The Plea:

Father, may every heart be filled, with kindness. Have true compassion, for everyone. The passion, to profoundly serve. Through the eyes, or with just a smile. The heart and soul, would surely be known. Love, receives with open arms. But thrives, when sincerely from an open heart. A heart truly engaged, marries hope, to grace. The day, true love in our humanity grows. The roots going deeper, for we’re all tethered, to the same vine. A love, that erases the lines, drawn through the sands of time. May our hearts, not be scared to lean in. Test the waters, to see how deeply refreshing. Press the love in, until the new wine, finds the deepest place. May we see the truth, that in every vein. Lies the same universal, color of love. Even, in just a smile, kindness would resoundingly be felt. Love, doesn’t care if you’re homeless, famous, someone in between. Our Father, take your children, by the heart. May our life reflect, our heart tell the whole story. To what kind of love, permeates inside. A never ending love, won’t leave a heart wondering. If the love, will be there unconditionally tomorrow? The heart is shaped, by love in action. Even in just a smile, felt would surely be. The Father’s love, on display!

A Poem:

A kind gesture, speaks without words. Warm-hearted, may tenderness prevail. May goodwill, come with true affection. May love be warmth, casting a gentle presence. The mist moved, a soul feeling the breadth. Water, cascading from the heart, touched in the deepest place. May we, always be considerate, one to another. Helpful, thoughtful, loving. Even if, it’s just through a smile, as you joyfully hold open a door. We have, such big hearts. So let our hopes, dream biggest dream. One love, one heart, for humanity!

May it, be so!


I Digress!

I digress, whenever your love, isn’t the true focus of my heart. I digress, when the thread in every heartstring, wasn’t tethered to you securely. I digress, if your heart doesn’t get my full affection. I digress, my heart lost breath. But found shortly after, my thoughts wandered. Leaving your heart to wonder, if my heart didn’t truly realize. Your love, what took my breath. I digress, when I have a moment. But every moment, to you not conceded; mind, body, and soul. I digress, the plan is about this man, not the master plan. Give love from the heart, so it won’t be an afterthought. I would digress, if I turned a heart in need away. Leaving the soul to drift, down my lazy river. I digress, when I depart from the path. Only to find my heart, at a crossroad. I digress, when I stray from the truth. Only to end up, at a turning point. Repeating what my heart, tried to avoid. At some point, humanity digressed. Losing sight, of the true meaning of love. It’s not about, measuring the size of the heart. But to what measure, will become your character. We digress, the heart not sticking to the point. Love, not about pointing fingers. But about taking responsibility, for your words, and actions. Change, will always start in me, then we… won’t digress. If love, isn’t the first thing on your mind, and in heart and soul; we digress. If love, didn’t make my heart relishing. Lose my breath, in heartfelt moment; I Digree!

“Love is large, and incredibly patient. Love is gentle, and consistently kind to all. It refuses to be jealous, when blessing comes to someone else. Love does not brag about one’s achievements, nor inflate its own importance. Love does not traffic in shame, and disrespect, nor selfishly seek its own honor. Love is not easily irritated, or quick to take offense. Love joyfully celebrates honesty, and finds no delight in what is wrong. Love is a safe place of shelter, for it never stops believing, the best for others. Love never takes failure as defeat, for it never gives up.” 1 Corinthians 13:4-7 TPT



When, the day comes trying to sway. Don’t let distractions, get in the way. Don’t let your heart stray, focus on what, will get you through the day. A heart knowing, there’s a light; that shines through the darkness. The moon can’t eclipse, clustered stars can’t outshine, clouds can’t cast a doubt. God’s love, is the lighthouse. When the storms loom, when the rain falls… from your eyes. Anchor your faith, His love won’t, let your heart get swept away. God’s love, speaks to the water. His heart, oceans deep. It steps into the surreal, to show it’s a love so real. The overwhelming flood, restrained, by the breadth of His love. Dip your hope, let every breath drown, in the depth of the calm. What do you do, when you’ve done all you can do? In the wake, stand… in the reign. Words, what could mine do, to change; what your heart has to face? Love, gives words the unrestricted power, to encourage a heart. This day, and the next too shall pass. May your peace, know the stillness, that will take you by the heart. Love thrives when it gets, your undistracted devotion!

