Fun Friday; In My Ear!

I hear voices, not just in my head; these voices are all up in my ear. Sometimes I try to ignore them, but there’s still this ringing… in my ear. Sometimes I hear music, a song playing in my head; but speaking to my heart. Every single heartbeat, a love song soothing my soul. I’m not going crazy, but sometimes I do wonder; am I the only one hearing this? Who could I ask; me, myself, I… would never ask such a question. I’m not just drumming, this all up… within my own imagination. I do move to the beat of my own drum, but it’s a higher power… that sets the tone. I tell you, there was a tug; a whisper within my soul. My heart could no longer ignore it, so I answered the call. Oh, Lord; You had my heart at hello… speak!

That’s just one of the voices, another voice and I… speak often. Sometimes we would even have some spirited discussions. The voice would certainly have a tone, but I always had a tenor… a deep baritone type of a voice. So therefore, I had to be very mindful.. to watch the verbiage. Trust me, I have sense; five to be exact. I have Sight, to know and see where the conversation might be heading. I know how to Hear, when my inner voice advises me; “don’t say a word, just listen!” I can Smell… trouble, why I never try to deliberately step in it. I can Taste, when it’s about to go sideways. So I just lick my lips, and bite my tongue. Yes, I know when not to Touch. If I know what’s good for me, some things I just don’t want to touch… with a ten foot pole. I can truly say it’s eerie, how the voice tends to win… most of the conversations. But it’s not strange, most of the things I hear… makes perfect sense; this voice knows my beating heart!

Perhaps, you think I’m just making this up… all in my head. Oh, I assure you; my heart is involved in all of this. Let me share with you an example, of what the voice once said; “honey, can you stop and get some milk?” You see, the voice even calls me honey. Talking about being personal, with such sweet words. But the funny thing is, I usually end up doing… exactly what the voice says. Well, I do love myself some sweet honey… talk. Plus, whenever the music starts to play; the lyrics are something I know. Let me give you an example, one time the voice in music asked; “Hello, is it me you’re looking for?” Trust me, I’m not a crazy person. Why look around, I knew it was only in my head. Sometimes, I just get tired of hearing the voices. So therefore, I’m left with no other choice. Just to stop from hearing voices, I have to take my Bluetooth earpiece; from… In My Ear!

There you go folks, another humorous expression… from the mind of WCR. I drive for a living, so I’m always on the go. I listen to a lot of music through my Bluetooth earpiece, and talk to my wife often. So hence the voices, in my ear. Below I wrote two quotes, the Random Act of Kindness; for Stuart, @ something to Stu over. The Happiness, quote me; Dollfaced Writer. I don’t have time to participate. Friday is the only day I can maybe infuse something extra, into the post. I hope everyone enjoyed this. Save the picture if you wish, have a wonderful weekend!


Fun Friday; Keep it Fresh!

As a man, a husband, a father; I take all my roles seriously. Even the role as a laugh provider, aka; “a funny man, a jokester.” One thing I never do, take serious things for joke. I always keep a straight face, while trying to get to the punchline. Then there’s, K.I.D.S; Kid Irritation Disorder Syndrome. I didn’t just have to provide for the material needs, I have to also pay for it too. Yeah, the struggle was real; no laughing matter. There’s always one hand in my pocket, sometimes it was even mine. You might think that this is, just for laughs; but there’s a serious side. For the funny-bone to be tickled, somebody has to fall… for the joke!

Don’t think it’s easy, watching them hit their elbow; while trying not to laugh. Just watching the reaction on their face, the struggle; trying to act serious, concerned. It’s called the funny-bone, so how can you not laugh; when it’s your own elbow? Don’t laugh, that’s not funny; you might hurt my sensitive side. Just kidding, my kids are all Millennials; now both hands are in my pocket, you can’t possibly hurt my feelings. K.I.D.S, they’re no joke. Why didn’t somebody tell us, that kids are so expensive? I’m still trying to find the humor, in always being broke; seriously, I love my kids. I’ve always been the type of guy, dad; who knew how to tap into humorous expressions. But don’t get me, this, it twisted. My jokes, are not fickle; they have never gotten me into a pickle. Why you ask, because I’m a serious Kat; it’s all about a genuine tickle, nothing fancy!

