The Rebel!

I confess, I’m a rebel; bonafide! The cause, resistance at all cost. Each day I rise, rise up in opposition; to mount a rebellion. My heart will not conform, my soul is armed with the sword. A clearly outlined strategy, on how to resist; “the so called ruler of this world.” I’ve spent years working on my big guns, hope and faith; this warfare is spiritual, not physical. I will proclaim to him (the ruler), that I am the real deal; a rebel to the core, born to resist. Let the enemy know, I come with authority. This rebel will speak with boldness, and forever speak God’s truth!

This is war, left right, left right; the sound of a man. A Christian soldier, unapologetic to the cause. An insurrectionist, a resistance fighter; forever rebellious. Resistance will never be futile, my heart refuses to be assimilated; freedom came with a cost. I was born to be a maverick, an Independent thinker. Don’t ever mistake my silence, for weakness; silent rivers run deep. My heart was predestined, to challenge the norm. A heart of a warrior, cannot affect true change; without first willing to be a revolutionist. A loyal insurgent, taking thoughts captive. Taking back territory, influencing hearts and minds!

Opposer, shots fired; you’ve been warned. I’ve done my opposition research, read in on the best strategies; what’s needed to have a successful strategic warfare, praise is my weapon. The struggle is real, with the flesh; not within my heart. I don’t come in my own strength, or with guns blazing; I come with a heart exposed. This is not just about being rebellious, not just about taking back territory. This is about a takeover, of a love in relentless pursuit of my heart and soul. Surrender wasn’t the Option, it was a Choice. I can’t even call it a take over, my heart chose complete surrender!

The mandate; fight the good fight, tread upon serpents; resist and he shall flee, seven ways. I will never justify my rebellion, this is about taking possession; to seize what has been stolen, or forfeit by default. Opposer, your tactics, and my heart will forever be at odds. When it’s all said and done, I will enter into my rest; not with a brave, but a faithful heart!


Can We Meet Again?

I don’t want to go back to the place where it all began, it‘s not the place that’s worth remembering; but a moment I will never forget. I was young, very much in love. But still had so much to learn, about being forever in love; in the true sense of the word.

My love was strong, but now stronger than ever. I will meet You where You are, right where You’ve always been. Not to reminisce about yesterday, won’t say maybe tomorrow; today is all I have, can we meet again!

Can we rendezvous, in our secret place; my heart, all I have to bring. O.C.D will not control the narrative, but I still hope; to truly leave nothing unsaid, can we meet? I will do my best to listen, I just want to hear Your heart; what does Your love have to say? I will wait right here, be still and know; even if it means forever, let forever be the place. Your heart is worth the wait, Your love is all I need. Being close to Your heart, the only desire; can You meet me again!

I need You to meet me here, all I want; all You are, will You meet me here? I will walk through the valley, fight pass all the shadows. I’m no longer a slave to fear; fear of the unknown, is not knowing Your heart. Your love is what I run to, my heart needs to go through the valley; to show the test of true faith. Your love has never failed to meet me, right in the middle of the valley; I realized without a shadow of a doubt. I can’t remember a moment, can’t even recall a second; that You’ve ever forsaken to meet. So I promise, to never forsake Your love; can we meet, again!

The place where my soul was forever moved, the place where our love is strengthened; the place where the passion, truly comes alive. Here I am, please come. I promise my love will be devoted, and my heart; forever Yours! Every day these dry bones are awakened, but every day; there’s still a thirst, Your love is what makes them not become brittle. You never disappoint, whenever I have a need; Your love never fails to meet, You’re always on time. Can we meet again, You know the place; it’s within my heart!


The Message; Look To You!

When I feel overwhelmed, whenever the need is to be overwhelmed. When I feel lost, whenever the need is to be forever lost; look to You!

When I feel burdened, whenever the need is because of a burden I feel. When I feel the pain, whenever the pain is because of a need; look to You!

My soul has many ambitions, within my soul there is an aspiration. Therein lies a determination, wrapped up within the desire; the zeal to get closer, to Your heart!

