Before a heart can breathe, before there is a breathtaking; it is first preceded by a move… of heart. Before a single echo is ever heard, there first have to be a sound; perceived beyond sight. Before a soul can recognize a still whisper, the heart has to first know; the breadth that moves the stillness. Most hearts can produce an echo chamber, moved by what feels good; but yet not knowing, it’s not about a good vibration. Most hearts can recognize a distinct sound, but cannot fathom the true depth… without going deeper. A move of the heart, is preceded by a feeling. What sound like real love, goes beyond just a perceived feeling. To feel love is to be moved, but to interpret why the move; not relying on just a feeling. For there to be a true understanding, a heart needs to know; what prepares the way?

A heart can beat like the sound of music, but it’s the rhythm within; that gives the soul true meaning. You don’t have to dig deep, be an intellect; for the heart to be truly enlightened. Ask, Seek, Knock; how the heart starts the introduction. But when the soul gets the answer, does it become a step forward, or a heart not yet ready… for a real commitment? For true growth to be seen within a heart, the latter years need to be better than the former. Wisdom will always be the result, with knowledge gained along the journey. But for the practical to be evident, there has to be a preceding understanding. Love is an action word, demonstrated through a Preceded action; by a heart willing to act. Before life, before sight, before sound. Before a movement over the surface of the deep, what Preceded wasn’t a sound of an explosion; but a move.. of God!


Song Inspired; Fight Song!

It might be just a small faith, in a sea of so much eMotion. You don’t need a boat load of hope, for a heart to stay afloat. Just the anchor, that keeps a soul from drowning. Even though the tears are an ocean, and every breath another tidal wave. Even though your hear, seems so far out into the blue. Tears, don’t mean your soul is losing. Seeing a wreak, doesn’t mean hope is lost. The mind might be closed off, just leave the heart open… to hear you are loved. May your soul find strength, in the midst of the stillness. When your heart finds the quietness, let your soul listen for a whisper… of love. May your soul know true peace, proof that you will be okay; that your heart will go on. It might be a fight, just trying to keep it together; but hope is never lost. Let love be the song, telling your soul that’s your fight song; that your heart will go on… beating!

When the tide seems to be raising, when the heart feels overwhelmed. When the feeling, is a heart in too deep. Knowing to what depth, never the problem. For a heart, that wants to love deeply. Staying submerged in a deeper love, what becomes the soul craving. A little darkness, doesn’t mean a fire isn’t burning. A little water, doesn’t mean the flame will ever stop raging. There is a voice, a song in the night. With power to let faith rise again, to turn every battle cry… into a victory. Just taking one step, one foot in front of the other. Shows you’re stronger, than you even know. Within the heart of a warrior… there a fight song. It doesn’t matter, what anyone else believes; your heart is a fighter. Even when it feels the fight within is gone, believe with heart and soul. Don’t lose heart, don’t let your soul lose sleep. You have a fight song, let God’s love sing your soul a lullaby. Shh, rest; go from strength to strength, glory to glory. You’re gonna be okay, a heart forever changed!

  • Fight song is a song by, Rachel Platten. We are midway into the month, and I have heard, or read about so many who are going through something. For all those fighting something, or feeling Pain because of someone? Cancer, Loss, Suicide, Chronic illness; this is dedicated to you. In this life we will have trouble, and even though we try to guard our hearts; some days it’s a fight. I pray within your heart you know, you never have to fight through it alone. God is there, in whatever becomes the overwhelming struggle!

Double Dutch!

Hearts tell me, why the hesitation; “are you waiting for the perfect moment?” They say that timing is everything, but even if you time it just right. Your heart just might miss the moment, given for your soul… to take a leap of faith; for your heart to forever jump for joy. Oh, but once you get in, the heart and soul needs to know; it’s not about the jump and shout. Don’t let your heart get bound up, don’t let your soul get tangled up; in a distracting legalistic mindset. Your heart was loosed, the soul forever set free; don’t become double minded. So many think, it’s about being good… enough. Hard work and dedication, a good desire; but it’s about the Sacrifice. A heart can be taught to bob and weave, but the mind still has to be disciplined; to truly be led… by the heart. Knowing how to make quick decisions, can help get a mind out of a jam; but the heart still needs to know, in whom to put the trust?

Don’t be scared to make a move, but don’t just rely on your own wit; know how to apply true grit. Perseverance requires true strength… of character. When in doubt, that the heart is not winning? Throw your hands in the air, and wave them like you just don’t care… who’s watching. Don’t ever let your heart lose sight, of what truly matters. Don’t let your soul get focused, on truly meaningless distractions. A Double Dutch bus, is a sight for sure. But if the focus is just on how the wheels on the bus, goes round and round. That just shows, that the mind is what’s in control. Not a heart knowing how to take the lead, and what love truly moves… the soul?

