Fun Friday; The Henry Infusion!

Dear Henry, we’ve been together for such a long time. But lately it seems the distance between, is overcome by the miles. You told me that you would always be there, to catch my tears. It’s breaking my heart to see the tears fall, sometimes an endless rain. You said you would be there; always, forever. But there’s a hole, my heart sees through; what seems to be a bucket, of empty promises. Oh Henry, your love was so sweet; caramel, I so enjoyed the softer side. But it seems I’m the one a bit nutty, did I truly bite off; more than I could chew? Was the sweetness you have shown, just chocolate covered lies? Oh Henry, you’re still my candy love; say it isn’t so!

Dear Liza, I’m still nuts, crazy; my heart is still sweet on you. Yes, I did promise; that I would never let your tears fall. Liza, you know that I’ve done my best; to catch your every tear. But the years, the distractions; the toll… on the highway; it has cost us so much. Forgive me, I didn’t realize; there’s a hole in the bucket, dear Liza. For me, it’s not about the hole; but the bucket… list of things, I have to accomplish. But I can fix this, my job is to fix… things. Oh, I still believe; that I‘m a mister fix it. Liza, don’t think that I’m just a handy man; your honey do… list, never ends. Liza, I absolutely know I can fix the hole; in your heart… too. But the question is this, dear Liza; can I fix the bucket, “before the next teardrop falls?”

Then fix it, dear Henry; dear Henry, then please fix this. Liza I’ve tried, so many times to fix it; but they were just band-aid fixes. I didn’t realize, you would shed so many tears; why does it rain so much? I realize now, a band-aid doesn’t stop a bleeding heart. The moments I think all is well, done; another hole. The miles, oh the list; I’m overcome, because you think it’s just another… drop in the bucket. Henry, what you need is a straw. Yes, Henry, this is absolutely the last straw. It’s time for you to cut the straw… man, out of the equation; no more excuses? But Liza, loving you; has never been a dull moment. That last cut, was the deepest; ouch, that hurts. So herein lies the dilemma; the conundrum. If I sharpen the knife, just so I can have peace; of the last straw. Dear Liza, it troubles me; to see the tears fall, the endless rain. Your tender love, still moves my heart!

My dear Liza, the fix is in… the details; me loving you, you loving me. Oh Liza, loving you; not part of the bucket… list of things. Your love takes priority; the well being, of your heart and soul. All I’ve ever needed, it’s always been the love; of my sweet candy girl. I will build up your heart, with unwavering love. My heart is truly committed, to catch every bit of your love. Especially when the holes, the tears that falls; are from brokenness. Liza, your love is the thing I’ve always used; to plug the leaky holes, within my heart. So, until the day comes, when I finally kick the bucket; out of sheer frustration, still missing the mark. I’m a man that can sometimes struggle, to fix all the holes. But I pledge, my heart will be forever yours. To have, to hold; to catch every tear. Until our end, becomes forevermore. To tell the TRUTH, is to first be honest; with your own heart. Honest, I do; do love you. My dear Liza, your love makes my heart whole; undying, will forever be my love. Oh Henry, your warm caramel love; still the sweetest!

It’s a bit long, but there you have it; I hope you all enjoyed this infusion. Two things I enjoyed in my childhood; the story of Henry and Liza, and the Oh Henry chocolate bar. It also infused with the Quote Me word; TRUTH. Fun fact; Henry, could have been my last name; it’s my mother’s family name. She chose to give me my father’s family name, even though they never had a relationship. Have a blessed weekend everyone!

My Hallelujah!

Praise, Worship; a soul forever rejoicing, in spirit, in truth. Words of expression, affection, affirmation; hallelujah. Asking, Seeking, Knocking; undistracted devotion, for only You, oh Lord. Peace, be still; a love that be-stills my soul. Storms become the calm, a silent river; flow river flow. From glory to glory, strength to strength; the love that forever moves my soul. Hallelujah, praise to the One; who set my soul free!

