Sweet Dreams!

Would I still be able to have the sweetest of dreams, if my heart wasn’t able to hold Your love close; day and night? I think not, so my heart won’t stop dreaming. Every night when I lay my head down to sleep, your love awakens my heart. Two o’clock in the morning, your love becomes my sweet dream. Without a dream, my heart would surely toss. Restless, would be my mind; your love, keeps my heart dreaming!

Your love is my heart, but yet; I still need to feel your love, nestled against my heart. Every night, your love is what gives my heart sweet dreams; but they just don’t end there. The sweet dreams continue straight through; even past the wee hours of the morning, then to the dawning. My heart has never yet had a yawning; first it would have to stop yearning, for more of your sweet dreams!

Does anyone want a love with a soft touch, or a heart that absolutely knows; what it is to be softly caressed, upon the gentle breath of a sweet love? Oh heart, there’s no need to be day dreaming; even though it’s about every one of those sweet embrace. Oh heart of mine, let your love speak clearly; articulate every single one of those sweet words. Then there would never be a single doubt; about how deep is your love? The very sweetest of dreams; is truly made of these!

Oh, but who am I, that my heart would even get to experience such sweet dreams? But what is real love, if it’s not the kind of love; that captivates your heart, day and night? A love that can be felt, constantly pressed up against your heart. A love that steals your every breath, with just a thought. A love that is the light, the light at the edge of the darkness. The dawn becomes the sweetest part of my dream. A heart is awakened by a love, shining through the heart. That’s the moment you realize, how absolutely sweet it truly is. To awake feeling alive, knowing that the dreams; is a sweet reality!


The One Thing!

There is one thing, one desire; may it come to be your one thing. My flaws are great, but true love is greater; that’s how you find true forgiveness!

There is one thing, one thing that has no rival; one thing that has no equal. My heart will never be equal, but within my heart; there will never be a rival!

There is one thing, one thing that my heart has let establish a Kingdom; one thing, my heart will let get all the glory. One thing; the King, of Glory!

I’m not here to preach, I’m not even here to teach; I’m just here to tell a story. I have one thing on my heart, one thing on my mind; one message within my soul. Take from it what you want, leave what you don’t care to hear. Disagree with it all, if that’s the one thing; you just don’t want to hear. I’m just here to tell a story, this is my story; that much, I’m sure you can agree. This is my one thing, one love, one heart; the one thing, my heart knows to be true!

Jesus, your heart, your love, your name; my three in one. The One Thing, my heart can count on. What a beautiful Name; the name of Jesus! My friends, can I ask you just one question; what is, your One Thing?

“Not that I have already obtained all this, or have already arrived at my goal, but I press on to take hold of that for which Christ Jesus took hold of me. Brothers and sisters, I do not consider myself yet to have taken hold of it. But one thing I do: Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead,” Philippians‬ ‭3:12-13‬ ‭NIV‬‬


Fun Friday; Life, The Reality!

My heart has been on a journey, trying to stay grounded within the truth; Reality. Life is what you make it, make it an adventure; living as part of, The Amazing Race. For me, it’s never been about; Keeping Up with the Kardashians, or even the Joneses. These days, you constantly have to look over your shoulder; Big Brother, just might be watching. Cameras are everywhere, it’s so easy to become a; Person of Interest. Who can you really trust, my trust; forever in God!

Every day, I hit the ground running; I want to make sure I take care of my responsibilities. Remembering, to keep from being a person of interest; I have to render unto Cesar, what’s Cesar’s. No one wants to end up on, The Blacklist. Perhaps I just need to get away, maybe on a cruise? I just hope, hearts don’t become shipwrecked; living an isolated life, like on Gilligan’s island. I would absolutely become a Survivor, form a tribe; The Richards family. Not letting the clan become unruly, K.I.D’s; they tried to drive the head woman insane. Being “The Man,” I definitely didn’t put up with that; tribal meeting, explain yourselves!

Sometimes it felt like we’re swimming, in a Shark Tank. Trying to negotiate a fair price with the sharks; Let’s Make A Deal. We managed to survive the cute Rugrat days, but then came a new challenge. Without warning, they grew up. They became an extremely opinionated new breed. The world has never faced anything like it before; Millennials. Dispirit the ongoing conflicts, they could never make me want to retaliate. Become a vigilante, desperately trying to change their thinking; but still seeking to influence their hearts with my Arrow, of love. Some days it was a fight, trying not to become unstable; with a Criminal Mind… set. Big Brother is watching, Jesus; take the wheel, don’t make them drive us crazy. Dr. Phil is far too expensive, that’s the Reality!

Friends, life can be tough, the struggle can seem oh too real. Shed the guilt, and the negative thinking; you have the heart of an overcomer. Don’t ever think that you’ve become; The Biggest Loser. When it boils down to it, make sure that your heart is grounded in reality. Life is a journey, stay the course; fight the good fight. Look back at the past if you must, see how far you have come. Like I said at the very beginning, run the race; make it Amazing. Stop living in the past, get Back To The Future… living. Life can feel like a reality show, still live it to the fullest. Live it with love, joy, peace; but please, live it within true reality!


