The Miles!

My heart was off to the races; beating a thousand miles a minute. My young, foolish heart; thought that life was a hundred yard dash. Only to find out, that there’s hurdles along the way. I’ve tripped over my ego, a few too many times; a stumbling block, my heart failed to avoid. My ego wasn’t hurt, my foolish heart showed some bruises. It was the battles within the mind, that left my heart with a few scars. But I was strong… willed, so I dusted off my heart; a race is about endurance. Being swift, without knowing how to take a moment to breathe. That would inevitably be another scar, my heart wouldn’t allow my mind to battle, alone!

So many miles, you need faith to go the distance; along this long winding road. Going the distance, was a choice my heart had to make. All the falls, they truly made me realize. That the race has never been about the miles, but the distance; a courageous heart is truly willing to go. Even if I just limped across the finish line, it would still be a picture perfect finish. God’s love will be there waiting; well done, you were faithful. I’ve put a lot of miles on this heart, this one thing I have learned; the distance, overcome the miles. There’s no need to walk a mile, my heart is still learning; how to walk in the shoes, of a man named Jesus!

Going the distance for me, is not about putting one foot in front of the other. I determined long ago, that my heart will go the distance. Faithfulness is the hurdle, that will never be an obstacle; that trips my heart. With every little step, as the journey fortifies my love; as this heart relentlessly continues to chase. Not the pursuit for happiness, but the pursuit for a closer walk. The journey continued, every time the night; once again became the day. Life tries to tear at the fabric of your heart, trying to unravel the love within; strand by strand!

At times my soul has felt so worn, tired was the soles of my feet; but truly beautiful, has been every single step. I’ve learned how to get a grip, the anchor forever holds. My heart has endured the miles, forever seeking; digging deeper, than what I see on the surface. Whenever I fell, a love tugged on my heart strings. A love always helping me to stand, my heart needed to stay the course. My heart never once felt clothed in shame, I proudly wore the love. The number Seven, it’s on my back; the Three, that’s within my heart. Around my waist, the belt of righteousness; forever girds my soul. My heart is racing, beating a thousand miles a minute. Chasing after a love, breathlessly throughout my soul!


The Question?

How deep, how deep is Your love; How? Is it deeper than an ocean, would it be completely over our heads, could a heart truly know; How?

What is the depth, what is the depth of Your heart; What? Would the knowing forever take your breath away, could a heart truly fathom? Would a heart hit rock bottom; trying to get to the What, is the depth. Trying to fathom the What, would only be the start; towards a true comprehension?

How great, how great is Your love; How? Is it greater than the stars, could a keen heart; see into the vastness? Would an endless starry gaze, help hearts to truly see; beyond our own souls… system? That would truly be the begin of wisdom. Trying to understand; the true length and breadth, of How great is this love?

Why does a soul, why does a soul yearn endlessly for love? The sole desire, should forever be capitulation; to know What, it is to be truly reborn? True surrender, is not about a feeling. It’s about a being, knowing the How; to let your soul forever be set free. Does your heart truly want to know Why, it desires to be at a place? Where the being free, means letting your soul be forever captured, by a beautiful love?

Open up your heart, let love stretch your soul. Take the deep dive, but first you need to get off the What; you feel to be your sure, to let your heart thrive. Let your heart go deeper, let your soul gasp. Air, is not the What, a heart needs; to live forever. Don’t take another breath, until your soul learns how to breathe; through the love of God. Let your heart be desperate, trying to know the How; deep is this love? You may not know the Why, and the How; you only need to know, The Who!



The barometer is telling, that the temperature is falling; but the love within my heart, forever seems to be rising. I must be feeling a heat wave, my heart knows; it’s Your love that has my temperature rising. The barometric pressure within my heart, is absolutely fluctuating; it rises and falls, with every breath You take. Let me hold my breath, just so I can hear Your every heartbeat; in the attempt to fathom, the true depth of Your love. But why would I ever want to breathe, if my barometer couldn’t even detect; the fire within my bones?

