Light Me Up!

If You don’t see my heart sparkle, or shine because Your love is the light. My soul must not be completely focused, on Your heart. If Your love isn’t the spark, that can still set my soul ablaze. My heart must have allowed the years, to extinguish some of the passion. If You can’t still see Your fire, burning within my heart. Then how can my soul, be forever consumed by Your love? If fireworks are not going off within my soul, that means my heart is no longer being stirred by Your love. If Your love isn’t the reason, why my heart still want to shoot for the stars? So therefore, my soul will forever come up short… of Your heart. If a new day, doesn’t teach my heart how to be grateful. A new year will never afford my soul a true reason. To not be just content, with surviving, a heart not truly thriving. Your love has to be the true spark, if my heart is to resemble a man on fire. If a soul is truly set free, the love will forever shine bright… for all to see. Light Me Up, let the passion consume my heart. Your love is the flame, still burning… within my soul!


The Soundtrack!

Let your heart compose a symphony, let your soul record an everlasting musical; let love be the song. It doesn’t matter if it’s Classical, Contemporary; a little bit Jazzy, straight up Country? Some lyrics make you sing the blues, but does the words move your heart; does it make your soul Dance? Some tracks take your heart, down a road less traveled. The journey might lead to a memory, a nostalgic moment; a Throwback… into the sea of forgetfulness? A heart feeling much emotion, is still a soul… that can once again be rejoicing. On foot in front of the other, a soul feeling in the groove of what is. Not a heart caught up, in what once was!

Let the love within resonate, let every heartbeat… be a victory song. When you have true joy within, your soul will let the music play. May the love that truly resounds within, be the song of heaven. An angelic voice, that calms the soul, and give peace to your heart. Even if your heart is still, Waiting to Exhale. Still trying to understand, Why Does It Hurt So Bad? Sometimes in life we have to Cry, but let the journey be; A Walk to Remember. Hold on to hope, never let go of your faith. Let your heart forever make, a Joyful Noise. He’s Everything, His love will set your soul on the right track. If your heart is willing to embrace, the God of heaven!

Life is not a movie, the days of our lives not scripted. But you still have to act… upon a collaboration, of hope and faith. So take heart, for there’s an accompanied book of scripts. Words that show a heart of love, and grace. That will help guide you through the journey; life. Every day, you hear so many different soundtracks. Do this, do that; follow this, don’t follow that. Voices trying to get you to listen, trying make you forget; you still have to follow your heart. It’s not about a new resolution, but how to have true resolve, and a firm commitment. What does God say? You have to read the book, not just listen to hearsay. That’s how your soul find, where the heart truly fits in. Every heart has its own distinct sound, let love be the melody. The true Sound love, will never be heard through a digital interface. But a still whisper, an encounter heart to heart. Not an eMotion, or a Picture… everyone sees. Love is the Sound of a song, when your heart is truly on the right Track. That only your heart can distinguish, what is the true sound; that will forever move your soul!


The Son!

Every day when I rise, forever because of the risen Son. Endless warmth is always the feeling, within a love that will forever shine. The love illuminates the heart, a light that penetrates into the crevices of the soul. Leaving the heart breathless, the soul captivated by the beauty. Every ray of light, every breath of hope; the Son shining bright. A love that leaves such an impression, leaving the soul with an everlasting afterglow. The strength of the love, the very essence within every strand of love. Bigger than the Universe, than every cluster of stars in the heavens combined. As far as the East is from the West, more numerous than sands of time. Beyond understanding, the height, length, and breadth… unfathomable; but the love absolutely knowable!

Everyday, my heart will sit within the warmth, let my soul bask up the light. Watch chains fall, and be enlightened; how to lay every burden down. To feel forever at peace, to truly be at home… even though darkness looms. Every dawn is a new day, every new day is another dawn; the love shines… within my soul. My heart loves the glorious presence of the Son. Not even death, can separate my heart; from the light, the truth, the presence… of the risen Son. The radiant light, the light in the darkness. Stunning is the beauty that glows, the love that making hearts beam… with endlessly delight. Elated forever becomes the soul. Fear may cast a shadow, but doubt has no hold. Even though darkness tries to eclipse the love within, the light will forever shine bright. Whenever you need some hope, whenever your faith needs a little bit more luster; look to the risen Son. Contentment is not in rainbows and unicorns, but in the Prince of Heaven. Forever in the risen Son, the light of the world!

