My Heart, Can’t Pretend!

How, can I ever pretend, when you know my heart, when you can see into my soul. Why pretend, the air is a little misty? When the tears cascade, my heart knows, it’s your love making the rain, fall from my eyes. In your arms, I don’t have feelings, I only know the meaning; what love is supposed to be. My heart and soul, can’t even pretend, this love has ever stopped being, an endless slow dance. “Girl, you are to me, All that a woman should be. And that is why, I dedicate my heart to you, always. How, deep into my soul, does your love want to go? There’s no limit, to the depth of my ocean. Against my sure, the water wells up, for my heart is sure; with you, my love can never pretend. I will never, pretend I can read your mind. It’s your heart, I want to know. For you, I will be a pretender. Never letting you see, my heart breaks, seeing all the things, your health is facing. My heart, can’t pull off pretending, your love doesn’t speak, profoundly to my soul. I have never pretended, to be anything but, a heart grateful to have lived, to know love’s intrinsic beauty. I’ve never once, claimed to possess perfect vision. My heart, can’t pretend it can see straight; if it wasn’t through the lens, my vision is love. There’s no pretense, there’s no pretending. My heart could never find the words, to express my love!


Treasured Love

Once upon a time, in a far far place, within space and time, my heart dug many holes. The treasured love I had, unbeknownst was being buried, a little at a time. Love is precious, but while digging into, what you believe to be true. Right or wrong, the love gets buried, beneath a facade. Love the voice, crying out from within; don’t hide me, on a deserted island. Years passed, and a treasured love on the surface, slipped between the sands of time. Realizing the importance, the extent of, the gravity in which; my heart set sail. Sailing, takes your heart away, where the tide is going. True love will boldly go, where mere love, is not willing. When love, captures the imagination, the heart is freed, the soul liberated. Deep love, fathoms a thousand seas, drowns within love ten thousand times. A heart knowing, there’s a profound treasure, a soul laying breathless, in the depth of love’s embrace. Love, gives the faith to believe, treasured will nevertheless become, hopes and dreams. Within the depth of the see, love takes you breathless, to the deepest place of love’s ocean. Moments to treasure, a soul knowing the true pleasure, how to breathe in love’s intrinsic nature. The heart sailing into every tomorrow, the soul finding again and again; your treasured love!


When Grace Finds You!

When Grace finds you, tattered, but tethered. Heart and soul entwined, mind and spirit, held by the fabric. When Grace finds you, broken, but not abandoned. Your every breath, held by love’s quintessence. When Grace finds you, painted with the texture, but your heart brushed, by colorless shades. Your portrayal, trying not to make love’s artistry, seem less than. When Grace finds you, in tears, but there’s a light, still shining. When Grace finds you, at the edge, your hope hanging on, your faith trying to be strong. When Grace finds you, exhausted by the discomfort, but your love tirelessly, believing change will be. When Grace finds you, devoted, but struggling. Understanding, tugging on strings, but tapestry not unraveled. When Grace finds you, love nourishes, but portion questioned. Contentment, fills the soul, enduring truth, builds character. When hope is found, dreams are realized. When love mends, fragments are restored. Enlightenment, changes perspective. Growth gathers, inspiration provides, fullness sustains. Refreshing love, quenches thirst. In the place, where Grace finds you, in the same way, Grace will never leave you; nevertheless!

“After you have suffered for a little while, the God of all grace [who imparts His blessing and favor], who called you to His own eternal glory in Christ, will Himself complete, confirm, strengthen, and establish you [making you what you ought to be]. To Him be dominion (power, authority, sovereignty) forever and ever. Amen.” 1 PETER 5:10-11 AMP


We Are, Family!

It doesn’t matter, if you’re the nearest; to me, you’re the dearest. We don’t, have to be people divided; when we can be, hearts connected. A family, living in peace, in harmony; prospering together, in love, in unity, in our humanity. Brothers, sisters; sharing our hearts, our hopes, our dreams. Our love story, is our bond; helps us get through, how to be true. Unconditional love, reveals in the best of times, in the worst of times, in times of need; we are, an extended family!

Family; people, or group of peoples, regarded as deriving from a common race; human. An extended hand, is a heart, extended!


The Bouquet!

