The Whether!

Before I call, before I ever shed a single tear; my heart already knows, Your love is the answer. The shelter, the hiding place. Some days the thunder roars, the days collide. It’s a true challenge, trying to outrun the storms; trying to withstand the tidal wave, crashing against my heart. With every step forward, the wind beats against my faith; but the anchor holds. But it’s the rain, that sometimes won’t stop falling; from my eyes. But there’s a ray, a light; hope. The sun will shine again, after every downpour; after the rain!

The whether WILL subside, raise your hope; hold on to your faith, that the anchor will forever hold. Forever trust, that your heart is still covered; under the canopy. Some days the world can be bitterly cold. The coldness has always been there, but the bitterness; can leave a lasting chill, within your bones. Whether you believe, or whether you have doubts; that the warmth will some day return? The Son will surely return, let your light shine; warm the world with your light. Keep your hope raised, never let go of your faith; forever trust. Get swept up within a love, fierce like a hurricane. It will relentlessly seek you out, forever chase after your heart. Don’t get it twisted, the overwhelming gentleness; what your heart won’t be able to escape!

When you come face to face, let the love set your soul free; let it take your heart higher; where a heart learns how to soar. Even though the whether of doubts still lingers, through it all; it will never let you fall, to pieces. Whether or not you believe, Inquire about the love; investigate the gentle stories about the hurricane. Your heart will truly be free, to forever embrace the truth. Say goodbye to the thunder, to the storms; to the wind that beats. To the crashing tidal waves, to the rain that won’t stop falling; let peace be the stillness. Be no longer undecided with your heart, choose to forever remember. When it comes to the Weather, don’t let it become the element; manifesting within your heart!


Silent River!

Silent, the quietness underneath, the deepness within; the silent river. The calmness beneath, the stillness within; the depth being measured. Be seen and not heard, the art of not making a sound; my heart was skilled within the art. Strength but yet silent, movement, but yet not heard. Strong, silent; but yet the type that runs deep, a silent river!

Many rivers, many years; many moons ago; since my heart encountered an ocean. Love, love was the sight, but at first; the feeling was what gave sight, to a love with unfathomable depth. So the river within set course, the destination; deeper. A heart once introverted, now expressive. A river once silent, now flow within an ocean; a heart on a journey to find. The boldness, the confident; found within the true depth. Ocean, Your heavenly presence; moves this once silent river!

The height, the depth, the length, the breadth of this ocean; deeper than my soul can see, but calling me deeper. A silent river, was never meant to be my destiny. The hush was the rush, the silence turned into a presence; a love moving within every breath of my heart. Rushing into the depth of the innermost, taking my soul deeper. Gasping to give every breath, wanting to forever be overwhelmed; from a love that now floods my soul. The love that forever broke the silence, within a once silent river!

The perfect storm, when a silent river; collided with a gentle ocean. A heart led by the still waters; a river runs through the silence. It’s the purpose, that gives a silent river resilience; true power, to affect change. Within the heart of the river, with nothing now left unsaid. Speechless, what has now become; the love deep within. A love that flows, a river that now takes moments of silence; to say a silent prayer, within the waves of glory. What is love, if a heart cannot describe; what it truly means? I am strong, I am silent, I am the river; with a purpose. To be submerged, deep within an ocean!


Do They Get It?

If You were to ever hide, my heart would move heaven and earth; to seek is to find. Wherever Your love goes, my heart will forever follow; relentlessly chase after Your love. Sometimes I’m absolutely beside myself, to know how ridiculously Your love wants to be a part of my heart. Do they even get it, they probably don’t yet get; what my heart’s been trying say? Maybe it’s beyond a normal comprehension, maybe no one else should truly ever get it; what this love truly means to me. I stopped a long time ago, chasing after things; I just want to chase after Your heart!

Writing about this love, has become the passion; that flows deep within. My heart can speak about this love, my soul can express the depth. But every day I realize, this love is not just my air; but my every breath. From the moment I rise, to the very moment I lay me down to sleep; I need this love to breathe. My affections is for You, Your love is not a figment of my dreams; but a presence, within the depth of my soul. I want to know You, not only in text, not just as a feeling; that passes through my heart like the wind. But feel Your love as it hovers, throughout the innermost parts of my soul; can anyone ever get that?

We’ve been through so much, this life, this journey, this heart; this love, didn’t get like this overnight. This love to some might seem crazy, it’s been an adventure; discovering the true depth of Your heart. My whole life, I‘ve never had a need for alcohol or drugs. Your love is my rush, the thrill that would sustain my heart; for a thousand lifetimes, do they get it? Your love is now, and will forever be; the only desire, my heart will ever need. A love that has captured, truly inspires. Even the ripples, overwhelms my heart and soul; within Your ocean of love, do they get it? Simply put, You wanted a relationship; but my heart, wanted a love affair!

My heart is captivated, but my soul says; beyond captivating. A heart forever captured, a soul free; but wrapped up, tied up, tangled up. It’s not about freeing the mind, but the freedom within my soul; that truly makes my heart free, to be unapologetic about the love within. I hope, that hearts who are on the similar journey, can truly get it? To have a heart that’s not just chasing, but eagerly pursuing. As for me and my heart, I’m going to spend the rest of my days; tiredly chasing after Your heart. Your love was the whisper; that broke through the silence, within my heart. A soul that now writes a love story, about this poetic love!


Soul Searching!

