Her Wings!

An angel, her soul has wings. A heart, pure like a dove, will surely rise to the heavens. Love, graceful as a butterfly. A display, what true beauty becomes. When, love hovers breathlessly, it doesn’t drift aimlessly. Love ascends, showing other hearts, they too can take flight. Swept away, by a breathless elevation. A heart, with wings like an eagle. Spans love, expands breadth. With such depth, her love empowered; she’s like the wind, your heart is moved. Outstretched love, doesn’t swoop in to devour. On the wings of love, the pinnacle discovered. Even a rare bird, has profound wings. You don’t, have to be a Robin, to be fly. The world gets to behold, how beautifully a mother, spreads the wings of her heart. A virtuous love, the soul sings like a sparrow. Daily, like a Phoenix, passion rises from the ashes, love into a new horizons. Her wings, doesn’t have to be unique in form; just faithful, in deed. Every day, her love renewed, rising to be the wind. Her natural glow, illuminates her endearing characteristics. In the wake, the height of her heart revealed, true love is her timeless legacy. Every day, her radiant wings elevated. For, when she lifts them up, her heart will fly, and her soul will soar!


Je Ne Sais Quoi!

Into words, I don’t know what, but my heart knows, the phenomenal quality. Put it into words, I don’t know why, but within my bones, the presence is felt. My soul captured, by the prevailing word; love. I don’t know when? But, I know for sure, it was a predestined encounter. The place where, love finds forever. Where breadth becomes, your soul’s confession, in a heartfelt expression. Into words, how; when the love blows the mind. Real love, has that certain moment. When the desire, transcends the feeling. When, the love becomes amazing, beautiful, from the inside out. The heart, would certainly be remised. If it didn’t wholeheartedly mention, when the love, became a wonder… to behold. Deep love, nothing less than extraordinary, distinguishable. The unfathomable depth, when the exploration takes you to that certain place, drowning breathlessly!

Profound love, has that simplistic nature, and essence. Though the why, sometimes evades the mind. The soul, will know there’s that certain… something, becoming everything. A heart in a place, where not even a single word, will adequately define, love’s deepest secrets. An indescribable love, but having certain moments. When your heart surely knows, love, sees into your soul. True love, leaves your soul with that certainty… My heart, now knows the what, the why, the when, the where. The peaceful stream, soothes. The deep river, captivates. The oceans depth, overwhelms. Love’s quintessence, I don’t know what, a heart can truly do? If living, isn’t your heart and soul, knowing it’s forever, in love’s sweet embrace!



Love is, Affirming!

Love is profound, renowned; will astound, love is amazing. Love is fearless, love is distinguished, love is heroic, love is courageous; love is valiant. Love is an artist, artistic, an artistry; love is a portrait. Love creates, love is creative, with every creation; love is a work of art. Love is freely given, love doesn’t count the cost, love is completely sold out; love is priceless. Love is expressive, love is an expression. Love will express, what words can’t verbalize; love is beyond words. Love is the sun, the moon, the stars; love is out of this world. Love is a teacher, a leader, a listener; love is a believer, in the impossible. Love is playful, love is serious, love is passionate, love is bold; love has a beautiful story. Love is thoughtful, love is kind, love has your back; love is a friend. Love is lyrical, love has rhythm, love strikes a tone; love is a song. Love is a poem, a poet, poetic; love is poetry, in eMotion. Love gives hope, love brings joy, love shows grace; love is amazing. Love is an eagle, a sparrow, a dove; love has wings. Love has height, love has depth, love has breadth; love has perspective. Love is an ocean, love is a deep river, a soothing stream; love is water, love is so refreshing. Love has stature, love takes action, love will inspire; love is incredible. Love is engaging, love is captivating, love is endearing; love is Affirming, love is Everything!