Friends, may I indulge, can I gift your heart; a bouquet of my love? In the searching, for the sentiment; I found within my heart, these poetic leaves. For you, I have stored up, danced with the tulips. Driving around, I didn’t miss, Daisy; has an innocence, a purity. The scent of love, lilies in lovely watercolors. Love, long-stems from what truly blossoms. Through the giving, in the sharing, you discover, love’s crimson beauty. I have questioned, why roses have thorns? It shows that we all, bleed the same. I have asked, what makes violets blue? But in the end, this one thing my heart found; love is, about affirming. My friends, special, that someone is you, every day. Don’t think my love, just a bunch of pretty words, beautifully arranged. Real love, is an expression, that bares the soul. I don’t, want the thought to count, I need, the love to be true. Meaningful love, doesn’t leave a faint hint of, love’s quintessential fragrance, lingers. Love drops on roses, a heart presenting, love’s endearing display. A heart in bloom, becomes a breathless flower, with a perpetual hue. Love compliments, the color accents; a heart willing to give, the best of what’s inside!

This one’s for you, friends, save a copy!


In Loving Colors!

In the living, in being; how we thrive, not just survive. If, the heart was color blind, the mind would be open to see; love in a colored perspective. Love, could never be received, if the heart perceives, through a black and white lens. Love, paints the picture, the heart focuses the lens. Hearts are red, souls are blue; when I love you, doesn’t seem true. Black and white, through a tainted viewpoint, shades of gray. Every heart, needs to see, how they’re meant to be. The colors of love, what beautifies our humanity. The shape of our heart, irrelevant; to what needs to be seen. Love taking shape, the mind being shaped, by what the heart has become? Love, can never become a vibrant picture, the heart, neither a vivid portrayal, if painted black and white. A heart exposed, reveals. A mind closed, deceives. Love’s true beauty, has an intrinsic nature; living colors. Colorful birds, pretty little butterflies, colors in the wind. Love reaches, kindness preaches, history teaches. That a heart sees vividly, not in black and white, but in loving colors!


Mama Africa!

Mama Africa’s lamp, a light that won’t be extinguished, it vanquishes the darkness. Her tapestry, woven into generations, the fabric tethered within a crimson yearning. Her beauty, displays her intrinsic nature. The breadth of her love, reaches, teaches, preaches, beseeches; live in freedom. Her history, transcends space, eclipses place, defines race; love giving chase. Political boundaries, measured in distance, not in the journey, and the lived experience. Beautiful are the feet, the heart’s willing to walk a mile. Her heartbeat, heard around the world, beating strong; valiantly. Her worth, can never be denied, should never be marginalized. Her existence, love’s divine expression of grace, her poetry in motion. Indifference, can never cast shade, on her shine. Don’t think, one day she will be somebody. Days long ago, everybody; wanted to be her. Her sweat, her tears; buttered the beard, sugared the tea. By design, her strength, wouldn’t capitulate. Her heart, able to endure the test of time. The depth of her love, like an endless river, cascading oceans deep. Within her beauty, her sight contemplated. The color of her love, painted with her vibrant texture. History, shades between black and white, but love, paints in profound colors. Can you see it, her as a vivid portrayal. In her heart, deep places, in her soul, an endearing creation. Her destiny, etched within the pages… of forevermore!


Dreams Becoming!

She shipped away, my arms can’t hold her. She slipped out of sight, my eyes can’t see her. Pieces of her heart, slipped through the cracks. Time with her, slipped away forever. Walking her down the aisle, a hope that will never be. Getting to say I love you, one more time, slipped my lips, but won’t slip past my heart. Baby girl, you don’t, have to worry about a thing; my heart, is in a better place. She slipped away, but my heart, holds her love… close. She had dreams, for her we hoped, but one day, they slipped away. So therefore, my love will be the display, her dreams will live, through me!

MLK, had a dream, that one day; his hopes, would be realized, in living color. That every heart one day, the dream would be revealed, for history to reflect. We all have hopes, that one day; our dreams will be. Not in black and white, but in full HD (Human Decency), not through a tainted lens. We want to be heard, but do we truly stop to listen? Love, has a distinct sound, why every day; we need to give ourselves a heart check, one, two. Agree to disagree, a reflection of our humanity. Love’s heartfelt quality, sound like; hearts in harmony. What’s said, what needs to be believed. The ears receives, but the heart interprets. Without a vision, hopes perish. Without faith, dreams are squandered. Don’t, stomp on someone’s dreams, because you can’t see their vision. Even though, hopes die, dreams can live on. Dreams becoming, history revealing; what comes to be, through a vision of love!