Your heart is the one thing I trust, Your heart is the only thing I can trust. Your love is my desire, Your love is my only desire. The one thing I desire, the only thing I can truly trust; the love within Your heart!

When I felt disillusioned, whenever the world leaves my heart disillusioned. The feeling is just the hurt, the choice; not allowing the disillusioned, to negate the trust. When I was lost, mercy fought for my attention, but grace; became the love that changed my life. Love waited at the door, until my heart was ready to open up. Enter at Your own risk, brokenness is the welcome mat. Your blood is what covers, the carpet that led to a love; rolled out for the broken-hearted. Now my affections are for You, Your love has my affection. Your love forever has my heart, and every day; I look to You!

God, Your love is a vision; my strength, my shield, my rock; the love on which I choose to stand. Mother, father, brother, sister; they’ve all failed. Your name is the power on our lips. You have never lost a battle; redeemer, defender, mighty overcomer. God, Hallelujah; You forever reign. For all we will ever need, Look to You!


Fun Friday; “What’s Gotten Into You?”

Two friends, Joe and David; were hanging out the other day. Out of the blue; Joe made a fist, and punched David. When David asked Joe why he did that, Joe said; the devil in me made me do it. Okay, David said, I forgive you; I will pray for you. A few minutes later, Joe punched David again for no reason. Joe immediately Apologized; I’m so sorry David, the devil is strong in me today. Yeah, I know David said; the devil had a hold on me, he made me do things I didn’t want to do. So Joe said, thanks for your understanding David!

But a few minutes later, as David was drinking some of Joe’s Kool-aid, it happened again. At this point David was really frustrated. He turned towards Joe so fast, that it startled him; causing him to fall off his chair.Then, without any warning; David stood over Joe, and for a couple seconds put his foot on Joe. This totally caught Joe off guard, and he just looked at David for a moment. Then said; wow David, the devil is really working overtime in you too? No, David said; that was all my doing. You know I’m a Christian, the devil has no hold on me anymore!

Very puzzled, Joe asked; then why did you make me fall off my chair? Well, Joe; even though I’m a Christian; I still sometimes struggle with anger issues, but God is doing a new thing within my heart. I’m not as bad as I used to be, but until He’s done; I will continue to pray for both of us. But whenever the spirit moves me, I will still have to rebuke the devil in you. Every time he forgets, and needs me to demonstrate; that he’s supposed to be under my feet. Joe, we will always be close; my brother from another mother. But I will be vigilant, will always be on the lookout. Just in case the devil in you, tries to pick another fight; and once again, needs to be put in his place!


iPray; Not For A Moment!

Father, even after all Your children have done; Your heart is still so patient; so loving. So many, haven’t learned a simple truth; to let the peace of God, rule over our heart. Darkness is again trying to cover the earth. Many in the world don’t seem to be bothered, by the darkness, the lawlessness. May Your commandment be the firm foundation, that once again governs our hearts. But You are still so good, sovereign, holy; faithful. Your promise still holds true; that You will Never Forsake, Not For A Moment!

Father, do we have the heart; to love You, the way You want us to? iPray we all do, iPray we have the courage; You deserve our Hallelujah. Getting to know Your heart, may that forever be our passion. Within these darkened days, help us to securely anchor our faith; not in each other, but Your love. So many are searching for something, so many are excepting of everything. But if we don’t have Your love, we truly have nothing; worth having. You have never stopped loving us, No; Not For A Moment!

Father, help us to see, not with eyes; but with our hearts; to see Your love, within the darkness. iPray with all our seeking, we pursue only one thing; Your heart. For when we seek Your heart, we would truly realize; Your love for us, is deeper than we can ever imagine. May we forever draw closer to You, get lost within Your love; find ourselves, within Your heart. There is no us, no me; no tomorrow, without You. We can do nothing, we are truly nothing; without You. Even if we choose to exercise our free will, Your love will never change; Not Even, For A Moment!

Daddy, iPray for the world, for all those on WordPress. Trying to inspire, but may You use each word; to help change hearts. May Your kingdom come, Your will be done. If we look to You, we will surely find You; moving within our midst. Good Good Father, I Love You, I do. May we forever seek Your heart, to come face to face; with Your love. In 2019, and every year thereafter! In Jesus’ Name, Amen!


