Training Day!

Training day, to equip your heart; to build your faith. First, crawl; to know how to stand… with new strength. Train the soul, teach the mind; how to not get ahead… of the heart. Utilize mental toughness, but still demonstrate courage. To battle the doubts within, to become forever victorious; through an even bigger faith. The battlefield is in the mind, but the battles won; when every heart beat, resounds a stronger faith. A mind undecided, is a heart double minded. A heart can know fierce, but don’t neglect to train the soul; the art of vigilant. It’s not about being confident, but in whom you put the confidence? Train the soul up in confidence, to go forth confident; your faith will overcome. Faith is the substance that lifts up, hope the evidence to what’s seen; faith protruding… from within!

Life is not a sprint, but a journey that requires a faithful walk; we ALL have to take. We can deny it, but day after day; a heart has to learn, how to overcome. Every day, at the light that dawns; the war rages, another battle… fought within. A changing mood, a whim that looms. Could be a mind blown, or just… another Training Day. To know when not to fight, but be still… and know; your heart is going to be okay. A press through, to rise up… stronger than the day before. Running the race with vigor, endure to the end. Train for the fight nights, when darkness comes to rumble; test your resolve. First day, second day; forty years running… from lack. It truly doesn’t matter, what you have to overcome. The heavier the weight, stronger becoming… the faith you exercise!

So, don’t curl… up in a corner; thinking your faith is too weak. Put what little you have at the moment, on display. Show someone else, how your faith is being built… up. Not from just reading the manual, but having faith in the words. Letting it resonate, do a work within; to be forever changed. The power to fight the good fight, to conquer fear… of the unknown. In the middle of a storm, faith is what rises up… from the ashes. You don’t have to go to boot camp, to know how to build true faith. The testing, the tested; each test. To see a fire burning within, a love encamped; around your faith. Training is not about technique, or how much you undertake. Overcoming faith, is the preparation, the process, the foundation. Faith building, the spirit, and a physical collaboration. Why everyday, you work out… your own salvation!

Train up the heart, to not depart from the truth. Resist the temptation, to believe it’s about works. It’s not practice makes perfect, but the already perfected work. A heart in training, a soul undergoing… a transformation; faith becoming… stronger. It’s not about mental fitness, or mind over matter. Strong faith, is a heart condition… ing. Faith is not found, it’s acquired. A soul conditioned to receive, a heart made ready to step out… Faith gives the power, the strength to break a stronghold. This I know, King Kong, has nothing on me. Strong faith exercised, can not just break chains; but move mountains. It’s not about Evolution, but what is Created. A Genissis, that becomes a Revelation… in heart and soul. Faith, is not a role played; but a role I take seriously. Training Day; every day… I rise!


Deep Places!

My heart has attained much, but my soul seen just a glimpse… into the deep. Therein lies insight, therein lies truth; into the true heart of love. In the overflow, in the depth; into a deeper place. Deep within a river, the deepest part an ocean. A deep stream of water; running deep down. Underneath what was long ago, beneath the flowing current. At the center of it all, a deeper kind of love. Fear to faith, weakness to strength; power within the flow. Deep in the river, taking a deep breath; with such a deep feeling; in the deepest part of the soul. Water will never soothe the heart, unless it can truly quench the soul… in a deeper place!

Knowing the true experience, a soul getting new revelation. The Proverbial, doesn’t explain the beauty. The Rhetorical, will never capture the essence. What is Perceived, by a heart not deceived. A soul truly enlightened, by what is revealed. Drowning, not about losing breath; but losing sight, of what your soul needs to breathe… within a deeper place. The true meaning of love, the breadth beneath words; through the deeper understanding. Alive will never be more than just living, if life is only lived… through just a breath. The truth within love, will set a heart free. But only in-depth, can a soul truly know the freedom therein. Love lost, could never be Lost in Love. Just lost, without true meaning of love found. The truth held forever, in the deep places of heart!

Discerning eyes, are meaningless; without the discerning heart… love provides. You cannot see, what the heart doesn’t also want to believe. Suddenly can occur, when a sudden shift takes place; heart and soul. A heart moved, but a soul now in… a deeper place. Love, taking the heart deeper. Until love is no longer about you, but the deep, deep places; love is trying to take the soul. We have to cultivate love, in order to truly demonstrate… the true meaning. Reciprocate, what might seem unfathomable… to the undisciplined heart. Yet truly knowable, unveiled deep within; the profound places of love. Deeper, not about swimming; but a breathless drowning… in love. It’s not about being confident, but in whom you put your confidence? Deep, calls onto deep. A move, underneath your every breath. A heart can go to deep places, but the soul has to first take in; an even deeper breadth… of love!



