Love, is That You?

Love, is that you, knocking at my heart? Is that your presence, peering into my soul? Is that you, in plain sight, waiting to take my breath? Is that you I feel, pressing up against my soul? Is it your allure, persuading my every heartbeat? Is it your breadth, breathing life into my soul? Is it your light, dancing within my gaze. Is it your smile, shining like the morning sun? Is it your hue, hovering so close to my heart? Is that your fragrance, lingering throughout the day? Is that your warmth, moving within every gentle breeze? Is it your voice, whispering within the stillness, speaking into my soul? Are you the endearing words, changing my perspective? Is the love I know a dream, or is it you awakening, provoking my endless daydreams? Are you the waves, the emotions crashing against my heart? Love, oh love, you must be an ocean, making every drowning breathlessly? Are you the pebble skimming, stirring my silent river, to become your deep river? Is it your peace, invading my thoughts? Are you the gentle nudge, pushing to know, the strength of my love? Are you the laugh, echoing within my joy? Are you the freedom, walking throughout my soul? Are you the song, playing the perfect melody? Are you the love, within my story, the word written upon my heart? Are you the spark, igniting love’s deepening passion? Are you the seed, embedded deep within my being? Are you the timeless flower, the love petals falling along my most intimate path? Are you the wings, making my soul soar. Are you the mist, making the rain fall from my eyes? Is it you that made, my heart beat for first time? Are you the thunder, beating within my chest? Love, my soul knows it’s You, but sometimes it seems. I’m getting to see, how you engage a heart, like it’s the very first time!


Love, Oh Love!

Love, oh love. Today, every day, there’s this feeling, invading my thoughts. Asking but telling, my breath will be taken. Love, oh love, there’s this smile, with a confident grin. Again tomorrow, my thoughts will be invaded, my heart will again be stirred. Oh love, in this feeling, there’s no subtlety, no remorse. In the taking, and my heart giving. Love, oh love, tell me; what should I do? When the mind acts a fool, but your heart says it’s cool? We’ve all been there, it’s not a foolish heart, when the feeling is profound. Love, is it silly to think, when you run into love’s fire, the flames won’t chase after your heart, to become a soul consumed. Love, oh Love, what do you do? When you’re confronted, by the emotion, sometimes called desire, some define it as passion. Perhaps, no I’m truly convinced; it becomes a mutual understanding; within heart and soul. The feeling, pushing you to be, pressing your confidence to become, devoted affection. The inexhaustible tendencies, more than reactional, the shaping of the characteristics. Love, oh Love, this feeling; it’s like waves crashing, the breathtaking, the drowning, in an ocean. What do you do, when the feeling says; there’s no catch, no strings. But yet, you give your everything… willingly, with no prenuptial. Love, oh Love, what’s a heart to do? When it’s you, Love; when you’re the feeling, making me absolutely complaisant, in this heartfelt tale!


Song Inspired; You’ll Never Stand Alone!

Girl, from the moment we met, your love could never, hide from my heart. Could never avoid, drowning in the depth of my soul. You’ve placed it there, in trusted there to be, the safest place. No lock, no key needed. Your love has access, come search my open heart. One moment in time, I vowed, love my witness; you’ll never stand alone. My love will always be, where your heart needs it to be. Whenever, you need to be held. Hold out your love, take me by the heart. Hand in hand, heart to heart, let’s reminisce. I love this, if we don’t let time remiss, our love won’t digress. Into me see, the unyielding, texture of my love. And if, my heart makes the rain fall? Don’t despair, I will be right here, in the moment. To wipe the tears, cover you with my love. Shhh, there’s no need for words, your love is so close to my heart, it speaks to my soul. Even, when it seems I’m sleeping, I’m just resting in love. In the stillness, my heart is quieting, listening, waiting to exhale. My inspired hopes, realized through your dreams. On the cloudiest days, in the darkest moments. It will never be hard, for my heart, to see your worth. When the night falls, your love is a shining light, making my heart twinkle. Always, forever by you my love, free to be. Love teaches, profound love is learned. True love, has taught my heart much. Whatever, need will be required, my love will be near your heart, to become. I believe in love, I believe in you; you’ll never, stand alone!

Sweet lady, your heart is a delight. Your smile, the sunshine, in the moonlight, your beauty glows. My heart, refuses to let your love lose. But yet, we need direction, we still get lost in love. Every day, let your stroll through my mind, and search my heart. My love will be there, assuring your heart, you’ll never be alone. No other woman, has ever touched my heart, made me bare my soul. For you to feel loved, for you deserve love. I won’t let your heart, feel alone in this world. And if, you can’t find the strength inside, my love will be strong for you. Don’t ever, be scared to reach out your heart. My love will be there, you’re not alone. There will always be a home, in these arms of mine. I will never, let your heart go, let your love stand alone, in my deep river. My heart will be there, to help guide the way. Trees sway, but my heart will stay. Only swept away, by love and devotion. You’re an inspiration, my heart is not ready to let you go. In this life, in this heart of mine. True love, a perpetual bloom, a crimson love. The water falls, my love cascades, my heart concedes. Yes, to have and to hold, for better, for worse, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health. To love and to cherish, till death, I pledged thee my heart. When time finds us breathless, my beloved bride, in my heart; You’ll Never Stand Alone!

