Of Few Words!

Growing, my heart lived in silent rivers, hid between shadows. You might think, too many years like that, leaves a heart drowning in loneliness. But, that’s where a boy of few words, learned how love’s true breadth, becomes your deepest breath. Coming out for moments, my heart found it didn’t need breaths of air, to live in my introverted world. A heart predestined, will never be able to let futile habits, change your destiny. In the waiting, how my soul learned how to exhale, love’s deeper meaning. In the stillness, where love holds your breath, and breathes for you. So in the wake, it becomes your everything. Hours turned into days, the years became forever. In the mature years, a man comes to realize; though a few good men, can change the world. But, within the quiet beauty, the love of a virtuous woman. Doesn’t change your path, but becomes part of a love story. In the reign, love will shower your soul, with an ocean of blessings. A man of few, his story enriched, with a deepened love. The title, the beginning, the end; about love. Every chapter, with the same character, love becoming. The story, repeating over and over. Every page turned, the love becomes deeply written. Though the ink bleeds, a few words, won’t tell the tale. How a boy, of few words. Became a man, telling a love story, about a love Divine. You don’t, have to understand the depth. Understand, how the love becomes breathless. And can still manage to leave, a heart with a few words!


Love It, or List It?

All that love, can afford your heart. What you choose to cherish, what becomes the most endearing. Love, is a choice, and in the end the heart has to choose. Love it, the good, the bad; or list it, all that’s broken, needs to be repaired. What you’re willing to charge, or willing to fix, in your own heart. One room, does not make a house, a home. Love is about being receptive, to the open concept. In order, for the picture to be the clearest view. Two hearts, have to discard the tainted lens. In love, you have to break down walls. Then be truly intentional, with the rebuilding. Actions speak, and love builds up. A vaulted perspective, gives rise to new possibilities. When it’s said and done, embrace the love, with an elevated commitment. Divided hearts, can build a house. But love, needs a warm place, to call home. Whereby to live, and thrive. Where the kiss of love, can truly flourish. A place, where the warmth takes your breath, the love holds you tight. A chair, still just a chair, by any other name. Room in your heart, just a room. Without giving the room, so the love can truly feel at home. Now and then, there will be disagreements. Don’t let the once love filled picture, be a portrait of a love, barley noticeable. When one heart feels broken, the other should mend the fence. Fix you, don’t be fixated on greener pastures. Just, love it again. The heart you told, you would give unconditional love!

Turn your house, into a loving home, to cherish the endearing moments. Don’t treat love, like a Fixer upper. Love’s depth, not in having Good bones, but having a committed heart. A promising Flip, can become a costly Flop, with a total gut job. Real change, true beauty, from the inside out. Lighthearted, expressions of love, such a wonderful material. To help create a substantive, atmosphere of faithful love. A heart, can try to paint a picture. But, for the love to be portrayed, as an authentic display. There has to be, a true point of reference. Let me, frame it with this. Love is demonstrated, so its true nature, won’t be a peripheral lens. But portrayed as a true representation, of a deeply moving love. Even though, you have a lovely home. Love’s true reality, the key a heart truly open, to real change. Every day, don’t just say it, show it. If you’re happy, and you know it? When you wake up, Love it, being IN love. Go ahead, List it, what needs to be fixed, what needs to change. So, at the end of the day; love will have a forever home. The question becomes this; are you going to Love it, or List it?



First and foremost, thank you; just because. My heart, far from perfect. That just means, there’s room; to be profoundly affected. Be perfected, by a greater love, thank you. Your love, the breadth within our lungs. Your peace, breathes through the soul. I’m not always strong, but in you, I AM. Why I need your strength, to carry my heart, from glory to glory. In the daily battles, when the heart is under fire. Your love, climbs into the trenches, to defend our worth. Though, so many have sleepless nights. In the shadows, Your love hovers. Holds every breath, through the twilight, until it dawns. You will never, leave our worth forsaken. In the stillness, there’s a gentle whisper, saying rise… again. Thank you, for captivated heart. Love illuminates, the dark, capture the imagination. The past, just a reminder, within You; everything, will be alright. You have, the whole world, the universe in your hands. In the darkness, Your love shines the brightest, beautifully. A prevailing words, of love echoes in the chasm. True change, not reflected by an outward lens. It’s seen, through an inward reflection. Love, thank you; for showing us, we’re enough. In every season, love will forever be. An endless feast, for a hungry soul. Flaws, and scars don’t define, what deep love, will surely refine. Thank you, for giving hearts a voice, here, now. Every love language, needs a breathless love story. Thanks, Giving; it’s Your Heart, Full with so much Love!

