Your love speaks, every breadth echoes resoundingly. I am moved, imagining what will become of my soul. Clear every obstacle, relentlessly kick down every single wall; desperately trying to block out the day. Whenever my soul gets anxious, Your love becomes the only thing; that can quiet my heart. Don’t allow any barriers, to come between what Your love truly means, and how much closer my heart needs to be. A realigned mind, body, soul. Speak, let Your love breathe. Let my heart, be absolutely lost to find words. Make the breadth of love so loud, let Your love be all; my heart will forever hear. Tell my heart, to hush, and just listen; for what You will have of my soul? Let Your love be, the only spoken word. Let my heart resoundingly affirm; it is well, with my soul. The softer my heart becomes, the more Your love becomes the breathless living word. My heart and soul wants to know, how to truly listen; Speak!


Beautiful King!

Beautiful King, what can I do for You; what kind of gift can my heart bring? Gold, frankincense, and myrrh; the wisest of all. So, what can a shepherded heart bring? What can I do, what can my soul ever bring; to the heart of a King? My heart has a song, that my soul wants to sing. For You my heart has a dance, a lyrical dance indeed; for my beautiful King. A heart, poured out in love. A soul, lifted up to the heavens above. For only onto You my King, will my soul be poured out, like this. What can I do, what can my heart forever do; for such a beautiful King? How can I thank You enough, when words are not even enough? When every heartfelt word, gets so lost in just a gaze. Lost in Your heart, a soul captivatingly amazed, that it’s breathless for days. What can a heart truly to do, when you have encountered, a love deeply felt. A heart melting into You, discovering what will become, of every breadth. You’re so good, so I promise to be faithful to thee. My love promises to be, the truest it can be for You. Your love says, I don’t have to do a thing. But for my heart, that simply won’t do. My every breath, all my heart, all my soul. Onto You, Beautiful King; all my love, unto You I truly bring!


Inspirational Day; The Gift Card!

A Christmas gift card, from my heart to yours. 20/20, many things seen for sure. Merry ChristmasSome things, surely may be what you want to be the unseen. Even though, unprecedented blindsided the perfect vision. May you still, see your heart blessed? May an enlightened perspective, shed a light on what your tomorrow. Shows to be, the clear path forward… with every step. On the path, may your heart find a love with a heavenly melody? A love your heart can treasure, and regift… over and over! SAVE your card, and may your heart be blessed; this Merry Christmas!


Rest Your Love, Within My Heart!

Rest your heart, within my love. I promise, I will treasure it deeply. Your love, will truly be my everything. Don’t even worry, if I seem a bit lost for words. It’s just because, your love; has a way of leaving my heart so speechless. Even though, my heart is overflowing with so much to say. But, how can this heart of mine; find words to describe a love so divine? That’s why, my heart always has such a need. To be a soul at rest, deep within your loving embrace. A heart forever melting, within the warmth of your love. Oh, won’t you let it be forever; a heart resting quietly, upon your shoulder? A heart needing know, to what heights your love will take my soul. Your love picks me up, whenever a weary heart; just needs to know the strength of your love. Your love, is truly head and shoulders. Above all my needs, and ever single want. Let forever rest my soul, against the depth of your love. Just so, my heart can undeniably proclaim. That the breadth of your love, truly has no measure. You hear my beating heart, and every breath therein. A heart resting peacefully, in my only comfort zone. A soul, lying absolutely breathless against you, my heart. The place where my soul will forever say, your love will forever have a home. So, Rest your love, within my heart!


The Favorite Thing!

Whiskers on kittens, can tickle a heart fancy; but, it’s just a thing. Warm woolen mittens, can keep you from frost bites. But it, can never give warmth to a heart. Crisp apple strudels, an enjoyable treat for sure. But the taste of love can fade, when it becomes just a thing; you only indulge, every so often. Doorbells and sleigh bells, rings to make a heart merry. But, love becomes more substantive, when it becomes about the giving. Wild geese, can fly with the moon on their wings. But, may your favorite things truly be. A heart soaring, forever on the wings of love. Droplets of sunshine, a heart basking in the light of a love divine. The reign from the heavenly, love falling afresh steadily. For every heart to find, true love makes a soul feel so defined. It’s not gifts, and things; that makes love in a heart sing. A heart prancing, a soul gracefully dancing. Needs more than romancing, more than just the momentary glancing!

Snowflakes, falling on your nose and eyelashes. All part, of a silver white winter; that melts into a flourishing spring… in your step. To make, a part of your favorite things. When love, becomes the bark that bites. When the to be, or not to be stings; remain faithful, to love. Don’t let it be, one bitten; twice shy, of forever calling it quits. Giving up your favorite thing, to never again hear love, make your heart sing, and all the joy that it brings. So think, why not pour out your heart. Instead of just wasting love, thinking sense is just about; how much you have of the Noggin. Don’t make love, a hangover. Love, until the hanging on; becomes what your heart does, over and over. Even when, the bark bites; when the to be, or not to be stings. Simply remember, the Favorite Thing. When love becomes the gift, that keeps the heart giving; forever, and a day!


To The Point!