This song inspired, in memory of Whitney Houston. Since 2018, I’ve taken a moment, to honor the heart. Take one of her songs, and write a post in her memory. Her life, August 9, 1963 to February 11, 2012. She had an incredible gift, but unfortunately, her life is also a perfect example. To show that if we don’t truly guard our heart, we can end up straying down a darkened path. The light of God’s love hovers, but it’s for us, to NOT let the darkness, eclipse the enlightened way! You’ll never stand alone, released in 1998


In the Morning!

In the morning, I rise, place my heart on the surface, but press my hopes beyond. It’s another day, another moment to rise up. Every day, I have to stand up, love takes action. If I rise, my heart can’t help but shine. When, my love becomes a light. One step, one heartbeat, one breath at a time, how love gets you to your destiny. But, I have to step out with faith, pursue the day with confidence. Love illuminates, the breadth enlightens. Love’s presence, in it an experience, the true expression, nuanced. Love is a fragrance, you release into the atmosphere. For the breathtaking moments, heartfelt encounters. For, my love to become a light shining; In the Morning, my heart has to rise!


Don’t Leave Me!

You invade my soul, you’re all up in my heart. Some days I don’t feel you, some days can’t tell if the love is real. When the clouds roll in, the rain falls. Some days, I question what you see, what you believe it’s will become, don’t leave me. Some days I don’t know, why you want me? Why you don’t leave, whenever I push you away. Sometimes I don’t know, who are you, I don’t know you right now? Maybe, I’m still just learning, how to love. Why, don’t you give the word a rest? I don’t believe, I’m getting your best, your whole heart, don’t leave me. It’s all in jest, I just had to get you off my chest. Today, my heart says I don’t need you, but tomorrow, be close to me. I’m going to need you again, to hold me tight, don’t leave me. In my mind, I just need to get away, but in my heart, I need you by my side, don’t ever walk away. Even if, the years take a toll, love will surely have a role. Sometimes, I just need to be left alone, but please don’t leave me… forever. The constant arguing, just love tugging on the heartstrings. Words coming out strong, too much being said, but not enough love articulated. The question is, will love still be, the common ground. So even if, I say I need some space. The heart will always know, you’re still in love, don’t leave me. Sometimes, you leave me feeling, your time leaves me wanting. But, all that needs to known, will the love, leave my soul needing? I am imperfect, my heart sometimes irrational, when breath can’t be found. Love, you invade my soul, you’re all up in my being. Love, you’re my everything; don’t leave me!

In every relationship, there’s the back and forth, the ups and downs. Two souls, not seeing heart to heart. Every day, there’s the fight, to stay in love. Learning to love, never a bed of roses, but that doesn’t mean, the love won’t be… forevermore!


Inside Out!

A heart is built, from within. A strong foundation, built from the ground up. Hope builds, faith strengthens, love is shaped, by design. From the inside out, you open up your heart, the window to your soul. Inside myself, a place where I once lived. Some time ago, a silent river, ran through the heart of a child. In the depth, love was being created, worth endearingly fashioned. Inside myself, the place my heart felt safe. Until love broke down the walls, to let vulnerability shows. Love profoundly restores, a soul is built, the inside out. For, a heart is not a home, if your soul isn’t in it. Even with a light, a heart can be just a fixture. Even in the light, a soul can hide in the shadows. Love builds, so many beautiful stories. Beliefs are formed, confidence molded, words constructed. Love is made stronger, not built on a premise. True beauty accentuates, inside out. Custom made, my heart for love, with a built-in desire. A soul painted, in a vibrant hue. At home, within yourself, heartbeats in rhythm, while time moves every encounter. Living is loving the moments, reflections of love, shining on the inside… out. An outer expression, the revealed texture of a heart, inside out!



It’s You!

Love, how old is your soul, how deep your breadth, how profound your essence. Looking into your depth, breathtaking becomes. My heart, waiting to exhale. It’s You, the sparkle in the night, the beauty in the sunrise. The love in my gaze, the gravity in my soul, the poetry in my eMotion, my daily inspiration; the love in my devotion, it’s you. When my mind, struggles to win the battle. My heart, hears the chains breaking. In you, I find my strength. Winning wouldn’t be winning, if I didn’t have you. Hovering in my soul, helping to fight the shadows. Love, you’re my hero. The love I run to, the arms I fall into. When my heart needs to be held, in your embrace. When times are hard, when my heart needs another vivid picture of love; I look to you. You’re the artist, my soul the canvas. When the ink bleeds, the pen reveals, words in a love story. Breathless love, takes hold of your heart, breathes into your being. You’re the reason, there’s scent within my bloom, fragrance within my soul, texture within my love. You are, my crimson hue, my butterflies, my air, my breath. I have worth, I have a reflection; Love, it’s You!


