The Frame Up!

Crawl, walk, run; that’s the designated framework. The execution, that’s the plan that yields the success. The creator designed our hearts with such precision, a work of art; a masterpiece. It’s not a coincidence that Jesus was a carpenter, what else would the son of the creator be? Even on earth, He was still designing, framing, building; the lasting foundation, was His love!

When the devil tries to frame your heart, as just an imitation, a fraud; God’s love defends us. A lawyer in the courtroom, seated at the right hand; pleading our case. The charge; having a heart made from love, made to love, designed to show the love. Part of the most well orchestrated framework; Not Guilty. God’s love is the defender of hearts; our defense will forever be, His Grace!

Picture this, the devil can try over and over again to wrongfully frame my heart; nail my heart to the wall. It doesn’t bother me, my heart will still be a picture of God’s love. So my friends, take the frame up; let your heart be on display. Let the accuser see, that you view it as a badge of honor. Your heart is truly worth framing, designed to be; a display of God’s Love!

“For I know the plans I have for you, declares the Lord, plans for welfare and not for evil, to give you a future and a hope!” Jeremiah‬ ‭29:11‬ ‭ESV‬‬


I Will Love You!

When I think about all that You are, all that Your love is. Words are just the beginning, a grateful heart; will still never be the end. For years people have asked; “how do I come up with so many things to write about?” They truly didn’t know, they just couldn’t see; it wasn’t the how, but always the who. Even if I could explain, the understanding would still be the dilemma; the love moves, and my heart puts it into words!

It has never been about thinking, or even about feeling; feelings can change, just like the wind. For me this is about doing, showing; that love is truly a never ending story. My heart could write a thousand stories, and not even struggle; to write ten thousand more. My heart is not special, but why do anything; if you’re not truly willing to do everything? The beauty within is not my will, but a presence that moves. Unseen is the love, the fabric woven within; permanently wrapped around my heart. Breathing becomes the air, love is in the air; why I breathe!

Even when I’m alone within the busyness of the day, the stillness becomes my soul, listening; then my heart writes, endlessly. I could not have imagined, or conjured up this within a dream. The true essence of love doesn’t become, it just is; everything. The joy, the touch, the reign; the love I know, is the love the world needs to know. Every single heartbeat has a story, I’m just willing; to share mine!

Lord, I will love You for the earth under my feet. I will love You for the sun I see, the son I feel. I will love You for the falling rain, even the rain; that falls from my eyes. I will love You, for a heart that knows how to break. My eyes have seen much, my heart breaks; then comes the falling rain. Nevertheless, I will love You for the air, the breath that has always been Your love. The sweetness that permeates within, emotional has been the journey. I hope, that my heart has also been; Your joy?


The Lighthouse!

Whenever you find yourself lost within a fog, God’s love is the light. Finding His love is a journey, you may not know just where your heart is taking you. To broaden the horizon, sail into your tomorrow; let God’s love be the lighthouse!

First, you need to open up your heart, unlock your true potential; God’s love is the key. Just remember, the heart is a beacon, hone into your calling; let God’s love forever be the lighthouse. Follow the compass of your beating heart, let the journey be your blessing; allow God’s love to be your lighthouse!

The light of God’s love may seem far, but the distance is just six inches; from the ear to the heart. Listen for His voice, let the light of His love show your heart the way. The distance, will truly be overcome, by hope; God’s love is the lighthouse!

Don’t ever lose hope, stay the course; let faith be your everlasting guide. Finding God’s love is a beautiful journey, it will take your heart beyond the stars. But if you should ever lose your way, the light of God’s love will never lead your heart astray. Follow the light within, let God’s love forever be the light. That takes your heart home; into the loving arms of The One, who truly loves you!

“Come to Me, all who are weary and heavily burdened [by religious rituals that provide no peace], and I will give you rest [refreshing your souls with salvation].” MATTHEW‬ ‭11:28‬ ‭AMP‬‬


O. C. D

If I said that I’m constantly trying to change my way of thinking, just so my heart can be in the position; to truly be everything it needs to be. Would everyone think that sounds a bit dramatic, or that my kind of thinking is a bit over the top? My heart will never be perfect, but whenever my soul gets moved; the positioning of my heart, feels absolutely perfect. Sure, my mind might be down with O.C.D; but God’s love, is what changed my heart!

The obsessive-compulsive disorder, is the name that becomes the sticky side of this label; I know a name, that covers labels. So no one should ever try to put me in a box. Slap a label on my heart, thinking they have my heart figured out. I may be obsessive, with trying to have a clean heart; nothing I do, will ever be compulsive. I’m just trying to get to the heart of what matters; keeping my heart keenly focused, on God’s love. I admit, I do have an irresistible urge; to make sure that my heart is absolutely right, with God!

