A heart encamped by Your love, a soul encamped within Your presence; my heart is content, at peace within Your loving embrace. The campsite is absolutely perfect, my soul is camped so close to Your heart; a closeness my heart will forever cherish. The fire is crackling, the flame forever rising; the warmth of Your love, a place my heart will never leave. The fire burns, the presence hovers; the passion lingers, the love consuming. This is not about being on fire, a fire can still burn out; if the flame is just a flicker!

Under the canopy of Your love, the place I forever rest my heart. A heart not fishing for compliments. The rod, the staff; the square peg that will never fit within the round hole. A love that knows how to cast a net, a fisher of men; the catch, lost souls. Camping, my heart will forever stay camped; within the light of God’s love. There could be lions, tigers, and bears; oh my… heart will not fear. Just like David, God; Your love will forever be the covering!

Settled, it is well within my soul; Your love is encamped my heart. Every heart truly needs to know, that the extraordinary is seen; when a heart has truly learned. That it’s not about doing great things, but just doing ordinary things; faithfully!


Undistracted Devotion!

Life, that’s what I’ve allowed to come between us. Undistracted devotion, that’s what I forever promised! Can You ever forgive me, I broke my promise. Gracefully broken, the place I’ve once again found my heart. In You I always find forgiveness, love; so it’s for me to add true devotion. Sometimes the hardest person I struggle to forgive, is the one I see in the mirror. Not allowing where the mind goes, to stop my heart from truly becoming; what God has predestined for my soul, Undistracted Devotion!

During the busyness of the day, my heart knows how to keep focused. But It’s my mind, sometimes it gets distracted; while trying to satisfy the busyness. I try to give You my best, but my best is truly not good enough; it’s supposed to be everything. Your love at that point is no longer center stage, the day becomes the distraction. But Your love is still so devoted, the well being of my heart; Your relentless devotion. I speak with the tongue of man, but with a heart sometimes misunderstood. My heart speaks, but You alone; the lover that can interpret the love within my soul!

But how can anyone truly hear my heart, when the love within is that of a heart; desperate to become undistracted, and forever devoted. But I don’t want to be so heavenly minded, that my heart becomes no earthly good. The softer I learn to speak, God the louder Your love truly becomes. Everyday Your love speaks softly and tenderly to my heart, but please make each syllable loud and clear; don’t let my heart miss a single word. With a heart that’s never undistracted, and a love absolutely devoted!

Will my heart ever get to a place, where my soul would be able to interpret; every single one of Your heartbeat? You wouldn’t ever again need to utter a single word. My heart would never again exhale, my love would breathlessly become devoted; unrestricted, would be the endless flow of love from my heart. Endlessly we talk, forever the chosen path. No limits, no distractions, absolutely no restrictions with my love. My heart and soul, lost forever within Your gaze; found at peace within the depth of Your love. But first my heart has to be; Undistracted, and Truly Devoted!



We are living in times, where there is a noticeable disconnect; between hearts, and minds. Hearts today are so divided; “a Rogue nation, that’s what hearts have become!” Hearts today seems so out of control, can we truly call ourselves; “civilized!” The love within so many hearts has waxed cold, the candles that used to burn bright within our hearts; some now but a mere flicker!

Hearts around the world have become dreadful, wickedness has seized the moment; hearts have lost its moral compass. The mind will boldly go to strange new places, but the heart; the heart has lost their way, trying to discover a new frontier!

Lord, help us; with every new course we chart, we seem to drift further from Your love. It will truly make it difficult, for us to find our way back; to a similar place in time, we can never turn back the hands of time. A Rogue nation, that‘s what I feel we are; a change of heart is what Your heart would like to see. As for me and my heart, I would rather my heart ceased to be; than to allow it to fall in line, with such Rogue hearts!


Take Courage!

I have overcome the world, take courage. A fractured mind, doesn’t have to mean a fractured heart; even a fraction of faith, is enough to move my love. Let your heart breathe through my love. With every breath, you will find the courage to believe; that you’re never alone. My thoughts are not your thoughts, but my love is your love; let my love be revealed in you. Let your soul be steadfast, let your heart be unmovable; take courage!

Hold on to your hope, watch as my triumph unfolds. Let your faith forever be in me, I’ve never lost. My love is never failing, let my strength be your constant joy; Great Is My faithfulness. What in you I have begun, in you that I shall surely finish; the triumph, your heart shall truly see. Rise each day in my victory, hold on to my promises; take refuge within my love!

My love is faithful, the love that called your heart out of the darkness; the light that shines through you, my love. Even though the night whispers, the light within will forever speak volumes. Let it drown out the darkness, let the peace within your heart be; sounds of rejoicing. Let my love be your firm foundation, the anchor that forever holds!

My love will fight your battles, my love has never been defeated; my love has never lost a battle. I AM, Christ; redeemer, overcomer, defender, conqueror. Even when the storms collide, I AM. Even when the rain seems more than your heart can truly bear, IAM. Take Courage, let your heart trust in me!