The Influencer!

Love, has an effect, love has a voice, to let the heart be heard. Love, puts words in your mouth, leave an impression on the heart. Love, in a careless whisper, can never resoundingly influence. Truth reveals, the heart concedes, when love is released. Love questions the heart, but won’t inhibit the soul. Love is a display, “in beautiful rich metaphors.” Words resonate, from a heart in these; “Uniquely times.” According to Me, a heart attaining a milestone, has ten thousand reasons to celebrate. Love looking into the heart, will gain an unobstructed view, what’s in a passionate soul. A Restored Heart, says; “And still we rise, the perfectly imperfect us.” Every woman, her love is endearing. So therefore, why shouldn’t her heart, be loved unconditionally? Life’s Fine Whine, a influencer to 24k hearts. Maybe not today, maybe not tomorrow. 30k, will see you in what’s to come. My Inspired Life, feels how; “doses of love lifts the spirits,” in a manicure heart. A heart, Created by Design says; “that’s a beautiful love.” Hearts of a feather, tethered by the inspired Word!

Grace of the Sun, a heart enlightened to know; “love doesn’t recede, it precedes.” A poet in the light, not effected by darkness. A Poet of the Light, a heart shining beautifully; influenced by the light within. Beauty in My Language, a heart seeking not just influence, but lead by example. A changed heart, knowing to effect change; there has to be a rebirth. Love’s influences large, when a Shorty spice, shares the love in a big heart. We all the potential, to have an effect on. A heart positioned, to influence the perception, shape the conversation, empower the destination. My friends, when your heart needs love, hold out your soul, and touch love. Love is in the air, every where you look around. Influencing love, not about pretty words, but the genuineness, in the words spoken. Love bubbling up, spills because the heart is full. How incredible, how undeniable to know. Monumental love, the pillar in profound influence given. Love will always articulates, the heartfelt expressions, into poetic hues!


A Storybook; The Lost Breath!

When did it become this, when did the story, come to be? Did I lose my breath, or profoundly taken; the moment I opened, the pages of my heart? It must have been, when I allowed my soul, to be captivated, my heart became captured. Now, the ink bleeds, my words spill, the love revealing, a heart exposed. How a river runs deep, how the ocean deepens. How the depth becomes, the breadth becoming, an amazing storybook. A love story etched, between the pages of forevermore. The essence, the story; the beauty lies within. Like a flower, rooted with deep affection. Every heart has the potential, to live a perpetual bloom. If given, love and devotion. So, when the storms come, when the waves roll in, the love will never drift. A heart living breathless, the soul knowing how to breathe, drowning in the depth of love. A heart finding so many stories, embedded within the paragraphs of love. The touching, the yearning, the needing, the feeling, the embracing; the beautiful exchange, in endearing love. Even if breath, promised for just one more day. Love taking the soul, to deep places. Every minute, held by love’s embrace, breadth for a lifetime. When a heart, is slow dancing with love, who can ever come between, the muse and the verse. They only get to see, how the love moves your soul, this side of time. The next chapter, writes as this; love to the end of time. A real life love story, is an engaging storybook. A heart not living, for the romance. But lose your breath, gripped the awe, taken by the love. The story holding you profoundly, Now and Forever. When, didn’t this become, why wouldn’t the story come to be? About the love, your breath; how it was lost!


When I See You Smile!

Love, when see you smile, my soul feels the wonder. I could never, my heart would never make it through the day. If there’s was no way, no way for my soul to embrace, the warmth within your smile. The light, illuminates my heart, magnifies my being. My soul you own, my heart you hold, my love you have, my gaze you capture, my breath you take. There no reason, no way I would ever need, to breaking free. Whenever, life wants my heart to give up, quit the fight. Your smile, reaches through the darkness, to smiles like you do; amazingly. My worth is known, because you give my heart words, make my soul sing. When I see you smile, I know can face my fears. One look, my heart is melting. One kiss, my soul is soaring. One touch, my mind is blown. How just a smile, can make everything alright. To face every tomorrow, with love, and humility. Love, how do you do, what you do? Keep my heart smiling, keep my soul dancing? Make my heart a canvas, painted with your smile. Make my soul a mirror, reflections of your love. When the rain falls, the reign is revealed. A touching love story, will make the tears fall. Profound love, like a blossoming meadow smiling, a deep crimson hue. Love, you’re my ray of light, peering through the madness. My expression, the feeling, resonating deep inside. Every twinkle, every subtle grin, my beaming love. The undeniable bliss, when I See You Smile!