Tell me, does my heart please you; does my soul speak truth? With all my heart, I’m trying to show the love. With everything that’s within me, myself, yeah, I do; do love You. Do You believe that, or am I still that fool… ish heart; still trying to reach Your heart with just my own strength? Here I am, looking through the lens of my own heart, it can become broken; not shattered, hello!

Do I, oh does my, can you truly feel the love that resonates from within? The struggle is real, sometimes I feel like I’m not getting anywhere; are You trying to tell me something? Closer, draw my heart closer; let Your love be the only thing I hear. Liar, liar, heart of mine the devil is still a liar. God’s trying to tell you something; speak Lord, my heart’s listening!

When the love moves, my heart wants to move. When He breathes, I hold my breath; the awe and wonder. When I exhale, I once again get moved; the love is what moves my soul. With every breath, my heart takes; the love moves on the inside. My heart moves, trying to allow the love to breathe through my soul, but only when; I stop trying on my own. Shh, shh, listen; God’s trying to tell you something. Let His love move your heart, don’t try to move your own heart. Don’t even try to breathe on your own, just listen; then let the words flow out as love, like a river!


The Shift!

Shift your thinking with me for a moment. Let me ask you this question; do you live to thrive, or do you allow your heart to thrive, as you live? Ponder that within your heart for a moment, let it shift you within your soul. God made us to thrive, within every area of our lives. I don’t want you to just see the difference, but feel different; from a shift within your soul.

Friends, let your hearts go through a shifting. Down shift, up shift, then uplift; shift a heart with a word that will truly uplift. Allow your heart to be shifted into your destiny, by The Shifter of hearts. Take a deep breath, whenever your soul gets overwhelmed; your heart is shifting to another level. Free your mind, Shift, ALT, Delete; unlock the love within your heart. Open up your heart, and receive within your soul; the shift!

Finally, my brothers and sister; whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things! Phil 4:8


Alphabet Soup!

The world says that to be socially accepted, you have to know that it’s always; I before E, except after C. But I just can’t C, with my eyes; I use my heart. Can somebody please tell me; how can I ever put I before E, when all I can C, is U?

I’ve tried the whole alpha male routine, but at the end of the day. I still couldn’t bring myself to put, the I first; this is still all about U. What a dilemma, so I wrestled with this very notion night and day. As a child, I learned that there’s no I, in team. I even learned that, A.E.I.O.U are very important; but lest we forget, sometimes there’s still the Y. Yes, why do I feel that “U” mean more to me; than all others put together?

Every day I do a sound check, but better yet, I should say I do a gut check; I forever hear U, moving within my heart. So the question still remains to be asked; Y do You love me so? That must be why the words I vowed will always be about; U. As an adult I have yet to see the, I in love. So do I search for my wants, or do I give You what You desire; my heart. This is not about how I feel, but it’s about how much the U within my proverbial soup; means more to me than I can ever say!

Your love is just like alphabet soup, for I just want to hang on every single word; that comes out of Your heart. Knowing the 123’s is a good starting point, but I see all the ways the letters, turns into words; that just blows my mind. The ABC’s turns into words, the very words I use to express how much Your love has totally and completely transformed my heart!

I know that alphabet soup by itself could never be enough to sustain my heart. That’s why I’m adding the meat and potatoes to my dilemma. Your love is the substance, that gives my heart life; abundant. So let my heart enjoy a hot bowl of Your love. It will forever be the warmth down within my soul; my heart will never truly be contented, with just a cup of Your love. My heart now has substance; my heart is full, but still feasting. The ” I ” within me is silent, this needs to be about; U, and U alone. Your love is becoming so clear, can I get an A, yeah; Amazing!

  • Hey everyone, there is a word within the bowl for you to unscramble. They are clues within the poem, and the message in the picture! Have fun, let’s see who will solve it first!