The Whether!

Before I call, before I ever shed a single tear; my heart already knows, Your love is the answer. The shelter, the hiding place. Some days the thunder roars, the days collide. It’s a true challenge, trying to outrun the storms; trying to withstand the tidal wave, crashing against my heart. With every step forward, the wind beats against my faith; but the anchor holds. But it’s the rain, that sometimes won’t stop falling; from my eyes. But there’s a ray, a light; hope. The sun will shine again, after every downpour; after the rain!

The whether WILL subside, raise your hope; hold on to your faith, that the anchor will forever hold. Forever trust, that your heart is still covered; under the canopy. Some days the world can be bitterly cold. The coldness has always been there, but the bitterness; can leave a lasting chill, within your bones. Whether you believe, or whether you have doubts; that the warmth will some day return? The Son will surely return, let your light shine; warm the world with your light. Keep your hope raised, never let go of your faith; forever trust. Get swept up within a love, fierce like a hurricane. It will relentlessly seek you out, forever chase after your heart. Don’t get it twisted, the overwhelming gentleness; what your heart won’t be able to escape!

When you come face to face, let the love set your soul free; let it take your heart higher; where a heart learns how to soar. Even though the whether of doubts still lingers, through it all; it will never let you fall, to pieces. Whether or not you believe, Inquire about the love; investigate the gentle stories about the hurricane. Your heart will truly be free, to forever embrace the truth. Say goodbye to the thunder, to the storms; to the wind that beats. To the crashing tidal waves, to the rain that won’t stop falling; let peace be the stillness. Be no longer undecided with your heart, choose to forever remember. When it comes to the Weather, don’t let it become the element; manifesting within your heart!


The Message; You Keep Calling!

• Calling, Your love keeps Calling; the destination, deeper!

• Closer, to get Closer to Your heart; where my heart is going. Softly, tenderly; Your love keeps Calling!

• Discover, there’s so much to Discover. The journey to the center of Your heart, is to Discover the depth!

• Basking, within the glow of Your light. My heart is Basking within the glow, I must be, getting Closer to Your heart!

• Glimpses, every part of Your love we Discover. They are just Glimpses into Your heart, part of the journey!

• Fullness, every moment we are within Your presence; the Fullness, the joy that floods!

• Lost, getting Lost forever within Your love. Found, the very moment a heart truly knows; it’s forever Lost, within Your presence!

• Love, that’s what it’s truly all about. For God so loved…

Drawing, You keep Drawing our hearts Closer, to forever Discover. Basking, to behold Glimpses; of the Fullness. To be forever found, is to be forever lost; within Your Love. To experience every facet of Your beauty; the reason why, You Keep Calling!

“But you are a chosen race, a royal priesthood, a holy nation. A people for His own possession, that you may proclaim the excellencies of Him who called you out of darkness, into His marvelous light.” ‭‭1 Peter‬ ‭2:9‬ ‭ESV‬‬


iTreat Friday; The Mic!

Let me speak loud, let me be very clear; I’m about to flip the script, I’m about to tell you what’s up. So, don’t think this is just another microphone; it’s a magic mic. Tap on my heart, give me a little feedback; how does the magic mic resonate? Is this on… point, turn it up, turn it up; mic check one two. Does it seem like it’s plugged in, I definitely know that I’m plugged in; to the power source, batteries not included. How else, can I truly give you; the very best of my heart? The sound quality that permeates within, absolutely paramount. The amped up reverb, the instrument that drives my soul; with a musical sound. The love that I have found, a love that resounds. To feel the richness, to hear every single one of your heartbeat. You need to experience love, in true HD surround sound. Tap on your heart mic, sound check one two!

Woot woot, party people; the magic mic show, is a wonderful place to be. The Rhythm Is Going to Get You, WCR; is the MC on the mic. I’m going to try to move you, with the rhythm and the rhyme. Don’t be surprised, if you feel like moving to the groove; All Night Long, at the magic mic house party. I’m going to turn up the bass, you can go ahead and pump up the jam. Let The Music Play, if that’s how you get down; at your own house party!

