No Doubts!

Never a doubt, my heart never doubted; not even for a nanosecond. My heart knew from the very moment, that Your love was The One. The very one my heart needed, the one my soul truly wanted; to spend every day and night, the rest of my life. They say fools rush in, my heart was never the fool; so instead I sprinted, right into the depth of Your love. I never once doubted, that Your love would be there to catch me. If I totally fell, forever in love; my heart to You I freely give!

Yes, I never doubted; to first doubt, fear would have to be a factor. Besides, what is there to truly fear, but fear itself? From the very day my destiny, and Your heart collided; was the day my doubts were no more. My heart and mind finally came into agreement, for the very first time. My heart is not perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but this one thing is perfectly clear. Your perfect love, casts out all fears; within my mind, my heart never doubted!

No, without a doubt I definitely knew. The first day when my soul felt the burning sensation, the day my heart burst into flames; to be forever consumed by Your love. With every gaze into Your heart, my soul was being consumed. No Doubt, that every day I wake; Your love is going to do it, all over again!



iRemember, iRemember the day; I know the year. iRemember, “lest we forget, war is never the answer!” On the 11th day, of the 11th month in 1918; One Hundred years this day, World War One ended, “we all need to remember the day!” So, on the 11th day, of the 11th month; remember to take a moment. Put your life on pause, to take a moment of silence!

For some it’s seems only a moment in time, but for so many others. It’s still a lifetime of hurt, pain, loss; so we must never forget. Yes, please remember, that it‘s but a moment of our time; to show that time can stand still, just for a moment. This is a moment to remember, to honor the fallen heroes; those who made the ultimate sacrifice!

iRemember another day, a war was raging within my soul. God’s love fought for my soul, the day He won my heart. His love no longer had to fight for my soul, my heart surrendered to His love. Every day I take a moment, a moment to reflect. A moment to honor; The One, who gave His life for All. Jesus’ love defeated the darkness, His love has never lost a battle!

“You will not need to fight in this battle. Stand firm, hold your position; see the salvation of the Lord on your behalf, O Judah and Jerusalem.’ Do not be afraid, do not be dismayed. Tomorrow go out against them, the Lord will be with you.” ‭‭2 Chronicles‬ ‭20:17‬ ‭ESV‬‬



If Your intentions are to break me, then there’s no need for You to utter another word; I am absolutely broken. If it’s more of Your love I need, then therefore I want it all; Your love is the glue that fixes a broken heart. If it’s deeper within Your love I need to go, then take me deeper; deeper than I’ve ever been before. I don’t even care if I am absolutely crushed, by the depth of Your love; broken within Your love, means closer to Your heart. And when I fall much deeper in love, how could I ever again; truly be broken hearted?

If You think my heart is just blowing smoke, then fan the flames within my soul; if You need me to be absolutely consumed by Your love. Go ahead, break my heart; for what breaks Yours. Broken into a thousand tiny pieces, if it again needs to be gracefully broken; forever at the foot of Your heart. Your love will surely be there, right there to pick up every single one of the broken pieces; if a thousand tiny pieces won’t nearly be enough? Then won’t You please tell me the absolute truth; has my heart truly become hard, too rigid; that it needs to be broken, into a million little pieces. Does it need to be completely shattered, before it could truly know; that I have been totally broken?

If I am not yet completely shattered, then why has my broken heart; once again brought me to my knees? Maybe I’m trying to rely on my own strength, to pick back up the pieces? Perhaps I just need to go back into the fire, until I am absolutely consumed; by the light of Your flame. If this is so, then won’t You let Your love forge within my soul; a brand new heart. So transformed, that You can see a very clear reflection; a true reflection of Your love. Broken is where I sometimes find myself, but Your love will never let me stay broken. The brokenness, is a place my heart sometimes needs to be. Just to remind me, in whom; I can forever find my strength!


Power, and Strength!

• I have the power to think, to act; but power with misguided strength, is not true power!

• I have the power to pull down, but do I have enough strength; to know how to build up?

• I have the power to speak my mind, but it takes a greater strength; to have the will to restrain that power!

• I have the power to keep silent, but do I have the strength to speak up; when the truth needs to be heard?

• The power of positive thinking is good, but the strength to always think positively; that’s the key to affect a positive change!

• There’s absolute power in the words, that comes out of my mouth; but I’ve gained such an unbelievable amount strength, just knowing how to listen!

So therefore, let me lend you my ear, let me listen to your heart. Knowing how to hear a heart other than your own, demonstrates strength of character. I’ve learned how to tap into the Power, knowing where my true Strength is found; has opened my heart to that true source of Power. Knowing how to use that power, the love that emanates within!

Overwhelmed some days becomes my heart, by a love so amazing; the absolute perfect balance of Power and Strength. The power I need, when my strength feels gone. The strength I need, when I need the power to keep going. God’s love is that unbelievable Strength, the love with so much Power; the love that is my breath!


On The Other Hand!

Every day I count the reasons, the many reasons why; my heart has stayed in love. But for some reason, I seem to lose track; whenever I get to the one millionth reason. Maybe it’s because, the one million and one reason; may just blow my mind? On the other hand, a blown mind; would never truly feel like a blown moment. One of those unbelievable reasons, is the moment my heart got to know You. The moment I got to hold Your love, ever so close to my heart. But on the other hand, maybe it’s truly because; Your love forever holds my soul, held so close to Your heart?