Love, beats passionately within my chest. Quickens my spirit, awakens my emotions. The heart of a warrior, thy love has made my soul to be. Valiantly, with thy breadth I will forever slay the darkness. With thy strength, reign in the rebellious heart. Thus, will unequivocal strike a lasting blow, to a strong willed mind. In the twilight, stand’s aloft the knight. Valiant love, steadfast with an impenetrable armor. Seen, within a graceful light. Love, gives my heart the strength, to vanquish every fear. Emboldens my quiver, so with my bow. My arrow, will thus pierce the dawn. Love, places the greatest sword in my sheath. With determination, my heart will wield it valiantly, like it was Excalibur. The Author of faith, such a love is truly King. True love, endearing like a thousand shields. In the thicket, in the thick of it, love will sacrifice. In the midst of love’s courage, anxiety doth quake. In the wake, lack won’t have the power, to plunder your soul. In every breath, remnants of a spirited love. Valiant love, hold my heart, in thy gaze. Let my stature be, clothed in confidence. Never to be dismayed, nether cower, in the middle of the fiercest battle. Thus, be unyielding, unwavering; in the pursuit to become, a victorious love. Fearless conquers, in heart of hearts. A brave soul inlaid, with a noble love. The lionhearted, a soul endowed, with grace to overcome. A heart, distinguishable wherever thou goest. Virtuous love, Valiantly will I pursue you; to be a heart like thine!


Love’s Sweet Surrender!

In the night, my soul stays awake, waiting to exhale. In my sleep, my heart still hears, your love breathe. My soul, watches throughout the twilight, to know the very moment, your love enters my dreams. With every glimpse into your heart, sweet love, leaving my love in awe. Experiencing the tenderness, while my heart held, by love’s sweet embrace. Every breath, becomes another sweet surrender. My heart concedes, awake and in my dreams, give love my being. The sweet aroma, the sweet fragrance of love, yielding the breathless essence. The kiss upon my heart, the breadth of love within my soul. In the sweetest dreams, words stay lost, love what I’ve found. Why, I won’t ever close my heart, won’t let my soul drift off to sleep. For the bliss, I will surely miss. Heart and soul, resting; in Love’s Sweet Surrender!


Kenny; the Montage!

Crazy,” what they said; what doth young love, know about an endless vow? I do, I will; till death, this I vow. For, “She Believes in Me,” I will forever hold her love, in my heart. “Lady,” in my eyes, I see no one else, but you. To the heavens, I cast my gaze, and to you my love, I pledge my days. Though at times, “Islands In The Stream.” In my dreams, my island girl, and I sailing, to love’s deepening horizon. Thirty four years, proves the naysayers were right. Our hearts, still Crazy, in love. “Through the years;” we’ve known love, shed doubts, shared joy and heartache. Lady, I’m so glad we stayed, right here, in love. You’re, an angel in disguise. I see the reflection, in your eyes. Your heart, mirroring a love divine. Pretty woman, I love your soul, appreciate your heart, believe your love. Every day, it’s resting gracefully, on my heart. So many, looking for a hero, to save the day. My heart, just needs forever. It will save for my soul, the last dance. An endearing love song, telling a captivating story. Two hearts, caught up in the rapture… of love!

You Can’t Make Old Friends,” but you can make the love, be always. True love, “You Are So Beautiful;” into me see, how you’ve beautified my soul. Love of a lifetime, plays a heartfelt ballad. When, the day feels like quicksand, my heart will never struggle. Deeper, how the soul becomes free. Deep in love, the place where the heart needs to be. Sweet Lady, what will my heart do, when heaven needs my angel? Our journey in love, has come to an end? If, another love was to knock at my door, would I ever open my heart? Would another love, tell my soul the truth; can I, trust you with my heart? Who, could inspire my love story, the way you did? Where would I begin, to tell how the story, has reached an end. Since way back when, it’s been me and you. Will my heart sing, when our love is no more? Apart from you, who could fill in the harmony. Who on earth, could replace the rhythm, make my heart fall in unison? Without you in my life, no love song would have the same meaning. God, created the world, “And You, Decorated My Life,” in a portrait called love. “We’ve got Tonight,” and we will have forever. For, our heart have found a home, in love’s embrace!

Kenneth Ray Rogers, lived August 21, 1938 to March 20, 2020. An American singer, songwriter, actor, record producer, entrepreneur. He was elected to the Country Music Hall of Fame, in 2013. He charted more than 120 hit singles, across various music genres. Topped the album charts, more than 200 individual weeks, in the United States alone. He sold over 100 million records worldwide, during his lifetime. Making him one of the best-selling music artists, of all time. This song inspired montage, a tribute to his legacy. I was looking to do this, back in March of 2020, but then Covid. Again last year, but then, my daughter’s passing in March of 2021. I guess, 2022, it was meant to be!

I hope, the montage resonated? Many, said my bride and I were too young to get married. But, when two hearts are predestined, and you have the faith to believe; forever, will be the destination!


The Reflection!