Okay, confession time; I’ve been called Silly, a time or two. Not sure why, my name’s not Billy; I’m not even a guy called Willy. Trust me, I have never been to Philly. Now, I do know how to get down; with the rhythm and the rhyme. So, if you think the rhymes are fresh? Go ahead, throw your hands in the air; wave it like you just don’t care… who’s watching. That’s right, you heard me; get your hands up. Woot woot, raise the praise. Get down on it, if that’s how the love moves you? Laugh, cry, dance; if the love truly moves your heart. Real love, will never be a joke; Keep it Fresh. Like I said, I take my roles seriously; even as I’m writing this verse. Because I know laughter, is also good for the soul!

  • I hope you all enjoyed this. May we all find humorous moments, in our everyday life!

Fun Friday; The Henry Infusion!

Dear Henry, we’ve been together for such a long time. But lately it seems the distance between, is overcome by the miles. You told me that you would always be there, to catch my tears. It’s breaking my heart to see the tears fall, sometimes an endless rain. You said you would be there; always, forever. But there’s a hole, my heart sees through; what seems to be a bucket, of empty promises. Oh Henry, your love was so sweet; caramel, I so enjoyed the softer side. But it seems I’m the one a bit nutty, did I truly bite off; more than I could chew? Was the sweetness you have shown, just chocolate covered lies? Oh Henry, you’re still my candy love; say it isn’t so!

Dear Liza, I’m still nuts, crazy; my heart is still sweet on you. Yes, I did promise; that I would never let your tears fall. Liza, you know that I’ve done my best; to catch your every tear. But the years, the distractions; the toll… on the highway; it has cost us so much. Forgive me, I didn’t realize; there’s a hole in the bucket, dear Liza. For me, it’s not about the hole; but the bucket… list of things, I have to accomplish. But I can fix this, my job is to fix… things. Oh, I still believe; that I‘m a mister fix it. Liza, don’t think that I’m just a handy man; your honey do… list, never ends. Liza, I absolutely know I can fix the hole; in your heart… too. But the question is this, dear Liza; can I fix the bucket, “before the next teardrop falls?”

Then fix it, dear Henry; dear Henry, then please fix this. Liza I’ve tried, so many times to fix it; but they were just band-aid fixes. I didn’t realize, you would shed so many tears; why does it rain so much? I realize now, a band-aid doesn’t stop a bleeding heart. The moments I think all is well, done; another hole. The miles, oh the list; I’m overcome, because you think it’s just another… drop in the bucket. Henry, what you need is a straw. Yes, Henry, this is absolutely the last straw. It’s time for you to cut the straw… man, out of the equation; no more excuses? But Liza, loving you; has never been a dull moment. That last cut, was the deepest; ouch, that hurts. So herein lies the dilemma; the conundrum. If I sharpen the knife, just so I can have peace; of the last straw. Dear Liza, it troubles me; to see the tears fall, the endless rain. Your tender love, still moves my heart!

My dear Liza, the fix is in… the details; me loving you, you loving me. Oh Liza, loving you; not part of the bucket… list of things. Your love takes priority; the well being, of your heart and soul. All I’ve ever needed, it’s always been the love; of my sweet candy girl. I will build up your heart, with unwavering love. My heart is truly committed, to catch every bit of your love. Especially when the holes, the tears that falls; are from brokenness. Liza, your love is the thing I’ve always used; to plug the leaky holes, within my heart. So, until the day comes, when I finally kick the bucket; out of sheer frustration, still missing the mark. I’m a man that can sometimes struggle, to fix all the holes. But I pledge, my heart will be forever yours. To have, to hold; to catch every tear. Until our end, becomes forevermore. To tell the TRUTH, is to first be honest; with your own heart. Honest, I do; do love you. My dear Liza, your love makes my heart whole; undying, will forever be my love. Oh Henry, your warm caramel love; still the sweetest!

It’s a bit long, but there you have it; I hope you all enjoyed this infusion. Two things I enjoyed in my childhood; the story of Henry and Liza, and the Oh Henry chocolate bar. It also infused with the Quote Me word; TRUTH. Fun fact; Henry, could have been my last name; it’s my mother’s family name. She chose to give me my father’s family name, even though they never had a relationship. Have a blessed weekend everyone!

Fun Friday; “What’s Gotten Into You?”