“In him was life, and that life was the light of all mankind. The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it.” John 1:4-5 NIV


Let the Word Press!

I know a brother, from another mother. Hailed originally from India, but now resides in U.S of A. Frequent flying, is what he does; but the heart of a poet, what he is. We all want to buy a house, but it’s truly not a home. Until you can share it with someone you love, and that special someone loves you back. How you absolutely know, you’re RICHA than you truly know. There’s a Winner, from the moment she started MUSING; her heart has never lost… the flow. Let me give you something to STU over, a riddle to ponder. “How much wood could a Stu baby chuck, when the wood chucked. Comes back to bite you on the baby toe, but you’re still man enough; to chuckle over it, not just Stu over it?” We all know how to live, but living doesn’t always mean thriving. Sewing FRUGAL SEEDS, helps when it comes to “living our best life possible.” This shared from the heart, the “thoughts of someone who lives it.”

We all have smartphones, tablets, computers; but have you considered the significance, of a TYPEWRITER? Some might think it’s outdated, have seen a few too many years… gone by? But let me tell you, a typewriter is not just a typecast… of what was. When the ink comes alive, the creative juices start to flow. A poetic verse, gets etched upon the heart. Some people are, LIGHT SLEEPER, THE HEAVY DREAMER; may all your dreams come true. Every day, THE SUNSHINETH AGAIN. Why you should do your best, to think positive. To choose to make, HEALTHY CHOICES… EVERYDAY. To look at the, POSITIVE SIDE OF THE COIN. Use love, to cash in on some; HEART TOKENS. To let your soul be, IN HIS CARE. So, KEEP IT ALIVE; your faith, your hope, your dreams!

We all love Christmas, but always keep it in perspective. The true reason for the season, DRAWING CLOSER TO CHRIST. To celebrate His birth, His life, His love. Let His love be your daily, SOUL FOOD. A daily intake of love, from a Bible verse or two. Strive to, BECOMING THE OIL AND WINE; His love has called us to be. Some day, it may feel like you’re; CLIMBING OVER GRIT. My friends, that’s what it takes; faith, and perseverance. Come one, come all; even if it’s in a BIG BLUE TRUCK. Let your heart and soul, be captured by all the beauty; MY CREATORS CREATION. Every day take a moment to explore His heart, receive ANGELIC MESSAGES. As you take a daily walk, through His love and grace!

You might be on a journey; FINDING, and LOVING WHO YOU ARE. Even a, LA PETITE MUSE; can still show the love of a big heart. Miss Prince, your soul is Royalty. For in God we have, A NEW LIFE; even in a busy world. A POPSICLE SOCIETY, where some hearts are cold; but the true warmth of love, can melt even the coldest of hearts. Ya Mon, big up to the massive. Let the sun shine in, every day face life with a grin. Even if under, a BEE TREE GATHERING; to get a taste of the honeycomb. Life is not a popularity contest, we all have the same opportunity; to reject the status quo. Through the spoken word, or your stance as THE ELECTRONIC CONTRARIAN. Life can be a Rocky Mountain adventure, especially when you have a go through; the valley of shadows. In Denver, Colorado; there’s a mountain top view. When you have a heart, that knows how to soar. On the mountain, the place where Moses saw; the face of God. The PURE GLORY, of His Holy presence!

A WordPress Christmas list, a card for you, and you, and you. A poem, for all those; here sharing your heart. May we always remember, the reason for the season. Save a copy of the picture, the poem is also in it! Merry Christmas, and blessed New Year!


The Message; Royalty!

Within the crushing, in the pressing… through. How the true meaning of love, gets pressed out of a heart; to be seen as new wine. With a new season, the old becomes new. Hope found, faith renewed. How a heart knows, change has taken place. A heart can act prim, can try to do what’s proper. But still meaningless, if a heart, hasn’t yet learned. It’s not about being respectable, not just a putting on; but what is forever changed? An act will be seen as just random, if the action that precedes is not seen; as a heart acting first… from a place of kindness. A soul learning to become a vessel, in a heart wanting to be forever changed. It’s not about what is seen, but What is Revealed!

