Baby Boy!

From the first day, from the first hour; yes from the very first minute, it was love from the very first second. My heart got to hold your gentle love; soft was the touch, that will forever caress my soul. Ear to ear, heart to heart; the smile has been forever noticeable, within my heart. You were the first, none other can ever take that away from you; my baby boy!

Your first step, your first tooth, your first haircut. Your first day at school, your first job, your first car. The day you became a man, from the very first moment; my heart witnessed them all. Oh boy, my heart could never be coy; oh what a joy, when we had our first baby boy!

Rockabye baby, I pray my love has been a rock? Hold on to my love, God’s love is the rock; that keeps my heart grounded. The rock of ages, rest your heart; on that as the foundation. Happy 30th Birthday, to my baby boy. Daddy has always been so very proud of you, and every day; I say a little prayer, for you!


The Call!

Love, is that You; softly and tenderly calling my heart? Love your call sounds so delightful, so pleasant; but I’m not ready to answer the call. Love, don’t turn up the volume; I do hear the call. My heart is racing, my soul wants to dance for joy; it’s sweet that You called, but I’m going to have to decline the call. Oh, but love I sense that You have such a gentleness. Love I don’t feel threatened by the call, the tone of the call; it’s moving my heart, but not enough to answer!

Love I know that You’re calling me to come deeper, Love I do need to feel Your embrace. But I’m not quite ready, to open that door, I love you, but I just can’t answer the call. Love, won’t You please call back later; maybe a year, or two? Love I still have so much cleaning to do, before I can ever think of letting You in… to my heart. Love don’t even try the window, that’s dirty too. That’s not a crack You see, on the window of my painful soul; it’s a dirty stain, I can’t get off a broken heart!

Knock knock; Love, are You back to call on my heart so soon; has it already been two years? Love when I said a year or two, I really meant three or four. Love, why are You so persistent, I’m still not ready; to fully open up my heart. So Love, be patient with me just a little longer. Please, won’t You give me just a little more time? Your love is just too perfect, I don’t want a heart such as mine; to turn You off. That dirty stain, is still a blotch on my fragile heart. Love, how about if I called You when I’ve completely cleaned up my act? I can want to be worthy, enough for a love as pure like Yours!

Love, who am I kidding. This heart of mine is too broken; it will never truly be ready. Just come on in, let Your love be what makes my heart feel alive. Love I’m ready, go ahead; call me deeper, into the depth of Your heart. Love, why can’t I seem to go deeper, but how can I? Yes, my heart is free; but my mind still hasn’t let go, of the past. Love if this is as deep as I can go, then please call me higher. Love if You can’t call me any higher, at least I know: that You call me beloved. If beloved is what I am, then I can truly call You lover; of my soul. Your Love calls me into the depth of Your heart. I want Your love to be my one thing, the only voice my heart hears; deep within my soul. I am ready, absolutely willing; to answer the call!


Heart to Heart!

Can we have a heart to heart, can I pour out my heart? I just want to have a moment, a moment alone. Can You stop time, can I sit at the foot of Your love; to forever gaze into Your heart? Your love is my comfort, Your love is my joy; Your love is, my everything. Just a glimpse, just a glimpse into Your love; my whole world changed. Your love has completely, and forever changed my heart. At first it was just a small noticeable change, but then; oh, but then Your love made such an impact. An impression, that’s what it is; right here, on my beating heart. You must know, oh, You must truly see? That Your love is forever etched, upon every pulse of my heart; can we have a moment, a heart to heart?

Just to be in Your presence, just to feel the true breadth of Your love. This is not about, what You can do for me. Let me be the one, that now pours out my soul. Only You, loves me like You do. Your love is angelic, it has fought for my soul. Strong and so Mighty, Your love has won my heart. May my heart, be Your angel on Earth; living with one purpose; to tell of Your love. Open up my mind, the way Your love has opened up my heart. Free my soul, from all the captive thoughts. Tell my heart, about every facet of Your amazing love. Whenever my heart lies back against Your love, whenever I rest my love on Your heart. Those heart to heart moments, is when; I truly feel my heart begin to breathe!

I’m Yours, my heart is forever Yours. Tell me, oh tell it to my heart; why do You love me so? Whisper it into my soul, my heart is forever at rest; here within Your presence. Let me reflect, let Your love; be reflected in me. For years Your heart has captured my imagination, but is Your love; that forever has my gaze. Abba, Baba, Daddy, my love will Rise above it; all of these meaningless distractions. So we can forever have our heart to heart. I need to again let You know, how much I Love You!