Amp it up, let the mic transmit some sweet soulful sound. A mic is a finely tuned instrument, that converts sound waves; into electrical energy variation. Good Vibrations, producing a sweet sensation. All you WordPress MC’s, when you get on the mic; there’s no need to brag or boast. Be a truly gracious host, with a soothing loving tone. Say it loud, but say it clear; if you truly want to be heard. The magic mic party is where you go, if you want to get down!

DJ, drop the beat; my heart wants to spit a verse, this is a magic mic party. “Dim sum, some days you eat some. You laugh some, you cry some. You win some, you lose some. Sometimes you have to beg sum, at times you borrow sum; just know how to give some. When you count the sum, when you add and subtract the sum. You realize the true undeniable Sum of; Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound!” What else is there to say, this is the end of the magic mic show. If you didn’t know, now you know; 🎤 drop, that’s a rap!

  • Hi everyone, I decided to share with you something I little different; I call it a treat. I will do it from time to time, hope you enjoyed it!

  • #Have A Wonderful Weekend!
  • WCR


    In the early days, I was never the type of person; to pour out my heart. I’ve always known exactly how I felt, but to verbalize it. Much less to express it in the written text, would have been the words; my heart would have desperately searched to find. I can now tell many stories, I can easily write ten thousand poems. But it still wouldn’t be enough, to encapsulate the love within. A silent river, being affected by an ocean of love; now Pouring out his heart. A soul on a journey to express in a million different ways, what this love has truly meant. I haven’t even begun, to POUR out what’s in my heart. Would anyone truly believe, that I’m speechless; but yet never lost for words?

    Is there a way to show the passion, is there a way to show what’s in a heart; without Pouring out the love within? Can I be truly expressive, but still have you begin to imagine? Can I write clearly, but still have you begin to truly understand? What I write are just words, it will never truly describe the breadth. So, is there a way for me to express my heart; without Pouring out in words, the love within? This is my desire, this has become a beautiful exchange; to share my heart. But also do my very best, to explain the love within. So I will continue to POUR out my heart, until every drop is gone!

    They say it’s in the details, the details for me will forever be defined; by how much of my soul, I’m truly willing to POUR out on God’s heart. Maybe someday, I can be defined as; a man after God’s own heart. A desire, that would be a truly defining moment. Until then, I will relentlessly chase; try to POUR out every bit of my heart. I can define this love in detail, I can even define it in many different ways. But God’s love, is all I will forever need; to truly define my heart!


    Silent River!

    Silent, the quietness underneath, the deepness within; the silent river. The calmness beneath, the stillness within; the depth being measured. Be seen and not heard, the art of not making a sound; my heart was skilled within the art. Strength but yet silent, movement, but yet not heard. Strong, silent; but yet the type that runs deep, a silent river!

    Many rivers, many years; many moons ago; since my heart encountered an ocean. Love, love was the sight, but at first; the feeling was what gave sight, to a love with unfathomable depth. So the river within set course, the destination; deeper. A heart once introverted, now expressive. A river once silent, now flow within an ocean; a heart on a journey to find. The boldness, the confident; found within the true depth. Ocean, Your heavenly presence; moves this once silent river!

    The height, the depth, the length, the breadth of this ocean; deeper than my soul can see, but calling me deeper. A silent river, was never meant to be my destiny. The hush was the rush, the silence turned into a presence; a love moving within every breath of my heart. Rushing into the depth of the innermost, taking my soul deeper. Gasping to give every breath, wanting to forever be overwhelmed; from a love that now floods my soul. The love that forever broke the silence, within a once silent river!

    The perfect storm, when a silent river; collided with a gentle ocean. A heart led by the still waters; a river runs through the silence. It’s the purpose, that gives a silent river resilience; true power, to affect change. Within the heart of the river, with nothing now left unsaid. Speechless, what has now become; the love deep within. A love that flows, a river that now takes moments of silence; to say a silent prayer, within the waves of glory. What is love, if a heart cannot describe; what it truly means? I am strong, I am silent, I am the river; with a purpose. To be submerged, deep within an ocean!