How ridiculous, nothing but amazing; to be loved by You. People might think that’s laughable, maybe they think it’s a bit comical. That’s okay, with my soul; my heart is chuckling. I have a joy, enough said; unspeakable. They just don’t know, what it’s truly like; to be ridiculously loved by You. I can’t blame them, I too had a foolish heart. But now I know that it’s ridiculous; that I even get to be loved by You. But now it’s become serious, they need to know what it’s like; to be loved by You!

My heart is getting to know the height, the depth, the length and breadth of Your love. Just to grasp that, my soul would know how real, how wide, how deep is Your heart; how amazingly rich is my soul. Your love fully knows my heart, but better than that; it’s ridiculously loved by You. Your love whispered into my heart, pulled me close; then turned my heart absolutely inside out. Now it’s truly mind blowing, how I’m allowing my heart to be ridiculously exposed. My heart can no longer hide it, my soul won’t ever deny it. This love is so real, truly remarkable; my heart is forever in love!

My heart will never deny Your love anything, my soul wants to give You my everything. Sure, this might sound a bit ridiculous, my heart is not even my own; the price has already been paid. When my heart seeks You, my soul will find You; then my love will truly get to know You. You won my heart, by the truth I’ve found within Your love. I can’t even lie, Your love is now my truth. Ridiculous, maybe, but true; nevertheless. All my dreams are found in my every heartbeat, that’s were Your love forever resides. If my heart doesn’t have You, then my soul has absolutely nothing. Let them say whatever they want, my heart is fixed within Your gaze. My heart knows Your name, but my soul will forever call this love; Ridiculous!


My Cup!

My cup is full, but yet so empty; how could that even be? My heart is open, pour within; fill my cup. Fill it up, let my heart overflow. My heart has tasted bitter roots, but Your love has turned my heart from bitter to sweet. Your heart is the sweetest, a heartwarming love; Your love burns deep within. My heart has been through much; but Your love still fills my cup!

It doesn’t matter how tough an exterior may seem, a heart can still break. Fragile, handle with care; that will never be the label that forever stains my cup, fill it. My heart is the cup, Your love is the substance. Just knowing that, fills my soul, with so much joy. My heart was once a jar of clay, but Your love is what has molded my heart. Fill it up, let Your love burn within!

My skin is like coffee… black, but my soul will now and forever be red. Your love has changed my heart, from the inside. All I want, is for the world to truly see; that Your love is overflowing, on the outside. Put one hand on my love handle, then use the other hand to wrap Your love completely around my heart. I want to feel the love, stir my soul; with just the breath of Your warm embrace!

Your love moves me, I want to pour out my heart and soul. For Your love gets my heart so shaken, but I just cannot help to be absolutely stirred; just knowing that Your love wants to feel my every heartbeat. Let Your love call my heart home, let our hearts forever be one.

You’ve poured so much love into my heart, and now it’s spilling out into my words. I am ready, so ready to let the whole world know; how much I’m in love. Fill my cup, fill it up; quench the thirsting within my soul. Mmm, Your love is so good; for my soul!


By Faith!

By faith walls will fall, seas will part. By faith mountains will move, giants will be slain. All you need is just a little, let your faith rise; from the inside!

My friends, faith comes by hearing, hearing The Word, not my words; the just lives by faith. Let faith change your circumstance, let your faith be in abundance. Let faith be the substance; that forever shifts your heart and mind!

By faith the deaf shall hear, blinded hearts shall see; wandering souls shall come face to face with the truth. Faith is the key, to unlock the blessings. Step into your destiny, walk faithfully; but walk wholeheartedly. Walk by, walk in, walk through… the darkness; by faith!



On the other side of the glass you see some baggage; your heart is going on a journey!

On the other side of the glass you see a list of mistakes; it’s a list of what not to do!

On the other side of the glass you see someone struggling to stand; strength is found within the courage!

On the other side of the glass you see someone, picking up pieces of a broken heart: broken, not shattered.

Look closer, you will notice that the glass is reflective, showing the things we so desperately try to hide; reflections within a heart. No matter how hard we try, we will never be perfect. We have flaws, just don’t focus on them; it’s just part of the journey. He who is without sin, cast the first stone; my heart too is not blameless. We all have a heart of glass, let it be the proverbial window into the soul. I will let you see into mine first; then perhaps you will feel at ease, to introduce your heart to me; hello.