A young, vibrant heart learning the how to; can easily jump a rope. But yet still too young, to know how to properly exercise… true restraint; mind, body, and soul. Hearts in love, is eager to jump a broom. But for the love to not get tattered, not get easily broken. The love needs to be forever bound, with a three stranded cord. Every heart knows how to jump in, but the question I have is this; do you truly know how to stay in… love? Life can make the love seem, like hearts just swinging… in opposite directions. Hearts crisscrossing, but without the rhythmic cohesiveness. For two hearts to truly flourish, for the soul to truly experience a double portion blessing; the love for has to be, hearts in love… forever. No double talk, no Double Dutch; jump in, jump out. Just grateful hearts, compassionate souls; slow to anger. Hearts in tune, abounding forever… in true love!


In Tune!

When a heart is not in tune, it cannot differentiate between a heart that just beats; from a rhythm that truly moves. One sound, is not about just hearing a heart beat; but a soul also knowing how to see… a movement. A heart needs to have sight, to go beyond what is just sounds… good. Sometimes the tone feels good, but the heart and soul not in tune. A heart can be tone deaf, when a heart is unable to perceive. The difference between the breadth, and the true characteristics… of what is a real love. There is a certain pitch, that most heart have clearly heard. But the soul still needs to know, how to accurately interpret. Real love hums a distinct melody, but Devine love forever a song; when a heart is in tune!

The heart is an instrument, it may not always be in tune; but the tone should always be recognizable. The sound a heart makes can paint a picture, but not all with… The Color of Love. Thankfully, hearts have the ability to adjust; but only if the moment hasn’t become a missed opportunity. To not just notice the change within the mind, but to see the change take place… within the heart. One can change their mind, but without a change of heart; the love wouldn’t truly resonate. Without taking a moment to reflect, or giving the heart a chance to adapt; becomes a change without purpose. The heart and soul cannot become finely tuned, if being in tune… serves no greater purpose. A heart trying to demonstrate the love being heard, but for some the heartbeat becomes so erratic; a soul still not knowing the true depth. Love can produce a strong eMotion, but for a soul to truly sing and shout. There has to be the In Tune, to have a true heart connection!



Sand away the rough edges, chisel within a new heart of gold. Paint new with the color of love, with a love so amazing. Would your heart consider that to be, a true restoration? Hammer out the dents, smooth out the imperfections. Wax on, wax off; but it’s not about applying the right technique. For the love for to be truly restored, and a soul to truly shine bright. Don’t allow the love, to become lukewarm. A heart cannot shine to the original design, a full restoration cannot take place; if the love within… has waxed cold. The tear down of the walls, the demolition of what rots; the lies just beneath the surface. It’s never about the gut, but the heart restoration. No more dry rot, just good bones. A heart built new from the ground up, with love as the cornerstone. It’s not about building a house, but allowing the heart to become a home; for love to live in. Not by hard work, not by the material; but Grace, as the foundation!

What was broken, what seems in pieces; can again be restored. For there is a love, a love that is the true fix; a new heart, and a mind renewed. A heart was built to overcome, a soul meant to thrive. Hope found, is fear bound. What binds, forever broken; chains fall.. to pieces. Faith restored, strength renewed. What was stolen, what was taken by deception; will be replaced. Joy, peace, what a soul can truly know; in a true heart restoration. What was meant to be seen; a work of art, a portrait of love. Nothing missing, nothing broken. The picture, a restored masterpiece. Remade, into its original condition. The mission, show mercy, favor; reestablish the broken connection. The hearts of man, with the love of God. The restitution, the price paid; a new heart, a Restoration!

“After you have suffered for a little while, the God of all grace [who imparts His blessing and favor], who called you to His own eternal glory in Christ, will Himself complete, confirm, strengthen, and establish you [making you what you ought to be]. To Him be dominion (power, authority, sovereignty) forever and ever. Amen.” 1 PETER‬ ‭5:10-11‬ ‭AMP‬‬

Love Hangover!

Is your love on the rocks, then simply shake it up. Make love the intoxicating experience, one that leaves a heart with a forever buzz. True love makes a heart giddy, a soul burst with true delight. Some like their love shaken, not knowing love is always better stirred. The moment the love truly gets stirred up, is the moment when the love becomes so much sweeter. Some prefer to have their love, with a splash of lemon. Just don’t allow the love to become sour, a little bit too bitter; then hard to stomach. Some think love is better, with the right amount of luster. Some try to dress it up, with things delightful to the eyes. But window dressings, will never change the substance within!

Some try to mix it up, by adding the perfect amount of additives. With one attempt, to get the juices flowing. Go ahead, mix it up; let your heart explore, different kinds of love ingredient. Just remember, love is not about the right formula; but what is the Right Substance… within. Let your heart reveal the right stamina, what real love can truly give. Joy, hope, peace, faithful love. Don’t let your soul get drunk, with meaningless indulgences. Rather shake up the heart, then let the love flow. Let the love rock you, to the depth of your soul. But don’t get it twisted. Love is not about drinking all you can, but how to truly be filled, with all the love… your heart gets. Then make the all the desire for, the Love Hangover last… Forever!