The dreamer, and the dream. The heart awakened, with a renewed inspiration. To not let love, fade into the peripheral. The profound, the true meaning. Love’s truest expression, seen in a perfect light. Where reality is known, but the evidence never realized. Real love revealed, always be a beautiful reflection, more than superficial. Every day, we face the mirror. The look within, to be enlightened. What was, what is, what changes. So, your love can be a reflection, in life, in heart, in mind, in soul. The prism, with the lens exceeding, black and white. In the mirror, the colors of love, reflects its purest form. A splitting image, can evolve into splitting hairs, in a tainted perspective. If the ends, justifies the means. Love is an extension, not a buy product, it’s freely given. Love, never meant to be a shiny surface, but a deep impression. So the likeness resonates, being a true portrayal. A picture, with a thousand words. A mirrored love, a reciprocated demonstration, not a one sided reflection. A daily look in the mirror, refocuses the heart, beyond the imperfections. When love, needs to be a distinguishable display; for me it starts, with the man in the mirror. The innermost, brings into the light. What’s on the outside, your light will illuminate. The heart perceives, what the love concedes. It’s not show and tell, but in the image created. In the mirror, be a Reflection… of the truest love!


We Are!

Family; people, or group of, deriving from a common race; the human. So, why are we so blind to see, that it’s not about eyes wide open, but a heart not closed… off, to the possibilities. True love, never needs a reason, to embrace… our differences. So, sheath tolerance, and instead wield expectance. We are, the same; “If pricked, do you not bleed? if tickled, do you not laugh?” So why not, let us live in peace, in harmony. So we can all live long, and prosper… together, in love. It doesn’t matter, if your love is the nearest. If family, why shouldn’t the love receive, be the dearest, we have to offer? Even though, we’re not always united, and though sometimes divided. We can still be, hearts connected, in our humanity. And why Not, love seen through the prism, makes us connected. The true color of love, makes the eyes color blind. So the heart, won’t be tainted. Real love, is endearing, heartwarming, life changing; when intentional, when unconditional. Red, yellow, black, white, and brown; we are, all precious… in love’s sight. How can I, not share with you my heart; when, we’re family. To be, or not to be, that is the question. A profound love story, will bring hearts together; one love. To help bear each others burdens, wipe each other’s tears. Make hopes and dreams, be love inner twined. Come closer, let love whisper into your heart and soul. For it will surely say, We Are, Family!


The Picture; Time!

In the morning, when I rise; love, be every heartbeat, in the sands of time. When I drown, love will be the reason, I live breathless. And when time stands still, move my soul. Time after time, when desperation becomes the thirst. Love will be the water, to quench my heart’s desire. Shadows, they tell time, of what was. In times past, and what will surely be. Though, time slips through the hourglass. The hands of time, encounter seconds in bliss. Between the stillness of moments, a quarter past, or even at a quarter after. Love, doesn’t let a faithful soul, exhale. In the Am, in the Pm, at noon, at midday, or at midnight. Every twenty four hours, minutes in wait; the daylight saving, you breathtaking moments. What time is it, you ask? First, let me ask you this. Has your heart set time aside, every day; to know a deeper love? Time in words, can be written in numerals. Hours in love, never about counting minutes. Just the counted moments, your heart was held, in the depth of love’s timeless embrace. For, when time is no more. A half an hour, will seem a lifetime, holding on to memories. Time, waits for no one. Once it’s gone, the picture; likened to a thousand words. Reflecting, the times your heart let precious moments of love, slip away!


Her Worth!

Through the sands of time, her heart beats endlessly. Her worth, not in question. For, the strength of her love, beyond words. The moon knows her essence, the stars gaze at her beauty. Her radiance, outshines the twilight, eclipses the moonlight. Her heart, a crimson rose. Her soul, bares an Angel, disguised. Her presence, endearing. Her quintessence, providence. Her personification, virtuous. Her head, crowns her meaning. Her feet, walks the miles. Her strength, profound. Her breath, ordained, to breathe new life. Her love, shaped by her heart. Her support, leaves no doubt. Her life, bears much fruit. Her purpose, indisputable. Her confidence, binds her resolve. Her inspiration, love unconditional. Her expression, depth of soul. Her armor, breadth of heart. Her beauty, found within. Her desire, give heart and soul. Her need, the freedom to be. Her celebration, internationally known. A woman’s worth, unquestionable. Her heart, tells the tale; Her Worth!

A Tribute, to international woman’s day!