Mirror, mirror; show them what I can already see, that we all have the courage within to face our own imperfections. We will all experience brokenness, but Joy comes; breathe… it’s morning. Show me the reflections, tell me about the brokenness. You are more than what others see on the outside. I see through the lens of the heart; what’s good, and what’s true. Friend, welcome to my heart, the window is open. May it truly reflect the light that shines within, you have my attention; hello!

  • Don’t miss the message within the picture!
  • Let me see into your heart!



Your love is too wonderful, far more wonderful than my heart will ever deserve. Sometimes I feel like I might lose control of my heart; and watch it collide with such force straight into Your love. I don’t believe that this would be no accident; Your love has always been so intensional. So therefore help my heart to stand; whenever the impact of that thought overwhelms my soul!

My heart collided with Your love so many years ago; breathless. My heart now understands the true impact, the gravity; Your love became my heart. My heart is captivated by Your presence, so please don’t ever close off Your heart to my advances; let my love collide with Your heart over and over. The moment Your love and my heart came face to face; a joy, unspeakable. Sometimes I’m unable to speak, my heart is too busy trying to stop the tears!

Your love still collides with my heart; to remove the hardened pieces. Reminding me that I don’t need to hang on to them, I just need to hold on to the strength of Your love. Toss and turn my silent river, until my heart has no more strength to resist; my strength is forever found within Your love. My heart is caught up, completely tangled up within a vortex; Your love. My emotions get stirred, my heart is being shifted. As long as my heart has breath, my heart will truly know that it can breathe; but only for Your love, quietly breathing from within!


Beautiful Love!

What a beautiful love. What could I ever do, what can I even do; to repay such a beautiful love? My heart would slow waltz with this beautiful love forever. Sing to this love, the greatest of love songs; the greatest love of all. Oh, but as great as those jesters are; they would still pale in comparison, and that just won’t do. To simply display my forever love, and show my undying affection; my heart is that crazy, about this beautiful love!

I could write the most amazing poem, writing about the deep love within, but that would still never do. My heart would simply be lost for words; just trying to describe this beautiful love. So how can I ever thank you, for letting my heart see into Your beauty? Every single time I gaze upon Your love, the beauty of your love takes my breath away. Leaving my heart with nothing else, but utter amazement; this truly is a beautiful love!

This love is flooding my soul, but flows throughout my heart. This is such a beautiful exchange, my heart is in love; with this beautiful love. My heart wants to climb up the highest mountain, shout from within the depth of my soul; that my heart truly knows a beautiful love. For it Echos within, echo resoundingly throughout; but it echoes forever, beautifully within my soul.

This kind of talk might seem like jibber jabber, but it doesn’t even matter; if no one can understand. It’s my heart that’s getting excited, my soul just can’t hide it anymore. My heart is overwhelmed, by the presence of this beautiful love. Just writing this, gives my heart butterflies; this is such a beautiful moment. I could stay within it forever, to gaze endlessly admiring the beauty. Beautiful love, the beauty of Your love will forever be mine; my heart is already beautifully Yours!


Paid In Full!

You tried to cheat me, but Jesus paid it all.

You tried to steal what was not yours, but Jesus repaid it all.

You tried to keep what was rightfully mine, but Jesus still paid for it all.

You tried to rob me of my peace of mind, but Jesus paid the ultimate price.

I now have my own peace, His love; but how could my heart ever repay? My heart is eternally indebted; the blessings, they overflow. Love those who hate you, pray for those who mistreats you. Love unequivocally, love unconditionally; just love.

People cheat, steal, or even keep what’s rightfully yours. Leave them with it all, they must have needed more than you. Your account will be credited to you, as righteousness. Every single one of your debts were paid in full; the moment Jesus paid it all… for you. He wanted our hearts to be free. Free to receive, free to love, free to give; it all. Your true wealth will forever be His amazing grace. My prayer is that your hearts will truly feel PAID for; but forever be FULL!