Double Dutch!

Hearts tell me, why the hesitation; “are you waiting for the perfect moment?” They say that timing is everything, but even if you time it just right. Your heart just might miss the moment, given for your soul… to take a leap of faith; for your heart to forever jump for joy. Oh, but once you get in, the heart and soul needs to know; it’s not about the jump and shout. Don’t let your heart get bound up, don’t let your soul get tangled up; in a distracting legalistic mindset. Your heart was loosed, the soul forever set free; don’t become double minded. So many think, it’s about being good… enough. Hard work and dedication, a good desire; but it’s about the Sacrifice. A heart can be taught to bob and weave, but the mind still has to be disciplined; to truly be led… by the heart. Knowing how to make quick decisions, can help get a mind out of a jam; but the heart still needs to know, in whom to put the trust?

Don’t be scared to make a move, but don’t just rely on your own wit; know how to apply true grit. Perseverance requires true strength… of character. When in doubt, that the heart is not winning? Throw your hands in the air, and wave them like you just don’t care… who’s watching. Don’t ever let your heart lose sight, of what truly matters. Don’t let your soul get focused, on truly meaningless distractions. A Double Dutch bus, is a sight for sure. But if the focus is just on how the wheels on the bus, goes round and round. That just shows, that the mind is what’s in control. Not a heart knowing how to take the lead, and what love truly moves… the soul?

A young, vibrant heart learning the how to; can easily jump a rope. But yet still too young, to know how to properly exercise… true restraint; mind, body, and soul. Hearts in love, is eager to jump a broom. But for the love to not get tattered, not get easily broken. The love needs to be forever bound, with a three stranded cord. Every heart knows how to jump in, but the question I have is this; do you truly know how to stay in… love? Life can make the love seem, like hearts just swinging… in opposite directions. Hearts crisscrossing, but without the rhythmic cohesiveness. For two hearts to truly flourish, for the soul to truly experience a double portion blessing; the love for has to be, hearts in love… forever. No double talk, no Double Dutch; jump in, jump out. Just grateful hearts, compassionate souls; slow to anger. Hearts in tune, abounding forever… in true love!


In Tune!

When a heart is not in tune, it cannot differentiate between a heart that just beats; from a rhythm that truly moves. One sound, is not about just hearing a heart beat; but a soul also knowing how to see… a movement. A heart needs to have sight, to go beyond what is just sounds… good. Sometimes the tone feels good, but the heart and soul not in tune. A heart can be tone deaf, when a heart is unable to perceive. The difference between the breadth, and the true characteristics… of what is a real love. There is a certain pitch, that most heart have clearly heard. But the soul still needs to know, how to accurately interpret. Real love hums a distinct melody, but Devine love forever a song; when a heart is in tune!

The heart is an instrument, it may not always be in tune; but the tone should always be recognizable. The sound a heart makes can paint a picture, but not all with… The Color of Love. Thankfully, hearts have the ability to adjust; but only if the moment hasn’t become a missed opportunity. To not just notice the change within the mind, but to see the change take place… within the heart. One can change their mind, but without a change of heart; the love wouldn’t truly resonate. Without taking a moment to reflect, or giving the heart a chance to adapt; becomes a change without purpose. The heart and soul cannot become finely tuned, if being in tune… serves no greater purpose. A heart trying to demonstrate the love being heard, but for some the heartbeat becomes so erratic; a soul still not knowing the true depth. Love can produce a strong eMotion, but for a soul to truly sing and shout. There has to be the In Tune, to have a true heart connection!


Love Hangover!

Is your love on the rocks, then simply shake it up. Make love the intoxicating experience, one that leaves a heart with a forever buzz. True love makes a heart giddy, a soul burst with true delight. Some like their love shaken, not knowing love is always better stirred. The moment the love truly gets stirred up, is the moment when the love becomes so much sweeter. Some prefer to have their love, with a splash of lemon. Just don’t allow the love to become sour, a little bit too bitter; then hard to stomach. Some think love is better, with the right amount of luster. Some try to dress it up, with things delightful to the eyes. But window dressings, will never change the substance within!

Some try to mix it up, by adding the perfect amount of additives. With one attempt, to get the juices flowing. Go ahead, mix it up; let your heart explore, different kinds of love ingredient. Just remember, love is not about the right formula; but what is the Right Substance… within. Let your heart reveal the right stamina, what real love can truly give. Joy, hope, peace, faithful love. Don’t let your soul get drunk, with meaningless indulgences. Rather shake up the heart, then let the love flow. Let the love rock you, to the depth of your soul. But don’t get it twisted. Love is not about drinking all you can, but how to truly be filled, with all the love… your heart gets. Then make the all the desire for, the Love Hangover last… Forever!


My Angel!

I believe in love, I believe our love is forever. My love, in you I believe. I believe God hears prayers, I believe God listens to the heart. I know God heard my heart, because my answered prayer… was you. I love that you care, I love that every day you dare. To stand strong on your own two, hope and faith. I love you from days of old, I will love you in a thousand years. When we both get old, with a slight touch of grey. When all in my heart is told. I LOVE YOU, will never be too bold; to tell about a heart of gold. Your love has much meaning, knowing your heart has meant so much. What I mean through all of this, I love who you are… to me. I know a heart can beat, without having breath. I know a soul can breathe forever, but only when that heart truly knows; what love gives every breath? The greatest gift is love, a committed love is the forever gift… to a grateful heart. I believe God has given your soul wings. You may not notice my eyes looking, but my heart always knows; when your heart starts to soar. You may doubt it, but my heart has always believed it; you are… My Angel!


