I Will Be!

The strands in your heart, keeps my soul tethered, to your endearing love. The colorful moments in love, paints our hearts in a graceful light, revealing the beautiful nuances of love. Profound love is a display, the portrait hanging on our heart. The deepest meaning, love’s heartfelt ambiance, captured in the mosaic beauty. From the moment, love made itself known, whispers penetrated my soul. Love persuading my soul, don’t be better, when love grows older, but be everything; love makes the heart able. Love, takes the soul to a better place, if the heart willing. Love is living proof, actions speak, when words are hard to find. Even when, voices in the wind, tried to tell my heart, we didn’t belong together. But, they couldn’t have known, my soul, knew chasing after the wind, was meaningless. Empty words, could never sway a heart, destined to be one, with forever. I don’t, desire to dress up my heart. I rather bare my soul, let everyone see, what love is. Love faces heartache, will test time, but not meant to counter; just encounter love’s breathtaking nature. Faith propels belief, compels hope; guide dreams. My soul, doesn’t need a special day, my heart a hallmark moment, for my love to be the enduring expression. Daily, her love elevates me, to celebrate my boo, share my heart too, give my love true. If love, doesn’t soar to new heights, want to fathom depth, how can the heart, know the breadth? Love asked of me, to let this be my confidence. If my soul is sincere, my heart always there, love will be dear, till the end of time. A heart tangled up, a soul held breathless, in strands of love. A loving shoulder, a strong presence, a gentle spirit; faithful love. Whatever her heart and soul needs, I’ll be!

Sunday May 28th, will be our 35th wedding anniversary. With my wife being in the hospital, and though I will be there. This will be the first time, we won’t be able to celebrate it, on our terms. But I am grateful, that we are still able to celebrate it together!


Real Talk; The Context!

Here’s a bit of the context, to what this love is based, why my heart has words. This summer, will be thirty seven years, the heart to heart encountered. The summer of 86, when I knew her love, would Always be. Sure, over the years there were conditions, factors, situation, feelings. But within the ambience, God’s love, our frame of reference. Circumstances, we all face them. Events playing out, giving a glimpse, into what happens in our lives. They make a statement, give you an idea, but not always the understanding. Will the love last, rise up with strength, or crumble, underneath the breadth? Profound love, lives in the depth, breathless. When the soul feels, the heart bleeds, the love flows, reveals love’s crimson hue. Ain’t no way, better or for worse, will ever cease to be, the essence of my vows. Always, the song our hearts will dance to. Then, when our hearts were wed. Now, in every moment shared. Forever, what will proclaim, our endless love!

Some of you have probably noticed, I haven’t been posting on my regular days, or reading. I don’t share the details, to what my family and I face. I shared my daughter’s passing, two years ago. My post shares the love, what my soul has experienced, in my fifty plus years. I like to focus, on Love’s positive side. Real talk, here’s some context. For the past 15 years, my wife has been battling a condition, which attacks different parts of her body. In the past four years, she’s been in the hospital every year. She’s been in there, for over a week now, with a new issue; loss of partial movement, in her left arm and leg. She was also in there, a few months ago in December, for two weeks, for something else. When she is home, she’s in bed 80% of the time, being as strong as she knows how. I won’t go into detail, during the week day; my day starts at 6:30 am, and ends at 1:00am. Looking after her, the home, working two jobs, blogging, writing, reading; my days are full, but never overwhelming. Two months, before our daughter passed, in 2021, my wife spent three weeks in the hospital, and almost died on the way; but God. Like I said, I don’t usually share these kinds of things, but thought this little glimpse, would encourage someone. Love in action, shares the vulnerability, cares within the vulnerable moments!

For the last few years, from time to time, she has asked me; not to leave her. But the truth is, where would my love be, if I turned my back, on part of my heart. Always, Forever, never ponders the notion; what if? Wholeness is, love being wholehearted. Perhaps, you can understand my why; the context to my words. My heart will never be ready, let her go, let the love wither. Love within a perpetual bloom, deepened by the root. Tears become the water, letting the heart be the continuous light, revealing love’s breathtaking beauty!


Ain’t No way!

For me to love you, is my pleasure. For me to want you, for my heart to, need to breathlessly, watch your love bloom, become a beautiful flower. Ain’t no way, my heart would ever, let love wither. Ain’t no mountain, my love is not willing to climb. Ain’t no way, my love would ever leave you. When the heart falls, my love will be there, to catch your soul, be everything you need. Ain’t no way, I won’t, give all of me. My love got you, hold on to my heart. Fear is just a lie, running out of breath. Fear can never, overwhelm my heart, love is what makes my soul, breathless. Ain’t no way, I would ever abandon your heart. My heart is not ready and willing, to let you go. For better, in the worse of times, in sickness, in health. My vow is predicated, trust the foundation, truth the essence. They say, love is blind, but my love has always been deep. Blindness is a stigma, that could never stop this heart of mine, from seeing clearly. Ain’t no way, for my heart and soul, to love you any less. Love’s lessons learned, won’t become a display; if the heart isn’t in it, love. Ain’t no way, I can ever be, someone I’m not. Profound love, leaves the heart exposed. My faith and love, can never be lessened, by distance. A heart beats a mile, not to know minutes, but live in moments. Nothing my heart would face, could ever change my love; ain’t no way!


So Beautiful!