The Destination; Deeper!

For almost fifty years, my heart has been on a journey. A journey to be more than just forever changed; the destination, deeper. Thirty three years ago, my heart was amazingly changed. Learning to walk within the truth, that was the challenge; moving when I needed to be still, that was what my heart needed to learn. How would I truly know the destination, if my heart wasn’t willing to be led?

Like with most journeys, it begins with just one step; the kind, baby steps. I felt I didn’t need to be coddled, but even a baby. Needs to learn how to be held, until they can no longer fall; for anything. The changes within are now truly profound, I have found; that you can’t truly lead, without first knowing how to follow. Training, dedication; testing. The journey is taking my heart to uncharted places, the ultimate destination; deeper!

This is a journey to know, but it’s becoming a story to tell; let me try to tell you how deep is this love. Please don’t try to stop me, you will never be able to deter me. The path has already been chosen, my heart will never be persuaded. Deeper is the destination, forever has always been my destiny. My heart knows the way, my soul is being led by the truth; the road, will take me deeper. The journey has changed my life, never ending; will forever be the story, deeper is the destination!

My heart knows how to love, my heart is being transformed by a love; deeper is where this love is taking my heart. I’ve learned how to stand, but my heart is being taught; how to stand out. You can’t go deeper, if you stand on only what’s sure. My heart’s not going to move, even though moving will take me somewhere; my heart has been called, to go deeper. So my heart will not move, my heart is still learning how to always be led!

My heart is on a journey, a journey to be more than just forever changed; God’s love has been my path. Thirty three years later, the time has come; to be about my Father’s business. The Destination, taking your heart with me; Deeper!


When A Man Loves!

When a man loves a woman, her heart can never do anything wrong; when a man loves. A real man treats her like a lady, forever say he’s a man in love; with her heart, the beauty within a woman. When a man loves a woman, he will love her for life. He will make her heart, the love of a lifetime; when a man loves!

How could a man ever truly turn his back on her heart, why would he ever turn his back on his heart; didn’t her love, become his heart? A deep river woman, willing to love forever; willing to give you her whole heart, a woman’s love!

My baby is the apple of my eye, sweet is the sugar; a cutie pie. The very reason why; spring became my favorite season, I found my May Flower. Sweet lady, this man loves his woman. Even when my love doesn’t seem so sweet. Lady, from day one, deep within my heart. Your love became part of my soul, your love filled a hole!

When a man loves a woman, he gives her the best of his heart. Deep down within his soul, he couldn’t love anyone else; only when a man will forever love that woman. I do was the first step, forever becomes the next step. Unconditionally, goes without saying. He promised that he will do it forever; when a man, truly loves a woman!


The Challenge!

Words, People forget how Powerful Words can be; Written, or Verbal. Word can Motivate you to Achieve Greatness. Unkind words can take root, and break your Heart. Kind Words can give HOPE to a lost soul; when all their heart can see, is a little hope. The Challenge, having enough faith to see beyond!

Words, they have the ability to Paralyze; fear becomes the word, that stops a heart from being free. Some words can Crush the spirit, leaving a heart feeling Broken; years pass, and the brokenness still Lingers. The Challenge, knowing how to be an overcomer!

Words; so many to choose, to speak. Negative words have the ability to Hurt; Deeply. But it doesn’t have to become your reality; rejection, should never be The Challenge!

Speak words that demonstrate character. Choose words that Inspires, Encourages, Builds Up. Words that give LIFE, to a heart in need; that brings JOY to the soul. One word I know, has the power to fortify your heart; God!

The challenge I put before you is this. Think before you speak, act on God’s word. Let it help you, to take every thought captive; before they become, The Wrong Words!

“May these words of my mouth and this meditation of my heart be pleasing in your sight, Lord; my Rock, and my Redeemer!”

Psalm‬ ‭19:14‬ ‭NIV‬‬



Your love is suspended, hovering, vapors within the air. All creation catches their breath with awe, love is in the air; every time I look around. Your love, my heart, exhale; could that even be possible, without Your love?

You are my breath, the air that moves. I take; just a vapor, and my heart feels alive. All I need to breathe, is just vapors. Love is within Your words, speak; let my heart catch just a breath; to hang on every word, the vapors!

A love floating, a love moving, a love flowing. The liquid running through my veins, love moves the air; vapors of Your love. Without it life would never be. Toxicity would be the beginning, let Your love flow; don’t let bitterness be the end!

Misty, not having Your love; my eyes would shed so much tears. The moisture that falls, liquefied vapors; Your love bottles them all.

My heart used to be in a haze, the craze was my days. My heart felt in a daze, my soul; lost within a maze. Your love came and found my heart, the feeling; forever amazed!