“The Lord bless you, and keep you. May the Lord, make His face to shine upon you, be gracious to you. May the Lord, lift His countenance upon you, and give you His peace.” And may you let His love, rest upon your heart! Numbers 6:24-26 ESV


Song Inspired; God Help Me!

When, my heart is disturbed. Seeing, that there’s so much darkness. My mind, flights the urge; to become cantankerous. So, it becomes another wrestle, between the heart and mind. But, it’s wonderful to know; there’s a love. That helps my soul to become, victorious… over thinking; the battle is not mine. Love, forever defends my heart. Fights the battles, only love can truly win. In the stillness, in the silence. Through every season, my soul will be still, and listen. To find out, what love will ask of my heart?Push back, against the darkness, or let the voice of love prevail? Love, what helps every heart to see; God is in control. The days, when I feel so alone, my heart barely breathing. Those are the days, when I let love be the breadth, that moves my heart. The love, that helps my soul to stay… breathless, in the midst. When the day, leaves my heart torn. God, help us to see love, in its truest light. Because shade, will always be black and white. The color of love, needs to be a crimson hue. So, in the middle of the day; the heart doesn’t wander… down an empty road. Love’s journey needs to be. Who we are, where we’re going, and what you truly need, every heart to become. A light, shining through the darkness. Though, we may not always see, a clear understanding. May. the mystery never be; how deep the love. We, may not know the future, but; we should always trust your heart. One day at a time, that’s how we will find every tomorrow. The heart becoming, a victor, not a victim. When, we truly know love, is by our side. To take us by the heart, and forever hold our soul. We, will surely be okay. So, let love take every resistance, and allow grace, to lead the way. God, help us, help this world. Have a gracious soul, a faithful heart, a love that’s true. God, help me! When my heart, drifts away from the sure. When my soul, needs a lifeline. To make the love go deeper, and press into you. Rise from the ashes, spread my wings, and soar even higher. So, my heart can loving do, what… you would ask of me!

This song inspired, God Help Me. A song was released in 2018, by Plumb. A Christian, contemporary singer. In, times like these. More than ever, we have to guard our heart. It’s so easy, to let the day, the circumstance, the hurt, the pain, the anger rise up. But, it’s good to know. We have a source, a friend, a living hope, through it all. For all those, knowing the struggle is real. Take heart, be encouraged, and let God’s love, be the breadth. The song, helping your soul, breathe easy!

“Though we experience every kind of pressure, we’re not crushed. At times we don’t know what to do, but quitting is not an option.” 2 Corinthians 4:8 TPT


The Cross Word!

Don’t, let your soul be puzzled. In every season, there’s a script; to help guide your heart. With love, the spell-bound… with grace. To become, a heart changed, a soul enlightened. By the deep love, by the breadth. Place your faith, to find hope, to find peace. For all the winding, days to come. Find, comfort in the word; but let your heart, seek the meaning. In the darkness, love shines the brightest. So, let your heart be a light, shining in darkened moments. Set the scene, share the good news. In the unseen, love is a presence that hovers… in plain sight. Love, not just about a feeling, but the knowing; love is forever. Real love, starts with an understanding, to become the comprehend. The heart unveiled, to see love is not just something; it’s everything. But only when, your heart truly believes it. Don’t just tick a box, show your heart. Don’t let, love just cross your mind. Let it, become your heart. The power of love, resting on your soul. Every day, search the word. Cross your heart, and hope. The cross, a word with saving power. A faithful follower, in the heart… of a true believer!

Love, a word so many hearts ponder; but yet, the soul missing the true wonder. Love, more than just a feeling; beyond just a touch. It’s meant to be part of everything, that’s truly meaningful. During, love’s journey; the heart, will surely find a crossroad. The choice, that can become a dilemma. The love hidden, by the warm, but sometimes fuzzy. Love, never meant to become hide and seek. The proverbial riddle, leaving the heart twisted up in knots. The word search, that wasn’t first a heart check, with a profound love search. To find out, what truly makes the love real. Love, not meant to be seen, through a cross-eyed lens. But, for the recipient to clearly see, your heart. In love, don’t make it about the looking, but not seeking… the truth. It’s not always easy, finding all the words. That makes the love, be seen as a heart with a true expression. But to seek, is to forever find. If you reveal your heart, the love within will express, what words don’t always capture. Keeping your heart vertical, will show a new horizon. Ask, Seek, but when the Knock is felt; open your heart. To let love, not become the hidden word. Don’t let, your love be a See, Saw. The ups and downs, took all the joy. When the day, puzzles the mind. A renewed purpose is found, when you leave your heart, at the foot of the cross. When your heart is happy, and you truly know it; show it… Love, not only what your eyes can believe, but in what, your heart will truly trust!


