At the Well!

At a well, love’s presence meets your heart there. On every journey, when love is the desire, there’s a well, for your soul to draw from, to have your fill. At the sixth hour, love shines at its zenith. Though, the heart has many questions. A good-hearted Samaritan, will surely tend to the need, when love ask you for a drink. If the heart, knew the blessings love will afford? No heart, would ever second guess, when love has a request. Living water, it’s drawn from the deepest well; that’s what true love is. It satisfies, a heart’s every need. “Everyone, who drinks of the water love gives, your soul will never thirst again. Love is, like a spring of water, welling up inside, with endless life.” Love, pours into a heart wide open, to let the thirst no longer be. For every soul, willing to dip into the well. When love fills me up, I AM, well. A heart well-informed, knows love will forever care for your well-being. When profound love, speaks to your soul, your whole being knows!

Well, oh well, you keep all my tears, you know all my secrets. In love, I have a wishing well. My wish, if any love is found tainted in me? Love, empty me, until my heart is purified. Less of me, will leave more of you. So others, who need a drink, can draw from my purest love. True love, it’s like rain falling, making your love become, a deep river. Pure love is like water, bottled up inside, poured out to become refreshing love. Many have the desire, to be a deep well. But only, if the love is not built, with a heart of stone. Deep love, will fill the void. The deeper the well, the more profound the tell; how pure the reign? Love poured out frequently, fills up the heart consistently. The more revealing the taste, the more reassuring the love, a heart knowing the true essence. When, love invites your soul to drink, a heart receives its fill. In the desert, there’s water to be found, at love’s well. The freedom to partake, is there, healing is there, redemption is there, forgiveness is there. Acceptance is there, power is there, joy is there. Grace is there, salvation is here. If you’re broken-hearted, restoration is there, at the well!


Love, the Stronghold!

Love, knows a hideaway, the place, where the heart can retreat. A safe place, in the deep of love’s embrace. Heart and soul, strengthened to withstand, the sands of times. An ocean without borders, a river with living water. An oasis will be, a soul resting, on the peaceful sure. Time sways the minutes, but can’t change what you make, become the moment. When, love becomes the stronghold, chains are broken. The power of love, strength through a graceful plain. The height, gives sight to the perspective. The breadth, what fathoms the depth therein. Love, whispered into the soul, tells the heart, I see into you, to the deepest places. Wherewith, deep in being, the truest sanctuary, found in love’s graceful moments. Love, has a secret place, wherein life breathed, breathless becomes the encounter. The soul, finding comfort to breathe, love’s blessed assurance, your heart will be okay. When, you know love as a stronghold, it’s an intimate place, with its beautiful exchange, where your peace can rest. A soul free, to know your faith is held, when love holds your gaze. A place, where you can profoundly breathe, be a soul surrendered, to the love within. Love withholding nothing, a heart under the canopy, in the refuge of grace. Hopes and dreams, are discovered in; Love’s stronghold!

“Are you weary, carrying a heavy burden? Come to me. I will refresh your life, for I am your oasis. Simply join your life with mine. Learn my ways and you’ll discover that I’m gentle, humble, easy to please. You will find refreshment, and rest in me.” Matthew 11:28-29 TPT



Where does a heart go, when you can’t catch your breath? The wind taking it, with the butterflies in your stomach? What do you do, when you’ve prayed, but there’s seems to be a change, in the direction of the wind? Keep praying. What should you do, when you’re on pins and needles, when there’s a sharp pain in your faith? Get on your knees, and search your heart. There’s strength in knowing, this too shall pass. What are you to do, when your loved ones are in a state of chronic, but it’s your heart chronicling? By keeping them in prayer, like writing a love letter on their heart. A prayer today, a true blessing tomorrow. On the road called life, when it seems you’ve lost your way? I pray, you would come to know, that Grace is always there, to take you by the heart. To comfort your soul, help guide you through the journey, until you’ve reached your destiny. Life, is but a breadth, so live it well. Sow good seeds, and your heart will see the harvest. Yes, I pray your life becomes, a profound love story. Every chapter, every paragraph, every verse. Making the heart swell, with tears of joy. The presence of love, felt deep within the heart. Nothing else, can let the soul rest with peace. Whenever, your words become speechless, emotions invading your peace; say a silent prayer. Your worth is relevant, what others think irrelevant, to what your heart believes. Love and support, gives you a heart to lean on. Today, and every day: I Pray, love becomes that faithful friend. That won’t ever let your heart, feel abandoned, I’m your time of need!

