The Lost, and Found!

Distraction, how you lose sight; of what truly matters. A heart searching, to find what is missing. Even if you can’t find your way, or what direction to take? What is lost, can be found… again. Ask, Seek, Knock; that’s how you get, find what your heart is looking for. When you have arrived, don’t just stand at the door. Enter in, how you receive; the hearts desire. How to truly know, you have found, and the soul can finally stop searching. Even a misfit, even if you’re at odds, and at the end. Hope on a rope, hanging in plain sight; waiting, for when your heart is truly ready… to take hold. Misplaced faith, is hope first found. Lost time, can still be a moment found… to breathe!

Twenty four, seven; and seven days a week. Whatever the need, you have access… to a faithful friend. Seated at the right, waiting to enter in… to a deeper understanding; nothing missing, nothing broken. For when the missing is sought, love; what’s always found. Something missing, is the love claimed; for the heart and soul. To some, a lost and found is just a place; but it’s about the belonging. It’s not about a possession, but the claiming; what is freely given. The getting of what has been stored up, what is waiting to be retrieved… by your heart. The Lost, and Found; hearts intersecting, reunited… in love!


Song Inspired; The Sweetest Days!

Sweet love, don’t worry about our tomorrow. Let’s always make today, the sweetest days. For Daddy God, has us in the center of His love. Rest in His love, snuggle up to my heart. Hear my beating heart, your love is still moving…. me. We’re not hanging on, not just hanging around. After all the years, the love is not broken. At this moment, in this season. We still hold this love, close to our heart. Out of the abundance, love speaks. Close your eyes, leave your heart wide open. You will never need a looking glass, to see into my soul. With every gaze, you will see a clear reflection, of a love so Divine. The sweetest days, are days that taste so sweet. Your love will forever have, a sweet taste upon my heart. On the sweetest days, love is the song. The rhythm, the rhyme; the taking hold of the heart!

At every dawn, another kiss upon the love; ten thousand times. Love to make the heart breathless, the soul speechless; trying to put love… into words. A fast talker can know sweet words, but a faithful heart. Can put a soul at rest, to have a sweet dream. I am an old soul, but the love within… everyday renewed. Your love is alive in me, when moments get heavy; feel the weight of my love? What troubles you, weighs on my heart; I’m always here for you… hush. Sweet love, these arms of mine. They can never demonstrate, the true strength of my love. They can hold you, but it’s my soul… that knows you. Don’t ever hesitate, to push up against my heart, lean into my love. Our bodies are turning with the times, but the love… better as we age. Love is meant to be the warmth, when the nights are cold. The light, when the days are darkest!

Candy girl, the road is winding; but the journey is on bending. Another day together, still worth finding. We’ve battled fear, but never scared of the unknown. Life is rushing by, for me the love secure; anchored by our faith. What has always held us down, what will never fail us. A lifetime of sweet memories, that’s what we have. The sweetest days, is every day… I get to be with you. But one day, still stands apart… as the sweetest. The day our love, was pronounced; Husband and Wife. The sweetest kiss of love, upon my heart and soul. A love dancing with my heart, and will continue; until the end of our days. Every day, our love will play another slow jam; time together… makes it sweet. Your love is living proof, God has brought our hearts together. The days go on, the love forever. Every day, the breadth of love felt. These are the days, the Sweetest Days; our hearts will ever know!

– The sweetest days, is a song by Vanessa L. Williams; Released in 1994. Happy Valentines to everyone, may love be afforded to your heart, 365 days a year! Have a blessed weekend!


The Beauty of Thy Love!

My dearest love, onto thee my heart does look with glee. A look into the beauty, a look upon the splendor. Oh, how I love thee; a love times three. Thy love, my forever gaze; the beautiful exchange. The beauty, my every breath found; fixed upon… thy starry gaze. Write thy love, upon the breadth of my heart. With every gaze into thy heart, let my soul see into our forever. A love story written upon my heart, legible only to my soul. Let my soul burst forth, in an exuberant song. Let thy sweet love, quicken my every breath. Move every heartbeat, with such joyous delight. Let my soul endlessly smile, from thy fragrant peace. My heart be overwhelmed, by thy sweet aroma of love. For this heart of mine, there’s no getting around. What my soul has been breathing in, the pure essence of thy love. The height, the length, the breadth; the depth of thy love, Amazingly Divine!

Thy love is the voice, that speaks with so much strength; in every still whisper. Thy love is a river, the depth an ocean. Immeasurable, but yet a searchable place. For every heart, with a deep desire. Thy love is the treasure, to bury deep within the soul. Thy love is breath, but breath alone is not living; without sustaining love. Every breath, a soul taken by the love, and the embrace. A heart in love forever, a soul forever loved by thee. Let thy love be the drum beat, the rhythm that moves every heartbeat. Underneath my every breath, thy love has prepared my heart. To distinctly know thy voice, when thy love strikes another cord. Band Your heart, and my soul tightly together; to play the sweetest love symphony. There can never be true harmony, without first truly knowing; the Beauty of Thy Love!



A Lifetime!

Sweet love, the first time I looked into your eyes. My heart noticed, how truly special you are. I wasn’t sure about much, but in you… I saw forever. What I had to learn, how to love for a lifetime. Each lesson, one day at a time. For thirty four years, and with every single stumble. Not for a second, not for even a minute. Has my heart taken an eye off the prize, giving you my heart, and a lifetime of love. For my life span, for my entire existence; that will forever be the commit. For me this is the love of a lifetime, two hearts predestined to demonstrate love… forever. Not a perfect love, that’s how fools rush in. This love was never meant to be perfect, just forever, and a day. My heart saw it clearly, my soul heard it loudly. I knew it instantly, in you I knew it was forever. Your love has always been at home, nestled securely up against my heart; bone meets flesh. What’s the meaning of forever, if the love pledged; doesn’t transcend a thousand lifetimes?