“He answered, Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your strength, with all your mind; and Love your neighbor, as yourself.” Luke‬ ‭10:27‬ ‭NIV‬‬


Many Rivers!

Many rivers we cross, the heart wading through the water. The way over, is to go through. On the other side, how you live your best life. Many rivers we cross, the heart putting up barriers. Trying to restrain the flood, keep the water at bay. Though the tears, comes crashing against what seems, a washed up sure. Hold on to faith, it won’t let hopes and dreams, get swept away, into the abyss. In deep places, an ocean of love. The banner, unfailing love. Many rivers we cross, when fear looks to capsize your hope. Let faith, pulls your heart into, the crimson tide. When your soul, becomes a silent river. Many hearts, many come to test the depth. Instead of getting crossed, show them, the way to the cross. How you found rest, by the river side. How every breadth, becomes a deep river. Life’s a journey, never walked alone. Hope and faith, travels the same path, your heart is on. Many rivers we cross, on the river bank, let your roots go deep. Let the evidence, be growth undeniable, your forever bloom. Some day, the heart comes across many rivers. And if the day, tries to drag you under. Many river, finds a-cross. A heart, knowing someday; your soul will rise above. Many rivers to cross, the way over, what have to go through. Wandering, doesn’t mean lost, tears don’t mean losing. Wondering, it’s your soul believing; though Many Rivers, but the cross!


When Love Speaks!

Like the sun rising, hopes and dreams, in every new horizon. Like the stars shining, love reflects, a beautiful light. Like a vigorous wind, love moves profoundly, takes your breath. Every beat of your heart, racing to catch, the breadth. To my soul, love spoke deeply, walls fell. Crumbled, like a sandcastle. Like a child, love breathed, lets new hope arise. The heart, feeling love’s presence, hovering. That won’t let the heart, wander out of the reach, of love’s gentle touch. Whispers of love, heard in the stillness. A heart wanting nothing else, but every breath held forever, in love’s deep embrace. A song of love, singing a sweet melody. Rock-a-bye, heaven is near. A soul, cradled in the arms of love. At night, when your heart is laid down. Love is the story, to rest your soul on, through the twilight. When love breathes deep, when love speaks deeply. Chains break, walls fall down, crumble into the ocean. A soul overwhelmed, a heart lost for words. In love’s presence, the heart is changed, with every breath taken!



In the calm, the heart is changed, and every day, changing still. With each quality of movement, the evenness of thought. The balancing, will never be an act on its own. With every breath, therein lies a coming together, mind, body, and soul. Though, the heart stumbles over and over. Recovery, through a forward trajectory. Flawed, becomes just a state, that will never define, a vigorous soul. Every day, the heart gathers up composure. The pursuit of hope, requires a glorious zeal. Though, anxiety lurk to upend. Progress, with emboldened confidence. Strength gained, empowering your equilibrium. To be the wind at your back, beneath your wings, the breadth in your lungs. In your collectedness, hope and faith becomes the opposing force. Counterbalance for the heaviness, of doubt and fear. Though, you don’t feel the immediate sensation. Deep in heart and soul, change is taking place. Love’s song, sweeping like a soothing melody. Supply and demand, hope found, gives every breath rise. To not just influence, but to profoundly conquer. In the stillness, when your cup is empty. The calming presence of love, creates a beautiful Equilibrium. True harmony, love’s tranquility, through its deep serenity!


The Dedicated Heart!

Greatness, doesn’t consist of how many people you lead. True greatness, revealed in how many hearts you serve. Love is the driving force, the reasons for your why? Why every morning, your heart can’t help but shine. A lighthouse, when all others can see, only darkness. Your light revealing, love found, is the greatest treasure. Fathomed, when love touches, the deepest place. In depth of soul, love deeply moves your being. What’s precious, serving a greater purpose. The time spent, the love cherished, in the beauty exchanged. You don’t, need a clock to tell your heart, it’s time to move. It becomes automatic, every heartbeat, resonating its own distinct rhythm. Love, shouldn’t need to work hard, to prove anything; just everything, love’s meant to be. Dare to become endearing, in every way. A heart, displaying true dedication, with loving devotion. So, don’t let it get twisted; your heartstrings, tied up with Not’s. Not the right time, Not able, Not worthy. Love, meant to be given, Not taken, back by manipulative intent. It’s Not, for the plunder, but to be a wonder… ful experience, a loving gift. It’s not, found in the stars, but when through a loving heart, it becomes a heavenly gaze. Even though, hearts may seem light years apart. Love beyond limits, will show a heart devoted. Dedicated, twenty four, seven. On a well-marked freeway, or even when the road, takes an uncertain detour. Love will be the GPS, leading a Dedicated Heart on a journey, to demonstrate the truest love… faithfully!