Two friends, Joe and David; were hanging out the other day. Out of the blue; Joe made a fist, and punched David. When David asked Joe why he did that, Joe said; the devil in me made me do it. Okay, David said, I forgive you; I will pray for you. A few minutes later, Joe punched David again for no reason. Joe immediately Apologized; I’m so sorry David, the devil is strong in me today. Yeah, I know David said; the devil had a hold on me, he made me do things I didn’t want to do. So Joe said, thanks for your understanding David!

But a few minutes later, as David was drinking some of Joe’s Kool-aid, it happened again. At this point David was really frustrated. He turned towards Joe so fast, that it startled him; causing him to fall off his chair.Then, without any warning; David stood over Joe, and for a couple seconds put his foot on Joe. This totally caught Joe off guard, and he just looked at David for a moment. Then said; wow David, the devil is really working overtime in you too? No, David said; that was all my doing. You know I’m a Christian, the devil has no hold on me anymore!

Very puzzled, Joe asked; then why did you make me fall off my chair? Well, Joe; even though I’m a Christian; I still sometimes struggle with anger issues, but God is doing a new thing within my heart. I’m not as bad as I used to be, but until He’s done; I will continue to pray for both of us. But whenever the spirit moves me, I will still have to rebuke the devil in you. Every time he forgets, and needs me to demonstrate; that he’s supposed to be under my feet. Joe, we will always be close; my brother from another mother. But I will be vigilant, will always be on the lookout. Just in case the devil in you, tries to pick another fight; and once again, needs to be put in his place!


Fun Friday; The Wheelhouse Infusion!

First and for most, the opening statement is going to be Blunt. This first one is dedicated to A to the M to the Y… you ask? She’s the one who suggested I participate in the; Quips, Idioms, and Lingo Tag! Don’t call this a Rap, I also have to give a shout out; to Kathy Wire from Maggie Tiggles, the creator this tag. So, let me get straight to the point; I normally don’t participate in these. I already have a hard enough time trying to keep up; with everything else associated with blogging. So instead I decided to infuse it, with the regular Fun Friday post. I didn’t realize when I started blogging, that along with sharing stories; we would also be playing tag. Well, I did post a few months ago; about Hide and Seek. I guess even kids at heart; will forever likes stories, and a wonderful game of tag. So, that leads to my next point; about this wonderful person. Sure, she may have a led foot, but this story is not about pedal to the metal. And I’m sure, her heart forever races; whenever she, Aims her hearts arrow… high!

I’m in my Wheelhouse, my heart is at ease; with Humorous expressions. My heart can Wheel a few jokes, deep within this House; Iies a boatload of humor. Writing for your enjoyment, will never be tedious. I’ve been known to be Playful, some have called it Witty. Okay, confession time; I’ve been called Sarcastic a time or two… many to count. But I like to think of it as Whimsical, don’t think that to be Laughable. Within everything, there‘s always teachable moments; even if it’s done in Fun. So, don’t think of me as a Pest. Even though I won’t cry boohoo, just to become a Mess, this is all done in Jest. King Kong doesn’t have anything on me, what’s better than being a child of God? So therefore, you will never see me beat my Chest; I always try to give the ego a Rest. I rather put the focus on you, did I ever tell you; You’re All The BEST? No need to doubt, just put my heart to the Test. But all joking aside; love and peace, are my only Quest!

My heart tells me I’m blessed, gifted with the ability; to put Tongue-in-Cheek. Yes, truly gifted; I know how to put tongue, in left or right cheek. Now you might say; that makes me a bit too Cheeky. Okay, TRUTH be told; I do like making Wisecracks. I even loved watching the game show Lingo; when I was younger, I loved playing Bingo. If I had a dog, I would name him; B-I-N-G-O. It’s ironic, being a bit Comical; to me it has always made Sense, of the Humor perspective. Who knew, that writing about the love within; would become the new characteristic, the passion that now moves my heart? These days, I’m too Blessed to be Stressed, God’s love has cleaned up the Mess. Some days I face a Test, but within God’s love; my heart has forever found Rest, and that the honest TRUTH!

In closing, another shout out to AMY, and SADJE. They both asked me to participate in the, Quote Me. The words are Family, and Truth; I infused them both within today’s post. But please, don’t quote me; okay, Quote Me. Amy, Sadje, I’m up for the Challenge. So, can you handle the TRUTH? Don’t worry, this is not TRUTH or Dare. But let me take you for a Spin, on The Bottled up emotions. Here’s the question on FAMILY, and how I see this TRUTH. FAMILY, what is FAMILY? Is it evident, only because you share a special bond; is it also about having a unique connection? Do you know the TRUTH, do you just guess answer; what say you? If you guessed that the WordPress community is just about being social; then you’ve guessed wrong, it’s like an extended FAMILY. Made up of so many hearts; who seem to have made an unexpected, but a truly wonderful connection. So, go ahead, I Dare you; #QuoteMe, this is my TRUTH. Tag, you’re all it; the FAMILY I’ve been talking about!


