Love, the Ballad!

The Song:

Here, and Now. I give my heart, give you my everything; my Endless Love. All My Life, my soul prayed; for a love like yours. To have, to hold; you, will always be my heart. The love song, in a symphony. Every heartbeat, playing a sweet rhythmic melody; A love so beautiful. Every breath, breathed out in harmonic unison. A heart knowing, how to sing a love ballad; The Greatest Love of All. “B” sharp, noted never letting it be about falling. But being, in love, Always, and Forever. The love being, a Total Eclipse of the Heart. Love is Forever, even though some days; the heart wants to groove, to a brand new funk. A little ditty, will help to tell the tale. A heart with a verse, writing another love song. Open Arms, needs an open heart. For a love ballad, to resonate with a poetic hue. My heart is moved, by a love soul proven. Love, You Are the Reason; for the breadth within my lungs. You’re the Inspiration, to profoundly wanting to be, a heart changed. Do What You do, leave me breathless. Love, tell it to my heart. How, am I Supposed to Live without You? My, every breath you take. The beauty to feel, the love to hold; the presence, by my side. Nothing, can Change this Love. Every lyric, will be original. A heart, being forever swayed; feeling how steady the beat. A traditional ballad, will never be this heart and soul, singing a typical love song. When, I’ve come to the end of myself. It won’t be, Hello; love, is it me you’re looking for? Not the Kiss, and Say Goodbye. On the Wings of Love, how every breath finds forever. Love, there you can find my soul. Caught up in the Rapture, of You!

The Poem:

Wonderful, precious as a treasure. Love redeems, through a beautiful exchange. When more than, food for thought. But, how deeply the embrace. Love rescues the souls, counsels the heart, whispers words of affirmation. Comforts, gently take your breath. Love is meant to be the hideaway, to place your insecurities. To find offered hope, whenever the heart feels. Its hopelessly lost, the way to find, a meaningful love story. Love is faithful, to be a source for healing. Graceful, even in the dimmest light. When there’s a hunger, the thirst becomes a heart full. Love, food for the soul!


Losing Your Breath!

Take my breath, to a place where words are Lost. The place, where the heart is Found… breathless. It would be, to the moon and back. But the actual fact, love should stop at nothing. Until the soul, gleans a glimpse into the heavenly. Why reach back, for what was? When the heart, can have a clear view into forever, see into the depth. Love, still the gauge. To take the heart rate, test how faithful each heartbeat. To say so, say so. Would a fleeting beat, still be a matter of fact. In the stillness, could there be a degree, to separate? What the heart needs, to be the breadth, in my lungs. If I’m running, you must be chasing. Your love is the wind, the breadth worth knowing. Why, I find myself the one chasing, your heart. To find within it words, that speaks into my soul. The butterflies chased, the soul captured. The heart swept away, by the breadth in the wind. Breakthrough, happens in the twilight, a breakthrough to the dawn. Your love, broke down the walls, through every breath. Taken, you have my heart and soul. In an ocean, how can a soul fathom depth; when the heart, will end up drowning? How can a heart know, when you’ve reached new heights? When heaven, became part of your soul? A heart, still needs to press into what lies ahead. Learn, what lies in the deeper places. Not, by holding the breath. But, letting your soul be held, by the breadth. Take every breath, and hide it.. in the clefts. What do you do, when you lose your breath. You keep searching, even though the heart becomes speechless, finding words. What do you do, when your words run away, and you’re trying, to catch your breath? What do you do, when your heart is captured by a presence, held breathlessly forever by the love? You, tell the story. The pen will bleed, the ink never running dry. The heart runs out of words, but; there’s always a pent love. What do you do, when you can’t hide a heart, misplace your soul? It’s held, in every captured muse. Seen, within every verse. But still, I keep ending up losing, my breath!


A Poetic Love!

When pen met paper, breath was taken. Love was spilt, the heart collided. Love the ink, crimson the color, a heart the pen. Capturing, writing; love penned down, every poetic encounter. The moment, became the feeling. Poetry, poured through every eMotion. Words with movement, spilling the beauty. The overflow, what the soul can’t contain. Love, etched deep within the crevices, of a blank canvas. A heart, moved by the breadth. To capture the essence, spill the soul, tell the story; when pen… Love pouring, poems with reflections. A crimson love, with textured hue. Poetry, a voice with whispers of love. Filling the heart, with food for the soul. The melodies, playing an endless love song. Living, not life abundant. If love’s not lived, poetically within a heart. Every breath taken, to show how deep the love. Vulnerability, in discovering the ways; to give every breath. A heart captivated, trying to know. How much muse, lingers in the breadth, in every captured love. When love, becomes more than words. The ink dries, making the love forever. Deep love, more than pretty words. It’s poetic, to move, to inspire. The heart, the instrument. The soul on a journey, to meet the heavenly. Love in a poem, flowing through the heart, touching the depth of the soul. When love flows, the soul becomes a river. When the pen bleeds, the ink reveals. How a poetic love, spills into the deepest place. Every time, pen meets paper. Let clarity, be every line. My heart will pen, the paper will capture. Words will speak, what’s captured in; A Poetic Love!



