Fun Friday; Humorous Expression!

My heart knows how to crack a few jokes, but I’m not here to just clown around; I’ve truly got a story to tell. From time to time I will give you a nice chuckle. My jokes are not fancy, and I would never make the mistake of calling my wife NANCY; DREW the line there. I like a good mystery, so tell me everyone. Does the love within my heart seem genuine, or a mystery; that needs to be solved?

Enough joking for a second, I have a serious question. Can someone please tell me; is it duck season, or rabbit season? Shoot, I don’t even consider myself funny; but I do get a kick, out of making people laugh. Yeah, I can be silly at times, and I’m not even from Philly. Honey, slap me if you think I’m totally FRESH. I just want to be your PRINCE, Charming will forever be your love!

Poke me in the eyes, if you think I’m acting like a Stooge. It’s my heart, that sees your love perfectly; 20/20, you’re the vision. I’ve never claimed to be a Superman, or even a Casanova; but in my eyes, you will always be a Superwoman. So answer me this question, would you have the strength to keep a straight face? If I said that your love is sweet like Candy; Girl, would you just break out in tears, of joy? Girl don’t even blush, your heart already gave you away; the moment your love smiled at me!

So riddle me this; if every time your love surges throughout my heart, and made me giddy; would that mean your love is truly electric? I’m not a joker, so therefore my love will never be a joke; my love is absolutely serious. Sometimes I just want to see you smile, and make you happy; I’m all smiles on the inside. The joke is truly on all those people, who said this love wouldn’t last. Thirty years strong, funny; seems like just yesterday!

I don’t just want to make you laugh out loud, my every intention is to make your heart sing; lay back, it’s Summertime. This is not just a play on words, they say that laughter is therapy; for the soul. Come lay on my heart, let me listen to your soul. My heart is Sunny, and everyday I get to Cher my heart; because I Got You Babe. When the curtain closes, your heart will still be center stage. This is an act of my love, expressions; your love has always been the muse!

  • Hi everyone, so, I just introduced you to a bit of my humorous side. Right now I’m planning to do this once a month, probably on the last Friday. Tell me if you enjoyed it, and what you think of a Fun Friday post.


Time; The Precious Moments!

My dearest time, we had an appointment to meet at twelve o’clock, but you were no where to be found. My own time got busy, and I only took my eyes off You for just a second; but now it’s 12:04. Maybe I should have told You, that I was going to be late. Maybe then You would have waited, but I know better. You will relentlessly chase after my heart throughout time, but it’s my heart that needs to be truly willing; to change. Your love is always moving, but it’s my heart that wanted to stay the same. Change is never easy, but absolutely necessary; to affect true growth!

Now I can truly see, that even when my heart seemed to be wide open; precious moments within my time were still missed opportunities, my heart blinked. Nevertheless, I’m truly sorry; that I didn’t try to seize every single moment. Time, it doesn’t matter how hard I’ve tried; my mind still lost focus, of You. Even the slightest hesitation, is still a moment to truly reflect. It was never about the mind keeping focus, but about the heart; and times spent focused, on You!

Time, I truly didn’t mean to let the love for you just slip away. Even though it’s Your absolute right to move on, to seek a heart ready to appreciate Your worth. Your time is still spent moving towards my heart. I don’t ever want my heart to be stuck within another moment in time, the focus should always be the here and now. Time after time I get to breathe, because Your love gives me time. Another day for my heart to realize. That this moment in time, is all we truly have; tick tock!

Father of time, how I forever see Your two outstretched hands. Moving, to ensure that we can still have moments to cherish; moments to truly have and to hold dear. I’ve never worried about the number of times spent, but the blessings that have truly benefited my heart; from the times together. Turn back the time, give my heart a do over; the time spent will truly be better. I will focus more on the number seven, that’s perfect; luck will never be a contributing factor, love was meant to be intentional!

Father, I pray that we truly remember. That the time we spend focused on You, is the only time; that truly matters!


The Air!

My heart wants to tell a thousand stories, of a love so precious. Precious as the air, to make my heart breathe. A love that is my breath; life. I breathe deeply, to gain a deeper truth; found within every breath. But this love is more than just life; it’s everything, the air. With every breath, overwhelmed is just the start. Amazing, would never be the end; this love is my air!

My soul just can’t seem to believe, that it has to play second fiddle to my heart. My heart is the vessel that breathes, but my soul is what’s being forever moved. This love is that of a gentle feeling, moving my heart in and out. A gentle movement, coursing through my lungs; rushing into my soul, blowing the mind. Exposing that my heart, is being moved by the beauty of this love. I can’t even stop my heart, every breath; becomes my air!

Flowing gently across the tip of my heart, my soul gets moved; by the sheer gentleness of this love. A soft gentle whisper, the stillness has always been my soul; unforgettable, that’s just the feeling. This love is the gusto within, loving is simply a breeze. Can you truly see, that it’s the air I breathe. Every single breath, my heart takes; will be the air that sustains my soul. The seen, but unseen; whispers within my heart, Your love is my air!