Forever, and A Day!

My soul, Your love has made my soul complete. My heart beats, it beats only because Your love; it moves my soul. You are the life, Your love is life; Your love gives my heart life, forever my lifeline. The sun shines, my heart doesn’t even cast a shadow. Doubts, are sometimes a slight glare across my mind; but they are just reflections, shadows. My heart doesn’t even give them any attention, Your love removes them all. Your love will forever continue to shine bright, within my heart. My gaze, will forever be fixed; upon Your love. A love that is, that will forever be; my world. A world, that would absolutely be darker; if not for Your love. If Your love wasn’t the sun, that continually revolves around my heart!

There used to be these seconds, that turned into minutes; that became my darkest hours. Your love, and my heart were truly at odds. My heart was wrestling, for answers; the months, seemed like years. That was because day after day, I just didn’t truly know how; to let Your love, get back to the center of my heart. The blockage, do You truly; love me? But Your love never wavered, forever stayed the same. Gently wrestling, faithfully loving, patiently waiting; for my foolish heart to see. That Your love has forever been, the best part of my heart and soul.

Then the season changed, the coldness; the bitterness, within my wintery heart. Became the best summer loving, that has forever set my soul on fire. This truly in love heart of mine, could never ever again picture; a life without Your love. The fire that set my heart ablaze, the poetry within my soul; that makes me truly whole. I pledge again to You my heart, my soul; for the here and now. Then forever, and a day; then when forever comes. My heart will absolutely still be in love; forevermore!


My Sweet Sixteen!

My wish, that someday I will be every bit of a man; your heart needs me to be? Just know, till then; my heart will be faithful. Your love has always been sweet, you will always be; my sweet sixteen. Wish upon a star, wish that you may; but I wish that you might. Let all my love, be your one wish tonight!

So go ahead, make a wish, but don’t blow out the candles; I want your flame, to keep burning forever. Instead, do the thing you always do; blow my mind. Touch my heart, like you always do; tell me, is it still the right texture? The texture of not just a good, but a faithful man? Good feelings come and go, but faithfulness; will faithfully be, good!

Honey, make a wish; no need for any hesitations. God’s love is the cord, that binds it all together. My love is the gift, unwrap and take my heart; it’s yours forever. The love within, comes with a lifetime commitment. You may not be sixteen today, but you’re still my sweet love; I’m still sweet on you. Sweetie, it’s your birthday, but I too have been given a gift. Thirty plus years later, I get to reminisce; about the first birthday of yours we ever spent together. Happy Birthday, to My Sweet Sixteen!


The Symphony!

Your love, so instrumental to my heart; it’s turned my heart into a symphony, a love that strikes all the right chords. My heart is becoming a finely tuned stringed instrument. Your love pulls on my heartstrings, my soul sings. Me me me, let me sing of Your love; the sweetest of love songs. Your love plays my heart like a violin, rest Your love against my heart. Slide Your love across the surface of my heart, that’s all my heart needs. For Your love to become a symphony, my everlasting love song!

My heart can hear Your love, the sound, a symbol; crashing throughout my heart, moving my soul. Your love is truly the greatest, the greatest of symphonies; playing along with every single beat of my heart. Your love has such a tender melody, a love so tender. Moving my soul, with the breadth of Your love. My heart used to play like a high school musical, reminiscing back to the moment; the moment Your love touched my heart. Reminding me, that Your love has been a part of my heart; from my high school days!

Your love is the chorus within my song, repeating the words within my heart; My love, is Your love. That just strikes another cord, my heart and soul bands together; to hear the symphony. The perfect portrayal of passion and love within. Your love has been asking my heart to forever be Your soloist. If I could learn how to just keep my eyes, just on Your love; then I would truly know. Each moment Your love shifts my heart, and the key changes to a higher octave; within my soul. Your love wants my heart to know, the true rhythm of Your every heartbeat!

Sometimes my love comes across as if it’s a composition, of unsung ballads. Sometimes my love can B flat, but Your love has always been A-sharp, key change; that resounds within my soul. Your love has always been pitch perfect, my heart is forever in love; with the sheer perfection. My love has flaws, it will never be pitch perfect; but it’s now tipping the scale, at a C major. Your love has captured my gaze, captivated my heart. My soul is in awe, what a love symphony. My soul is embracing the changes, my heart is learning how to hear the right notes. Your love has forever affected my soul, striking up a percussion within my heart. Your love is a symphony, but now and always; my heart will forever be, Your orchestra!