Wealth Transfer!

What, are you banking on? May it truly be, a profitable portfolio. Not, with just what the heart wants, but what the soul needs. So, what is your heart looking to invest in? What kind of wealth, is your soul willing to store up? For that’s, where your true inheritance is found. An enlightened mind, contains a wealth of information. But, it still needed to be undergirded with wisdom. For the truth therein, to truly be evident. Lack of knowledge, can only be the first excuse. So therefore, Ask, Seek, Knock… down every barrier. Be a heart empowered, not a soul indebted… to fear. On the river bank, a heart needs to step out into the water. So a crimson tide, can take your soul to a desired destiny. Liquidate your fear, and the future becomes a greater gain. A true wealth transfer, more than monetary gain. What a heart retains, and what a soul attains. The evidence, through your faith; when sight unseen. A valuable possession, knowing that in everything; apply sound judgment. So that your inheritance, is wealth with abundance. We, can read a book; but if the words don’t resonate? The reading, becomes just meaningless words, with no wealth… transferred. An enriched heart, becomes a prosperous soul. You don’t have to be rich, to know true wealth. Material prosperity, has a value; but it can never add to what, gives a heart the greatest treasure. A love that’s truly priceless, and desirable. A commodity, with true meaning. Missing nothing, or lacking anything. Giving the heart, an inherited strength. Leaving the soul, with an inherent beauty. An inheritance, the depth becoming an ocean. A heart, taking a deeper dive. To partake, in a plentiful transfer. A soul being supplied, with the greatest known resource, love that’s undeniable. When love, becomes the principal reason; the true interest of the heart. The Wealth, becomes compounded. For the soul, will eagerly want to contribute, be part of the sound investment. The Transfer: The love, moving from one heart, deposited into another. A shift, with a give, and take. A good man, leaves an inheritance… to go with the legacy, of love!

“The Lord bless you, and keep you. May the Lord make His face to shine upon you, be gracious to you. May the Lord lift His countenance upon you, and give you His peace.” And may you let His love, rest upon your heart! Numbers 6:24-26 ESV


Be At Home!

Home, where the heart is… loved the most. On my door, my heart; your name, etched deep within the crevices. Your love, has never been alarmed. By what, lies in a silent insecurity. The systematic heartbeats, the love concealed; beneath every breath. My brick house, to you a facade. My walls, just clay. Molded, by the strength of your love. A love keen, into me, you see. To make a glass house pristine, no brokenness seen. Your love, the key. That made in me, a heart thrown wide open; into open arms. My heart, invited you in. To have your love stay, with me… forever. Your love, will always be welcomed here; heart and soul. My air, conditioned on my heart knowing. Your love, makes my soul exhale. You, have yet to judge me, by my mess… ed up attitude. When therein, lies served up platitude. Food for thought, my heart gets full, by all the gracious love. Tender, and so profoundly. Your love, swept my heart away. I don’t, want to seem so laid back. But my heart can’t help, leaning on your love. Where I find my peace, nestled up against your heart. My love, will find ways to touch you. I know, I can always trust you, to have my back. To be, or not to be, will never a question. In the night, love, you illuminate. The light, that never cast any doubts. Just a soul, forever enlightened. To know, when I lay my soul down. Your love, waits in the shadows. To whisper a lullaby, with a sweet melody. A love song, playing throughout my soul, and echo in the daydreams. At the end of my days, my heart, comes out of the coldness. Swayed by the love, held by the warmth; found trembling within the embrace. There’s a fire within, placed there by your love. Left blazing, burning beautifully, in my soul. In the ashes, my wings were found. A soul, free to soar higher. When time, strikes another heartstring. For the love, will meet me here again, so it can; Be at Home!


Living Hope!