We came into the world with nothing, but we’ve been given such an amazing opportunity. To receive a change in status, to forever become sons and daughters. Just we can leave this world, with everything; the blood of Jesus came to provide. In God and Son, we became Royalty. Through a change that’s taking place… within. A kingdom once concealed, now forever revealed. A royal transformation, from this Amazing Grace. Through a change of heart, that begets a different way of thinking. Royalty, teaches you how to speak up, not under your breath. For underneath your every breath, resides the King of Glory. The love of Jesus, what brings out the newness of heart. Access to the throne room, access to our Heavenly Father. That what was once veiled, now seen as the attainable!

A soul being transfigured, a heart being forever transformed. A soul being able to imitate, the love of the invisible God. A heart being able to reflect, the nature of God. Not just by the word, but the faith that preceded. Wave your hands, take a knee; receive your crown. The Lamb of God, You will be forever lifted high. His love knows no end, His love came to set hearts free; a change within. Seated at the right hand of God, King Jesus! He is the God of grace, the God of mercy, the God of love, the God of peace, the God of hope, the God of faith, the God of strength, the God of wonder, the God of life, the God of blessing, the God of honor, the God of power, the God of glory, the God of heaven; God forever, King of my heart!


At Home!

At home. I tell you, your love is at home; nestled up against my heart. The world has become so cold, but in my heart. The love is crackling, the fire is burning; the flame still blazing. My soul doesn’t even need to worry, how dark the nights. Underneath the light of heaven, how a heart shines. Why I’m staying here a while, yeah; just until forever. My soul is content, and the warmth of Your love gives, puts my heart at ease. Rest your love against my heart, let my soul hum a love song. May every single heartbeat, be a love that sounds like music. May my love, make your heart feel… At Home!

Take what you need, take as much as your heart can truly hold. You see, God has filled my heart with so much love. It’s in abundance, so everyone in need can feel His love. I will never run out, and will never be in short supply. There’s an overflow, every day it gets filled up again. To share with a heart, in need of a little encouragement. A soul that feels hope is being unraveled, a heart feeling a little tattered. Life is flawed, and yes; a heart has so many flaws, but yet still so much beauty. So, embrace the new day. Don’t wait for a new year, step into a new season. Hope found, will always be the light of God shining… for all the world to see. Lighting the way, for the next step in the journey; called life. Let faith be, what fights for you. Never stop, believing that you have the heart of a fighter!

At home. Yes, let me tell you; a heart is the home for love. Mine I don’t mind sharing, and it doesn’t matter whatever the season; the love never stops caring. I know love, so therefore I give love. Most people think seasons, means the time of year? But the real season, means a change in your life. A season that needs to change, on what you put your hope. A season yet to come, what a heart sees by faith. That God’s love, will surely bring you through it all. Why He sent the Son, to show the way. Why I am making room, a place reserved; right next to my heart. May it help you not just see, but feel the warmth of God’s love; and make your heart forever feel… At Home!


Song Inspired; When Love was Born!

It was a Holy night, a night Divine. It was a starlit night, the starlight shone bright. But a love was shining brighter, than all the stars in the sky. It was an Amazing night, God’s glory; the light of Heaven. In a manger, laid the Prince of heaven. A babe wrapped in cloth, the incarnate word of God. Shepherds watched, and angels filled the midnight sky. Singing praises, singing Hallelujah; the King is born. A perfect child, with a gentle love; God’s holy Son. The Prince of peace, Emmanuel. Love came down, the gift given to you and me. The night, when Christ was born. Forevermore, hearts will never be the same. A mother’s Joy, but Mary did you know? When you leaned in to take a kiss, you kissed the face of God? Close your eyes, see the night; When Love was Born!

Now we are accepted, we are forgiven. Our hearts no longer forsaken, our souls no longer condemned. Jesus, we are alive in You; mercy said no. Grace was given, to give hearts a story to tell. Before love was born, the flame of love was but a flicker. But before it burned out, love came to light the flame. To show hearts the way, out of the darkness. We thought we knew best, but God knew better. You put the light of love, back into the world. The amazing love that came, died, and rose. The love that now shines, for all the world to see. Close your eyes, open up your heart and see; the night When Love was Born!