Crazy Love

• If I was to tell everyone, I see Your love in everything. In the sun, the moon, the stars above. In a rose petal, in my every breath; “would anyone truly think, I’m crazy?”

• I have a love within my heart. If I was to tell everyone, that it’s what gives me faith, the strength to move mountains; “would they just consider it as simply, crazy faith?”

• If I took a leap of faith, trusting that Your love would always be there to catch my heart; “would that fall in the phrase known these days as; “cray cray!”

• If my love seems so crazy, truly weird, more than a bit over the top; “would my heart be labeled as… extreme?” They can call me mad, they can forever call me crazy. They can call it unhealthy, they can say I’m unhinged; completely out of my mind. But this crazy heart of mine, will never ever stop feeling this way. Lock up my heart, go ahead and throw away the key. You can never ever chain up a soul, forever set free!

The world can think I’m absolutely; “Kookoo… for Cocoa Puffs!” For my soul, it’s a daily feast; on the words coming out of Your heart. Don’t think it’s crazy, this kind of Crazy Love; does so much for my beating heart. There have been times in the past, when I couldn’t wrap my mind around…. the way my heart felt. A heart gung-ho, but a soul still learning… how to go deeper. I don’t expect that anyone, especially someone with a rational heart; would truly understand this? So, would anyone ever question my mental health, if I kept saying; “You are the wind, the love that moves my heart?” They can call this crazy talk, but this real talk… from the heart. What would they truly say, if again iRepeat; You are the wind, the love that has my heart. I breathe, because You move. I live, because You are… the air I breathe!

A heart trying to live pure, harmless as a dove; crazy… in love. A soul untainted, by what they want to call sight, and sound. My heart sees everything You are, and hears all the love You speak. So the question is, what will they truly call a heart; Sold Out… for You? To the untrained heart, these kinds of thoughts; can be seen as dangerous? But what else would you truly call a man, that thinks like this? My mind is absolutely compelled, to do whatever my heart says. My heart will never be worried, about being labeled. Many have tried, to put my heart in a cute little box. A mind can never fathom a love, only revealed… to an open heart. A devoted enthusiast, will always have their heart mistaken… for crazy. People will always label you crazy, “when they just can’t understand, what matters to a heart. A heart enamored with, passionate to, smitten by… a love truly Devine!


Love; The Color!

What is the color of love? Is it strong, is it vibrant? Is it a color so warm, that it melts your heart? Is it soft, and gentle; is love a tender feeling? Is the color of love a fragrance, a tantalizing aroma? Does it smell so sweet, that even the mere scent… captivates the imagination? Does the color of love have the strength, to shift your heart? Is it powerful enough, to forever move your soul? Moves you so much, your heart can paint a picture; the true color of love? Is it a color, that changes over time; or a color, that can stand the whether… time will change the love within? Roses are red, violets are blue. Grey and black, are not colors. So don’t throw shade, on someone else’s dream!

Is your color of love a delicate flower, pure like the heart of a child? Ring around the rosies, a pocket full of posies; can never change a soul. A heart focusing on the wrong color, is like a soul filled with pretty dandelions; but the love for… snuffed out. Is the color of love, bold enough to catch your eyes? Does your heart capture only a glimpse, or a forever gaze? Does the color of love shimmer, does it shine bright… even in the midnight hour? Does the color of love sparkle, does it spark a creative edge? Does your heart truly know, what is the true color… of love? Does the true beauty resonate, does it impress upon the heart? Does it linger endlessly, within a colorful soul. Can your heart see true reflections, the beauty that lies… within every tomorrow?

Is your color of love just a pastel, or does it show through; as a work of art? Are you moved, by the deep colors of love? Is your heart content with a love, looking like just a glazed over colored surface? The colors that moves you, doesn’t have to resemble a masterpiece; just a genuine depiction. Is the color of love fascinating to the mind, but barely noticeable… to the heart? Is the color of love a feeling, is it just an emotion; or the essence… of true affection? Some colors of love are painted on glass, but the surface so fragile. Even though a rose colored glass, can make things seem a bit too blurred. Don’t allow the love for, to be easily broken!

Is your love just a pattern to follow, or a love patterned after a true design? Is it just a collection, a collage of different interpretations; but the picture still seems unclear? So many kinds of love are colorful, but the real color faded away; the love wasn’t true. Love can change, even if the love becomes a darker shade of blue? Don’t let the true beauty with the color of love, change within your heart and soul. Love has a feeling, love has a powerful name; love has… a forever presence. Deep within your soul, does your love reflect a heart; draped in the color of true royalty? The hope, that your heart doesn’t just see shades, but the true color of love. What is your color, what do you call love; what does love truly means to you? A question, for the soul. A question, only your heart… can truly answer!