My heart was saving forever, for you. From the moment, your love occupied the vacancy; left in my heart. I knew it was forever, a lifetime to encounter the true meaning of love. I can explain love, but some parts unexplainable. I can speak about love, but sometimes still can’t find the words. Looks like I’m going to need a lifetime, to explain this deep river love. Within a deep river, hearts get swept away. My heart took the plunge, but again and again; the taken in… a deep dive. Searching the deeper parts of love, until the deepest places are found. I have attained much, but yet still trying to understand breadth. Some days, it was just swimming; now drowning, not even a concern. A lifetime exploration, a journey into finding… forever. Seeing the beauty, knowing true depth. Within a love too deep, to call just a river!


By Design!

Created; nothing missing, nothing broken. A flawless design, a true masterpiece. So many interpretations, yet only one picture. Masterfully crafted, magnificently orchestrated. True excellence, every stroke, such beauty. It captivates every being, inspires a move; in heart and soul. A love so spectacular, a beauty beyond compare. A story, upon the canvas of the heart. A portrait, the work of art. The undeniable splendor, capturing the imagination. Touching hearts, leaving the soul in awe. Love, drawing of the heart… closer; to see every majestic color of love. Not just a depiction, a sketchy picture. But a true representation, of pure artistry. Moving, with a lasting impression… upon the heart. To know the genesis of love, is to see it come alive; in the revelation. The excepted love, what is revealed; by Design!

The evening, the morning; the next day. A coming together, heaven and earth; the design. In the cool of the day, the color of love… everywhere; a sight to behold. Raindrops on roses, misty eyes. Warmth fills the soul, the heart full of love. A soul conceiving, a heart conceding; to the design. Love has a blueprint, the Master plan. Love blooms, from the ground up. Sowing, reaping, hope, faith, trust, and believe. How to be fruitful, for love to multiply; showing much fruit. Look at the lilies, they grow, they blossom; hearts bloom. The lily of the valley, the fragrance of love… unveiled. By design, minds are shaped, a heart patterned; a soul on display. The breadth of love, moving within the crevices of my soul. I will remain confident in this, my heart is the pen; Your love the ink… pouring out, By Design!


The Forever Gaze!

The beauty of Your love, moves my heart. Even though the body has to live, behind a tainted glass. An obscured worldview, tries to keep hearts from seeing the light. But that will never stop my heart, from seeing through the lies, beyond the smoke, the mirrors; through the thick darkened tint. A one sided looking glass, without a true reflection. With discerning eyes, and a faithful heart. It’s a forever gaze, a breathless stare, into the beauty of Your love. So many hearts know how to breathe, but don’t know how to define breadth. What expand the love, until it becomes more than just breath. A heart breathing, a midst tinted days. A soul knowing the true breadth of love. Raindrops of love falling, into depth of soul. A misty feeling, a heart full. Releasing mist of love, to unveil a misty glass; with a tainted view. A soul trembling, not from the coldness, the overwhelming feeling; the warmth of a love Divine. Powerless, my heart would stay powerless; if not for the light, that shines from within my soul. Bound, my heart would be forever bound; if my soul feared, shadows… of doubt. Love, oh sweet love. Through a fragile tinted glass, my heart is fixed, my soul captured by; The Forever Gaze… into Your heart!


Deep Places!

My heart has attained much, but my soul seen just a glimpse… into the deep. Therein lies insight, therein lies truth; into the true heart of love. In the overflow, in the depth; into a deeper place. Deep within a river, the deepest part an ocean. A deep stream of water; running deep down. Underneath what was long ago, beneath the flowing current. At the center of it all, a deeper kind of love. Fear to faith, weakness to strength; power within the flow. Deep in the river, taking a deep breath; with such a deep feeling; in the deepest part of the soul. Water will never soothe the heart, unless it can truly quench the soul… in a deeper place!

Knowing the true experience, a soul getting new revelation. The Proverbial, doesn’t explain the beauty. The Rhetorical, will never capture the essence. What is Perceived, by a heart not deceived. A soul truly enlightened, by what is revealed. Drowning, not about losing breath; but losing sight, of what your soul needs to breathe… within a deeper place. The true meaning of love, the breadth beneath words; through the deeper understanding. Alive will never be more than just living, if life is only lived… through just a breath. The truth within love, will set a heart free. But only in-depth, can a soul truly know the freedom therein. Love lost, could never be Lost in Love. Just lost, without true meaning of love found. The truth held forever, in the deep places of heart!

Discerning eyes, are meaningless; without the discerning heart… love provides. You cannot see, what the heart doesn’t also want to believe. Suddenly can occur, when a sudden shift takes place; heart and soul. A heart moved, but a soul now in… a deeper place. Love, taking the heart deeper. Until love is no longer about you, but the deep, deep places; love is trying to take the soul. We have to cultivate love, in order to truly demonstrate… the true meaning. Reciprocate, what might seem unfathomable… to the undisciplined heart. Yet truly knowable, unveiled deep within; the profound places of love. Deeper, not about swimming; but a breathless drowning… in love. It’s not about being confident, but in whom you put your confidence? Deep, calls onto deep. A move, underneath your every breath. A heart can go to deep places, but the soul has to first take in; an even deeper breadth… of love!