Let me, therefore gauge my own heart. I will forever use Your love, as the true benchmark; in which to gauge my very soul. Eve if it’s just a degree of separation, would undoubtedly expose; that there’s a lingering coldness, that would need to be immediately adjusted. Your love has the ability, and the very right to gauge my true motives; look deep within. There’s no science to Your love. Not even a rocket scientist would be able to figure out, why my heart burns out of control; whenever Your presence, gets within a thousand feet of my heart?

Extra, extra, you can read all about it; this is not news. Send home all the meteorologists, all the climatologist; they simply have it backwards. Yes, hot air rises; but my barometer tells a different story. It tells me that Your love, will continue to flow down; into the depth my soul. My heart is just an instrument, an instrument used to show change. How everyone views a love such as this, will show how very instrumental; Your love has been in my heart. No judgement is needed, I invite you to gauge my heart for yourself. To what degree of change you see, it truly doesn’t matter; the judge already said, Not Guilty!

Give my heart a pressure test, check the temperature of my soul. The love is forever hardwired, batteries not included; my heart is insulated by the love inside. Thermo is the feeling, it will never about the Stat… us quo; this is a progressive love. The atmospheric test, used to measure the depth of my love. My heart used to display short term changes, but the new change is definitive; reflective of a long term commitment. My barometer, not broken; I no longer wonder if I truly measure up? Numerous times within my youth, I felt a love forever tugging on my heartstrings; peering endlessly into my soul. The measuring up season within my life has changed, all because God’s love forever remained the same. It was never about measuring up, but forever standing out; by what truly defines. Hot or cold, lukewarm; will never be the temperature that defines, my heart!


Don’t Know How?

We all go through things, we all go through trying times. Our hearts are forever tested, hold on to your faith. Hope is the foundation, but faith is the key; unlock your destiny. Has your back been against the wall, but while standing there. Your faith told you to look up, and the wall disappeared; but you don’t know how?

• Does it look as if you can never win, but then that all suddenly changed; and you’re not sure why?

• Did you have a bill that got paid, but you didn’t know how?

• Was there a mountain, that you felt you couldn’t climb; but somehow you got to the other side, and you don’t know how you did it?

• Did your kids change their bankrupt way of thinking, and you don’t know how?

• Did you get a promotion, that you weren’t expecting; now you’re asking yourself how, or even why?

• Do you ever look back, on where you’ve come from; astonished to see how far you’ve come, but you don’t know how?

My friend, God is in control. Your faith is what opened the door, God’s love is what always brings you through. God meets you at your faith, His love leads the way; with faith, nothing impossible.

Giants get defeated, walls fall, chains break, mountains move; God’s love makes a way. You may not know how, you may not know why? But He does it, for you; be forever grateful!

“Taste and see, that the Lord is good; blessed is the one who takes refuge in him.” Psalm‬ ‭34:8‬ ‭NIV‬‬


Sold Out!

I’ve made my heart available, it serves no good purpose; if I just keep it to myself. The time came, when I received the call. My heart answered, the time had come; for my heart to be put on display. No need for haggling, there will be no negotiating; absolutely no compromise. The price, was never on the sticky side; in clear view, for all to see. After it’s all said and done, the only objective; is being sold out. This is not about the art of the deal; price, bought, sold… Out; to the True Love, already on display. Go ahead, call it the real deal. What you get, is truly what you see; a new heart, don’t be scared to put it on display!

It comes as is, take it or leave it; the choice is up to you. It’s the event of the century, for every heart to truly behold. Accommodation provided, a way made perfectly clear. Park your heart, a spot will be forever reserved. Driving optional, learning to walk-in the truth; let your heart take hold. Whatever you are carrying, the burden will be lifted. Come one, come all; come as you are. Come early, come late; come when your heart is truly ready? Don’t come if you’re a slick brother, fast talker; like I said, no negotiating!