“Whenever my busy thoughts, were out of control, the soothing comfort of your presence, calmed me down and overwhelmed me with delight.”Psalms 94:19 TPT


Resting, in the Father’s Grace!

When the sun sets, lay your heart down. To let your soul be at rest, in the father’s grace. Love will be the blanket, the truth laid across your heart, will keep your soul safe. Let love be the sweet lullaby, the song in the night, singing over you. Love is the light, that enlightens dreams. In the twilight, let your soul walk in your sleep, let it walk in freedom. In the morning, in the wake; rise up, be like the sun. Light, and warmth of your love, an endearing gentle touch. Acts of kindness, will take you by the heart. A soul rested, awaken feeling alive. A heart and soul empowered, to live life boldly. Deep rooted living, a soul with an endlessly blown. A heart growing naturally, with a perpetual hue. Not because of a perception, with the love connection. Energetic love empowers, profound love becomes empowering. Love’s empowerment, strength to break down barriers. This happens, when the moments become a heart; Resting, in the Father’s love. Forever, and always!

Love, great is thy faithfulness, thy heart changest not, thy compassion fails not. As thou hast been, thou will forever be. In summer, in winter, in springtime, and harvest. The sun, the moon, the stars glowing with its majestic wonder. Hearts, joined with love’s nature, becoming a manifold witness. Love, we need thee, morning by morning. Great, is thy faithfulness!

“Arise, shine, for your light has come, the glory of the Lord has risen upon you. For behold, darkness shall cover the earth, and thick darkness the peoples; but the Lord will arise upon you, his glory will be seen upon you. And the nations, shall come to your light, kings to the brightness of your Rising.” Isaiah 60:1-3 ESV


Real Love, More than Scraps!

In a fragmented world, love is the glue, to mend broken-hearted. A little bit of love, scribbled on even a scrap of love’s endearing fabric. Remnants will be love’s scented fragrance, lingering on the breadth of the heart. Every snippets of time, you’re held in love’s embrace, it’s healing for the soul. Even, the smallest amount of love shown, remains a part of a longing heart. No heart, is a throw away, no soul should be discarded. Not even a scrap of love, should be something you throw out, or simply dispose of. For every heart, for love there will be a need. Love, not something you eliminate, but elevate. Love is restoration, true love refreshing; profound love restores. Heart and soul, to its rightful place, love becoming!

What do you do, when love won’t let your heart, be restrained? When love makes your soul pant, groan; shout the battle cry; to fight for what you believe in. Your love, no longer willing to be silent. What do you do, when a dry land, turns into a river? The heart cries, your love in a deeper place. What are you going to do, when life wants to plundered your heart, rob your soul of peace? What are you going to do, when the walls close in? Trying to trap you, imprison your faith, in unhealthy emotions? Hope held captive, the mind shackled by depression? What are you going to do, when the world says; your heart is fair game? That it’s okay, pretending your soul is deaf, acting like your heart is blind, to all the atrocities? What are you going to do, when darkness ties, to snuff out your light, take your breath? Yes, tell me? What do you do, when your heart and soul, will no longer be a slave, to fear of the unknown? What are you going to do, when you know your heart; is no longer tattered, but tethered? You, Raise a Hallelujah!


Consuming Fire!

Fresh wind, blow; ignite an endless passion, burn it away. Light it up, let my soul, burn out of control. Every heart that gets too close, let them feel. Love is, the flame upon my heart. Burn it away, any doubt; my heart won’t be consumed, by love forever. When love is blazing, love is amazing. Deep love, burn like a consuming fire. Love is, the flame upon my heart, burning night and day. Love is the light, the lamp for my soul, letting my heart shine. Love burns, to enlighten my soul, illuminated my heart; the darkness gives way. A soul, baptized in consuming fire. A heart like a phoenix, rises from the ashes, again and again. Love is the spark, that lights the fire. Love is like gasoline, profound love seeps through your pores, moves you like high octane fuel. Strike a match, let the fire within burn. Love, was never meant be a flicker, but a consuming fire. Love, I see clearly now, the haze is gone. A soul on fire, a heart consumed by love, burns constantly throughout. Consuming fire, consuming fire; burn it away, burn it away… any doubt!