Soul searching, a heart trying to make a lasting resolution. A heart planing to journey deeper, the destination; forever. A heart choosing to give undying love, seeking to be a heart; with undistracted devotion. Emotions, will never be a contributing factor. Intentional, will always be the choice; unconditional, will forever be the motive. To take a deep dive, into the depth of my soul; a search to find, deeper expressions of the heart. A deep consideration, with an even deeper determination. Discovering the truth, that lies within the heart; a daily search within the soul.

Purposeful reflections, with an unwavering commitment. Within my heart, the issue was long ago resolved; God’s love, is my firm foundation. A love I let search my heart, as I search within my soul. Not a reflect on what was, but to know my heart is a true reflection; of a love truly pure, forever true. A heart open to discover, a soul wanting to rediscover; the newness within each day. A steadfast heart, with a steadfast hope; in a strong-willed soul, the half has not yet been told. Within a heart not shackled by doubts, a soul unshakable to the true; relentless to find, will forever be my love. It’s never been about eyes open, to see a move; but a heart wide open, to see a change!

Friends, resolve to be forever spirited, be unyielding within your boldness. Being brave hearted, is the sign of a courageous soul. Be resolute with each decision, let single-mindedness be the endeavor. Double-mindedness, serves to do a heart a disservice. Persistence is a start, perseverance keeps a heart focused; true grit, a heart abiding in tenacity. To do or not to do, to be or not to be; has to be the firm resolution. The new year is a time to steady your heart, but every day; a time to truly search your soul.


The Gift!

Are you expecting, is your heart truly expecting; a gift? Are you fast asleep, or are your souls absolutely wide awake; is your heart overwhelmed with such a feeling? Do you feel joyous, is joy rocking around within your heart tonight. This is the time of year, when your heart keeps tossing; just can’t stop turning. Your heart is in a state of anticipation, maybe because of the sheer expectation? Your heart is expecting a gift; are you finding it hard to sleep, at night? It’s the twelfth day of Christmas, can you truly not wait; to see true love. May your heart truly receive the gift, tonight!

So therefore Harken, stop for a moment and let just your soul, listen; there’s an angel singing. Listen to the pitter patter, listen to the noticeable prancing. Upon the rooftop of your heart, within the depth of your soul. The true and lasting pitter patter, can forever be felt; within the center of your beating heart, tonight. Love is the anticipation, within your heart it shall be revealed. So come one, please come all; come all ye faithful, receive this heart felt gift. On the night before, on the night called the eve; the night before Christmas!

Let your heart be joyful, let your soul be forever giddy; let the joy within your hearts, burst forth with singing. Let love be the gift, the gift that forever keeps your heart giving. Open up your hearts, receive the gift of love; may it truly make your heart, forever full. Drink until the noggin makes your soul MERRY; CHRISTMAS, is truly the most wonderful time of the year. So don’t hesitate to unwrap, this is truly a very precious gift. Love, love is the true gift, and I want to share that with you, tonight. Merry Christmas to all, and to all. May your hearts forever know, that this truly is; A Good Night!

“For to us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders. And he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.” Isaiah‬ ‭9:6‬ ‭NIV‬‬

A special thanks to my wife, other than the figurines; she designed, built, and handcrafted every part of this stable with such wonderful details. That I was fortunate to take a picture of, and use for today’s post!



The gift my heart has so freely been given, is the gift I want to share with you. It won’t be wrapped up within a nice pretty bow, it’s not about sharing pretty words; but a pretty awesome gift, the love wrapped up within the first Christmas. I could keep this gift to myself, I don’t want this to be about; how a Grinch stole Christmas. Sharing, is caring; a gift I’m regifting to you. Don’t think of this regift as a grand gesture, measure it as a heart tester. The first gift was free, the grandest gesture of love; a heart can ever behold. A gift more meaningful, than a bouquet of flowers; cherished, more than even silver and gold. A truly precious gift, given to us; swaddled as a newborn babe!

The true gift, of Christmas, shimmers with such brilliance. From a heart filled with true artistry; an amazing gift, for all to receive by design. Wise men from the east, followed the star that shimmered in the night. Gifts they brought, to reflect the overwhelming light; shimmering within their hearts. So much love, does the gift of Christmas bestows. So won’t you grant me the true privilege, to regift a love; meant to be forever regifted by design. While bustling along all the busy sidewalks, as you admire all the bright pretty street lights. May your hearts truly be filled, with all the joyous feelings of Christmas. May you feel love is in the air, from hearts regifted in love. Wrapped up forever, within the true meaning of Christmas!



The bright morning star, brightest star in the heavens; babe in a manger, Jesus. Your love, the song the angels sang. The song my heart now sings, Your love; forever my song. You are so beautiful, Your love has truly been my everything; to me You are, so beautiful. So how, how can my heart say this, how can my soul ever explain this; how do I truly explain, Beautiful?

Your name, lets start there; beautiful. Your love, stunning, breathtaking; yes, beautiful. Your heart, to fathom would surely be beyond beautiful. Your presence, just a mere glimpse into Your love; so absolutely beautiful. The love that truly warms my heart, when a wintery frost; seems to be the coldness within my soul. The pep within my springtime, Your love my bright sunshine. The purest love, that my soul has forever come to know. More than a gorgeous summers day, more satisfying than a wonderful autumn breeze. Season after season, beautiful; is still just the start!

So how, how could my heart explain; how do I justify how beautiful? For a love so dear to my heart, the dearest to ever touch my soul; dearer to me, than everything. So how, how can my heart not help but to feel; it was the fall, in love. With a love so so beautiful; the absolute greatest love, my heart will ever know. Jesus, Your love moves within my heart; And It’s So Beautiful!