By Design; Acoustic Love!

Love, strumming on your heart, the melody, echoing resoundingly, in your soul. Love’s symphonic rhythm, tugging on heartstrings, breathlessly like a symphony. The simplicity, the range, the breadth; limitless. Love is, like a beautiful instrumental ballad, sweetly holding you, slow dancing with your heart. Like a deep river, love’s depth drowns your sorrows, in the breathtaking bliss. A heart, lost within the sweet sound of love. Your thoughts, on anything else, but the acoustics. Music to your heart, food for your soul; that’s what love is. A heart saying; let the music play, so the feeling won’t get away. Music to my heart, food for your soul; that’s what love is. Your every heartbeat, transcending acoustically; time and space. In the leveling, the knowing, the being… content. Love, doesn’t require amplification, for there be relativization. Love, has a distinct sound, preceding the move, with a heightened clarity. Even though, a heart can sometimes play the fool. A love finely tuned, sings in harmony. The heart making ready, for the soul to reverberate, what words proclaim. Love is a song, an acoustic portrayal reframed, the expression reformed. So the story can reveal, this is my, endless love!

Hi everyone, as I mentioned a few months ago. My late daughter, took graphic design in college, but wasn’t able to pursue it fully. So, I’m going to live her dream, through my created designs, a poem to go with it, and post them in memory of her. Justinea Angelina Richards, March 9, 1990 to March 2, 2021. I was hoping to post last month, so this is the first one. Hope you enjoy it! Blessings!


Lean on Me!

When you’re not strong enough, when your faith is failing, when hope seems lost; lean on my heart. I will faithfully, lift you up in prayer. Bring your heart, to the foot of the cross. Sometimes, I’m not always strong, so I lean. Love, will help you fight the battles, helps you carry the weight. A helping hand, something to lean on, that’s what love is. Love listens, when your heart needs to be heard. When you need a friend, love shows up, with compassion. Love, doesn’t have to be brave, just be endearing. When life, brings your pain, when the tears fall, let love wipe your fears. When a diagnosis comes, knocking at your heart, trying to steal your breath? Just breathe, love is there, in the shadows; hold out your heart. Peace through strength, love will defend your worth. Press into the heart of love, let the warmth be felt. Love doesn’t need words, to be resounding. My friends, if you’re ever in need, of a love to lean on, my heart is available. Lean on Me, and together we will lean, against the Father’s heart!

“Are you weary, carrying a heavy burden? Come to me. I will refresh your life, for I am your oasis. Simply join your life with mine. Learn my ways, and you’ll discover that I’m gentle, humble, easy to please. You will find refreshment and rest in me.” Matthew 11:28-29 TPT


My Quiet Place!

My silent river, speaks. When love calls, I leave my comfort zone. To engage, to encounter, to encourage. With compassion, with passion, with delight, I relish the engagement. Let my heart be, let resiliency persuade. Being in the moment, giving in love your all. The heart says, what words alone won’t convey, love holds my attention. For when, the moment has served its due diligence. My heartbeat, returns to its resting place; fifty three, beats per minute. To relinquish my thoughts, I take my heart, to my quiet place. Not to withdraw, but make ready my heart. Being engaged, genuine love, comes from the willingness, to give of yourself. When my, love gets weary, from battling the day. I take a step back, into the quietness. To rest my heart, center my soul, gain a new perspective. So, I’m never taken back, by what love demands of you, be a faithful heart. No one, can ever take, the love freely given. True love, has a quiet beauty, a distinguishable fragrance. To be seen, for your heart be heard; the love has to be, intentional. Trying to do, what love requires of your heart; being resolute, the love absolute. For me, and my heart; when it’s said and done. I retreat, to my secret place. To replenish, fill up my heart and soul, with what every encounter requires, love unconditional!


At the Well!

