True love, likened to a river, flowing through the deepest ocean. Hearts finding, though there be islands in the stream. Loved too much, love being elevated, to another level. The heart swept away, by the depth therein. Deep love, blesses even, the broken roads. Head held high, the heart wide open, to see every need. Elevated love, leaves the soul better than it was. More than what the soul can be, without the breathless elevation. All this happens, when love takes you by the heart. Your innermost, lifted to the highest… heaven. Then, it will be, from glory to glory. The heart, forever changed, never the same. Like the wind, having its way, with a gentle soul. Elevating your heart to a point, that it doesn’t matter. How many beautiful sunsets, your soul gets to behold. Just how many, souls your love will bring, into the enlightenment. The disciplined heart, doesn’t look to dress up love, as if naturally pristine. The soul, bared by the evidence, elevated by the truth. Real love, never lowers the expectation, it elevates the experience. Through your life, within your heart, with every breath. May the deepest breadth of love, be Elevated!


Water, to Wine!

A heart, determined not be deterred, by the circumstance, becomes. Every season, leaves bottled up emotions. When love is poured, the water flows, the rivers deepen. Love’s, deepest encounters. Leaves depth of soul, deeply moved. Nothing missing, when the perspective changes. Love, becoming everything, so profound. Breath is taken, love is given. The heart pours, to let the soul receive. In the pressing, in the crushing… moments. Fear of the unknown, soothed by love’s true essence. The fullness, like water refreshing the soul, with new wine. Forever changed, heart and soul. In the stillness, it’s a heart becoming. A heart, tethered to love’s endearing vine. A soul, thirsty to savor the best, of love’s sweetest moments. For real love has a quality, that doesn’t seek to impress. Just looks for an opportunity, to humbly serve, love’s true delight. Love is the water, when poured from the depth, becomes like the finest wine. Though, a jar of clay, a heart can live, its best life. When love is seen, as the perfect glue. Love instructs, the heart reveals. Power released, love unveiled. An exquisite heart, will reserve their most tasteful love. For everyone, to freely enjoy. The water, becoming the wine, so divine!

“Jesus replied, “My dear one, don’t you understand that if I do this, it will change nothing for you, but it will change everything for me! My hour of unveiling my power, has not yet come. ” Mary then went to the servers and told them, “Whatever Jesus tells you, do it!” Nearby stood six stone water pots meant to be used for the Jewish washing rituals. Each one could hold about twenty gallons or more. Jesus came to the servers and instructed them, “Fill the pots with water, right up to the very brim.” Then he said, “Now fill your pitchers and take them to the master of ceremonies.” And when they poured out their pitchers for the master of ceremonies to sample, the water had become wine! When he tasted the water that had become wine, the master of ceremonies was impressed with its quality. (Although he didn’t know where the wine had come from, only the servers knew.) He called the bridegroom over and said to him, “Every host serves his best wine first, until everyone has had a cup or two, then he serves the cheaper wine. But you, my friend, you’ve reserved the most exquisite wine until now!””
‭‭John‬ ‭2:4-10‬ ‭TPT‬‬



I believe, I believe in you. I believe, friends could never be. If love, didn’t first exist… between, time and space. Though, we can’t touch the sky. I believe, a heart can fly, if given wings. I believe, a soul can truly soar, with faith beneath the breadth. Yes, I do believe, there’s a heaven, beyond sight unseen. I believe, from within a mother’s womb, a soul is predestined. To know life, conceives the destiny, love concedes your worth. I believe, a heart chases butterflies. To see how beautiful, having wings can be. When fear, flies to the northern star, like a dove. I believe, when a heart comes to you, wrapped in love. Earnest, becomes the tender moments. When nights, are long and cold, hope is a gentle whisper. Saying, you don’t have to Fake it, your heart can Take it. You just have to believe, and faith will help you Make it, though many rivers. You have to go through, what your heart needs to go through. So, next time you will Know it, believing is the gift. That keeps regifting, your heart in the reassurance. Believing, profoundly more attainable, than just wishing. I believe, that even though tears fall. In the midst of the rain, hope takes your disappear, to the light. The fear of failure, hides when sees your heart, has a fire burning; in the darkest moments. I believe, if you count it all joy. Heartache, will be just a season, that brings with it change; for you to believe. When you have love in your heart, being vulnerable; will never mean hopeless. Seeing, for the first time. Means a heart, believing forever. I believe, we have the power. A heart unrestrained, to believe there’s a light, shining within. If the day, comes and takes your breath? Then, let my heart; Believe for you, and me!