A love, a song playing within my heart. Melodies of joy, melodies from heaven; a hymn for my soul. ‘Tis so sweet, to trust in Jesus; just to take Him at His Word. To rest upon His promise, just to know, “Thus saith the Lord!” Jesus, Jesus; how I trust Him. How I’ve proved Him, over and over. I’m so glad, I learned to trust Him. My Precious, my Savior; a Friend, within the quietness. Always with me, and will forever be; to the very end!

May my worship forever be, clean hands, pure heart. Praise up, walls down; a heart exposed. May my love truly be fierce, the heart of a warrior. May every single verse within my soul, be a resounding hallelujah. So take everything, anything I let come between; Your heart, my love. I don’t need it, don’t want things; in between. My passion, my desire, my love. The story within my heart, the love penned down; within the lining of my soul, what iWrite. Who is like unto You, why; I just need You. You deserve the glory, the worship; My Hallelujah, belongs to You!


If my heart was to dance endlessly with Your love, would endlessly; mean a heart left forever breathless?

If my soul was to only get but a glimpse into Your heart, would just a mere glimpse; take my every breath?

If I allowed my heart to be captured, with every single glance into Your love; would You ever allow a captivated heart, a chance to breathe?

If my soul gazed forever into Your heart, would what I see as forever; be enough to show me, the length and breadth of Your love?

If I couldn’t find the right words, if my heart was absolutely lost for words? If I couldn’t even express, what I was truly feeling inside? Would Your love truly be content, with no words; but a heart forever breathless?

If my heart was lost deep within Your love, would it cause You deep sorrow? Knowing my heart wasn’t breathlessly searching, desperately wanting; to be found by You?

The tears that flow, from this endless dance; cries within my soul. Every mere glimpse, by a captured heart; has become a forever gaze. The words, that once seemed lost; found within an ocean love. The words now flow from within, a once silent river. A river no longer content, living just within the silence. The mere thought of living without Your love, means not truly living. A heart on a forever journey, searching the deep; but breathless!

A Friday Story; The Amazing Day!

I woke up, it was next to you. Watched you sleep for a moment, kissed you gently, tenderly; I didn’t want to wake, a sleeping angel. So, I rolled out of bed; I had a role to play. Man, what a pleasure; to provide love for your heart. Said a prayer, got dressed; brushed my teeth second. I wanted the kiss upon my lips, to stay with me; forever and a day. Still thinking about the kiss, I slowly headed to the kitchen. With every step there was a resounding echo within my soul; love was the song upon my lips. My heart just kept humming the favorite part; I have nuff love for you!

When I got to the kitchen I had a wonderful breakfast, it was the kiss that made it much sweeter; the sugar I got from my sweet… tea. It took me a while to focus my gaze; off the kiss, and onto the newspaper. As I was checking the lottery section; I realized that we won ten million dollars. So I left the house, and went to go pick up our winnings. On the way I stopped, I had to rescue a cat stuck in a tree. Then a few more minutes down the road, there was a house on fire; with a woman screaming, please save my baby. Without giving it a second thought, I ran straight into the house; rescued the baby. I gently placed the baby into mother’s arms, she thanked me. Then lovingly hugged and kissed the baby, it was such a loving embrace. Tears, and awe; what a sight to behold, we were surrounded by guardian angels!

I finally reached the lottery office, picked up the winnings. It was more money than we would ever need, so I decided to use half of it; to help eradicate world hunger. Some were donated to charity, some used to help discover a cure for Cancer. What was left, just enough to pay the bills; what more do I truly need? Mohammad Ali heard about what was done, he invited me to his home. Thanked me and said, you’re The Greatest. I quickly stopped him, deflected; told him that I don’t hold such a title. There’s nothing great, or impressive about my heart. I looked to the heavens, pointed; to Him who is truly The Greatest. The Amazing Love, that has no contender; a heart, Undisputed!

When I got back home later that day, I kissed my wife; told her all about my day. I said, Wow; what a truly Amazing Day! All because; I WOKE UP, AND IT WAS NEXT TO YOU!!

  • The first paragraph is part of my day, the stories in the following; are things that if the opportunity presented itself, exactly how I would approach them! Life is short, it’s not what you do each day that’s makes a person; but who makes your heart, thrive!