A mother, deep within her being; love is. So beautiful, your heart, lovelier than springtime, dearer than a touching love song, captivating as a shooting star. More refreshing, than the morning dew, sweeter than the honeydew, precious as the rising sun. Your presence, radiates like the sunlight, inviting as the daylight. An illuminating nightlight, hovering in the shadows. The gaze, beauty with no haze, love for days. When a heart needs to know, comforting is every heartbeat. Beauty, in the heart of, love in the arms of. Though, at times you need to be held, everyone else, held beautifully within your care. Don’t marginalize her love, celebrate your worth. In the hustle, through the bustle, her love remains picture perfect. A work of art, capturing her essence, a beautiful portrait of love. Where, where would the world be, without a love like this? At love that says clearly, put your heart in mine, and together let it become, love’s rhapsody. Your love is a destiny, beyond a fantasy; her beautiful reality. Your love is infectious, your heart so endearing. Your soul, smiles within your sleep. Your heart, laughs out loud, in daydreams. Toiling done gracefully, twirling passionately, displaying what needs to be seen, your inner beauty. A mother’s love, so delightful, the most fragrant May flower, a crimson rose. Beautiful, so beautiful. How, how can a heart not find words, to express what you are, love personified!

This post, is dedicated to All the wonderful mothers! May the day be bright, your heart be a delight. Your love is a light, every day, and night! Special thanks, to my wife, who collaborated with me, on this Mother’s Day card design! Happy Mother’s Day’s, save a copy!


Life, is But a Breath!

Every day, the clouds roll, the bell tolls, time unfolds. An enriched life, embraces the flaws, cherishes the moment, holds dear the present, clings to our humanity. When, our heart paints a vivid picture, our lifestyle becomes. An endearing portrait, a profound portrayal of love. We, are imperfect beings, but, true love transcends. Truth is seen, compassion revealed, not through words, but through love’s untainted lens. Life, live it well. Love is built, on a firm foundation. Love has affection for, thinks the world of. Reverences one another, cares for each other, appreciate differences. Mankind, stop the fussing, stop the fighting; let freedom reign. In moments of silence, you will hear, we all have the same heartbeat. When it becomes, one love, one heart. Don’t, just give someone a hand, give them love, and they will see your heart. Authentic love reveals, truth has the power, to shelve weaponized words. Let your actions speak, your love be, a way of life. Through the good, and the bad, stand by your word. Life goes by, in the blink of an eye. Don’t waste it, don’t marginalize it, don’t take it for granted, let it have purpose. Why, snuff out someone’s hopes, when you can bless their heart, with acts of kindness? Why, plunder someone else’s dreams, when it’s within you, to celebrate their worth? Let your life, be more than a memory, but a beautiful impression, left on every heart. Deep love, flows like a river, deepens, when our humanity realizes. Life, is but a breath!


Her Instrumental Love!

Her love, strums my soul, deeply, tugs on my heartstrings, effortlessly. Her symphonic rhythm, moves me, profoundly, takes my breath, spectacularly. Her melody, sways me, her lyrical tone, tells me, the way to her soul. Her angelic sound, heavenly, her melodic vibe, takes my breath. Her instrumental love, plays a significant part in my life. Her influential presence, contributors to my well being, deep and profound. Her love, doesn’t perform, it’s a conducive collaboration, with my heart and soul. Her heart and soul, an instrumental light show, reflecting the colors of her love. Her beautiful expression, music sweetly holding me, with her simplicity. Her love is in tune, with my acoustic hue. A heart, lost within the sweet sound of love, will always find itself, breathless. Her love, makes my heart speechless. Her words are not needed, for my soul to be swayed, by her Instrumental Love!


Alone, with My Heart!

Safe and sound, forever will be. In the stillness, within love’s serenity, breadth is known. In my quiet place, within the depth of my soul, time and space. In my escape, in my secret place, the rendezvous. Where my love breathes, my heart concedes, breathless will be. Here, I’m alone, but will never be. I’m in the presence of, my soul captured by the nuance, in love’s quintessence. The power of love, it holds you, demands of you; never waste the days. Let joy fill, the words spill, the love overflow. Love’s mosaic, pieces of the wonder. How love preserves, how time fades. My spirit, rest in love’s constant. The desire, my quantifiable continuum. Your love is suspended, hovering within the wind. You are my breath, the air within my lungs. Misty, not having you here, close to my heart. Moist, my eyes would profoundly become. The essence of your love, lingers within my soul. Why, be alone with my thoughts, when your love is near. Here, touching every part of my soul, you are my heart!


No More Tears!

As a newborn, head to toe, bathed her with gentle love. As a toddler, lavished her with endearing warmth. Like oil, poured out on her love’s essence, swaddled her within our affection. Our baby’s tears, distinct with her every appeal, needing our love and devotion. So, we gave her our time, nourished her soul with our tenderness. And when, she was old enough to be, she didn’t want to be my little princess, forever daddy’s little girl. So I cried, for her my heart needed to provide; an endearing home, with room, to call her own. As a teen, the wonder years, we did our best, to make her not wonder. Baby girl, when the tears fall, and they will; just know, you are loved. We showered her, with our affirmation. We were there, through her struggles, in the ups and downs. Our love held her, through the growing pains. We washed her sorrows, watched her bloom, through it all. Our young lady, stepped out on her own, to find her purpose, her quintessence. It surely becomes a rainy day, when love moves you, to tears. In the hopes, knowing love’s true meaning, a boy broke her heart, tears she cried. She was looking, for a love like ours. The love she grew up watching, modeled in her beloved home. All we could do, dry your tears, with the breadth of our love, and soothe her fears, with our unconditional love. But, the hurt remained, until she closed her eyes, at rest in peace. Thirty years, and our baby girl, has no more tears. So, every now and then, for her our hearts, will shed her tears!