Song Inspired; Piano Man!

Nine o’clock on a Saturday, the rise and shine. But, before checking off a honey do. The feel, love’s kiss upon my soul. To let my heart say, honey; I do, love you. To let her heart know, my love won’t be tone deaf, or “B” flat. Beyond lip service, love will note, how my heart sings. In the depth of soul, a piano man. Love, the sounding board, for the heartstrings. Love struck, shades black and white. If the love, not enhanced with the truest colors. I don’t, ever want to play the fool. Thinking I’m too cool, to show love what’s in my heart. Now, and forever. A piano man, let’s the love stand upright, be upfront. Displaying love in the right key, becomes a ballad unforgettable. A moving melody, with the profoundest harmony. Love with the right acoustics, resounds as a finely tuned stringed instrument. A heart, showing love’s the reason. Why real love, has a distinct rhythm, to the rhyme. To help avoid, the “C” sharp. The first Cut, always the deepest. The “F” sharp, becoming the wrong pitch. The “G” flat, another apology; Gee, I didn’t mean it. The “D” flat, playing Dumb; did I do that? Love’s the key signature, to be in unison. So the love doesn’t resonate, to “B” minor. But lyrically sound, in “A” major, heartfelt moment. Love in sync; Always, Forever!

Love, with a good vibration, won’t let the heart, be struck by a damper. Love with a pure, fervent tone, speaks in volumes. Digitally, Electric, or Grand… in scope. Violets are blue, roses have petals. True love, let’s the heart drink for free. Lights up the soul, with the moonlight. The ambiance, creates a beautiful glow. Love showing there’s no other place, two hearts in twine would rather be, but serenaded by the light of love. When, love has you feeling alright? The heart knows, the soul swayed. So even when, the years shuffles in. The piano man, and his heart of hearts. His special love, still listening to their favorite love song. Cheek to cheek, the love never gets old. For it’s unconditional, the years undeniable. With no need, to ever make love. Be, what it was meant to be, endearing. The fond memories, love in stages. Showcasing, how the breadth of love, deepens. Some days, have sadness, some incredibly sweet; I know them complete. Today, and even the days, I wore a younger man’s clothes. Love, play for my heart another song. Touch the right key, enamor my heart’s cord; leave my soul, breathlessly… once again!

Piano Man, a song by Billy Joel; released in 1973.


Every Moment!

Every Moment, in your love. You’re, in every breath, breathing through every heartbeat. The breadth, in my lungs, it’s you. In every season, you are the reason, the days are pleasing. Every Moment, in your presence. Breathless, how you find me. Speechless, how the love leaves me, waiting. My heart, can’t casually breathe out. In the midst of the chaos, my confidence to breathe. It’s Every Moment, held in love’s embrace. My soul, waiting for every encounter, to exhale. How, do I breathe without you? If Every living Moment, not drowning in an ocean? So when, anyone wants to find my heart. They can find my soul, living between every breadth of love. Every night, through the twilight, when I lay my heart down. My breath, love gently takes, hold until morning. To again be, my first, and in my last. At the end of myself, love will have, my every breath. My soul, saying thank You, Love. For Every, breathtaking Moment!


Love; the Lighthouse!

Whenever, your heart finds itself lost, the fog becomes love’s journey. Just remember, to let your heart be a lighthouse. Your soul be a beacon, your love be a light, in the dark. Love enlightens, what the heart allows to permeate, from deep within. When the rudder, seems broken, and your heart beings to drift off course. Waves of emotions, starts to crash against your soul. Know this, hope and faith, they are relentless. In the stillness, they will be the compass, navigating your heart through the darkness. For the night, is always the darkest, before the dawn. With every beat of your heart, let love illuminate the way, to a radiant lighthouse. Let the light, speak to your heart. It will lead your soul, into the loving arms of The One, who truly loves you!