How can anyone ever truly call this a disorder? Is it because I’m just not willing to compromise my heart, or accept a lower standard? Call it what you will, I will allow my heart to be shifted daily; until it’s forever lined up with the truth. This not a state of mind factor, but absolutely a state of heart; positioning. Yes, I absolutely do have an uncontrollable desire to fix; the things that are just not right, within my heart. For me, it’s never been about getting it perfect; but about adjusting my thinking. God will do the rest, with His love!

My heart is Constant, constantly seeking and searching; for ways to improve. Day after day I’ve come to realize, that it’s God’s love; that truly compels my heart. My heart is flexible enough to give all, but all the pressure in the world; will never cause me to change my belief system. I will forever be a square peg; no matter how much others try, my heart will never fit into a round hole. Being Over the top will never be obsessive, when it’s the repositioning that truly Counts. This can be seen as normal, when we truly learn that this is not about perfection. But how to love, with just the little Details; we so often overlook!


You Are Everything!

You are Alpha, Omega, first and last; where love began, Your love will never have an end.

You are Master, Savior, King. The Glory among us, the glory that forever surrounds us.

You are Peace, the Prince of; stillness of heart, will forever be our peace.

You are our Strength, we shall stand strong within that strength; with the heart of an overcomer.

In Jesus, that’s where the power is; the power to do anything. To Him we are everything, in Him we have the power to be anything; make His love be your everything. Jesus, our world needs You; You are Everything!

Peace I leave with you, My peace I give to you; not as the world gives do I give. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.

‭‭John‬ ‭14:27‬ ‭

🇨🇦 Happy Canada Day!


Time; The Precious Moments!

My dearest time, we had an appointment to meet at twelve o’clock, but you were no where to be found. My own time got busy, and I only took my eyes off You for just a second; but now it’s 12:04. Maybe I should have told You, that I was going to be late. Maybe then You would have waited, but I know better. You will relentlessly chase after my heart throughout time, but it’s my heart that needs to be truly willing; to change. Your love is always moving, but it’s my heart that wanted to stay the same. Change is never easy, but absolutely necessary; to affect true growth!

Now I can truly see, that even when my heart seemed to be wide open; precious moments within my time were still missed opportunities, my heart blinked. Nevertheless, I’m truly sorry; that I didn’t try to seize every single moment. Time, it doesn’t matter how hard I’ve tried; my mind still lost focus, of You. Even the slightest hesitation, is still a moment to truly reflect. It was never about the mind keeping focus, but about the heart; and times spent focused, on You!

Time, I truly didn’t mean to let the love for you just slip away. Even though it’s Your absolute right to move on, to seek a heart ready to appreciate Your worth. Your time is still spent moving towards my heart. I don’t ever want my heart to be stuck within another moment in time, the focus should always be the here and now. Time after time I get to breathe, because Your love gives me time. Another day for my heart to realize. That this moment in time, is all we truly have; tick tock!

Father of time, how I forever see Your two outstretched hands. Moving, to ensure that we can still have moments to cherish; moments to truly have and to hold dear. I’ve never worried about the number of times spent, but the blessings that have truly benefited my heart; from the times together. Turn back the time, give my heart a do over; the time spent will truly be better. I will focus more on the number seven, that’s perfect; luck will never be a contributing factor, love was meant to be intentional!

Father, I pray that we truly remember. That the time we spend focused on You, is the only time; that truly matters!


The Overcomer!

The battles you face, they may plague your mind; but they will never defeat your heart. You are the victor, not a victim. You can have the victory; the faith within, that’s your overcomer!

The mountains you see, though they stand in the way; your heart can still rise above. Let your faith soar above, that which clouds your heart. Conquer your fears, even if it’s a faith so small. Activate your faith, your heart is more than a conqueror; faith makes you an overcome!

If your faith only reaches to the sky, let God’s love fill the gap. Let His love show you that you are a star. Let His love be the universe, that surrounds your world. Let His love make your heart an overcomer!

If you find yourself in a valley, let God’s love be the strength within your heart. Don’t let the shadows be your focus, cast away the fears; the shadow is only a reflection. Make hope the light, that shines the brightest within the darkness!

Overcome with the power within, overcome with the faith deep down. Anchor your soul with a thankful heart; be the overcomer, you are!

“You, dear children, are from God and have overcome them, because the one who is in you is greater than the one who is in the world.”

1 John‬ ‭4:4‬ ‭NIV