The Blind Man!

There once was a blind man, his mind was Asking, but his heart just needed to Seek; to know the love Knocking at the door of his heart. The blind man thought he needed sight to see, but he just needed the faith to believe. So the blind man started Asking; heart, can you truly believe in a love you can’t see? Then a small still voice said; Seek… first. So the blind man took hold of his baggage, he was taught to always follow his heart. He just couldn’t quite yet see; for his heart to be forever free of the baggage, he would need to be led by the spirit!

So the blind man started on the journey, and even though some blindness still covered his eyes; his heart was being opened. To see that the journey only required him to believe; faith would be the substance, that made everything else clear. The blind man was starting to see, but the vision was not yet clear. Everyone seemed as trees; their hearts were rooted within the world, but not grounded within the truth!

Along the journey the blind man sought to know the truth. Asking, Seeking, Knocking; he knew the steps, but still too blind to know how to be led. The blind man could see the truth, it was living within his heart. But so many around him just didn’t realize; to see, your heart would first have to be open. They couldn’t see the forest, they were trees; swaying, but he paid them no attention. His eyes were forever fixed on the light; hovering within the darkness!

So he kept his head down, but kept his heart vertical; his eyes were no longer blinded. So he studied, building true depth within his heart. Deep was the truth within, a love unspeakable; firm became the foundation. Years passed, and the once blind now had a story to tell. A love story, forever etched within his heart. The once blind man could finally see; that God’s love was the journey. Seeing was never the answer, believing was always the choice; that made hearts free, to forever see!


The Reign!

Your love is the sound we hear; the reign. It beats against the pane of our hearts. Soothing the heart, a comfort to the soul; it’s the reign!

I feel the love reigning within my heart, I feel it reigning down into my soul. Let it pour to the depth, let it reign to the very end; the forever reign!

Let the reign forever overwhelm the heart. Make the rain never stop falling from our eyes. Let our heart be so overwhelmed, that the rain washes away every doubt; that Your love will forever reign!

Drench our hearts, let the reign seep into the crevices of our minds; and soak intimately into the depths of our souls. God Your love is the overflow, our forever reign!

My silent river will run deeper, my heart has become forever exposed. With just a touch, with every little kiss from Your love; our souls can feel the reign. Showers, Jesus, Your love is an outpour of showers. The clouds are opening, let our heart be always open, to know that Your love; forever reigns!


Not Guilty!

One day my heart stood accused, the list was so long. My fate was in the Judge’s hands, but He turned and said; not guilty. I don’t know how that could ever be? Judge, can’t you clearly see; that my sins are beyond forgiveness? He said I know, two witnesses came forward; Grace, and Mercy. The Judge said that they were willing to take my place, their love has paid the price; not guilty!

But Judge for years my soul has cursed God, with such a lethal heart; just hoping to die. But instead You’ve chosen to inject my heart, with so much love. Judge my actions are that of a truly sinful man, so why won’t You let my heart be condemned? Son, no double jeopardy, the slate has been wiped clean; your sins are forgiven, not guilty. Judge how about all the wrongs; not guilty. Then how about all my errors in judgment; not guilty!

The Judge just wouldn’t let me answer for my heart. Instead the Judge just raised His hands; that’s when I saw the scars. My heart was in awe, the rain fell from my eyes; how could my heart not be guilty? I fell on my knees, my heart felt so ashamed; but my soul was so grateful. Judge, I confess, it doesn’t matter what, they will say in the court of public opinion. My foolish heart helped in making the stripes necessary!

Oh God, I have a change of heart. The verdict is obvious, but You’ve shown my heart so much mercy. So many charges, but the sentence You’ve graciously set aside. Judge, Your love has forever rendered my heart; Not Guilty!


The Hurt Locker!

We’ve all been hurt, some of us can still even feel the pain. Scars fade, the pain goes away; if you let go, and let God. Give God your pain, don’t be ashamed to show Him your scars; there’s a locker. Sure, I know it’s easier said than done, but what’s the alternative? Just let it sit within your heart, and fester; until something becomes truly rotten, but it turns out to be your soul? Life is a journey, the path may not be easy. The journey can be sometimes short, don’t waist the moments looking back. Let it be, ashes to ashes; dust yourself off. The journeys not over, until Him face to face. His love will always, and forever be the final destination!

Let me tell you about my heart, may it be an inspiration. My journey has been far from easy, but it has truly made my heart stronger. My heart has been called, let your heart be one of the chosen; to be good, and truly faithful. My desire is to have a heart like David. It didn’t matter what David faced, he held true to his faith; in God. Even when he could have taken Sauls life, he waited for God to promote him; the hurt was placed within the locker!

I want my faith to be as bold as Job, he said; “though He slay me, yet will I trust in Him.” He lost every single thing he had, but yet his faithful heart; was secure within his God. That just blows my mind; curse God, die, wasn’t an option, not even a second thought for Job. What a great faith to truly behold, the hurt, the pain, the suffering; placed within his locker!

My friends, God’s got it; God’s got you, right in the palm of His hands. Put the hurt, the pain, put your trust; in Him who is able. His love is the key, He has a locker with your name on it. Give your hurt to Jesus, let His love be your comfort!


The Shift!

Shift your thinking with me for a moment. Let me ask you this question; do you live to thrive, or do you allow your heart to thrive, as you live? Ponder that within your heart for a moment, let it shift you within your soul. God made us to thrive, within every area of our lives. I don’t want you to just see the difference, but feel different; from a shift within your soul.

Friends, let your hearts go through a shifting. Down shift, up shift, then uplift; shift a heart with a word that will truly uplift. Allow your heart to be shifted into your destiny, by The Shifter of hearts. Take a deep breath, whenever your soul gets overwhelmed; your heart is shifting to another level. Free your mind, Shift, ALT, Delete; unlock the love within your heart. Open up your heart, and receive within your soul; the shift!

Finally, my brothers and sister; whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is commendable, if there is any excellence, if there is anything worthy of praise, think about these things! Phil 4:8


By Faith!

By faith walls will fall, seas will part. By faith mountains will move, giants will be slain. All you need is just a little, let your faith rise; from the inside!

My friends, faith comes by hearing, hearing The Word, not my words; the just lives by faith. Let faith change your circumstance, let your faith be in abundance. Let faith be the substance; that forever shifts your heart and mind!

By faith the deaf shall hear, blinded hearts shall see; wandering souls shall come face to face with the truth. Faith is the key, to unlock the blessings. Step into your destiny, walk faithfully; but walk wholeheartedly. Walk by, walk in, walk through… the darkness; by faith!


Paid In Full!

You tried to cheat me, but Jesus paid it all.

You tried to steal what was not yours, but Jesus repaid it all.

You tried to keep what was rightfully mine, but Jesus still paid for it all.

You tried to rob me of my peace of mind, but Jesus paid the ultimate price.

I now have my own peace, His love; but how could my heart ever repay? My heart is eternally indebted; the blessings, they overflow. Love those who hate you, pray for those who mistreats you. Love unequivocally, love unconditionally; just love.

People cheat, steal, or even keep what’s rightfully yours. Leave them with it all, they must have needed more than you. Your account will be credited to you, as righteousness. Every single one of your debts were paid in full; the moment Jesus paid it all… for you. He wanted our hearts to be free. Free to receive, free to love, free to give; it all. Your true wealth will forever be His amazing grace. My prayer is that your hearts will truly feel PAID for; but forever be FULL!