At a well, love’s presence meets your heart there. On every journey, when love is the desire, there’s a well, for your soul to draw from, to have your fill. At the sixth hour, love shines at its zenith. Though, the heart has many questions. A good-hearted Samaritan, will surely tend to the need, when love ask you for a drink. If the heart, knew the blessings love will afford? No heart, would ever second guess, when love has a request. Living water, it’s drawn from the deepest well; that’s what true love is. It satisfies, a heart’s every need. “Everyone, who drinks of the water love gives, your soul will never thirst again. Love is, like a spring of water, welling up inside, with endless life.” Love, pours into a heart wide open, to let the thirst no longer be. For every soul, willing to dip into the well. When love fills me up, I AM, well. A heart well-informed, knows love will forever care for your well-being. When profound love, speaks to your soul, your whole being knows!

Well, oh well, you keep all my tears, you know all my secrets. In love, I have a wishing well. My wish, if any love is found tainted in me? Love, empty me, until my heart is purified. Less of me, will leave more of you. So others, who need a drink, can draw from my purest love. True love, it’s like rain falling, making your love become, a deep river. Pure love is like water, bottled up inside, poured out to become refreshing love. Many have the desire, to be a deep well. But only, if the love is not built, with a heart of stone. Deep love, will fill the void. The deeper the well, the more profound the tell; how pure the reign? Love poured out frequently, fills up the heart consistently. The more revealing the taste, the more reassuring the love, a heart knowing the true essence. When, love invites your soul to drink, a heart receives its fill. In the desert, there’s water to be found, at love’s well. The freedom to partake, is there, healing is there, redemption is there, forgiveness is there. Acceptance is there, power is there, joy is there. Grace is there, salvation is here. If you’re broken-hearted, restoration is there, at the well!


A Heart, Enlightened!

The past, a reflections of what was. In the darkest moments, love compensates, so the heart can become enlightened. To when life, begins to overcompensate. Shadows bare a resemble, but will never be able to reflect, what your heart has become. Life, will let others read between the lines. But in every paragraph, we get to fill up the pages of our heart, with substantive encounters. Life enlightens, but love encourages, your heart to keep thriving. Happiness will be, what the pursuit becomes. Moments are captured, forever discovered, when enlightenment happens, to be the perspective. A heart shimmering, a soul becoming, a radiant light. A heart is elevated, when hopes are persuaded, to become your dreams illuminated. Wings spread wide, lets faith soar, to heights attainable. Life fills in, puts captions into the picture, but love is what adds in, the context; what the heart needs to be content. Love, brings every heartbeat up to speed. Greater knowledge, brings about a greater understanding. How love is the answer, to every question, the heart faces. Every circumstance, in the end tells a lifetime of stories. How the mindset, enlightened the outlook. In the heart’s journey, through life!


My Inspiration!

My soul has a tell, my heart has a story, my love is an expression. Love was composed to be, an inspiration. On my mind, in my heart, within my soul. Everywhere I go, love comes with me. For, I need it near me, want it by me, I want it to move me, I need love to breath for me. It’s plain to see, love completes me. Love is redeeming, love is freeing, love is captivating, love is being; love has meaning, love has feelings. Love is the picture, in a perfect painting. When love creates, an exquisite work of art captured. When profoundly interpreted, it’s the most beautiful expression. Love is the fragrance, within my crimson hue. The guiding presence, the fortified refuge, to bring your heart. Love is a gentle nudge, not a aggressive push, to become… something else. Love is action, not just words. When breath, and hope collides. Love instructs, how to secure your own oxygen. Before you can show someone else, how to breathe, in every breadth. When unconditional, love resonates true. Letting a heart feel, free to let you in, to your most vulnerable place. Love is now, love is tomorrow, love is always. Love will be, to the end of time. Life inspires, nature truly inspiring, leaving the heart inspired. But, what my soul have come to know? That love will forever be, my prose; My Inspiration!


The Difference!