Underground, where life begins. In the quiet, within the stillness, through the depth. In a fertile ground, let the roots go deep. Let the water swell, your soul be well. Let the love, grow deeper. Giving the heart, an undeniable tell. The greatest love, rescue story ever read; written on the heart. That’s continually moving, forever shifting; deeply through the soul. A heart being captured, in the taking of the deepest breadth. The living hope, at the center of being. Deeply rooted, with not even a hair off. A soul anchored, nestled deep in the crevices… of love. This I know, the love is felt. It moves the heart, stirs the soul. Deep in the river, in the breadth, calmness found. Like an ocean, the love becomes a flood; the heart never wants to end. Morning, by morning; the soul rises, with the tide. For at the end, the soul will be found in… the depth, living breathlessly. This, my heart knows for sure. Living in the goodness, the well running over. In the presence, the soul will dwell. A heart, expose by the truth. Whispers of love, will forever be. Close to your heart, hovering over your soul. A heart and soul, dipped in a crimson. The love, The Living Hope!

“Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ! According to his great mercy, he has caused us to be born again to a living hope, through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead,” 1 Peter‬ ‭1:3‬ ‭ESV‬‬


The Upper Room!

Love, make my whole heart, your upper room. In there, you will get the glory. For, what am I? But only, what the love has made, my heart to become. I need you, to forever be… in this place. A life, filled with your fragrance. A heart, living breathless in the presence. A soul present, basking in the light. How, can my heart ever keep secrets? You show up, my soul bares them all. Let the love, take my soul… to new heights. In this place, the upper room… of my heart. In every season, love will be the reason. In every test, you bring out the best. In my weakness, you give my soul rest. The essence, of true contentment. In being, with the love therein. Love, you keep my heart accountable. Hold my soul to the fire, make new heights attainable. Tell every fleeting breath, it is well, with my soul. Breath on my faith, so when; the day becomes heavy. My heart, will have the strength. Stand and sing; Amazing Grace. To hear how reassuring, becomes the sound of your love. In a time such as this, may my heart be known. In the stillness, in the quietness. A silent prayer will resound, for hearts in need. Love, because of you, I’m able to breathe… easier. Even though, darkness forever looms. Trying, to snatch every breath. Sift the heart, like wheat. I don’t need much, just you; and the remnants left behind. For that alone, will be enough… to sustain the heart. Nothing, can ever be worth more. Could ever be compared, to finding living hope. More, than words can say. What a heart, can ever pen down. May every thought, be the same question; “how deep is the love?” Love, you’re the breath of life, and you’re welcomed here. To flood this place, fill the atmosphere, with what a heart truly long for. Full, moved; deeply, with the breadth of love. My soul, won’t ever taste anything as sweet. Without, my heart first knowing. The sweetest love, will forever be. In the Upper Room, communing… with the heart!


In The Process!

My heart, in the process. Faith, doesn’t make going through the process easy; faith makes it possible. We all, go through the aging process. The bringing about, what’s in the process. Years, just a number. Even though noticeable growth, with, in being mindful. The process, brings an endless change. Faith to faith, strength to strength. The preparation of a heart, to believe what will become, of relentless hope. Every action, doesn’t just produce an equal reaction. Faith without works, becomes hope not perceived. Finding peace, is a process. For a heart to know, God’s in the process, showing a heart the way… forward. Tears, don’t mean losing. Just part of the process, the means until it ends. For break through, to become a heart on the other side. You, have to go through fear process. Not let it become the obstacle, that robs you of in-sight. Success, is not an accident; the process is intentional. The process of becoming, what God has imagined… you to be. Identifying your true worth, is a never ending process. Believing, every breath is a gift. Starts, with first knowing it’s through the breathing process. Knowing who truly creates, the breadth therein? A dream, only reveals the potential. Through the undertaking, your gifting revealed. The expectation, limited only by how long it takes. To know that in every process, there’s a systematic element. The have not, because the ask was the not. Sometimes, faith gets tangled up. The stomach knotted, even though a heart tethered. The freed indeed, materialized when seen through the lens; the Grace given. To realize every touch, the processes require intentionality. The push past, the press through; whatever becomes the issue. To know the empowerment, in the blessings received. You don’t have to possess the means, just have the required substance; built on the firm foundation. Faith the substance, hope through the process. Exercised faith, precedes the needed series of change. We can feel, something truly needs to change. But if the belief system, remains unchanged through the processing. The process, can’t affect true change. This I know, whatever my heart and soul has to go through. In the affecting, through the perfecting. The substantive change in me, what becomes the undisputed evidence. God is, In the Process!