Wings, soaring. The canvas, painted with the color of love. The breadth therein, shimmering in the light… of the heavenly. Fear, shadows of the past. Floating away, with the wind. Faith soars, when hope is found. Under the surface, a heart has much potential. But only seen in the open, can the beauty be captured, the love be felt. Love, created to be a beautiful display. Not dressed up, by a fleeting disguise. When, nerves tries to get the best. Through an inner peace, find the courage, to chase the butterflies. Let, your faith rise up, dance like the wind. A patterned hope, shapes an unstoppable destiny. Chasing dreams, how a heart takes hold, of the essence within. The quiet beauty, that makes the soul bloom, the love unfold. The metamorphosis, from what seems expected. To being a heart, knowing the strength; to be beautifully changed. Change, never easy, but necessary, for growth. Lift it up, your wings. A mind transformed, a soul colorful. A heart poised, to lift up everyone. With the inner beauty, the wings of love. The light resonating, the love not swayed; by the ups and downs. Every day, resurrect a prevailing hope. A heart, showing a triumphant spirit. A soul, exquisitely living; your best life, through a love never ending. In the least, show resilience. A heart, graceful, humbled. If, life tries to confine your soul. Break free, of the mundane. A heart, doesn’t have to be majestic. For the love, to be divinely reflective. Catch the breadth, chase the butterflies. Spread the love, show that your heart… has wings!



Never, do I ever want to see the day. Where love, is a sight, but unseen. Seen in the eyes, but can’t see how it truly shines… brighter, when not a reflection. Love is a moment, the moment. Time stopped, time spent. Timeless, in the stillness. My heart, astonished to now see. How much love persuades the rain, to cascade from my eyes. Clouds come in mass, shadows try to cast. But, there couldn’t be a single doubt. Love, is forever. In the natural, in the spirit. Even in the mist, there would never be this. Love, and my soul, not dancing in the bliss. Once, a man that thinks, not a man that drinks. A man, with bottled up tears. Now, Never needs to be asked. To pour out the heart, through a crimson hue. Love, designed to be a perfect fit, for every heart. Never, allow anyone to break your stride. Let love forever be, the crimson tide, the soul cannot hide. Never let, anything get in the way, true love being complete. Don’t, let a king sized ego. Be a bed, too small to lay your head. Hearts, falling out of wed, and of love. Catastrophic, the agony and defeat. Love, losing the pursuit. Arrest it at the door, farewell evermore. Love, I would Never want to live a day; without you in my heart. Even a second, would be the reckon. Never, will I ever let my heart drift from the sure, to drown in the deep. Without, my life preserver. My soul, knowing love, is an ocean, the depth to fathom. Sometimes, I Never see it coming. The rain falls again, love brings the tears again. The flowers bloom again, the clouds loom again. The sun shines again, the days pass again. Love, calls again. My soul, stands tall again, my heartbeat stalls again. My breath, taken again. Love, the taking, the giving; the breadth in my lungs. My heart, the same again; Never!


Tell It, to My Heart!

Whisper, it to my soul. Tell me, why waves become? It’s a heart swept away, into the breadth, into the crimson tide. The silent river, deep in a heart stirred. The soul, colliding breathlessly, under the quiet. Love, breath the essence into my soul, and it will; tell it to my heart. The embrace, the endless slow dance, with no end. The love song, playing; I’m forever yours. Tell my heart, love’s in the breath taking. Not, just in an emotional reaction; but in, every passionate response. Tell it to my heart, how to profoundly know, where to always find you? So, in the darkness moments. I can, be found still lost, for words. Knowing, how your love has always been close, to my heart. The evidence, it’s breathless. My confidence, stirred; never shaken. My breath, held deeply… in depth of your love. Every time, your love calls. My heart, will answer the call. To hear, how your love will always be, pressed up against my soul. Even when, thoughts try to sway. Tell my heart, Your love will be the way… to find true solace. To tell me, that I’m held, loved; will forever be… in love. And if, my heart ever needs a reminder; how deep the love? Let my soul, find the love, in the deepest place, of the ocean. The depth, to fathom. Your love, whisper it to my soul, and it will surely tell it, to My Heart!