Being pointed, not about walking around; acting like nothings wrong. It’s about trusting, that everything will be made right. Having sight, blessed with true insight. Will always eclipse hindsight, when the vision, becomes an enlightened 2020. Where I find the might, to continue the fight. Faith, will always come under fire. My heart, will never try to escape the flames. Every day, becomes another test; in whom You put your faith. Even when, a disastrous situation comes trying to consume. Show you’re a soul always on fire, a heart already consumed; with a burning desire. I don’t run from the fire, but run into a graceful embrace. To sit, at the foot of love. To admire the true beauty, and cast every care. A heart quietly breathing, a soul overwhelmed to know what resounds. A heart so loved, beyond words. I know, my friends. Sometimes, we get to a point; find ourselves pondering the pointed question. Why, does the days have seem to become, a seemingly pointless faith exercise. But, even though the fire burns hotter; let not your faith, become a heart singed. We may not understand, God of Grace, is faithfully working out the details. There’s always a point, to what seems as sheer madness!

So much going on, in my world, the world. But God, this remains forever true; this world needs You. Even though, our hearts may lose sight of the road. The journey is a heart focused, faithfully walking every broken road. The only bright horizon, my heart sees with every new dawn. Getting caught up, in the rapture of You. Hearts, have become so pointed. Only Your love, can clearly point the way to true freedom. Even though, it’s met with a wayward point of view. “Que sera, sera; whatever will be, will be.” One thing is true, living water, can only fall afresh. When a heart, and soul has a thirst for more than just, an everyday reign. Here’s the point. Why fear, every corrupt thought? When it’s an indifferent heart, that will forever keep a soul in chains. Bread of heaven, breadth of God; we need You to breathe. Show every heart, life begins, and ends with You. And if, oh Lord; You need a vessel? Let it be Your love, breathed through me!


The Rapture!

Caught up in the presence, caught up to be in the moment. Caught up, living in the rapture of You. A heart, invited be in the radiance. A soul transfigured, living breathless in the enlightened. Every moment, a heart knowing eclipsed, by the love therein. A soul profoundly captured, being transformed by every breadth. In love, by love, thy love; forever, and a day. A heart, and the forever be, raptured in thee. A heart moved so to this, tears in the bliss. A soul feeling the rhapsody, the Divine kiss. What, no heart should ever miss. In the revelation, breath becomes finished; life beginning anew. A soul, overjoyed living in the reign. To be, forever at the feet of love. Living, forever at the foot Your heart. A heart, not living by emotions. A soul, not just going through the motions. But, to be a heart and soul tethered joyfully; living in an undistracted devotion. The loving gaze these eyes, forever amazed this heart. In love for a lifetime, praise be the true lifestyle. A heart delighted, a soul invited; into the heavenly. A love to fly free, a soul set free. A heart soaring, on the wings of love; caught up in the rapture… of You!


Song Inspired; Be Alright!

Do you, feel the world is broken? Do you, feel the shadows are deepening? Do you, feel the tide unprecedentedly rising. There’s a love, a shining light; a presence that will silence, conquer every fear. For every shadow, that wants to cast a doubt. For every feeling, that wants to break your heart. For every tear, that wants to capsize your faith… for a brighter tomorrow. Hush, let your peace be still. A love to embrace, when heartache and pain. Makes it so plain, your soul what it wants to claim. But, Love has a name. With it, a heart can confidently proclaim. With my soul, it is well. My heart, will be alright. From every battle, wanting to make the heart turn. A heart on the run, can find a hiding place, within wide open arms. A soul finding a comforting release, for every bottled up tear. Chains break, when a soul knows the Sure; the place where a heart first believes. An ocean of love, will be worth being drowned; A soul living within the deepest love? The unfailing breadth, of God’s love. In the darkness, through every trial. God’s love will forever be, the faithful friend. The promises true, the love deeply secure. Captivator, of the searching heart. When the day comes, with all the testing. Let all the stressing, be turned into a resounding blessing. In every dry bone, His love can put back, whatever’s missing. Restore, whenever seems broken pieces. Todo va a estar bien (everything, will be alright). Even when you don’t see it, the love is forever moving. Even when you can’t feel it, the breadth will be a mind blown. Even, if you don’t believe it? The love, will be undeniable, and the power forever!

Song excerpt: “Father, You say everything will be alright. But my circumstances say, I won’t make it through the night. I need Your word to hold me now, to pull me through. I need a miracle, a breakthrough; Father, I need You. They say, You hold the whole universe in your hand. My world’s falling apart, like it’s just made of sand. Am I small enough, to slip through the cracks? Can you take my broken pieces, and put them back? Give me faith to believe, You’re forever by my side. Open my eyes to see, your love working in my life. Let the past be a reminder, You have never failed. Tell my soul, it is well.”

This song inspired, be alright. Is a silky smooth gospel song, by Evan Craft, Danny Gokey, and Redimi2. The song was released in 2020, and for those who haven’t heard it? I highly recommend it. We’re in the Christmas season, and 2020 has been an unprecedented eye opener. But most of all, may it have been a heart opened; to a realigned perspective! In the picture, I wanted to encourage hearts. I included a few words, with a different language translations! Have a blessed weekend!