Look left, look to the right; not the focus, for my heart. Whenever I need to know what direction, the look is not down, but Up. So many hearts, are focused on the distraction; life… has a way of getting our attention. Why, I try not to lose focus; what love is trying to do… in me? If my heart ever does, it’s brought right back into focus. To never lose sight, what love truly means. A soul can never truly have a clear focus, if the heart not therefore focused; on seeing though all the distractions. Come they may, but may they not become… the focus. A heart can believe it has sight, but seeing is worthless; without a clear insight. The ability to still see truth, when your heart has lost sight… of what truly matters. The focus, not about keeping score. Never to sweat the small stuff, but at the same time; try not to overlook the little things!

Many say, they know love, but yet cannot see; when it’s no longer the focus. Even with eyes wide open, a heart can still stumble in the dark. Love lost, because the heart hasn’t yet learned how; to always let love light the way. Love is seen, through many different lenses; but the focus, not on the true condition of the heart? The lens, might be the love broken, but not seeing a heart devastated. Some lens, may seem in focus; but out of touch… with the true reality. The love can seem laser focused, and even though hope is lost… in the shadows; forever, still has to be the aim. From time to time, take an in depth look within, a full analysis of what… your heart needs to know. A squint, means problems seeing; lint, means the fabric fraying. The love, in need of some attention. Every day, fill up your heart, with real love. Thirst for more of it daily, never let the cup… run dry!

Failing, to capture the truth of love; how the lens gets blurred. Making hard to read, what’s written on the wall, and an opportunity closing. I will never question, what your heart is not ready to see. Will never be in a position to judge, what you choose to believe. My heart has many stumbles, but every day I rise; with the focus remaining the same. A heart in service, to the true meaning of love. This I have come to know, love is not just a feeling; that passes like the wind, it’s so much more than that. True love is seen, beyond what is felt. To become something, your soul believes in. Beyond what you believe… can only exist, in just plain sight. The essence, that forms the truth of what makes love real? Knowing that love hovers, over the surface of the deep… er meaning there in. So many hearts believe, you fall out of love. That’s because love, was just a feeling. That never became a choice, to see beyond… the surface!


The Dance, Around the Question!

So many fail to ponder the simple question, where will each step in life… take your heart. Life is a journey, but each step shouldn’t be taken lightly. So many are content, to just waltz into it. Hoping you will some day, find your place, your true calling. Some thinking they have a lifetime, to figure it all out. Seize today, why lose tomorrow; trying to get back yesterday? Make today, the moment worth living. Why we should always start, with the end in mind. How a heart knows, it’s the dance of a lifetime. Life, is not about how you start; but in what place you will finish? Not about if you danced the dance, but in whom you chose to partner? Don’t dance around the question. Do you truly want power that overcomes, or be overcome… trying to figure out the next steps?

Heel, toe; heel, toe. How can a heart expect to finish strong, when you haven’t truly decided. Dig in your heels, or just toe the line? For some, it’s one foot in, one foot out. Left foot in, left foot out. Right foot in, right foot out. You do the hokey pokey, turn yourself around; but, that’s not what it’s all about. That just gets the head spinning, leaving the heart in a daze. A soul unsettled, figuring out if you should hold your breath, or just let loose? Not sure, you slide to the left, then a slide to the right. A heart still undecided; the electric slide, or the backslide? That turns into a Tango, and before you know it. You throw your hand in the air, and say; Lets get ready to… Rumba. Fight night, this, for that; a side… walk away. An old fashion, take it to the streets dance off!

Forgetting, you’re not as young as you used to be. Forever twenty one, is the name of a stor… y once told. But you still try to bust a move, only to have your Hip… Hop, right out of place; Break Dancing. The classical twist, and shout; combined with a Lyrical flair. With a contemporary, Tap dance… out of commission. Mind, body, and soul; not in sync. The heart, trying to pick up the broken pieces. For stability, you put weight on the front… of the brain. While trying to find a little support, for what’s in the back… of your mind. Is the next life lesson, going to be a slow waltz, or a fast paced jive? Start to take life nice and easy, or just pretend; you’re not breaking a sweat? But then undone, the heart laced with some bitterness. The dance, turned into an old country song. Parts of your past, still tugging on your heart. The two steps, away from a heart break. You realize, the shoes is on the other foot. A line dance, that has your heart in knots. Do you a avoid stepping on the line drawn, or time for the Cross?