“There will be signs in the sun, moon and stars. On the earth, nations will be in anguish and perplexity at the roaring and tossing of the sea. People will faint from terror, apprehensive of what is coming on the world, for the heavenly bodies will be shaken. At that time they will see the Son of Man coming in a cloud with power and great glory!” Luke‬ ‭21:25-27‬ ‭NIV‬‬


The Edge!

Oh heart, do you have true grit, do you hope that you have what it truly takes; to keep from falling off the edge? Go ahead, grit your teeth; it’s time to dig in, not the time to give up. Oh heart are you just going to sit at the edge of your seat, and do what grandma used to say; are you going to sit by, and do nothing? Heart you can rant about all your problems, you can completely close your eyes; pretend you can’t see, just never close your heart. Use your spiritual eyes to see, faith is still the substance; hope is still the evidence of things unseen!

Heart you didn’t come this far, to just hang on for dear life; clinging to the end of your faith? Your heart has come too far, to live on the edge; of a love that moves mountains. Over the years you’ve learned, to be as tough as nails, but you know this one simple truth. Even a nail can bend, if the blow that it receives; strikes a little bit on the edge, and it starts to bend at the depth of its core. Don’t get it twisted, the nail has already been removed. So, I will forever fasten my heart, to the truth of God’s love. And whenever the hammer falls, being on the edge; will never truly shake my core foundation!

I don’t want to be a man living on the edge, this heart of mine; is on the edge of a profound moment. Living on the edge, it can make you feel like ringing the bell; and just give up. It’s not the time for my heart to ring out, walk away from the truth; and let lost hearts, fade away into the darkness. Life can feel like a jungle, sometimes I even wonder how I keep from going under; trying not to lose my mind. I never want to become a man on the edge, on the edge of losing it all. I don’t desire to gain the whole world, I’ve already gained a new perspective; my heart has a new identity!

That’s why, I don’t live on the edge; I have a love that keeps my heart grounded. An anchor that forever holds, in the here, and the now. Why should any heart ever be on the edge, when there’s a love; that will set your heart on top of the world. No one will ever be able to drag my heart kicking and screaming, no one can ever push me over. No amount of darkness, will ever blind my heart; in an attempt to cloud my judgement. My only desire, is to fall in love again and again; with the lover of my soul. Look into my heart, catch me I’m falling; deeper in love; with You day after day. What else, does my heart; truly have to cling to?


Freedom Has A Name!

Sometimes we believe that life won’t get better, that you can’t do better; freedom has a name. I almost believed the lie, yes; I almost received the lies. That my heart would never break free, bondage; that was the chain. But my heart found true freedom, it was within a name!

Sometimes it was the he said she said, what people said. But God, He said; there’s freedom within a name, I’m now finally free. Jesus stepped in, He broke down the barriers; His love kicked down my walls. My world changed, God lives in me. I don’t look at barriers, I don’t see walls. I’ve learned how to stay vertical, how to look up; no walls, or barriers!

That doesn’t mean that I’ve never found myself lost, even though my heart lives within the truth. They are days, when the rains fall; as you look up. Even if you don’t know what to do, you still have freedom; the freedom to choose, to not be shackled by fear. Freedom in God, means never being defeated; within His love you have victory!

My story, is now for His glory. God’s love changed my heart, His love has changed my identity; He calls me son. His power has brought me honor, where I once had shame. Yes, the day Jesus called me friend. No more barriers, my Jericho walls fell down. So, how do I forever see, how can you truly find freedom; it’s in a name!

Sickness has an end, bondage has an end; it’s within a name. If you want to feel at home, if you want to be free; there’s something greater. Call on the name of Jesus, Freedom Has A Name!

“So if the Son sets you free, you will be free indeed.” John‬ ‭8:36‬ ‭NIV‬‬



What have I done? The question my heart has so often pondered. I was such a sinner, and You such a great love. So Why, my heart knows the When and Where; the What is the ponder. I know When my heart came face to face with Your love. You Relentlessly chased after my heart, the blessings are now running me down. What have I done, to deserve this?

The depth of Your love, I can’t even fathom; so high I couldn’t possibly see how much. The length and breadth, will take my heart a lifetime; to merely get a glimpse. How deep does it go, that’s What my heart is learning. I can’t even pretend to understand, so How could I even begin to repay? The Why, it’s beyond my comprehension!

• When I am thirsty, You alone; What becomes the water!

• When I am hungry, Your love is What I forever feast on!

• When I am weary, Your heart is What I rest on!

• When the water starts to flow from my heart, the What has truly struck a chord; it overwhelms me. What Have I Done?

Oh God, my heart wants to know; What have I done? Nothing, I have done nothing; there’s nothing I can ever do. Every day, of Your love; You choose to freely give. I truly don’t deserve, a love like this!