar of salt. Your love has my back, but will forever have my heart; I Need You!

“I Need You,” is a song recorded in: 1998. Released: July 18, 2000, and performed by American country, pop artist, LeAnn Rimes.