How can I breathe without air, this love is within my heart; the very life within my soul. My love, undeniable; this love, unexplainable. I just can’t seem to put it into words. Simply put; You are my air, so my heart moves!


The Overcomer!

The battles you face, they may plague your mind; but they will never defeat your heart. You are the victor, not a victim. You can have the victory; the faith within, that’s your overcomer!

The mountains you see, though they stand in the way; your heart can still rise above. Let your faith soar above, that which clouds your heart. Conquer your fears, even if it’s a faith so small. Activate your faith, your heart is more than a conqueror; faith makes you an overcome!

If your faith only reaches to the sky, let God’s love fill the gap. Let His love show you that you are a star. Let His love be the universe, that surrounds your world. Let His love make your heart an overcomer!

If you find yourself in a valley, let God’s love be the strength within your heart. Don’t let the shadows be your focus, cast away the fears; the shadow is only a reflection. Make hope the light, that shines the brightest within the darkness!

Overcome with the power within, overcome with the faith deep down. Anchor your soul with a thankful heart; be the overcomer, you are!

“You, dear children, are from God and have overcome them, because the one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world.”

1 John‬ ‭4:4‬ ‭NIV


A Voice!

I have a voice, I will no longer be seen, and not heard. I will speak my mind, will anyone be able to hear my heart. I want to be a voice for those who have no voice, speak for those who cannot speak for themselves; mic check one two. The time has come to no longer be silent, the silence has become absolutely deafening; the injustice, hearts are being silenced. Beat your hearts strong, beat your hearts loud; one voice!

I will be a voice for those crying out in the wilderness, the wilderness within their own hearts and minds. I will rise up early, voice be heard; this is the day. I will speak life into the darkness. With my one heart, with my one voice; it’s about one love. I have come in peace, not to alienate hearts; to make a difference. The hour has come to speak up, to speak out. To get off my chest, that which truly burdens my heart!

This is the moment, the hour is truly at hand; I will not let another second just go by. For time would never think of just favoring me, or simply stand still. Even though, I have been such a faithful companion; with the precious time we have. Time has a destiny to fulfill, my heart is destined to fill; hearts and minds with truth, hope. This time my voice shall not be forfeited. The world truly needs to know, that time was never on their side!

I’ve truly had enough time to clear my throat, but if I should happen to lose my voice? I will still never truly be silent, time will still have a story to tell. Second by second, minute by minute; time shall no doubt prove to the whole world. That the days of our lives, are yet within an hour glass; that moves through the sands of time. So be still my soul, be steady my heart. Open up thy mouth, speak the truth, but with love. Speak firmly, but gently; speak with a clear voice. Be bold with your words, but forever humble with the delivery!

So I will wear my heart on my sleeve, hearts still need to see; that the voice, is my heart. One heartbeat, can move a mouth to speak, the truth from within. But if all hearts spoke as one voice; we can forever move nations to hear, the words within. I have a voice, but what good is a voice? If it’s just a silent instrument, that has not yet learned; how to speak from the heart. From my heart to yours, I am not The Voice; I am just a voice, for a time such as this. I have a message; let love abound, let freedom ring!



My heart knows Your love, and my soul loves Your presence. Spending time alone; love truly abounds, within our secret place. A rendezvous, to feel Your presence move throughout my heart. A rendezvous by any other means, would never be as sweet; if my heart wasn’t as close as possible, to Your love. I have the meeting place, now and forever is the time. You have never disappointed, Your love is always on time. It’s our secret place, nobody there; just You and me. The fire is burning, crackling is the flame. My heart has never been scorched, but yet; my soul wants to be completely consumed. Heart on fire, ignite the flame; this is our secret rendezvous!

It doesn’t matter how hard life gets. I know I can always lean on Your heart, to find strength within Your love. Whenever I feel alone, Your heart is my hiding place; the love I cling to. Rendezvousing with Your love, over and over; forever and always, within the secret place. I don’t ever want to be alone, just swept away; by the lover of my soul. You’re the love that burns within, passion throughout. Fire and desire, deep within my soul. Your love is the presence, moving within my heart. The breath that moves, the air within my lungs; the presence, so undeniable!

Next to You, there’s no other; nothing can compare, to You. When Your love first rendezvoused with my heart; it was a privilege, my absolute pleasure. Your love has been my greatest joy, getting to know Your heart; priceless. My heart knows ten thousand reasons, why it won’t stop; why this will never stop, being our secret place. But it’s no longer a secret, the world is getting to see Your love. iWrite, my heart is being exposed; Your love is on display. Perhaps they, too; will want to have their own secret rendezvous?

I Love You Lord, with all my heart. I’m truly struck by Your love; how about another secret rendezvous, within my heart!