Starting Today!

Yesterday, I started my today, found my tomorrow. That’s when, my heart started beating again. The breadth of love, where you can find my soul, living in the depth. In the wake, every breath remembers to say, Good morning, Son. Shine, in my soul again. In my heart, Your love won’t cast a doubt, will never be outshined. Every day, before my mind get ahead of my heart. I pray, the Father, always sends His love. Starting today, my heart won’t race ahead of grace. Joy, goes before every breath. Peace, waits for me in the stillness. My armor, yesterday it helped my heart, battle what became. Today, it held my breath so so tight. Tomorrow, to be, or not to be. Though the questions, love becoming, the righteous fight. To not let tomorrow, hope lost in between the shadows. Why, my heart reminds my soul; what love did for me, yesterday. The history, all the times, love showed up to be my everything… today. Food for thought, food for my soul; love, for a hungry heart. Yes, starting today; I will again let love lead the way, be the only swayed. For love, helps the heart to breathe, and be. Gives your soul the breadth, to again spread your wings. Starting tonight, when lay my heart down, to rest my soul. Deep in love’s embrace, dreams are released, through the ambiance. In the darkness, through the twilight. In the morning, may my heart do again, what it does best; rise, and shine. So, what I did yesterday, will have no relevance. To what my heart does today, and needs to again be tomorrow. Faithful is a choice, so intentional can become. Love, be our Shalom. Starting Today, and forevermore!



First and foremost, thank you; just because. My heart, far from perfect. That just means, there’s room; to be profoundly affected. Be perfected, by a greater love, thank you. Your love, the breadth within our lungs. Your peace, breathes through the soul. I’m not always strong, but in you, I AM. Why I need your strength, to carry my heart, from glory to glory. In the daily battles, when the heart is under fire. Your love, climbs into the trenches, to defend our worth. Though, so many have sleepless nights. In the shadows, Your love hovers. Holds every breath, through the twilight, until it dawns. You will never, leave our worth forsaken. In the stillness, there’s a gentle whisper, saying rise… again. Thank you, for captivated heart. Love illuminates, the dark, capture the imagination. The past, just a reminder, within You; everything, will be alright. You have, the whole world, the universe in your hands. In the darkness, Your love shines the brightest, beautifully. A prevailing words, of love echoes in the chasm. True change, not reflected by an outward lens. It’s seen, through an inward reflection. Love, thank you; for showing us, we’re enough. In every season, love will forever be. An endless feast, for a hungry soul. Flaws, and scars don’t define, what deep love, will surely refine. Thank you, for giving hearts a voice, here, now. Every love language, needs a breathless love story. Thanks, Giving; it’s Your Heart, Full with so much Love!

“He answered, Love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your strength, with all your mind; and Love your neighbor, as yourself.” Luke‬ ‭10:27‬ ‭NIV‬‬


My Friend(s)

Friend, another close friend and I, spoke. In fact, He’s the brother, I never had. In our conversation, your heart came up. And, before I uttered a word. He said, he doesn’t just know your name, he knows your heart. His love, his compassion, beyond words. In the stillness, it’s a gentle whisper. Your breath, he wants to hold. Your heart, he wants to be whole. Though, he already knew my heart. He wanted, to hear my request. So, I interceded, for some wonderful friends. Including my brothers, Ryan C, Stuart T. My sisters, Amy B, Debra H, Colleen F, Lisa B, Tangie W, Renee, Wendi, Just a Jesus girl; Sally, and her friend Mike. He said, in his words. In every season, let your heart give thanks. Victory, through the listening, when love speaks. My friends, he went on to say; he’s seen your despair. He knows, life can make your heart heavy. He told me, to tell you. If, you lay down your burdens. He will, pick them up, carry them for you. His love, will meet you, where you’re at. Whisper to your soul, you’re deeply loved. Love, takes you by the heart!