There’s no waiting, no line; single file entry. Don’t worry, if you’ve been known to cross the line. Even the proverbial line, you drew in the sand; that will be forever washed away. You alone gets to choose, what it truly means; to be sold out? Look at me, my heart may not be the best, my mind has many flaws; you don’t have to buy what I’m selling. The price, has already been paid; the price was on a cross. The payment for my heart, was paid in full; with it, came all my love. That’s the story, of why my heart is sold out; For Christ!


The Foundation!

Is your foundation crumbling, is stress cracks; forever plaguing your heart? Then it’s truly time, to rebuild your foundation. Is someone within your life, causing you to question the faith; in your foundation? It’s not the time to distance your heart, double check the foundation. Don’t build a wall, build a bridge; allow the love access, to cross barriers. But always remember, even a beautiful bridge; needs an absolutely strong foundation. Whenever the stress cracks become apparent, cement the cracks with endless love; stabilize, fortify the foundation!

Protect the foundation, peace, kindness, faithfulness; are all strong pillars, to any foundation. But love is still the cement, that forever holds it all together; give, and it shall be given. Pour it on thick if you have to, just strengthen the foundation. Don’t make it about the ratio, but about the consistent; outpouring of love. When your heart is not sure what to do, and you need some clarity? Don’t send an Email to a friend, who may be too busy to answer. Use the ever reliable Knee Mail, your heart will surely get the answer it’s seeking. Let others see your faithfulness, a foundation built upon a solid rock. When the love of Jesus becomes the foundation, others will truly see; that there’s absolutely still Hope, for Humanity!

“Unless the Lord builds the house, the builders labor in vain. Unless the Lord watches over the city, the guards stand watch in vain.” Psalm‬ ‭127:1‬ ‭NIV‬‬


The Sure!

I thought I stood on the right sure, but within my heart; I knew that there was a deeper calling. Maybe I was afraid, afraid of what it might cost; to follow You? Did I truly have enough, enough faith to walk on water? I thought I was standing on faith, but it was sand; faith moves, not a sandy shore. That was why, I stood on the same old sure; but it was sinking sand. For years I dreamed, that someday I would be a hero. But to be that hero, I would first have to start at the very beginning; be the zero, and let God’s love be the hero!

So I raised up my hope, stood on the forever sure; my heart was no longer, a slave to fear. The battle wasn’t being afraid to die, but overcoming the battles within the mind; and let the love, move my heart and soul. That was the battle, standing there; on the edge of my sure. Just like David, my heart needed to face the giant, I had let get ten feet tall; playing footsie, at the edge of the shore. To be a man, the boy within would first have to slay the mind; to show his heart, how to truly make a giant fall. Deep within my chest was the heart of a warrior, it was time; to stop playing in the sand. Stop building little castles, a fortress around my heart; that would just get swept away!

I thought I would be dipping my little heart, into a cold, cold sea; but what I failed to see, is that Your love was the ocean, calling my heart into Your clear blue yonder. I couldn’t see, that Your heart is the love I see; in the horizon. Maybe I wasn’t yet ready, or yet willing to cross the line; the line my own heart, chose to draw within the sand. My heart felt safe on the sandy shore, but within my own mind; it was just the shallow end. A deeper love can only be experienced, within the depth; of a truly loving heart. It was time to step out by faith, but I needed this true love; to be what forever moves my heart!

Footprints within the sand, were there to show me where I’ve been; but not where Your love wants to take me? All that time standing still, because of what others said. They said that they’re absolutely shore, that you shouldn’t go deeper; just build another castle, in the forever shallow end. But my heart heard the call, a love as wide as the ocean. I had to stand, on what I know to be sure; God’s love is the one thing, I know is sure!

So I got off the shore… thing, and stepped out of all the mind games; my soul gained absolute freedom. Walking on water, is about having faith; but your faith still has to be sure, on what it’s standing on? My heart doesn’t just need to go deeper, but be willing to drown forever, within the depth of that love. So whether I swim, or whether I just sink; that was never the issue. My will had to die, so God’s love could take my heart even deeper. Until I am sure, I was beautifully in, over my head!