Amazing love, You are the house on the hill; shining bright for all to see. The light sent to show, what true love was meant to be. We are to be a light, shining brighter to let the world see. A love that burns deeper, a soul consumes by the light of heaven. From the moment our hearts rise, let your soul be held… within God’s loving embrace. When our hearts forgot how to breathe, His love becomes the breath; that gave our soul’s everlasting life. We know to love, because He first loved us. Even though the days are getting shorter, the nights getting darker. The world has made plans, But God… has His plan. Oh, close your eyes. Let your heart see the night, When Love was Born!

This Song Inspired, is a song by Mark Mitchell Schultz. A contemporary Christian music artist, released: 2009. Also a shoutout to my wife. She built the manger in the picture last year. Everything except the figurines, was designed and hand crafted by her. Including the scroll, the pail hanging on the manger, the water bowl. Have a wonderful weekend!


What is Revealed!

I have breath, but that’s not how my heart… knows to breathe. We all have life, but true love living, is not about being barely conscious… of what life is truly meant to be. Breath can be taken, a lung can collapse under pressure. A heart can even stop beating, but what is Revealed, the soul can still live… beyond breath. Many can become deep in thought, but yet never have a deeper understanding. A thought, without the heart acting in concert; becomes just a faded after thought. A mind can seem woke, but yet the heart… still not enlightened. The soul can know life after death, but without knowing where hope is found? The heart and mind become locked, within a Spirited debate. The heart has the fortitude to understand, what the mind perceives to be… a limitation!

Many hearts are engaged more within breathing, and not concerned with the living. We should trust what the heart knows to be true, and not everything that can only be seen. Sight is wonderful, but limited. Faith has always been the higher understanding, and what is therefore unseen; Revealed as the attainable. Revelations are not truths, because of what the mind thinketh; but what the heart believes. Death is a kiss, that comes to seduce the mind. Why we need to guard the heart, and not let it steal the true purpose.. to life. So many think, life is about having the right senses; it’s a realization. You can be rescued, holding on to a truth. But You can never be saved, until the truth gets a hold of you. What is Revealed… to the heart? Faith is the breadth, every time Hope takes a breath. Faith is the evidence, to what your heart already believes!

Father, may What is Revealed, to hearts around the world. That a particular view of the world, is Not the solution. But You, as the Only answer… for the world! “When Jesus spoke again to the people, He said, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me, will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.” John 8:12 NIV


All I Want…

My heart comes seeking, but my soul doing the asking. Not to fill a wish list, but to have a heart filled… with more Your love. All I want, all I will ever need; an overflow of Your presence, within my soul. Every day, is another moment to face. But every moment, another day I get a look… into Your heart. My soul is fixed on Your love, never fixated on my circumstance. Within Your love, there’s a calm, within Your presence so much peace. Even though the world has become so cold. Etched within the very fabric of Your heart, wrapped up in the essence of Your love. How the fire keeps burning, when the storms of life is raging. I don’t fear the future, for underneath my every breath. Your love is the whisper in my heart, the love that fans the flame… within my soul!

The Poetry, within every eMotion. Every day, the old passes away, and every new day; Grace is again my portion. Hope found, in a love that abounds. A love that’s king of my heart, Lord over my soul. Why I don’t stress, why I know I’m truly blessed; even though life’s still a mess. Every day is a test, and every day I will give the best… of me. A heart focused, not allowing life to be a weight unbearable. Even though the problems of today, race ahead to become a part of my tomorrow. Even though trouble, seek a way into my mind. Impenetrable, is not the walls I build up today. But it’s in the resolve, to always allow Your love. To besiege my soul, let Your heart forever be my fortress. To focus my heart on one thing, Your love. The gift Your love gives, true contentment for my soul!

I’m not asking for anything, Your love has already given so much. My heart doesn’t have a desire to get stuff. All I want, all I need. A soul that always has a desire, to be full of passion, and the purest of love for You. So, if You can close Your eyes to my failures, and see just my heart. Your love is why my soul sings, the only thing my heart wants to speak. Just like Solomon, I would rather have wisdom; to govern my own thoughts. Be like David, a man after Your own heart. To move You forever, not with words, but with my heart, and soul. What I’m trying to say, what my heart is trying to make known. More than life, more than even my breath. All I Want, to just love on You, and give my heart to You… forever!