From a distance, every heart, looks the same. The blood is pumping, the day is racing, the beat is jumping. Love fills the moments, makes the distinction, between every breath you take. Making a difference, love with sacrifice. In the morning, when the heart rises, but you fall again. What makes, the next breath stand out from the rest, you rise again. To let your love see how, your heart moves to a different beat. I may not, always recognize the man in the mirror. But I, just need to know, how to always be the reflection, of love. Even if, I don’t have the best plan, I still need to be a man. Br a heart and soul, guided by love’s perpetual grace. I don’t want, to be words just saying, become a love pretending, a heart not being… intentional. Every heart, wants to make a difference, but the love can’t be, indifferent. Wasted days, wasted nights, becomes wasted moments. A heart breathing out, the same old love. Thus, stagnated be the breadth. Wanting, to be profoundly changed, from the inside out. A love that will linger, fragrant will it be, flagrant will never become the essence. Love, teaches the heart to listen, not just hear. Helps you to perceive, if it’s being received. Love gives faith the vision, to see past the eyes. Moves the heart, to become more than just heartbeats, but be undying love, echoing beyond sentiments. Love, what makes the difference, in every beating heart!


Words Have I Hid!

In my heart, there’s a secret place, words hidden. My heart hides, my soul seeks, to help my love converse. Love to be treasured, more than words. Deeply felt words, a true expression. Love creates, so words can enlighten. Passionate words, last a moment, poetic love, becomes a lifestyle. Words, kept close to the heart, though unseen, revealed through an open mind. With every search of the heart, endearing words are found. The compassion, with truth, faithfulness, meekness, humility, graciousness. What’s in a name, if the words in your heart, have lost its meaning? We can have words, and even if words, agree to disagree? If words are hidden, and the love true. Respect will resonate, in points to view. Words, comprising of substance, will have a point of reference. Words in error, can be reframed, with kindness. No spelling, no guessing; candid words has a name, it’s Frank. Words, can be a light, in the darkness. Words can conform, when words in action, when with love in deed. Words have value, can add context, be a reflection of. Speech have style, but substantive words are profound. Words, have a love language, the spoken word, the written word, creates the ambiance. The smallest word, can teach. Words of love, hidden intelligently, used respectfully, given unconditionally. Words from the heart, commands affection, capitulation never the demand. Words, meant to provoke thought, not wielded thoughtlessly; words have power. Love’s finest day, yet unknown; a heart seeking truth, finds its worth. Not just in words, but with the love, hidden within!


Take My Breath!

On the wings of love, in the crimson hue, the heart is swept away, by love’s nuance. Hand in hand, heart to heart, with every collaboration. The soul bares, the heart bleeds, dripping the expressions of love, in words. The heart expressing, the moment anticipating, the soul waiting to exhale. Love returning again and again, taking your heart, to love’s breathless place. Where dreams come alive, where fear’s antithesis won’t take, love’s tranquil place. The heart and soul, deep in another breathtaking daydream, seeing a glimpse of heaven. In every sunset, in every moonlight, in every starry gaze. Watching in slow motion, how the moment sends love, to take your breath. At night, the heart beats, the soul sleeps, love seeps, the stars creep. So, in the sunrise, the glow, the show, the know; love took your breath… again. Love deeply felt, like a silent river overflowing; the depth becoming, a deepening river. The tender whispers of love, moving freely, speaks deeply; taking your breath, profoundly. A heart, not steeped in love, fail to convey. What words are meant to say, and love designed to sway. What’s a soul to do, when love leaves its sway, on a beating heart? Let every heartbeat, be your breath taken away. Love deeply felt, leaves the soul, inspired, to reciprocate. How else, will your heart show, what to you, love truly means. Love, sees who you are, what your heart will become. When you can’t stand, let your heart fall… in love’s embrace. For, life but a breath, the hourglass fills, time slips away; death comes, to take your breath away. Why today, and every day be, unafraid, to live, and love. Letting love’s truth become, your heart’s saving grace. So, in the twilight, in the daylight, you can says; love, I see You. Here’s my heart, come; take My Breath!