The Passion!

Hope, the winding road, leads to glory. To get there, you walk… in freedom. The belief, what frees your soul. Faith, what endures the journey. Love, what expands the breadth. The beauty within, what captures the heart, and soul. Affection, what refutes the agony. When the heart yearns, the love destined, to be forever. Unseen, but ever present. The Passion, never counting the cost!

“He was despised, rejected by men, a man of sorrows, acquainted with grief; and as one from whom men hide their faces, he was despised, and we esteemed him not. Surely, he borne our griefs, and carried our sorrows; yet we esteemed him stricken, smitten by God, he was afflicted. He was pierced for our transgressions, crushed for our iniquities; upon him, was the chastisement that brought us peace, and with his wounds, we are healed.” Isaiah 53:3-5 ESV



These hands, will raise the banner, display the One, with unfailing love. These feet, will walk the miles, to know the heart, of the ones who feel the pain. Be at the place, where the broken-hearted live. This voice, will speak for those being silenced, to have no voice. These tears, will forever flow. For the ones, who can’t cry anymore. These lips, won’t keep silent. Love speaks with authority, when the voice of truth. These eyes, will see the injustice, the wounds. The ones being deafened, suffering in the silence. This mind, will think of endless ways. How this heart of mine, can shine a light on love’s greatest treasure. The unselfish, unchanging, unconditional love. I’ve had to learn, how to stay in this place. Be available, be love extended. I, would have never known this place. If love didn’t first take me, from living in a silent river. To become a voice, loving in the wildness. Love, helped to lay it all down. For nothing else, can take its place. True love, wants you to be the heart, for every soul in need. Show love’s undying portion, for every soul you meet. A hand, reaches out. A heart, opens wide. The ears, hears the cries. The eyes, sees the need. The voice, speaks the Word. The lips, sings praise. Love, is the good news. Every hand and feet, it’s love in motion; the heart and soul, in action. Give love your will, and love will give your heart purpose. Let love, be your hands, your ears, your voice, your eyes, in your mind, and every breath. Say love, I’m available to You. Be my heart, so I can become, love to the least of These!


God’s got it!

Woke up this morning, and searched. My heart, wasn’t missed placed; my soul, being examined. X marked the spot, every found ray of sunshine. You see, every day; I dig deep, not to find my worth; to bury my pride. Make up my mind, to let love be, my everything. But, if truth be? I’m still learning how to breathe, while every breath is held. I don’t worry about tomorrow, I let tomorrow worry about itself. Every anxiety, the unknown, are put in there place. I am, no longer a slave to fear. When the rain falls, every tear, bottled up forever. I don’t, have a pity party. I look to the heavens, and dance in the reign. How much money in the bank, enough gas in the tank; let me be frank, I don’t worry about it. Food on the table, a roof over our head. My Father, supplies what we need. His love is my home, His wealth is my abundance, the promises are yea. Vertical, how my posture, lets my love get noticed. Woke up this morning; every praise, intentional. Every breath, with confidence. My heart, God’s got it!


Your Portion!

Life abundant, that’s your portion. Good health, for you and your family; that’s your portion. Provisions for your heart, freedom for your soul; it’s your portion. Encouragement, to soothe the endless tears. Faith for today, hope in every tomorrow; your portion. Nothing missing, nothing broken. Blessings released, peace increased, fear decreased, protection from Covid; that’s your portion. When, the heart walks in freedom, the soul reaches the destiny. One door closes, two more opens. Step into your victory, declare your independence, claim your inheritance. The lost, but found; lay claim to your portion. Grace, there in the midst of cancer, loss, heartache, depression, anxiety, hardship, brokenness, pain, sickness. Be encouraged, there’s restoration, in Revelation. Look up, in the valley, you will surely see your redemption, to go conquer every mountain. A stumble, that’s okay. We, have all been there… fallen. Flaws, we all have them. You’re still beautiful, look deep within. Many years of disappointments, that’s Not your portion. Believe me when I tell you, I’m just the messenger. You don’t, have to validate my worth, to receive this affirmation. My heart, sent here to proclaim, there’s Good news. Love Unconditional, that’s Your Portion!