The Dilemma!

My mind used to constantly wrestle with my heart, trying to get between my heart and soul. So, when my heart and mind had a conflict, but my soul was forever resolute; in whom was the resolution, would that be considered a dilemma? Yes, my heart was absolutely willing to do anything, for Your love. But yet a made up mind, would still at times ponder. Ask the question, is the absolute; meant truly willing to do anything? So therefore the heart and mind would forever wrestle; Anything, became the dilemma. To see whether it’s the heart, or the mind; that has the true lasting influence, over the soul!

Your love has such an influence within my soul, the true deciding factor; for any dilemma. The resolve, the tug on the heartstrings. But the mind decided it wanted the freedom to resist, so the dilemma: turned into a tug of war. The mind declared war, against the tug; the mind didn’t want strings, influencing any of the decisions. Why does the mind, always want to get in the way; of the heart? Oh, but why should there ever be a real dilemma? When the heart and mind, is absolutely nothing; without a contented soul. Your love moves the heart, but the mind was not always convinced; that it even wants to be moved, out of the way. So hence the dilemma, but my heart stood firm on the belief; that Your love would forever be the resolve!

Some days it was a knock down, but the same dragged out dilemma. Your love should have never been, what got caught in the middle. The heart wanted what it wanted, and my mind thought it was only about the needs… of the moment. Only to realize, Your love already had; My Affections. My mind was at times in the clouds, but my heart; captured by a gaze. By a heart that was the embodiment of a love, a reflection of true perfection. From the moment this love tugged on my heart strings, the battle for my heart and soul was won. For years, this love has taught my heart; that it’s not about a physical, but an ongoing spiritual battle!

So I had to train my mind, how to take every thought captive. To let my mind know, it will forever be a one sided conflict. The love within my heart and soul, Undisputed. There was a real question to be had, but it was never a true dilemma. My soul, let’s my heart make all the decisions. My heart and mind no longer has a dilemma. It was such a beautiful coming together; to behold the true beauty of this love. The day this love left my heart breathless, leaving the mind completely stunned. To know that the mind, will always be led; by the love within. This love is the forever coach for my heart, the love that instructs my mind; on how to deal with matters of the heart. No more contentious disputes, between the heart and mind. There will never again be conflict resolution initiatives. My heart and mind no longer has; The Dilemma!

My Affections!

Favor, Virtue, Love; what Your heart sees in me. So in turn why wouldn’t my heart, express My Affections? Such a gentle feeling, a genuine closeness; wrapped up within such overwhelming emotions. A true and lasting fondness, within this heart of mine; affections of love. I will endlessly offer You, words of endearment. Love will forever be the sentiment, but with my undying devotion. For Your love, has taken such good care of my heart and soul. A soul truly affected, but a heart; forever changed. A heart firmly rooted, a soul deeply grounded; Your love, my foundation. A love that brings out so much emotion, but within the stillness of heart; quiet affections. You already have my heart and soul. So what I will forever offer to You, my admiration!

If truth be told, I don’t want my heart to get the attention; don’t want my heart to be the spotlight. All I prefer, all I’ve ever needed; Your quiet love, forever slow dancing with my heart. But that’s the beauty within this, it’s not about me. Your love gets center stage, it’s Your heart on display. Your love is; The Reason, for the spotlight. Being vulnerable, is not a weakness. But true strength, for a heart willing to be on display, with true affections. Your love moves my soul, but has a forever hold; on my heart. I don’t need tailored pretty words; as a show of my affection, or to be forever in love. Before I took a breath, even before my heart knew what it was to breathe. Your love was, now is; but will forever be, my heart and soul!

My mind at times tries to run wild, but in the quietness. Your love stills my soul, where my heart has learned to breathe. Your love is my calm, within the madness. I know You are for me, with me; no one else, truly knows me. How can I ever live, ever breath; without Your love? Still my soul, let Your voice be all I hear. My Affections are for You, help me to truly see; but fix my heart, on the things my eyes will never see. While my heart is loving on You. May I never neglect to share the love, the passion, the warmth afforded to my heart; with those closest to my heart. Like a feather caught up within the wind, breathe within. Have Your way with my heart; until my soul is, swept away. Your love is within This Place; here, now, forever!