There’s lots of approaches to life, we all have our own personal style. But, you can never avoid this simple truth. Every day, should be a start; with the end in mind. Not just where the day will take you, but where your heart will lead you? At the end of your days, may the journey be a forever dance. One that leaves your heart, breathless!


Never Be!

With just a breath, my heart beated. With just a whisper, captivated was my soul. The love spoke, then came the reign. A heart overwhelmed, the soul, an overflow. Just a glimpse, my soul… speechless. Just a gaze, my heart… breathless. A river, silently flowing into an ocean; a heart colliding, within the depth. The destination, deeper. Discovering the depth, the length, the height; to know every breadth. A heart on a journey, to feel the gentle presence. To hear whispers of love, underneath my every breath. See wall after wall tumble, through the very mist within my eyes. Tears of joy, a soul drenched… in a forever reign. Another love, there will Never Be!

All I will ever want, all I will ever need. A love times three, my heart I forever give thee. The sun, the moon, the stars. All combined, they could Never outshine Your heart. Ever compare to the majestic splendor, the true wonder of Your love. They don’t have my heart, have not captured my gaze. They’re just objects fitted in the sky. Not like Your love, fixing to forever move my soul. Your love gives my heart words, but yet my soul… lost for words. Your love is a song, the lyric, the rhythm, the chorus, every verse. Even now, my heart and soul are in unison. Your love, what gives it the resounding harmony. A sweeter sound, will Never Be!

Speak, let my pen overflow. Show the strength of Your love, let the ink be… an endless flow. Let words be seen, but every verse… Your voice heard. Whispers of love, a-muse-in my soul. You have my soul, You want my heart; but it’s not complete, unless You have my love. Your love, what changed everything. The beauty in me, out of Your ashes. Anyone, who gets between Your heart, and my soul. Will surely be moved, the love is that strong. Everyday, another dawn upon my soul; Your love stands alone. There’s nobody like You, and there will… Never Be!


A Dream!

Faith today, is hope for tomorrow. A heart with true hope, a soul showing faith to believe. We all have a dream, that one day; All… will be revealed. Not in just black and white, but the truest color.. of love. Shown in full Hd (Human Decency). Agreeing to disagree, but still reflect humanity. Supporting each other’s dreams in harmony, with a resonating sound quality… of love; heart check, one, two. What is said, what can be truly believed. A clear picture, that looks real. An accurate definition, the true meaning of love. We love to hear, but tend not to listen. We love to see, but pretend to be blind. 20/20, called perfect vision. The eyes can have a good lens, but it’s the heart; that reveals the imperfections… within the soul. The eye receives a portrait, but the heart has to interpret. A dream gives the heart, hope, something for the soul to believe in. But a dream still needs a clear vision, to see the dreams come true. Without a vision, dreams perish. A heart is not beholden, to just one dream. Don’t squander A Dream, don’t stomp on someone’s; because you lack vision. All dreams are created equal, the freedom to dream; for everyone. May you all have a dream, get your heart’s desire!


A Friday Story; A New beginning!

You thought your soul was tied up tight, but the heart… came undone; tripped up, by the road called life. A soul entering a race, Humanity; in the beginning… life, seemed like every step would make your heart a winner. Even though the finish line, was still unclear. So many hearts are looking, trying to find purpose; but not always seeking… truth. Every day, a new beginning. The evening passes, the morning comes; another day… to let your heart shine. As we run this race, we tend to bump into obstacles. Sometimes a reflection, the light you hoped to be. Life now half-done, and the journey seems barely started. The feeling, is defeated. Too many wrong turns, dreams unfulfilled. You dig in, but fatigue starts to set in; frustration, the unforeseen potholes. Your beloved race, telling you to give up. Avoid the pending doom, join the unaccomplished. Your heart doesn’t belong, your worth is incomplete. That’s an absolute lie, coming from the pit… of a cold cold heart!

A heart coming completely undone, lashing out; to cover up brokenness. Finding strength in brokenness, might seem like just a broken record. Even a scratch-in… the surface, can produce a sound. The love for, that resonates within. We live in a broken world, but broken, does not mean hopeless. Brokenness can resonate beauty, when it becomes what gave you your strength. What’s revealed, unbelievable strength, through brokenness. When the human race, tries to tear you down; brokenness, what builds you up… even stronger. Broken, will never mean defeated; if you don’t let it. If you can’t run, then walk. If can’t walk, then just crawl. If you don’t want to crawl, then just rest. Until your heart finds new strength, your second wind; to rise again. Brokenness is not the end, hope found; a new beginning!