Fun Friday; Robin, Of The Hood!

Hi, my name is Robin, of the hood; I’m an addict, these are my confessions. Hi Robin! Friends, countryman, lend me your hearts. Let me tell you what happened, let me tell you how; I kept falling off the wagon. It all started, when I would repeatedly rob Peter, to pay back Paul. He came to the hood, asked me what’s up? But then he tried to confiscate my bow, but I said whoa; absolutely no. Oh boy, Paul was dressed like a Repo man; but he was working for a collection agency. Rob… In, the hood; NOT… happening!

I was so upset about the whole situation, that I shot the Sheriff; of Knott… that important. Oh, I swear; I didn’t shoot the deputy. I had already robbed Peter; he was the deputy. But I was still convicted, by the Knotting… of the stomach. SURE, WOOD comes from the FOREST; but there’s this one tree. One wondering within the wilderness, with one LITTLE message. His name is JOHN, pointing you; to a way out of the forest, into a heart filled with endless dreams!

Yes, my friends, you can get addicted; robbing Peter, over and over again. For a short time you might live like a king, but when Paul comes knocking; you absolutely feel it. That knotting felt deep down, within the pit of your stomach; another BILL, has once again become due!

Life happens my friends, we have to constantly adjust; that’s just how it is. But it doesn’t have to be life or death, just a moment to breathe; leaving all the drama, out of the equation! Take care, and blessings to you!


Fun Friday; El Cheapo?

Oh my darling, tell me; if I held back some of my love, would others call me stingy, with love? If I ripped off my shirt, threw it to the ground; would you believe I did that, after looking at the price tag? I know that real love, isn’t about the price tag; that just cheapens the experience. I was just demonstrating, that I’m absolutely willing; to give you the very shirt off my back. But if I took it back up, put it back on; because I thought it would be, a good… bye, bye. This love is not a song and dance, it’s not even about being NSYNC. A good bye, is a goodbye; if the love is half off, the agreed upon amount of love!

So let’s go for a walk, but not in the park; there’s this one angry bird. The bird saw me throw down the shirt, now every time I walk through; all I keep hearing is, cheap, cheap. Let’s hold hands, gaze into each other’s eyes; forgo the talking points. Talk is cheap; if not ultimately followed up, with substantive actions. That’s the time to put up, because my heart will never shut up. Over the years my love has seemed a bit frugal, but I never ever wanted you to believe; that I thought your heart was ever cheap. Let me raise my hand, I want to ask my heart a question; are you ready to put your money where your mouth is? To show that this love, has never been a cheap thrill.

People see me as being picky, the love within is a sticky situation. I’m stuck on you; crazy, will forever be the glue. So, say what you will, just don’t ever get it twisted; the love within my heart, has never been anything less than genuine. Loving me is not easy, but I will never give cheap love; the cost, my everything. Your love and God’s love, is what makes my heart rich, and truly profitable. The world offers a cheap substitute, and still wants to call it; “love!” I would do you, and everyone a true disservice; if the love was so cheap, that you could never feel it deep within your bones!

So my sweet darling, if I showed you a hundred dollar bill; then told you that I can’t give it to you. Would you call me a prankster, a cheapskate; or maybe just El Cheapo? That wouldn’t be my hearts reality, tell me; how can you truly measure, A Woman’s Worth? I could give ten thousand reasons; why your love is truly one in a million. When I have that kind of money, darling, it’s all yours; all I need, is just your love. The blessings are running me down, poised to overtake me. I will never give cheap love, to anyone in need. When love is a true richness, for every heart to behold. True love, is worth more; then all the riches in the world!

So, let me state for the record, by saying this; “El Cheapo,” is Spanish. So in the future darling, I would prefer to be called; Mr. F.R.U.G.A.L instead, short for; “Fun, Resourceful, Unique, Gracious, Assertive and Loving!” The worth, of a true Renaissance man!


Fun Friday; Life, The Reality!