Fumes, without Your love as the fuel that powers; my heart would be running just on fumes. Gasping for air, a tightening within my soul. Bluish, my heart can’t survive without air; the love within my lungs. There would be sadness, the fog; vapors that blinds my heart, true sadness. The blueness that fills the heart, toxic blue vapors!

Faith, the substance within a heart; strength to move real mountains. Love, the substance that now moves my heart. Don’t let my heart beat, don’t let my heart; even take another breath, without Your love breathing within. My heart can survive, on just a single vapor. Let me catch my breath, Your love is all I need; to breathe!



Sometimes I get lost within my own thoughts, when all I really need to do; is just get forever lost within Your heart. I don’t ever want to be so deep in thought; that I simply miss an opportunity to get lost, just being within Your presence. My words, my expressions, my thoughts; with one focus, Your heart. Don’t ever let my thoughts, get between Your love and my heart; unless Your love, becomes my only thought!

I try my best not to get in my own head, even a strategic thinker; can think why… me? But then a quiet whisper within my heart says, why not; you? When I think back to the days as a young man. The days when I just sat in the corner, just watching, just observing; but very much lost, within my own thoughts. People had to check, to see if I was still breathing. I didn’t realize it then, those quiet moments; Your love was the still whisper, invading my heart. Your presence was my only companion; my best friend, was truly Your love!

I still am a man of few words, it absolutely blows my mind; that I’m telling everyone our story, I could not have imagined. To this day Your love still invades my thoughts, but now moves my heart. The words expressed, are not even my own thoughts; Your love puts them within my heart. Just thought You should know, my heart is okay with that!

Whenever I get a little too lost in thought, all You ever have to do; is gaze into my heart, Your love will always get my attention. It seems like I can no longer hide my heart; not even my thoughts, or my true feelings. So if there was a moment, that I had only one thought of You within a minute; I do apologize. It should be every single second, my heart even gets to take a breath. To now deny Your love, would be to deny my own heart!

I can never again just hide behind my thoughts, my heart is learning to rest upon Your love. The desire became a passion, the passion turned into a love. My heart is letting go, trying to allow Your love; to take every thought captive. These days I don’t get too lost within my own thoughts, I now get lost; endlessly writing about this love. It will never be my thoughts, but Your love on display. May others see that it’s Your love, flowing from within my heart!


The Line!

My heart wants to go the distance. Just to have Your love near, I would walk a mile in Your shoes; to be one step closer to Your heart. The journey is long, sometimes I feel that the distance between us; is overcome by the miles. To show You that my heart is willing to go higher, my heart would walk that proverbial fine line. Just to show, that I truly don’t fear falling; more in love with You, Your love is the building block of my faith. Simply put, Your love is the air that breathes within. I completely trust, that Your love will never let my heart fall to pieces!

That’s why I need to train my heart; so it can totally and completely fall in line, with Your unconditional love. Perhaps, if I joined a boot camp; I can learn how to discipline my mind, and build up my heart muscle. But what good would that do, when it’s Your love; that strengthens my faith, which builds the love within my heart. I will never draw the line, and limit how close I will let Your love get to the center of my heart. You’ve already shown, that Your love is truly limitless!

Now that I am older, and somewhat wiser; I’m finally allowing my heart to be searched. For years I’ve done the very thing I promised that I would never do; stepped way over the line, and have taken Your love for granted so many times. I drew a line in the sand, promised to be faithful; but faith without works, doesn’t even come close to blessing Your heart. I saw one footprint within the sand, and assumed; that I was not loved. But those were the moments, when Your love was holding me up!

Forgive me, I crossed the line; the very moment when I failed to love You as I should. But yet, through it all, You’ve always been my Lifeline. Now I truly know, that Your love will never let me go. So this time I draw another line; from my heart, to the center of Your love. Test my heart, see if Your love truly dwells deep within. Your love is well able, to pull me back in line; whenever my heart wanders, just a bit too far from Your love. May that forever be The Line, my heart will never again cross!


The Frame Up!

Crawl, walk, run; that’s the designated framework. The execution, that’s the plan that yields the success. The creator designed our hearts with such precision, a work of art; a masterpiece. It’s not a coincidence that Jesus was a carpenter, what else would the son of the creator be? Even on earth, He was still designing, framing, building; the lasting foundation, was His love!

When the devil tries to frame your heart, as just an imitation, a fraud; God’s love defends us. A lawyer in the courtroom, seated at the right hand; pleading our case. The charge; having a heart made from love, made to love, designed to show the love. Part of the most well orchestrated framework; Not Guilty. God’s love is the defender of hearts; our defense will forever be, His Grace!

Picture this, the devil can try over and over again to wrongfully frame my heart; nail my heart to the wall. It doesn’t bother me, my heart will still be a picture of God’s love. So my friends, take the frame up; let your heart be on display. Let the accuser see, that you view it as a badge of honor. Your heart is truly worth framing, designed to be; a display of God’s Love!

“For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope!” Jeremiah‬ ‭29:11‬ ‭ESV‬‬