  • Here is the post I was planning to post last Friday, I had to take the last few days for family. I have also decided to changed the days I post, read, comment; the balance that I’ve allowed to get unbalanced. Weekends are going to be dedicated to keep the balance how it should be!

  • I hope you enjoyed today’s post, and I look forward to reading as much of your post that I have time for!

The Quiet Love!

Within the stillness, within the quietness of my heart; where the love resides. Within the quietness, the place I sometimes felt unwanted; but yet within the stillness, forever loved. Speaking to myself, how it may have seemed? To me, myself; but I… was never alone, there was a quiet love. I couldn’t see it, didn’t yet know it. Small still were the whispers, speaking love; Encamped within my soul. I could have gone mad, but that was never my destiny. There was a quiet love, breathing; moving within every breath of my heart. One heartbeat, within a resounding love. Within the quietness, within the stillness of my soul; where my heart learned how to breathe!

A heart predestined, set apart to know; how to interpret what can only be heard, through the stillness of the soul. My heart can take no credit, the love that breathes within; This Poetic Love. A Silent River, stirred forevermore; by an ocean of love. A quiet love, resting beautifully within my soul. Watching, hovering, leading; guiding my heart, within the quietness. Asking my heart to not only quote verses, but to show vulnerability as strength. By letting the love etched through the quietness, be the Inspired verse. Not to show proof of an undying commitment, not to show the depth of the love; but show what it truly means, to be a heart unashamed. A heart that has found so much beauty, within a resounding love; within the quietness of my soul. A love that helps my heart to breathe, to a soul forever set free!

Within the quietness, so much was said; but no words needed to be spoken. What resonates, what is heard loud and clear; silent whispers. The love within every capture, is the love penned down; within every verse. Words will never get in the way; between my heart, and every breadth of this quiet love. Whenever I feel overwhelmed, when emotions get the best of me. I retreat to the quiet, to hear a peaceful hush. Within the quietness, where I found my confidence; where my heart found a voice. The Place, where my heart is always left speechless; but it’s now my soul, that’s left forever moved. A child once so reserved, now with a heart; unrestrained. This is The Introduction, welcome to my heart; to The Quiet Love, that breathes within!

  • This is the next part to the story that I’m sharing this week. I have also highlighted, and linked some previously told stories; for those who may not have been around when I posted them last year. They all tie into the story at some point. I hope this post, and the others are a blessing!


The Introduction; Say Something!

Say something, so much is said: but my heart is desperately trying to interpret, say something. I am the one, the only; but yet the distance, still overcomes the miles. My heart will never be, what you will it to be. I am just me, won’t you just let me be; me, myself, I… will always love you, I just need you to say something. My heart doesn’t want to follow, it needs to learn how to be led. So teach me, show my heart the example; I know right, but see much wrong. Lead the way, don’t just show which way to find; the road less traveled. Around the bend, but how could my heart have known; the road was so long, and winding? I would have loved, to take the journey together; I needed you, to say something!

Say something, anything; say you, say me. Make my heart understand, break the silence within; don’t leave it broken. Giving up on you, will never cross my heart; hope to die, not an option. I will stumble, I will fall; but that will not be all. I have strength within, yes; I’ll rise again. How can I learn to love, strife was the lesson being taught? Swallow the pride, love covers; love in true harmony. Say something, before it’s too late; time is passing. No, time has passed; you no longer need to say anything. It’s no longer about something; but Someone. My heart has found a love, “The Quiet Love;” that has filled the void. The Reason, why my heart; now has so much to say!

This particular piece is a bit different, it speaks a little to how I felt growing up. I was an only child, an introvert; from a single parent home. I never felt close enough to my mother to open up, express feelings. My grandma and I on the other hand, was very close. I’m sure for my mother, breaking into Fort Knox; was probably easier. Just like Jericho, I was tightly shut up. It took forty years in the wilderness, but the walls started to come down. As a child, I sent many days alone, or feeling alone; even with others around. Family functions I would just sit alone in a corner, watching everyone was my entertainment!