The Fog!

Even if, the day became the foggiest. I would still, see your heart. Would still, know your love. More than a feeling, so profound every touch. Your love, takes my breath, and holds my heart. Through the darkness, in the stillness. Beyond all the shadows, my heart could always, find Your love. It’s the presence, so close to my heart. What, could there truly be to fear? The breadth, hovers. The love, covers. My soul, knows how to be still. Listening, for each gentle whisper. That will, surely touch my heart. In the foggy moments, your love becomes the misty droplets. Breathlessly, suspended in the corner of my eyes. When, the water is crashing. Your love is the presence, hovering in the midst. A love, that won’t ever let the love become. Two hearts, passing by in the night. Pass me not, oh gentle heart. Let your love, forever move my heart. In the fog, love is the lighthouse. The constant light, shining through the heart. The truest beacon of hope, beaming the brightest; to take you by the heart. To guide my soul, through the darkest moments. Your love, has a hold of my heart. It’s the air I breathe, visible to my soul. Through every, invisible breath the love takes. Your love, is my heartbeat. Resoundingly moving, through every momentary fog. Sometimes, I’m troubled by the fog; but my heart, will never struggle to see the love… through it all. Moving, closer. Dissipating the fog, from fogging up the window, to my soul. Into me, no doubt… you see. Traveling, through the fog of love’s journey. My heart, can’t help being lost… for words. For life, is but a vapor; for the journeying soul. But, your love, forever… overwhelming. When the day, seems the foggiest. I know your love, has me by the heart!



A testament, to how deep the love. The crimson story, etched in red letters. Cast deep, into a crimson sea. Where depth, becomes the ocean, for a heart to fathom. Words, deeply spoken. Love, the deepest token. Rose petals, shaped in color. Dipped, in a vibrant crimson hue. Sprinkled, with the breadth of love. A tree with love, the roots go deep. Underground, where life begins. Red flowers bloom, breathtaking looms. A soul consumed, by the afterglow. Love, laid gracefully beneath the water. Flowing, moving, pulling… the heart deeper. To be a soul, lost in the mist; adrift within the peace. A heart swept away, by the crimson tide. Breathless, love takes… every breath. A soul, held by the breadth. Released, into the tidal waves. The depth, another emotional see. The horizon breaks, the moonlight falls. Crimson love, displayed in the brightest glow, painting the sky. A heart, held by the crimson night. The soul, watching the love glistens; in a radiant crimson light. Deep emotions, bringing to light; how crimson illuminates, every breath it takes. A heart crimsoned, shows love in all its richness. The allure deepens, with every brush… against the breadth. The deep river, the crimson presence; water… upon the wind. Falling afresh, into the depth… heart, and soul!


The Remedy!

How sweet thy love, and how my heart does sicken. Knowing, breath has no meaning… without you. To be, or not to be? Yes, to be in thy presence; it’s the greatest remedy. To dwell, my soul does swell. With each sip, from the deepest well. When, the bell tolls. My heart, with another show and tell. How the breadth, thy love; became the sweetest remedy. The undeniable soup, healing for the soul. Love, the greatest medicine. One part heart, one part soul; that knows no bounds. Head and shoulders, above the rest… your love’s heavenly. Bound up, in thee; your love is the remedy. Day, and night, your love moves my heart… quietly. Hovers, in the shadows. Under, my every breath. Pace through my soul, to always be there.. for my heart. Just a spoon full of sugar, love in my cup. The cold in a heart, made well… with warmth. Thy love, quickens every heartbeat. Soothes the soul, with just a touch, with every taste. Into thy bosom, my soul makes haste. To find your comfort, and feel your peace, hovering in the silence. To be my breath, and every contemplative gaze, into your heart. Your love, will forever be, the perfect Remedy!



My breath, the beauty of your love; makes the soul, speechless. Though, my heart has words. Your love is the ink, released in the crimson flow. A silent river, knowing depth in an ocean. A thousand league, how deep the love. The mission, to know Your heart, fathom the depth. In the silence, breathless will be the allure, for a love so real. A soul, living speechless, in the midst of every see. Not with eyes, but a heart wide open. Being captivated, by the beauty, the awe, the wonder. Let Your love, be the breadth, in my lungs. A heart, trying to express through speech. What, gets lost in words. Love, will never get tongue tied. When, it’s the heart that speaks. The love, filling every void. In stillness, under the quiet; between every breath. A heart, resting in the love. A soul, tethered to the lifeline. The love, and forever. A heart, finding the words; that just leaves my soul, Speechless!