My heart has been on a journey, trying to stay grounded within the truth; Reality. Life is what you make it, make it an adventure; living as part of, The Amazing Race. For me, it’s never been about; Keeping Up with the Kardashians, or even the Joneses. These days, you constantly have to look over your shoulder; Big Brother, just might be watching. Cameras are everywhere, it’s so easy to become a; Person of Interest. Who can you really trust, my trust; forever in God!

Every day, I hit the ground running; I want to make sure I take care of my responsibilities. Remembering, to keep from being a person of interest; I have to render unto Cesar, what’s Cesar’s. No one wants to end up on, The Blacklist. Perhaps I just need to get away, maybe on a cruise? I just hope, hearts don’t become shipwrecked; living an isolated life, like on Gilligan’s island. I would absolutely become a Survivor, form a tribe; The Richards family. Not letting the clan become unruly, K.I.D’s; they tried to drive the head woman insane. Being “The Man,” I definitely didn’t put up with that; tribal meeting, explain yourselves!

Sometimes it felt like we’re swimming, in a Shark Tank. Trying to negotiate a fair price with the sharks; Let’s Make A Deal. We managed to survive the cute Rugrat days, but then came a new challenge. Without warning, they grew up. They became an extremely opinionated new breed. The world has never faced anything like it before; Millennials. Dispirit the ongoing conflicts, they could never make me want to retaliate. Become a vigilante, desperately trying to change their thinking; but still seeking to influence their hearts with my Arrow, of love. Some days it was a fight, trying not to become unstable; with a Criminal Mind… set. Big Brother is watching, Jesus; take the wheel, don’t make them drive us crazy. Dr. Phil is far too expensive, that’s the Reality!

Friends, life can be tough, the struggle can seem oh too real. Shed the guilt, and the negative thinking; you have the heart of an overcomer. Don’t ever think that you’ve become; The Biggest Loser. When it boils down to it, make sure that your heart is grounded in reality. Life is a journey, stay the course; fight the good fight. Look back at the past if you must, see how far you have come. Like I said at the very beginning, run the race; make it Amazing. Stop living in the past, get Back To The Future… living. Life can feel like a reality show, still live it to the fullest. Live it with love, joy, peace; but please, live it within true reality!


Fun Friday; Humorous Expression!

My heart knows how to crack a few jokes, but I’m not here to just clown around; I’ve truly got a story to tell. From time to time I will give you a nice chuckle. My jokes are not fancy, and I would never make the mistake of calling my wife NANCY; DREW the line there. I like a good mystery, so tell me everyone. Does the love within my heart seem genuine, or a mystery; that needs to be solved?

Enough joking for a second, I have a serious question. Can someone please tell me; is it duck season, or rabbit season? Shoot, I don’t even consider myself funny; but I do get a kick, out of making people laugh. Yeah, I can be silly at times, and I’m not even from Philly. Honey, slap me if you think I’m totally FRESH. I just want to be your PRINCE, Charming will forever be your love!

Poke me in the eyes, if you think I’m acting like a Stooge. It’s my heart, that sees your love perfectly; 20/20, you’re the vision. I’ve never claimed to be a Superman, or even a Casanova; but in my eyes, you will always be a Superwoman. So answer me this question, would you have the strength to keep a straight face? If I said that your love is sweet like Candy; Girl, would you just break out in tears, of joy? Girl don’t even blush, your heart already gave you away; the moment your love smiled at me!

So riddle me this; if every time your love surges throughout my heart, and made me giddy; would that mean your love is truly electric? I’m not a joker, so therefore my love will never be a joke; my love is absolutely serious. Sometimes I just want to see you smile, and make you happy; I’m all smiles on the inside. The joke is truly on all those people, who said this love wouldn’t last. Thirty years strong, funny; seems like just yesterday!

I don’t just want to make you laugh out loud, my every intention is to make your heart sing; lay back, it’s Summertime. This is not just a play on words, they say that laughter is therapy; for the soul. Come lay on my heart, let me listen to your soul. My heart is Sunny, and everyday I get to Cher my heart; because I Got You Babe. When the curtain closes, your heart will still be center stage. This is an act of my love, expressions; your love has always been the muse!

  • Hi everyone, so, I just introduced you to a bit of my humorous side. Right now I’m planning to do this once a month, probably on the last Friday. Tell me if you enjoyed it, and what you think of a Fun Friday post.