You don’t have to know, what you will choose tomorrow. Just the choice, your heart can live with… today; to secure your soul a future. A heart may believe, to know true beauty. But if the understanding doesn’t transform, how to see beyond sight. Brokenness, seen only in the now; never as beauty becoming. Believing begins within, a belief that; change is being made. How a heart finds strength, the soul knows beauty; even in a broken place. A soul at peace, a heart knowing Amazing; in gracefully broken. So many souls, are tripped up trying to become first… by their own heart. We all know how to run in the race, it’s the walk that’s the most challenging. Why, sometimes we just need; to start again… with a crawl. Brokenness finds, just don’t let it define. Finish the race strong, by choosing what steps; your heart needs to take. It’s about your own personal walk, and every day; A New Beginning!


The Agreement!

My soul is in agreement, but some days; my heart tends to colors, a bit outside the lines. Love is the portrait, the picture not yet finished; but the story being told. My heart and soul, have discussed the terms. Yes, amen; let it be so, I promise to love You forever. But yet, shortly into the agreement. Your love saw, so many broken promises. I agreed to love You, give You my everything. But sometimes, I still withheld a breath. Let me renegotiate, between heart and soul. We have accepted, it’s once again time… for bended knees. A heart not beholden, to its own viewpoint. My opinion is irrelevant, I already agreed; Your love will always get the final say. In accordance to Your word, and in agreement with Your love. My heart and soul agree, to forever trust Your heart. Even when I don’t deserve it, Your love is thinking of me!

My soul, is not under a contract; but Your love, what puts it all in context. You made the ultimate Sacrifice, so therefore why shouldn’t my heart not acknowledge; Your love is just too kind to me. You agreed to do it, lay Your love all out… for all to see. And for that, my soul will forever be grateful. The price, my heart will never be able to repay. As long as I have breath. This love, will never be a soul tied up; in legalistic bindings. Free, to vigorously pursue Your heart. Day after day, it will be a heart committed. The soul commitment, my love Yours forever. Even though yesterday was another stumble, today a fall… short of my true potential. Tomorrow, probably failing; to move Your heart… with All of my love. My heart is thankful, that You have provided my soul a way; for a moment of grace. Knowing all, that my heart would put Your love through. You still wanted, to enter into a love agreement; with my heart and soul. This is The Agreement, to love You true… for the rest of my days!


To Be!

To be with You, thoughts of love no longer hidden. Secrets, no longer kept; a heart forever exposed. To be into You; deep, but a word, depth just a place. Deeper, where words have no place. The heart feels, but the soul interprets; what words tries to explain. The mind blown, the heart overwhelmed, the soul finding peace; love… hovers. Every facet creates a move, every breath becomes an echo. Predicated on a true understanding, of a love divine. A love like the wind, the breadth unfathomable; the depth is like an ocean. Even in just a mist, the soul can feel the forever reign!

To be, found lost within a gaze. To be, breathless within Your presence. To be, wrapped up within a forever embrace. To be, captivated by the awe and wonder. To be, captured; struck by the beauty. To be, desperate for just a touch. To be, overwhelmed by amazing love. To be safe, content, grateful, loved; completely lost for words. To be, or not to be? What my soul, will never question. To be a soul free, to be heart vulnerable; to be completely in love. That’s the question, to be with You!


Song Inspired; This Year!

This is the time, a time such as this. This is the day, the only day truly promised. A time for change, a day to see a change. To set aside some time, to forever see a change; in heart and soul. This is the moment, this is a moment. Your moment in time, to possess the land; see your Jericho fall. This year, doors will be opened. Chase lack out of your life, watch as the shadows of doubt; walk out the open doors. Then let a new perspective, be forever in your heart. Let the glory of the latter, be truly better… than the former. Expect a thousand fold increase, all you will ever need; faith, and believe. This is the season, the season to let your life shine; brighter than ever before. Spread your wings, soar even higher. Aim for the stars, let hope take hold of your heart; until you’ve seen the light of heaven. Then lavish your new found hope, on someone in need. A heart full, of true love and kindness!

A prophetic understanding is not needed, to know you can’t expect a Resolution to something. Without first getting a Revelation, to what your heart truly needs. We need to be thankful, for the little things. Be grateful, for everything we have… today. There will never truly be a change in mind, without first knowing a change has taken place… in the heart. What’s the expectation, for your heart? What are you expecting to see different, not just this year, but every day. Do you want a better vision… for your life? Just so you can say, you have sight? Do you want insight, to see life with true clarity? So many have the ability to see, but still lack the ability to perceive. This Year, your heart choose to chase after greater achievements. But forever let the true pursuit be, how to have Greater Victories, Today!

This Year, is a song released in 2016; by Israel Strong, a young rising African gospel artist.