Look No Further!

Are you looking at me? I know sometimes you’re just looking for a shoulder to lean on. Don’t ever be scared, to forever lean on me. Maybe you’re just looking for me to display true strength, of character, and not just to be a character; can I still be your hero? Perhaps you’re just simply looking for someone, who will always be there for you? I guess you just want me to say what I mean, and mean what I say? It’s possible that you’re looking for me to show a little tenderness, or just be there to wipe away the tears; look no further!

I know that you look for all that in me; I hope that you do see that in me? But I don’t want anyone to get it twisted; I’m not all that. My love is just trying to be, all that your heart needs it to be. So if at any time, it seems like my love is coming up a bit short, or leaves you with even a smidgen of doubt. Just nestle your love against my beating heart. Listen to your love, breathing within my heart; it’s strengthened by your character!

I’ve learned to trust your love, you can trust my heart. My love is your love, forever it will be; until we’re old and gray. I will show that this heart of mine is well seasoned; sprinkled with just the right amount of your love. I hope that I’ve given your love the ability, to see into my heart of hearts? If not, total access is yours. Look no further, your love has always been a part of my heart!

With age comes wisdom, the wisdom to know; A Heart Is A House For Love, may your love forever feel at home. This one thing I’ve come to realize within my own heart; a person can’t change who they are on the outside, if they’re not first willing to be changed from the inside. So the question still remains the same; “Are You looking at me?” Look no further, no further than your heart. My heart will forever love you, steady it goes; one heartbeat at a time. What you see, is exactly what I need you to see; Always, and Forever!


Good Good Father!

Abba, before I took my first breath; Your love was already breathing within my heart. Before I ever spoke a word, Your love was keenly listening to my soul. Before I took my first step, Your love taught me that it was about baby steps. Master the crawl, Your love will never make me fall; You’re such a Good Good Father!

Such a breathtaking love, sometimes I can hardly speak; breath be taken. A love undeniable, a love unexplainable. How it taught my heart how to crawl, until I became a man; who knew how to love, unconditionally. But Your love didn’t stop there, it’s taking my heart deeper still; You’re my Good Good Father!

Daddy, even when my heart seemed like your foe, Your love still wouldn’t let me go; a love so Relentless. Your love fought for my heart, just trying to give peace to my soul; my heart truly knows Your name. Daddy, I Love You; You’re a Good Good Father!

Fathers, do your best to be a good man. Dads, love deeply, love faithfully; deep down, that’s who you are!



The Chains; Broken!

The chains are broken, let them fall to the ground. The chains are broken, lying on the ground are they. Pieces, they are just pieces; the chains are no longer resting against your heart. Breathe, let your soul breathe; the chains are broken. Fasten your soul with the belt of truth, secure your heart within love. Let love arrest your heart, don’t be handcuffed by what lies within the unknown; if someone sees the pieces, will they ever link it back to your heart?

Shackles, they were never shackles; just a chain with linkage, your heart was never linked to a chain that binds. Don’t believe the lie; that your heart will forever be in chains, let that link forever be broken. Life can sometimes fight against your will to resist. Always fight back, push back if you must; resistance will never be futile. Don’t ever let fear keep your soul a prisoner; fight the power that be. Break free from the mind games, don’t get roped into peer pressure. Cut the ties, the ties that tries to bind; fight to keep your heart free!

You might ask yourself, if the chains were truly broken; why can’t you see them on the ground? My friend, don’t look through the lens of the eyes; see into your soul, through the lens of faith. The chains were broken, the very moment your heart was set free. Don’t hang on to brokenness, let that what is broken; be the chains that tried to bind!



Within my heart, that’s where Your thunder hides. Striking, that just a simple way to explain Your love. My heart knows that it’s been absolutely struck by Your love. Once a day, that would absolutely be a lie. Constantly, to others that would be absolutely shocking, but to me; Your love is just fierce!

My heart, tried to outrun Your love, but now my soul is trying to fathom the depth of Your heart? Even knowing the height and width, would have never prepared my heart; to be so moved by the length and breadth. Your love is like a massive tidal wave, colliding over and over with my heart. Oh God, Your love is so fierce!

Like a hurricane, my heart just can’t escape. Your love chased me down, seeks me out. How could I have not known; that Your love just wants to take my heart to higher heights. Your love is tearing through my soul; ripping away the flesh. Tornado, that word doesn’t describe; Your love is that fierce!

Blazing, Your love is ablaze within my heart. Backdraft, Your love is so much more than a phenomenon. Your fire consumes my air, but yet; Your love is also my oxygen. Take all the air within my lungs, open up my heart. Let there be an everlasting explosion, until Your love becomes the only air; not toxic to my soul.

Hold me, right there, right there; Your love is touching my heart. Relentlessly pursue my heart, catch this tiger by the tail; until my love too, becomes fierce!