So many hearts, they just want to play games. Your love is not a game, but I love to play; as one with the heart of a child. Tag Your it; the love that want to relentlessly chase after my heart. But on the other hand, I can’t even HIDE; what’s in my heart. Your love, And nothing else; that’s what my heart so desperately SEEK. Your love has always been the one thing, but more and more I’ve come to realize; You’re the only love, that will truly ever know my heart. The one to whom I’ve forever given my heart. The One Love, the endless love; that won’t stop slow dancing with my heart. A love that holds my heart, within a forever embrace!

I don’t want to chase after the day, and I have no intentions of running with the night. But on the other hand, I would absolutely run all day, chase after Your heart; until the very day, once again becomes the night. On one hand I could stay put, be the man; in name only. But on the other hand, forever be a man; after Your own heart. Within Your heart is where I see my passion, in Your love is where I find my desire. So, what passion do You see; when You look into my heart? Can You see Your love, does it permeate within? On the other hand, can Your love truly be seen; does it resonate through me?

I don’t want to be a heart, trying to affect change; with one hand tied behind my back. But on the other hand, how can I truly affect anything; if others can never see that it’s by Your love, and not by my hand? Yes, every day I truly count the many reasons; but there’s two distinct reasons. On one hand, and on the other hand; I see the reason, why my heart loves You so!


The Pretender!

How deep do You want to go, is there a limit to Your love; or am I the one, putting the limits on You? I will never pretend to know Your mind, but I am trying my best; to know Your heart. Some days I feel that I am Your hero, but in that very same day; I feel that I have turned into an absolute zero. So, please tell me the truth, my heart can handle the truth; how do You truly see me? I’ve got a think skin, over my tender heart. So tell me, do You see me with a loving heart, or just as a pretender?

I can be anything You want, but I already know. That You would rather see a heart, totally transformed; forever faithful. I have worn many hats, but wherever I lay my hat; that’s never truly been my home. My heart has only ever felt at home, resting safely within Your love. So therefore, I will never pretend; to just give You my heart, it’s forever Yours. I am not a pretender with my love, I will never pretend to love You; with just my lips. My heart glows much brighter, the moment I trusted; completely believed, that Your love would never let me go!

I’ve never been a slave to fear, but

I fear; that I’ve questioned my own heart at times, but I’ve never once had to question Your love. Trust can never be a true reality, if the heart doesn’t first believe; in that which it truly places the trust. My heart has been forever touched by Your love, where my belief started; my trust, forever in that love!

Within my heart I’ve never pretended to be anything, but truly grateful. Never once claimed to have perfect vision, my heart couldn’t even pretend to see straight; if not through the lens of Your love. Would not even pretend, that I’ve never once fell. At the very first encounter, it was head over heels; for Your love. So, I will never pretend; that Your love isn’t the true hero of this story. The unequivocal hero, that saved my heart. There’s absolutely no pretending, that my heart loves You so!



Mayday, oh mayday; my heart wants to declare a state of emergency. Oh, there’s a gaping void, within the center of my heart. A hole, that just wants to suck the life; right out of my heart, this is a mayday. Oh, why did I ever think that I could just put Your love on autopilot; when Your love truly requires my full attention. Now I can’t seem to fix, this decompressed feeling within my heart. Can You please advice, or at the very least; won’t You please talk my heart down?

This is a mayday of the utmost, and of epic proportions. My heart is loosing so much altitude, a sinking feeling; within the very pit of my stomach. Mayday, I can’t seem to prop up my heart; onto the love of Your horizon. Surely my love has become more than just a blip, on Your radar; or is my heart just absolutely missing Your mark? How does Your love, have the ability to surround my heart; like an ocean? I don’t want my heart to crash, and burn. Unless I would be crashing, twenty thousand league; into the depth of Your love?

If I was to fully let go, would I be forever engulfed, by Your flame? And be absolutely consumed, by the flame of Your burning love? Testing, testing; why am I having such a hard time, hearing Your heart? Help, I need somebody, help; not just anybody, I need Your kind of help. The AIR around my heart is becoming so thin, I need Your love; to help me breathe. For the TRAFFIC is swirling within my mind, it feels as if it’s moving at the speed of sound. I’m trying desperately not to lose total CONTROL, of my every emotion… help!

I am the Captain of my heart, but that doesn’t mean; that I won’t let Your love take the wheel, and fly my heart straight into the clear blue yonder. Mayday, take my heart higher; thirty thousand feet, wouldn’t even take me to the edge of Your love. I don’t think that I can make it to the runway. In my mind is an absolute runaway. My heart just wants to run, into the arms of Your love. For Your love is a beacon of hope; the voice that captures my heart, calms my fears. Whenever the love within my heart feels, as if it’s in a constant state of flux. My heart feels like it’s experiencing a catastrophic failure. Your love is all I need, to stop my hearts rapid rate descent!

So, won’t You please acknowledge my heart, won’t You please rescue my soul; take my heart to a higher level. Your love is the wind beneath my wings, power up my heart; with the thrust of Your love. Completely let it level off my soul, on Your brand new horizon. I’m coming home to You, Your love has given me the faith to believe; that I can truly fly. I trust You, I know that my heart is absolutely going to make it. My heart is about to touch down, touch down safe; within Your love. Oh may… day, after day; my heart feels forever safe, within the safety of Your love?