We invited, other friends into the conversation; James, he had this to say. “Consider it a sheer gift, friend; when tests and challenges, comes from all sides. Under pressure, your faith is forced into the open, to show its true colors. ” What an amazing takeaway. Resilience, overcomes whatever, we have to face. No amount problems, is bigger than unyielding faith. Matthew, was listening to my heart, these words resonated. “Blessed are those who mourn, for they shall be comforted. Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth. Blessed are those who hunger, thirst for righteousness, they shall be satisfied. Blessed are the merciful, for they shall receive mercy. Blessed are the pure in heart, they shall see God. Friend, you are, the salt of the earth. But if, salt has lost its taste, how shall the saltiness be restored? He went on to say, you are a light, in the world. A city set on a hill, cannot be hidden.” How encouraging, words like these. A friend, like this, ready and willing; to move heaven on your behalf. From the heart of my friend, came this Revelation. He said, in your time of need.‭‭ “Behold, I’m standing at the door, knocking. If your heart, is open to hear my voice, open the door. I will, come in, to be with you. ” What, a profound statement!

Friends, this I know. He, would never leave you, nor forsake you. I’ve seen it, read the words. Deep love, is etched forever, in Hebrews. But, there’s good news, you don’t need an interpreter. The text, in a universal language. Love, it’s undeniable, when in red letters. How, could a heart not understand, how deep the love? It’s already done, change is coming; even if you can’t see it. We see with our eyes, but believe with our heart. The banner, over us. Love, unfailing love. Friend, though I can’t see your pain, I felt your heart. Though, there’s distance between our hearts. Love overcomes, barriers. To make a friends, faith; act on your behalf. Prayer, changes things. The way, to the Father’s heart. Your heart, had I need. So, I brought it, to a friend!


The Reason!

You’re the reason, the reason; why, there’s so much hope. Why I smile, when everyone says; faith in You, hopeless. But, my soul knows better. My breath would be fleeting, if you weren’t the reason. You’re the reason, why my heart knows joy. Why every heartbeat, gets louder and stronger. The reason, why I rise every morning. Why every day, gets brighter and brighter, better and better. The reason, why theres a moonlight, why the stars shines, the heart twinkles. The ocean depth, becomes greater and deeper. The drowning, over and over. The reason, why my heart will never leave, will forever cleave. The reason, why my heart has wings, my soul touches the sky. To feel the height, the length, the breadth of love. Why like a phoenix, I rise from the ashes. Every breath, taken higher and higher. Remnants, a heart basking in the afterglow. Milking the moment, embraced in a love so endearing. Where the heart engages, where the love begin, to never ending. The full intent, love the true soul provider. Where losing your breath, a wonderful place to be. So, when you come to the end of yourself. The love sweeps your soul, and carries you. Not like a fairy tale, on the wings of a dove. God’s Love, the Reason! Live, to breathe!



The Plea:

Father, may every heart be filled, with kindness. Have true compassion, for everyone. The passion, to profoundly serve. Through the eyes, or with just a smile. The heart and soul, would surely be known. Love, receives with open arms. But thrives, when sincerely from an open heart. A heart truly engaged, marries hope, to grace. The day, true love in our humanity grows. The roots going deeper, for we’re all tethered, to the same vine. A love, that erases the lines, drawn through the sands of time. May our hearts, not be scared to lean in. Test the waters, to see how deeply refreshing. Press the love in, until the new wine, finds the deepest place. May we see the truth, that in every vein. Lies the same universal, color of love. Even, in just a smile, kindness would resoundingly be felt. Love, doesn’t care if you’re homeless, famous, someone in between. Our Father, take your children, by the heart. May our life reflect, our heart tell the whole story. To what kind of love, permeates inside. A never ending love, won’t leave a heart wondering. If the love, will be there unconditionally tomorrow? The heart is shaped, by love in action. Even in just a smile, felt would surely be. The Father’s love, on display!

