The Unyielding Love!

It doesn’t take bravery to love, true courage is choosing to stay; in love, come what may. Boldness will move a heart forward, but faithfulness is what makes the love forever. Stand up against fear… of commitment, it’s not about resistance. Sometimes the line gets blurred, and we lose sight of what we’re truly resisting; sometimes love is what gets caught in the middle. When sorrow tries to steal the joy, when division comes creeping; make sure the love is never shaken. Don’t let fear get a hold, let forever be the bond; never broken!

Strength of character, takes bravery. Fear will never stand a chance, when the fight to resist; is not within your heart. Choosing to love forever, is not an act of valor. So many say their love is fearless, but when the struggle gets too real. Strength to stand on your commitment, becomes the first characteristic; a yielding heart abandons. True Love doesn’t yield to fear, but stands its ground; fortified by the bond. Fortitude, determination; the boldness to take a stand. It takes faith to steady the heart, but boldly stand; upon the love!

  • ❤️ Happy Valentines!


The Secret!

Someone asked me the question; “what’s my secret to a long lasting marriage?” Without hesitating, I said; “there’s no real secret!” Then I followed it up by saying; “JUST LOVE THE ONE YOU’RE WITH!” Love will never be perfect, for it’s not about finding the right person; “but you becoming the right person… for them!” There is no secrets to real love, just love the one you’re with!

Too many people rely on their feelings to guide them; when it’s the heart that truly knows best! You can never make someone love you, but you can make yourself completely love them; for better or for worse! I also look at it like this; “even if you don’t always feel the love, still continue to give the love!” You can help change a heart, when you truly know how to change a mind; Yours! That’s probably the, “secret;” that seems to elude so many hearts!

You just need to make up within your heart that you will love them forever, and never question; if they will also love you forever? For me the question was never about her heart, but mine; “change first starts within!” So the question you need to ask yourself is this; “are you willing to love them, until death do you part?” So search within your heart and truthfully ask yourself the question; is valentines a day you remember to celebrate the one you love, or do you love that every day you get the opportunity to appreciate; the one you get to celebrate?

So go ahead and honor them on that very special day, but also celebrate them; on the other 364 days of the year. For when you have discovered how to love completely. You would have finally found that love has never been a secret; “but a matter of the heart!” So come closer, let me whisper into your heart; “the secret to love has always been… within you!”