The Need!

There’s a true need, but so many hearts; seems to be off in the weeds. On their behalf, I have this simply pled. We need to heed, and show more good deeds. I want, hearts to stop with all the greed. Above all, I want wealth, and health. Not for me, my heart has all it needs. This request, I want for all who are struggling, with what they lack. I want, humanity to get back to the place. Where you can again, agree to disagree; to at least be respectful… to one another. I want, for people to stop taking advantage, of all the vulnerable hearts. I want the fast pace, to become moments of a heart reflection. To just slow down, ease a bit off the gas; and gently pump the brakes. So many hearts, are forever racing; so many heartbeats, seems to be out of control. At the end of the day, one thing remain the same. The world is still round, what goes around, still comes around. So therefore, why not the momentary pause; the stop, to truly realize? Life, not about just ending up; right back in the same place, a heart still feeling lost. It’s okay, to ask for a direction. If the want, came get your heart to the need; the predetermined destiny. I want this, I want that. I want every soul to be living well, every heart to be truly swell. Yes, I have many wants, but yet; just one need!

I want your kids, and my kids; to truly know loved. I want every day, to be sunny. I want, long life for my honey. I want my jokes, to tickle her funny; bone of my bone. I want the whether, to cast no more cryptic shadows. Whether your heart, is not worth dying for? You need, to know absolutely. I want, to see world unity. Can anyone, please tell it to my heart. Is asking to see a real peace plan, man; is that just too much of a want? I want, to see more compassion for all. I want Acts, Kindness; to be more than Random, hearts in tandem. Tell me, when does the wants of a heart. Shift into what becomes, the absolute true need? What I truly want, see with all my heart. The relentless pursuit to find, what every heart needs. Just so the nothing missing; can truly become nothing broken. Yes, I know, I know; my heart, wants so much. But, if not me, then who; will know, The Need? In the midst of all the wants, every heart should truly realize. Needs, are graciously being met. This, not about my wishlist; just, the need I have for you. You see, here the thing. As for me, and my heart. I fervently cling, to what my soul forever needs to be, the main thing. For nothing else, will ever do. None of the wants, could ever replace. What has become my one, and only need. What was in a birth, came from the life well lived. A heart willing, to show to what depth; love made this need profoundly possible. A settled heart, will truly know all the wants. Comes out of a soul truly knowing, they already have the one, and only Need!


Discovering, Every Breadth!

Some days, breathing is not always easy; but every breath necessary. Growth, can never be a soul in a place; where true contentment becomes found. Without first a heart, knowing what begets true breadth. We breathe in, we breathe out. A heart, sometimes never stopping to truly explore. What becomes, of every waiting to exhale breath. Every day, has to be a true discovery. And within every moment, therein lies the rediscovering. A heart has no time, trying to keep score. When time is called, for there to be a bold explore of life. Love, not meant to be an endless trek, through the stars. Trying to find, a breathless cluster. Love, the gaze into finding forever; through an ecliptic experience. A soul can never fathom depth, without the desire first being; a deeper search of the heart. My heart, has been many places. But, this my soul that has come to truly realize. For it to be forever in love, a soul has to be willing to experience; what’s in, just a breadth? To let it become, the ravishing beauty within… the deepest reign. It’s not just about, what becomes each exploration. But what becomes the substance, in every new discovery?

A true exploration, letting the love take. A heart through what true lens, the soul begins to know enlightened. A heart will never truly attain, without therein being great gain. A heart unashamed, to say why; the belief in a true destiny. A soul chosen for understanding, to breadth and scope, in discovering the true breadth? Love is a journey, there within a story to discover. Two breaths taken, but exhaled through one heartbeat. Life, begins with a breath. But for the unrestrained, each rediscovered breadth. Reveals what lies within, every breadth becoming… seen. All what the want is to become, what the need truly became. Forever, has a destination. The closer a heart gets, the endless desire becomes; what lies in every rediscovered encounter. My first breath began, found within the breadth of love. The long and lovingly pursued courtship, to be lost within the rediscovering. My soul has come to discover, I have not fully attained. But this I know, my heart will press towards the mark. For every rediscovered breadth, becomes a soul rediscovering breathlessly taken. With every discovery, a soul can try; but cannot surely deny it; when the heart blatantly, gives the truth away!

A true adventure, not just in what’s found. But what, the heart can endlessly rediscover. It’s in a breadth, but yet a breadth cannot even compare. What becomes the ten thousandth reasons, to keep rediscovering; what becomes the depth? Rediscovering, flaws and all. Still a predestined soul, wonderfully made. There’s no, wanting to know the heart. Without there truly being, needing to discover the breadth to the love… therein. The breadth of love, captivator of the searching heart. Everything, my heart has faced; will never get my soul, to hold on to what’s meaningless. A heart dangling from a vine, because of what was bitterly tasted. Rediscovering, to know how Divine; love was meant to be, till the end of time. True breath begins, when a soul is forever at rest. A soul laid fully back, up against the heart of love. Deeply overwhelmed, by every rediscovered breadth!