A Poem:

A kind gesture, speaks without words. Warm-hearted, may tenderness prevail. May goodwill, come with true affection. May love be warmth, casting a gentle presence. The mist moved, a soul feeling the breadth. Water, cascading from the heart, touched in the deepest place. May we, always be considerate, one to another. Helpful, thoughtful, loving. Even if, it’s just through a smile, as you joyfully hold open a door. We have, such big hearts. So let our hopes, dream biggest dream. One love, one heart, for humanity!

May it, be so!


I Digress!

I digress, whenever your love, isn’t the true focus of my heart. I digress, when the thread in every heartstring, wasn’t tethered to you securely. I digress, if your heart doesn’t get my full affection. I digress, my heart lost breath. But found shortly after, my thoughts wandered. Leaving your heart to wonder, if my heart didn’t truly realize. Your love, what took my breath. I digress, when I have a moment. But every moment, to you not conceded; mind, body, and soul. I digress, the plan is about this man, not the master plan. Give love from the heart, so it won’t be an afterthought. I would digress, if I turned a heart in need away. Leaving the soul to drift, down my lazy river. I digress, when I depart from the path. Only to find my heart, at a crossroad. I digress, when I stray from the truth. Only to end up, at a turning point. Repeating what my heart, tried to avoid. At some point, humanity digressed. Losing sight, of the true meaning of love. It’s not about, measuring the size of the heart. But to what measure, will become your character. We digress, the heart not sticking to the point. Love, not about pointing fingers. But about taking responsibility, for your words, and actions. Change, will always start in me, then we… won’t digress. If love, isn’t the first thing on your mind, and in heart and soul; we digress. If love, didn’t make my heart relishing. Lose my breath, in heartfelt moment; I Digree!

“Love is large, and incredibly patient. Love is gentle, and consistently kind to all. It refuses to be jealous, when blessing comes to someone else. Love does not brag about one’s achievements, nor inflate its own importance. Love does not traffic in shame, and disrespect, nor selfishly seek its own honor. Love is not easily irritated, or quick to take offense. Love joyfully celebrates honesty, and finds no delight in what is wrong. Love is a safe place of shelter, for it never stops believing, the best for others. Love never takes failure as defeat, for it never gives up.” 1 Corinthians 13:4-7 TPT



When, the day comes trying to sway. Don’t let distractions, get in the way. Don’t let your heart stray, focus on what, will get you through the day. A heart knowing, there’s a light; that shines through the darkness. The moon can’t eclipse, clustered stars can’t outshine, clouds can’t cast a doubt. God’s love, is the lighthouse. When the storms loom, when the rain falls… from your eyes. Anchor your faith, His love won’t, let your heart get swept away. God’s love, speaks to the water. His heart, oceans deep. It steps into the surreal, to show it’s a love so real. The overwhelming flood, restrained, by the breadth of His love. Dip your hope, let every breath drown, in the depth of the calm. What do you do, when you’ve done all you can do? In the wake, stand… in the reign. Words, what could mine do, to change; what your heart has to face? Love, gives words the unrestricted power, to encourage a heart. This day, and the next too shall pass. May your peace, know the stillness, that will take you by the heart. Love thrives when it gets, your undistracted devotion!

“The Lord bless you, and keep you. May the Lord, make His face to shine upon you, be gracious to you. May the Lord, lift His countenance upon you, and give you His peace.” And may you let His love, rest upon your heart! Numbers 6:24-26 ESV