I had a few friends, but TV and music; were what helped to occupy my time, listening to music was my solace. I didn’t know it then, but God was already my everything. Ten years ago when I turned forty, God showed me. That He was watching, hovering, teaching, leading. His great love, was guiding my heart; within the silence. That‘s when I realized, that I was never truly alone growing up. I had a Father, not just a Father; a Daddy. But not just a Daddy, a Friend; closer than a brother, forever loving on my heart. The Who, has My Affection!

Last week’s song Inspired post; You are The Reason. Talks to the Why, the reason why iWrite; the reason there is a why. The next two posts, will also tie into the story!


Song Inspired; You Are The Reason!

My heart is breathing, Your love keeps it beating; forever racing, to get closer to Your heart. One, maybe too many times; my heart found itself; in an oh too familiar place. My heart was too much at home, in a place; called silence. My mind sometimes got in the way, six inches; between the head and the heart. But the distance, kept my heart tripping; stumbling in the dark. What once seemed like a chasm, now filled with Your love. The love in Your heart is the reason, the only reason; why I never lost my mind, alone within the silence. Your love is the stillness within my soul, the voice that echoes within my heart. Your love met me where I was, yes; You are the reason, why my heart won’t ever stop racing!

Your love stilled my soul, but let’s my heart keep racing. Quieted my heart, but a love fierce like thunder; forever stirs up my soul. You are the reason, why I’m even breathing. So I hope, that You’ve never looked at me differently? When I seem so absolutely hopeless, in love with You. It’s Your love that gives me the courage, to conquer every mountain; the strength to swim within Your ocean. My every breath, comes from Your love; but You already know that. Even if I tried, my heart could never keep from You the secrets; buried deep within my soul. You are the reason, why my heart is not afraid; to breathe… out every single word!

Just to be with You, for my heart to get to know Your love; beyond my expectations. Your love is the fix, when the moment; is called broken. How can my heart ever repay, Your love came and fixed; what I thought was forever broken. You are the reason, Your love is the only reason; I am whole, no longer broken. Through every valley, Your love has a forever hold; what makes my heart feel safe. Your love has a true hold, but it’s to Your heart; I will forever cling. I have a desire, my heart has just one desire; lost forever within Your love!

Everyday Your love reminds my heart, why I love You so. You are the reason, there’s absolutely no other reason; why my heart would want to keep breathing. There it goes again, Your love just won’t let it stop; the tears, are falling. Overwhelmed, the feeling. You are the reason, the one and only reason; why my heart keeps on beating. I’m writing this down, not because I need everyone to see. But because I need Everyone to know, You are the reason; to how I feel. They need to see, they need to know. Until my very last breath; You Are The Reason!

Today’s song Inspired; is a song released in 2018, by Calum Scott. An English singer, songwriter. In 2013, he won a talent competition put on by his local newspaper. In 2015, he became known worldwide; after competing on the popular television show, Britain’s Got Talent. Mar 8, 2019.

#Happy International Women’s Day!


The Place!

It’s always present, but for so long; never seen. It forever stays in one place, but it’s the stillness of Your presence; what is forever moving me. It feels so close to You, but so distant at times. Your love makes it jumps for joy, but the silence; used to be the place, the forever embrace. Your love has captivated my being, but does my love even come close; knowing how to move Your heart? From this place I cry out to You, but struggled for so so long; just trying to be heard. Your love makes it stronger, but sometimes still so broken. Does the rhythm ever get You to move, or does the erratic beat; keep Your love wondering? I feel You, but the real question; are You feeling me?

Here is my heart, make me an instrument; but not to be played with. The beat is steady, may it connect with You; on a higher, a deeper level. Your love has unlocked the song within, let my soul forever sing; sing of Your amazing love. May it be a sweet melody, an everlasting love song. Let my heart, and Your love sing forever; in a true love harmony. Your love has touched the right key, Your love is forever the song. So come, come and be center stage. Within the place, the place reserved; for You, and Your love alone. Make it a home, a home within the deepest part of my soul. Right here, right now; forever within my open heart!